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empowr hour - Special Presidential Edition Sept 7

Tune in this Friday, September 7th, 2018 | 8am PDT (3pm UTC)


for a special live-stream event with the final two Presidential Candidates Catherine and Carlos -- coming to you from empowr's headquarters in San Diego, California. 

That's right! Catherine and Carlos are both on the way to California, and will be coming to you live this Friday!

During the live-stream, we will be taking questions live, followed by the Presidential debate later the same day where the candidates will be asked questions from the citizens submitted last week. 

Be sure to comment below to get your questions answered during Friday’s live-stream!


Azhar Ali

Thank You Brain for updates My question to cathrine what he plan for the zero days maturation becuse waiting from years all they empowr carring they limited sources so kindly explain and unfortunatley down fall of coin value how you give fire to coin kindly explain thank y9u.

15 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

Is there any chance that the reserve price of the listed items will be base on dollars and then convert it into coins (base on the actual coin rate) after the buyer mark item received? This will help sellers motivate selling and that there is no necessary adjustment of the price when we want to reactivate it for selling and that there are no unnecessary disputes when the items are automatically activated again whether the coins will go up and down.
To Catherine and Carlos, will you able to consider the idea or you have a better solution about the related topic I share?

15 months ago

Question: 1) What is mean (for presidential candidates): "Your maturation is currently 30 days"
2) Why they deceive us and do not give us our maturation coins?

15 months ago
Bobbyr19 / Ruth Malanowski

Brian, For Both Candidates: What are your thoughts on having a TOP Performer Ranking for Buyers/Sellers only? Since the Marketplace is the Heart of Empower, all citizens, new and old alike, need to see which Buyers/Sellers can be trusted. Coaching does not bring in the $'s, the Marketplace does. That is the # 1 Priority for the Platform and the Coin to rise in value and prevail for the long term. Thanks Ruth

15 months ago
Wollf Tergus

In the “Real World” price adjustments for items such as Gold & Silver are immediate and are therefore reflected also immediately to the buyer. Once a sale is confirmed, that price is locked in. The same holds true for other commodities such as Corn, Beans and Oil. These markets would collapse if the Seller of these items did not receive the agreed upon asking price at the sale.

Currently on the empowr Marketplace, if a Seller and Buyer agree to the sale of an item listed at $1.00 US Dollar and the Coin is trading at the equivalent of $1.00 US Dollar, there is no issue.

However, should the Coin drop in value to $0.06 USD prior to the Buyer marking the item “Received”, the Seller now only receives $0.06 USD to their account balance.

What plans are projected to ensure that when an item is sold for an agreed upon price, that the price is locked in.

One last question. What plans are projected to automatically adjust an item Listing Price, Reserve Price and Shipping Costs in relationship to a fluctuation valuation of the Coin?

15 months ago
Manuel Garcia


15 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Thank you Pres. Brian for this awaited moment seeing CATHERINE and CARLOS debate. 
My question for both candidates will be.
With the growing community, upcoming merchants and the current marketplace set up we have, what technology you can bring to make all things work like solving issues much faster, coin stability and a friendly marketplace?
What are the necessary steps to make empower in beta to stable stage? 
Thank you and good luck to both of you and hoping the best .candidate to win.
I am really amazed with your campaigns. Happy to be in the right place which is empower the power!!!

15 months ago
Mohammed Rafiqul Islam Islam

Welcome to Presidental Candidate Catherine and Carlos. We are ready to lithen your debate, good luck.

15 months ago
Rob Pyne

What was the 'big announcement' today???

15 months ago
Ken Spence

I would like to ask both candidates what plans they have to remove fake sellers and ensure that all items in the marketplace are legitimate - it is so frustrating to see hundreds of identical items that seem to be only listed in order to meet targets. I would like to see new citizens kept from listing until they have spoken to a coach and confirmed that they understand that this is a real marketplace and not a game

15 months ago
Deokie Birbal

General Question for both candidate: What 2 critical business process/es within the Empowr Platform do you think need re-evaluating with the view of effecting urgent changes so that fans can earn receive some realistic earnings. Briefly outline your plan to effect those changes if you become Empowr's new president. Thank you.

