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Another big step forward

by Johnny Cash on September 08, 2018

Another big step forward

Hello empowrians,

A lot has been happening at empowr, and it’s time for us all to take a moment and get everyone up-to-speed.

As you started to learn from an earlier post, empowr’s strategy has been evolving.

As a result, everyone at empowr has been rapidly analyzing what the evolving strategy means for the various aspects of the empowr platform and processes, as well as busy implementing those updates.

There’s a lot to discuss today, including why the price of the coin has been falling (and when the price will go back up), and a lot more.

As we’ll discuss, a big part of the evolving strategy is to get more coins in the hands (external wallets) of empowr citizens, and make that happen faster...

... and today we’ve got some important announcements on that subject too.


Let’s start our discussion at a very high level, so everyone has a chance to understand and digest our evolving strategy...

... and the reasons behind the evolving strategy.

As part of this, in a moment I’ll explain something to you that very few people seem to fully understand about electronic payments.

Once you understand this, you will become more confident about the future of cryptocurrency, the empowr coin and the reasons behind empowr’s evolving strategy.

And then, we’ll drill down into what the updated strategy means for the empowr platform, upcoming product features, the success coach program and the empowr coin.


Today, we’ll discuss:

1.     1. The future of money

2.     2. The banks’ dirty little secret

3.     3. Technological and financial revolution

4.     4. Which cryptocurrencies will become dominant?

5.     5. Updating empowr’s strategy

6.     6. Can empowr compete on ‘adoption’?

7.     7. The game plan

8.     8. What does all of this mean for the price of the coin?

9.     9. How should this updated strategy change YOUR personal strategy?

10.  10. The other winners


Let’s get started.


1.  The future of money

In the past couple of months, we have become convinced that cryptocurrency is the future of money.

By that I mean that in just a few years from now, most transactions happening in the world will be conducted over cryptocurrency.

Here’s why we have come to believe this:

A.  Today, 92% of transactions in the world are conducted electronically (as opposed to with cash).

That % will grow even higher, as it continues to become more convenient to pay for things electronically...

... and as more purely-electronic business models and companies are born and become popular.

So, how are most of these electronic payments currently taking place?


B.  Most consumer electronic transactions today are happening using credit cards.

Even PayPal and similar platforms are based primarily on credit cards.


C.  Credit cards have a huge and fatal flaw.

Here’s the problem:

All the information needed to complete a transaction is printed in plain site on the card -- Cardholder name, card number, expiration date and CVV.

This was OK in the 1950’s when credit cards were introduced, and the internet didn’t exist.

To complete a transaction back then, you needed to show the card in-person, along with a photo ID.

Therefore, if someone stole the information on the card, it would do them no good; they could not use that information online (because ‘online’ didn’t exist)...

... plus, they couldn’t use the card in-person without a photo ID.


After the internet came along, it became very easy for someone to simply steal the card information and use it to pay for something on a website, without showing ID.

Can you even imagine how horrible it would be if BOTH the login information (such as your UserID or email) AND the password of your personal accounts (such as your social media, email or bank accounts) were clearly visible somewhere for everyone to see?!?   

Those accounts would simply become unusable, due to fraudsters. 

Well, that’s exactly the problem that credit cards have.


2.  The banks’ dirty little secret

Every day, banks and credit card companies receive massive amounts of fraudulent transactions, because of the problem we just discussed (how easy it is to steal the information needed to complete a transaction).

The banks are losing the battle against fraudsters.


So, what are the banks doing about it?

A.  They are attempting to make up for their heavy losses by charging their customers (both consumers and merchants) crazy high interest rates, annual fees and other ridiculous charges – things that are making most of their customers hate the banks.

B.  Just as bad, they are pushing their fraud problem to little merchants and start-ups – by shutting off their ability to accept credit cards as soon as their “chargeback rate” goes above 1% of their overall transactions.

But here’s the thing:  Staying below 1% is near-impossible for most little merchants and start-ups because of all the stolen credit card numbers already out there.

There is simply no way for little companies to know which cards are legitimate or not – other than passing the credit card information for a charge to the bank, and waiting for an ‘approval’ or ‘rejection’ for the charge.

Later, if an ‘approved’ charge comes back as ‘fraudulent’ there was literally nothing the merchant could have done differently.

But when those fraudulent charges add up to 1% of their overall transactions, the little company is instantly cut off from accepting credit cards...

... and – get this -- the company is immediately added to a ‘global block list’ so they are blocked from working with ANY and ALL banks anywhere in the world -- ever again -- to accept credit card payments.

That means that, if they are an online business (where customers can’t visit them in-person to give them cash) they are instantly out of business.


The result?

A.  It is incredibly difficult for a new start-up or merchant – especially one that does business online (as opposed to in-person such a store where the customer shows up with their ID card) – to maintain a ‘merchant credit card processing’ account.

B. Once they are cut off, they can never again process credit cards through another bank anywhere in the world.

C.  As a result, 99.9% of the new or interesting revenue models and companies that would otherwise exist in the internet age...

... simply do not exist today because of the inability for small companies to ramp up their revenues using credit cards (which is the main way electronic payments take place).

Clearly, a different solution is desperately needed for companies and people to be able to electronically send money to each other.

Such a solution would need to NOT be based on an old and outdated technology -- credit cards -- that was created 70 years ago.

And this is where cryptocurrency comes in.


3.   A technological and financial revolution

RIGHT NOW, in less than a single second, any start-up, merchant or company can get a new (and free) cryptocurrency account...

... with a single click of their mouse...

... and instantly start accepting electronic payments from anyone and everyone.


It gets even better:

No one can ever take that account away from the new start-up or merchant.

That account is theirs forever, and they can accept electronic payments forever.

This is a game changer; this has NEVER been possible before.

And it’s a big deal...

... big enough that it will change local and global economies forever.


In addition to merchants, any individual person can also instantly get a free crypto account...

... with a single click ...

... and no person, company or government can stop them or take that account away from them.

Just ask our friends in Pakistan, Ukraine, Nigeria, Iran and many other countries...

... and they will tell you how much this means to them...

... as those entire countries of people have been blocked from using platforms like PayPal and/or credit cards.

Clearly, this fact is also a total game changer, that will have dramatic effects on the world.


All of this means, finally, thanks to cryptocurrency...

... for the first time in history ....

... people, companies, start-ups...


... is free to electronically send money, and receive money, to and from each other...

... very quickly and for virtually free...

... without interference from any person, company or government that, for whatever reason, might want to block or stop them.


What will this new capability mean for the world?

Think about this:

Precisely 100% of large companies were all once small start-ups.

Now that, using cryptocurrency, all start-ups and small companies are able to receive payments without anyone ever blocking them again...

... soon we will all be noticing a growing number of new and interesting business models and companies.


People that wish to be customers of those new companies will quickly learn how easy it is to get a cryptocurrency account...

...  so they can enjoy the products or services of these new companies (that will only support payments through cryptocurrency).

·      As more and more companies sprout up and accept cryptocurrency, more people will learn about, and start using, cryptocurrency.

·      And as more and more people start using cryptocurrency, more companies will start accepting cryptocurrency as payment.


In that manner, these two sides (merchants and consumers) will motivate each other to use cryptocurrency.

In addition, consumers will teach and motivate other consumers to use crypto, given how easy (and cheap - and fast) crypto makes it to send money to each other.


As a result, in the next year or two, most people and most companies in the world will start using cryptocurrency to conduct transactions.

As that happens, people and companies everywhere will realize that they are breaking free from the ridiculous charges and fees, terms, interference and controls of the banks -- and governments -- that many have grown to despise.

As more and more of the electronic payments move to cryptocurrency, most banks will be forced into bankruptcy -- ceasing to exist within just a few short years.


And that is why we have become convinced that crypto is the future of money.  

No other technology, company or approach is on the horizon that will be able to compete with cryptocurrency...

... and replace the permanently broken platform of credit cards and banks.


Cryptocurrency is to the banks...

... what the internet and apps (like Skype) were to the old long-distance companies.


4.  Which cryptocurrencies will become dominant?

We believe that only a few cryptocurrencies will win and survive. 

Why is that?

It is because we all need to simplify our lives.

Merchants and people will prefer to hold, use and transact mostly with just their favorite 1 or 2 cryptocurrencies.