15 months ago
Dubere Emilia

Thanks for the update .

15 months ago
Imad Nissan

Dear Brian,

Hundreds of new signups are signing up through my profile, they are like faked names generated by a robot, although, I didn't provide my empowr URL link to anybody yet.
I have contacted my SC but we couldn't find a way to solve the problem and stop these faked signups. I changed my password and my URL, but they are still able to come.
Last option I am trying to do is changing my email, but the site is not allowing me to change it, is there a way to do that?

Thank you very much

15 months ago
Jenni Barley

Thanks for the update Brian. My questions for the candidates are:
1. Will you work towards immediate cash payouts for sold items in the marketplace?
2. Will you implement our using the marketplace for bidding & buying etc. once more?
3. Will you bring down the amount of bidding we have to do?
4. How will you ensure the increase of the coin value?
Thank you!

15 months ago

Very Good Points!!

15 months ago
Ron Bjork

Why were the vastly increased monthly power user rates increased by almost 20 times? Our earning have not increased by 20 times. We will all come crashing down if this stands.

15 months ago
Valentin Beşliu

I sold everything I had through the house, balcony, closet, box!
I'm already looking for old products that would go out for sale.
Several basic rules of this site should be established, rules that will not be violated.
With the installation of the new president, I would not want to listen to that 90-day mature CD! and start the countdown.
Successful candidates!

15 months ago
Sikhumbuzile Ncube

I have two questions
1) When will the coin start to gain value
2) Will you introduce Credit card option to buy coins?
3) When are we going to be able to transfer coins to our external wallet?

15 months ago
Irna Udiljak

Two days ago I bought 100 coins through the empowr profile. The transaction was successful but I still did not get the coins on my wallet. When can I expect these coins to be transferred to my personal wallet?
Will we get a bonus coinse if we bought them through a token store?
Thank you.

15 months ago
Spasenka Lazarov

This is supposed to be the task of the future president, if we want to bring Empowr to a higher level, to see that there really is something worth earning on Empowr. But not to think that work on Empowr is misleading and straining. And in order to pay off earnings on a regular basis, because some work years and years and did not get anything. Enable those who would like to work but remove those that are on Empowr just like that. The key part of Empowr is the sale and purchase at Marketplace!!
1. Greater protection of members on Empowr. We get a lot of spam.
2. Greater control over publications of individuals (nudity, pornography, etc.)
3. Prohibition to publish advertising for the sale and marketing of individuals. If they have such things, they should do this with Blog, or Service, or through Marketplace to be able to buy.
4. It is imperative to edit Marketplace. Members should regulate their own market. If it is sold to delete the product from the sale,
if the auction is over, re-auction ... and many other things in this regard.
5. Introduce control to the seller, or sent the product to the customer.
5. Coaches should teach members about rules on purchases and sales. For example: if we sell something,
it is necessary to thank the customer and tell him to inform him about the delivery. Evaluation of the buyer, seller ....
6. Change the way Empowr is paid for the products sold.I suggest that the amount is transferred to the Personal Wallet.
Then we could buy and sell more products and also Coine. By setting a monthly limit for sale or purchase.
7. I propose that we have: the Chief President and regional presidents (for Europe, India, America, etc.), so that problems can be resolved at Empowr.
8. Prices for products should be matched with the growth or fall of Coina. For example: before the fall of Coina,we set prices for products, they are now very low. For this reason, it should be regulated in such a way that prices change automatically depending on Coin.
9. Earnings from Mision Role, separately display in My Balance!
10. Trainers should also give instructions from practice, not just what is written in the Empowr instructions.
Thanks and nice weekends I want you. Good luck! Spasenka