That means that, in the end, only 1, 2 or at most 3 currencies will become dominant – and the rest of the currencies will fade away.


So which cryptocurrencies will win?

A single word helps best answer this question:  Adoption

The currency (or currencies) that become the most adopted...

... meaning they become the most used (= transacted with)...

... will be the winners.

With that background information, we’re now prepared to discuss empowr’s updated strategy with the empowr coin. 


5.  Updating empowr’s strategy

After you have carefully read and digested the above information...

... if you agree with our conclusions that:

A) Cryptocurrency is the future of money...

   ... and that...

B) There will be only 1, 2 or maybe 3 winners...

   ... and that....

C) The winner(s) will be the currencies that get the most adoption (= use)....

... then you will very likely agree that the empowr community’s strategy should be to get the empowr coins to be adopted (=used) by as many people and companies...

... such as local merchants, app developers etc...

...  as possible.


We believe that if (and only if) this community, together, is able to do that...

... if we are able to get our coins utilized by as many people and merchants as possible...

... as quickly as possible...

... then the empowr coin will be THE (or one of the) ultimate winners.



It should now be clear that our (short-term) coin strategy should favor adoption of our coins...

... rather than stable coin price growth. 


Adoption as a stepping stone to stable growth

In the long-term, after everyone is using the empowr coin, it may make sense to then focus on the stabilization of the price of the coin.

However, it is interesting to note that, once the empowr coin has much larger adoption...

... meaning it is being used by a lot more people and merchants...

... it will quite naturally have a lot less volatility...

... meaning its price will naturally become much more stable.


The point being made here is that focusing intensely on adoption (in the short-term)...

... appears to also be a very good way to ultimately arrive at a (longer-term) stable and growing coin price.


So, the question we need to ask and consider, is:

Is empowr...

... and the product and technologies, community, approaches and techniques we have cultivated over the years...

... ill-suited -- or well-suited -- to the strategy of adoption?

This is a question that we have been considering and analyzing very carefully, before ultimately deciding on this new updated strategy.

Can empowr compete on adoption?


6.  Can empowr compete on ‘adoption’?

So, how can empowr...

... with its specific community, technical and other assets, and characteristics...

... get its coins quickly adopted (used) by many millions of people and merchants?


The **AMAZING** news is that virtually everything we have been working on together, for so many years, works perfectly with the strategy of getting rapid adoption.

Consider this:

A.  The single most popular electronic activity in the world is “posting and sharing”.  

Currently, over 2 billion people are posting and sharing daily.


B.  empowr is unique among all other companies in having the capability of paying (cryptocurrency) for posting and sharing – without fraud taking over the entire process.

empowr has spent over 10 years developing fraud-fighting algorithms; these are a must-have for any company looking to pay millions of people for posting and sharing.


C.   By paying millions of people for posting and sharing...

...  and ensuring people get their money fast...

... empowr has the opportunity to change the social media landscape very quickly.

More on that topic – people getting their money fast – in this post in just a moment.


But simply paying people for posting and sharing is NOT enough to ensure a currency becomes used on an on-going and permanent basis:

If people receive coins for posting and sharing, and then quickly cash out, and are never to be seen again...

...  the currency will be converted to local currencies (such as U.S. Dollars), the company issuing the coins will eventually run out of currency, and the company and its currency will die a quick death.


The question that needs to be answered is:  How can we convince, motivate, educate and enable these same people (that are earning from posting and sharing)...

... to continue using the currency that they earn from posting and sharing...

... because, after all, that (ongoing usage) is the overall objective (adoption = usage of the currency).


Once again, you, the empowr community, have invested years into answering that question.

D.  No other company has developed the techniques and capabilities to help those people (that it pays for posting and sharing)...

... to successfully transition into productive members of an economy...

... meaning to enable, help, teach and coach them to become active in one or more of the main activities required to form an economy...

... which are production, distribution and consumption of products and services.


Up to now, what has been missing in empowr, has been the ability for sellers to get their money fast...

... so they can replenish their inventories quickly and sell more.

(More on that topic in a moment too).


For these and a number of other critical reasons, empowr is ***incredibly*** well positioned to be THE company that introduces billions of people to cryptocurrency (the empowr coin)...

... uniquely able to make it very simple for them to earn the currency...