15 months ago
Nasir Malik

It has become patently obvious that costs that are being incurred by citizens are never going to be recovered in the name of building an economy at financial cost to the citizens. My question to both candidates is three fold:
1. We know that Carlos has made a commitment to team work and has demonstrated so by being inclusive of the other three candidates from the top five. Can Catherine please explain why she has not made any efforts to collaborate with the other candidates (Bob, Annet, Vijay!!)? Can Carlos please explain the importance of teamwork for the success of empowr?
2. I have had double payments being taken (annual as well as monthly) for the renewal of my Mission Role. Can you please explain why representations of this problem are not taken seriously, despite a document having been prepared and passed to SPV and upwards?
3. Can you please name JUST ONE economic business model in the world where sellers send their products all over the world having incurred FIAT money costs and never get any of their money as sellers? When will this financially crippling burden be lifted from sellers so that they can sell with confidence?
I would value candid answers from both candidates
Kind regards

15 months ago
Edita Cardeiro

Hello Presidential candidates
I hope the better woman /man wins.
I have three crucial questions:
1. What do you propose to do to solve conflicts? At this moment nobody takes any notice of claims, and if they do the answer is that everything is correct when evidently it is not. Like 200 coins disappearing from an account and the claim was answered that they were used for the upgrade. No solution since May. We need an honest person with face and name to direct our claims to her/him.
2. The Market Place:
• The % for unpaid items should go to the seller, not to Empowr.
• The prices should be fixed in Dollars and transformed in coins for the payment.
• The biddings should be done with new coins and returned new coins. Not as it is done now: Taking old mature coins and returned new coins. I know this is a trick to prevent us from having mature coins and therefore to pay us. But it is a bad practice and gives Empowr a bad name.

15 months ago
Kamal Khanduja

Hello Catherine and Carlos,

Getting a reply towards my daily earnings ‘you could increase your earnings, seems you have nothing to sell’. It makes me laugh coming from various S/C's to a person currently at my level Mission Founder, Pearl Star, meeting 649 daily goals, sales over 312 with many 5 Star ratings.

Above advice may be OK for a fresh seller. From a business point of view, which I believe in, one has to recover basic direct costs of material (if bought), postage etc to be paid in time to remain as an ongoing entity. In my case I have incurred well over £2500 (approx. the US $ 32,50) in postal charges, ignoring material costs and have not been able to recover a cent of it! And that’s not business!!

I have come across 4 different cases where I posted items registered (signed for) and provided the Tracking number, but the buyers did not take the delivery for some reasons. Proofs of those cases can be provided for which I lost money in terms of postal charges unless Empowr releases my costs of posting?

It’s OK to sell the goods (household that you don’t need), but to sell brand new ones, one has to buy a stock and resell it to make a profit. How could you do a business, if basic costs are not being released in a reasonable time?

How would you address and resolve issues of the sellers, such as mine?


15 months ago
Kamal Khanduja

Hello Brian,
I wish the very best to Catherine and Carlos in their campaign to become our next President. I also am thankful to you for providing excellent service to us citizens as our President. My question is for both presidential candidates:

We see that the price of EMPR coin has fluctuated dramatically since its launch i.e. from $0.26 to reach nearly $7, which now is around $0.05. At the end of July, the price of each coin was $2.22 and Empowr left it loose to control its own level having been advised by the experts and it reached $6.46 on 7th Aug 2018. Citizens then were advised to sell their free coins to meet the demands. I wonder what triggered to bring the price down to the current level of around 5 cents?

1. Was it due to Empowr or Citizens flooding the market by selling their coins or what?
2. What actions would you take to bring its price up to $10 per coin by the end of this year, which was aimed to achieve by our current President Brian and his team?
3. If your answer to question 2 above is not feasible, what steps are you proposing to do so to build the lost confidence of many citizens who invested lots of money promoting the coin?