...  just for doing the ONLY thing that billions of people know how to do in the electronic world (post and share)....


... while simultaneously enabling, motivating and handholding (educating) them into becoming ongoing users of the empowr coin.

No other cryptocurrency is as ready RIGHT NOW to achieve massive adoption almost overnight.

So, what do we need to do – what is the game plan -- to get rapid adoption of our coin?


7.  The game plan

Here is the plan:

A.  Immediately start paying citizens A LOT MORE coins for posting and sharing, as well as for success coaching

As you probably have noticed, just in the last few weeks, compensation (for posting and sharing) to each empowr citizen from the mission wheel has grown as much as 1,000%.

And success coaches have begun to be paid daily – with EMPR coins sent to their external wallets daily – for their results in educating citizens.


B.   Let’s bring maturation down to as low as 30 days

Traditionally, earnings must mature for 90 days before they become eligible for “cash out”. 

Maturation has now been reduced to as low as 30 days, depending on your mission role.


C.   But first, we must actually open up the ability for everyone to cash out their coins

Cash outs will now be called ‘transfer outs’.

And, as of just a few minutes ago, transfer outs are officially open again.


D.  When someone requests a “transfer out”, let’s make that happen much faster

Instead of citizens waiting ’10 business days” for a transfer out....

... transfer outs must be completed within 24 hours...

... 7 days a week.


We are now prepared to do even better than that:

Starting today, we are committed to completing 99% of transfer outs in less than 10 minutes...

... 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

E.  Allow everyone to transfer out some coins regardless of maturation

As mentioned above, when sellers get a sale, we must help them get their money fast.

I am delighted to announce that, just minutes ago, empowr has launched a new feature called “Cash Advance”...

... so everyone can transfer out some coins – regardless of whether they are matured or not.


And unlike the bad name the banks have given the phrase “Cash Advance”...

... in empowr there will be no fees or penalties for completing a cash advance.


How much each person can transfer out depends on a number of factors...

... with the largest cash advances going to sellers (so they can replenish their inventories).

The factors are clearly transparent in the new Transfer Out page.


As your volume of sales grows and you get better with those factors...

... so will your ability to transfer out coins THE VERY NEXT DAY after the sale.


By following the simple instructions...

... you can rise to a place where a very high percentage (nearly 90%) of your sales can be transferred out the very day after your sales are “Item Received” by your customers...

... and of course you receive your coins in less than 10 minutes of your transfer out request.

To be clear, the % of your sales that you’ll be able to cash out within 24 hours after your product or service was “Item Received”...

... depends on a number of factors that are clearly spelled out for you in the Cash Advance page...

... the most important of which is your volume of sales:

The higher your volume of monthly sales, the higher the % you can cash advance the next day. 

Which means the lower your volume of monthly sales, the lower the %.


F.  Launch the app platform

Application developers will be able to use their creativity to create apps so empowr citizens can enjoy all sorts of new functionality...

... and citizens can pay for the apps and/or in-app functionality with coins...

... and even earn coins from these apps.

The app platform is being completed and tested, and will be live in the coming weeks.


G.  Increase compensation to our educators

In the last couple of weeks, compensation to success coaches has grown 1,500% – and they are now receiving most of their coins within 24 hours of earning them.

Next week, not one but two (2) more big announcements (regarding coin compensation) are coming for success coaches.

There has never been a better time to become a success coach.  To learn about becoming a success coach, simply speak with your own success coach.


H.  Launch the local merchant platform

Success coaches will soon exclusively be able to sign up local merchants, so the merchants can earn by providing anything and everything to empowr citizens...

... from food, to dentistry...  

... to tires, and groceries.


The success coach that first signs up a merchant, will receive a % of all of that merchant’s sales on empowr...

... so this is expected to become another huge way for success coaches to earn.

The local merchant platform will be launching as early as next month, and that is another reason empowr is rapidly growing the number of quality success coaches.

Last month, nearly 100 empowr citizens have become new success coaches.

Success coaching is becoming a much more lucrative role, finally.  It’s about time.

As you can see, the change in strategy to that of coin adoption is underway and it is creating a sea change in the way and speed with which empowr is operating.

By focusing on adoption (as opposed to coin price) we’re able to finally open up features that – until now -- had business model complications that were blocking their launch.