I must say that I do believe in Empowr’s mission, but a lot of clarifications need to be addressed.

Very best to all of you.

15 months ago
Dragan Vicovac

How to stabilize Marketplace ? Find the possibility that the prices are not high and that the seller gets as fast as possible for the product, so that he can reinvest in new products. I think that Carlos have idea for that.

15 months ago
Luningning Saguil

Best of luck to the two Presidential candidates!

15 months ago
Udofia Ernest Archibong

Mr. President thank you for this great information

15 months ago
Calvin Kleinhans

I would like to ask each candidate if they would consider changing pricing of merchandise to USD currency instead of E-coins due to E-coins being so unstable. It is hard to price merchandise at this rate. When the price of coins goes up, you make money.
When the price of coins go down, you lose money.

15 months ago
Asp Asp

Thanks Brian for regular updates and touch in people.
But the main question is, 1) In starting EMPR rate was increasing, then why it decrease regulaily? and
2) if EMPR coins are in people's balance then why can't they receive actually?

15 months ago
Rita Marin

Este es un tema ÁLGIDO y que ningún Venezolano plantea yo los planteare en nombre de todos lo Venezolanos:
1.- vivimos en una emergencia social, política, FINANCIERA, cada vez somos mas pobres por alto costo de la vida, trabajamos en la plataforma por tener dinero para cubrir nuestras necesidades y las de nuestra familia para no tener que migrar.
2.- PREGUNTA PARA LOS DOS CANDIDATOS: que políticas de Ayuda humanitaria piensa implementar con los ciudadanos Venezolanos que ya tenemos mas de 1 Año trabajando con plataforma venciendo dificultades de Internet y Electricidad que se nos complica cumplir meta diaria. (informense de situación VENEZUELA) GRACIAS.

15 months ago
Lynne Voyle

Do you think it’s necessary for the value of the empowr coin to affect prices within empowr? What would you do to stop the low coin price affecting power up fees, eg é3million for pearl star?

15 months ago
Dimple Parik

Hi CARLOS, I trust you because you have a strong professional background in empowr as well as in your private life and you helped many citizens in empowr for their success here.. We need you for making many more successful citizens in empowr and a big & sustainable empowr platform.. All the best for the next step & for me your already a President.

15 months ago
Agus S


14 months ago
Rabia Sajid

Thanks i think Cathrin is best...

15 months ago
Tatsiana Komarova


15 months ago
yassi  Antonio  c.

CARLOS must be the best president

15 months ago
R Suganthi

What about listing our coin to other ex-changers ?

15 months ago
Mauro Parodi

Why don't you spend some dollars to sustain the price of empowrcoin? The company got a lot of dollars in these months selling coin, I think it is not a problem to spend some of these $.................0.04!

15 months ago
Rahayu Eka Sari

All the answer of your questions will be the same, " our engineer is still working on it :)"

15 months ago
Alexvs Ruiz

I suggest to both candidates to carry out an independent and accurate audit of the empowr policy before endorsing it..

15 months ago
Ajay Kumar Gupta

Q1. What will you both do for bidding systems?
Q2. I want to know your ideas about external trading of empowr coins ?

15 months ago
Jeannette Leduc

For both candidates:
Would you consider having the listing price shown in USD and show the equivalent of it in the coin (the reverse of what currently is happening)? The sellers buy in USD or their currency and need to be able to price their products to realize a reasonable profits regardless if the coin price is rising or falling. Many products were listed with high reserves to be sure to have a profit but if they sell at that reserve, they will currently be selling them at a loss since the coin price has dropped so much. Elsewhere, Empowr is still using the USD to calculate power up levels and mission role subscriptions which is why all citizens' pre-coins have basically been wiped out with the Sept 1st renewals so please consider listing marketplace prices in USD and we pay the current vale in EMPR coin when it sells. This would give everyone a level playing field to price products to sell with a reasonable profit yet we would still be using the coin to pay for it.

15 months ago