8.  What will all of this mean for the price of the coin?

As discussed a few weeks ago in the post What’s happening to the price of the coin ...

... we expected the price of the coin to drop, at first. 


By giving everyone a lot more coins...

... such as what’s already started with the success coaches...

... the increased supply of coins going out to the community creates downward pricing pressure.


By the way, we started by first giving the success coaches a lot more coins for their efforts, because from an engineering perspective, that was much easier and quicker to do.

Again, this activity – paying a lot more coins out to success coaches -- is what has been causing the price of the coin to go down:

More supply = lower price


Opening up transfer outs and cash advances for ALL citizens was a much larger undertaking, requiring hundreds of engineering hours that, thankfully, is now mostly behind us now with the launch that has just occurred a few minutes ago.


So, if you’re wondering why the price of the coin has been falling so much lately, this is why:

By paying out a lot more coins, the supply of coins on the blockchain has increased significantly.


So, what will happen to the price of the coin going forward?

With today’s launch of transfer outs and cash advances, the supply of coin on the blockchain will be growing even larger.

That puts even more downward pressure on the price of the coin.

Of course that means that the price of the coin could very well go down even further.


On the other hand, many existing empowr citizens will now experience their very first “transfer out” from empowr... ever.

As a result, as many more citizens are able to trade (buy and sell) empowr coins on the exchange, the higher trading volume may create upward pressure on the coin’s price.


Thanks to today’s launch...

... which allows everyone to start earning a lot more...

... and cashing out a lot more and a lot faster...

... we expect in the coming days and weeks, word of mouth to begin spreading far and wide.


People from all over the world will start learning that there now exists a platform where they can earn lots of coins by just posting and sharing...

... as well as by selling services and products...

... as well as by coaching...

... and they can even start “cashing out” some of their coins as early as 24 hours after they join.


As word of mouth spreads, some of these new people will become coin buyers, helping to increase the price of the coin.

Remember, there are already millions of people around the world that are buying and selling cryptocurrency.

As more of them become aware of empowr, and realize that the empowr platform, its community and techniques are much further advanced than the platforms of the other coins that they have been buying....

... many will naturally become interested in buying empowr coins.


As that happens and the price of the coin begins to rise...

... word of mouth among crypto buyers will start spreading faster....

... and they will start rushing to buy as many coins as they can before others find out...

... pushing the price of the coin higher and higher (and higher).


Why are we confident about this?

We are confident because we understand that, in the end, the coin that gets the most adoption will win --- meaning it will ultimately see its price grow the most.

We also feel confident that you (the empowr community) are best positioned to quickly get cryptocurrency into the hands of millions and – quite literally -- billions of people...

... because of our unique ability to compensate people for the singular thing that billions of people know how to do on the Internet...

... which is to post and share.


In addition, we are confident that ONLY YOU are currently able to enable, motivate and educate those billions of people to become productive members of an economy...

... so that they become permanent users of the empowr economy and currency each and every day going forward...

... as opposed to just receiving coins for posting and sharing, cashing them out, and never to be seen or heard from again.


And you, the empowr community -- via the success coaching platform -- are also best positioned to quickly sign up millions of local merchants and app developers...

...  so they too can start earning money in exchange for providing their goods and services to empowr citizens, without spending a penny on advertising.

In case it isn't self-evident to you: This is a revolution for merchants and app developers who, until now, have been forced to purchase expensive advertising, without any guarantee of results, if they wish to grow their customer base and revenues.


All of this means that we, together, are best positioned to achieve rapid adoption by billions of people, and millions of merchants, in a relatively short period of time...

... in our attempt to make the empowr coin the new main currency of the world.


To be clear, our goal is for the empowr coin to be in more hands and conducting more transactions daily...

... than the US Dollar, the Chinese Yuan, and the Euro COMBINED...

... in only 24 months from now.


As we succeed in growing the adoption and use of the empowr coin...

... it is only a matter of time until the world of cryptocurrency buyers...

... plus other investors in general...

... begin to take note of this tightly-coupled platform and currency that are rapidly growing and poised to take over the world...

... and only a matter of time until they realize that they can own a piece of this shooting star by simply buying its currency (the empowr coin).


Rapid adoption (regardless of the price of the empowr coin at any time) is what it takes for EMPR to become the #1 currency of the world.

And that – rapid adoption – is completely up to us:  We have virtually EVERYTHNG it takes to make that happen.

So, if the price of the coin drops by a factor of 100 – perhaps that’s a good thing for you?

That just means 100 times more coins to you...

... for doing the things you do:

·      Hitting your daily goals

·      Selling

·      Coaching


The main thing we must do is stay focused on what matters...

... do our work...

... and rapidly exploit the ‘first mover advantage’ we enjoy because we are the first (and still the ONLY) community to have all the technological and human elements required to effectively introduce our coins to billions of citizens, merchants and application developers.


To answer the question that many of you have about long-term price for the coin: 

Yes, it is still very much our goal for the coin’s price to reach some very high numbers....

... but the path to get to a high coin price requires us all to NOT pay much attention to the price of the coin in the short-term...

... so we’re 100% liberated to focus on rapid adoption of our coin by consumers, merchants and application developers.


9. How should this updated strategy change YOUR own strategy?

To repeat:  In the short-term, as empowr delivers a lot more coins to everyone as it already has started doing...

... it makes sense that the price of the coins may drop:

More supply of coins on the blockchain = lower price


On the other hand:

Simultaneously, as new people, merchants and app developers join empowr...

... and first learn of the empowr mission, strategy and capabilities....

... and begin to understand that the empowr coin is well-positioned to become the most used currency on the planet...

... more and more people will become interested in buying empowr coins:

More coin buyers (demand) = higher price for the coins


You can be sure that, in the coming days and weeks...

... as thousands of new people begin to earn coins just by posting and sharing...

... now, finally, able to “transfer out” many of those coins and receive them within only minutes...

... word of mouth will be spreading from person to person....

... driving more people to empowr...

... resulting in more awareness and demand for empowr coins:

More demand = upward pricing pressure for the empowr coins


We believe that, once awareness about the empowr opportunity (in consumers, merchants and app developers) reaches a critical mass....

... an inflection point will be reached....

... and you’ll start seeing more and more demand for the coins from coin buyers, eager to get in early on this “coin that (unlike bitcoin) actually has a whole company and community driving and building technology, features and, most importantly, adoption”.


It is then, that everyone that was able to get their hands on as many coins as possible...

... while the price of the coin was low....

... will be glad they did so.


So, what should YOU do?

If you don’t think empowr and its community will succeed with the above strategy, you should sell any coins you own as soon and as often as possible.

On the other hand, if you believe in the empowr community and its unique ability to distribute coins to millions of people, in exchange for them just posting and sharing (without fraud taking over)...

... and then enabling, educating and motivating those same citizens to become productive members of the (empowr) economy...

... ensuring coins continue to be utilized (adopted)...

... then perhaps you should be obtaining as many coins as you possibly can...

... especially if or when you believe that the price of the coin is very low. 


Will the price of the coin go even lower than it currently is? 

Of course it can.

Look: We’re in the very first days of releasing a large supply of coins onto the blockchain.

The path to higher coin price requires more trading on the exchange...

... which requires with more supply of coins on the blockchain...

... which creates lower pricing in the short-term.


May I suggest that, if you believe in the coin’s long-term future...

... if you think it will end up becoming massively more adopted and valuable than it is today...

... then perhaps you don’t need to wait for the lowest possible price, as that might cause you to miss the opportunity entirely.


In addition, you should be earning as many coins as you can, by posting and sharing, selling products and services, and by coaching....

... because the lower the price of the coins, the more coins you earn by doing those activities.

To be clear, the empowr platform is set up to automatically give you more coins when the price of the coin goes down (and less coins, when the price goes up)...

... so the best time to earn coins by selling, posting and sharing, and coaching, is when the price of the coins are lower, not higher.


Let me repeat this point...

... because some citizens seem to be having a tough time grasping this concept:

If the price of the coin moves down...

... the mission wheel automatically gives you proportionately more coins for hitting your daily goal.

Does this make sense?


·      If the price of the coin drops in half, the mission wheel automatically doubles the coins it shows you (and you win) each day

·      And if the price of the coin drops by 100 X, you’ll be winning 100 X more coins each day


Similarly, when you earn as a success coach, the same math applies:


·      If the price of the coin drops in half, the you automatically earn double as a success coach

·      And if the price of the coin drops by 100 X, you earn 100 X more coins from your success coaching activities


And finally, when you earn by selling products and services, the same math applies:


·      If the price of the coin drops in half, the you automatically earn double from selling products and services

·      And if the price of the coin drops by 100 X, you earn 100 X more coins from selling


If it wasn’t clear before, I hope that this concept is clear to you now...

... and that you understand how a lower coin price is:

   1) an incredible short-term opportunity to you to take advantage of

   2) that will not and cannot last.


For as long as mankind has existed, the ability to understand (and act on) the following concept is something that some have become very rich with...

... while others (that didn’t understand the concept or didn’t have the discipline to stay focused on it) became poorer with:

The time to act on obtaining an asset is when the price is low (which is when many or most people look negatively on the asset).

Buy low; sell high

Unfortunately for them, when a stock (or coin) goes up, the typical person buys. (The smarter people sell, unless they believe it will go even higher).

And when the stock (or coin) is down, the typical person sells. (The smart people buy, unless they have analyzed its future and don’t believe).


The bottom line is that, if I were you, I would do everything in my power to obtain as many coins as possible...

.... IGNORING the price of coins in the short-term, if you believe the price is currently pretty low.


Ignoring the coin price is not easy for everyone

Not everyone has the vision and confidence to do that, as many people are unable to see what’s not directly in front of them.

When Bitcoin was only 5 U.S. cents, few understood that each coin would be priced at over $6,000 just a few years later.

The few people that bought when everyone thought they were crazy, because they understood some of the underlying variables...

... have become, in many cases, now millionaires and billionaires.


By having read this post (and the many that came before it) you too are part of a very small number of people that have come to understand the underlying strategy and factors in play at empowr.

The people that believe in empowr and its community of citizens, success coaches and employees...

.... and believe that together we will overcome all challenges and accomplish our goals...

... and are able to understand the updated strategy – which favors adoption over short-term price...

... and are able to focus their eyes and minds on the long-term...

... will ultimately be the big individual winners.


Going back to the question of what your strategy should be:

Simply ask yourself how successful (or unsuccessful) you believe empowr will be in the coming months and years...

... and the optimal strategy for you and your family should become crystal clear to you.


We hope many of you go out and buy some coins (from each other on the exchange, or from empowr) because…

... from what we’re noticing on the exchange…

… there exist a few wealthy individuals that seem to have a strategy of buying up as many coins as you will sell them on the exchange…

... and – get this -- they seem to be working to gently keep pulling down the price, in order to convince people to sell them their coins cheaply.

As a result, a small handful of people are beginning to accumulate a larger and larger ownership of coins.

Given our mission, our hope is that empowr coins will ultimately end up in the hands of millions of individuals…

… as opposed to just a few wealthy people that have the vision and ability to buy up a lot of coins -- especially now that the price is much lower than it has been.

And that is why we hope many of you will buy up as many coins as you can afford...

... so that all the coins don’t flow into the hands of just a few people.


10.  The other winners

Most importantly, let’s not forget this simple fact:

The top 8 richest people in the world have as much wealth as the bottom half of humanity.

[That bottom half of humanity are living on only $2 or less per day]


My fellow empowrians, we live in a world of abundance...

... where there is enough food and resources to go around...

...  but humanity has lacked a global system that’s more fair in how opportunity is distributed.


Specifically, we have been lacking a global technological platform that is owned and operated by the people (not rich investors seeking to become even richer)...

... and that’s built from the ground up (in the modern era, not hundreds or thousands of years ago) with a very specific objective of enabling equal opportunity for the masses.


Together, we have been painstakingly building that system...

... the first and only such platform that fuses together social media, marketplace, educational and political systems...

... all on top of a currency that is, finally, now accessible to ALL our citizens – no matter where in the world they live.

And all of that without taking a single penny from Wall Street, Silicon Valley, venture capitalists or banks.


And -- as of just a few minutes ago -- this platform is, finally, truly open to the public – ready to quickly deliver as much money to any citizen as their personal motivation and creativity calls for. 

There is simply no reason that anyone -- that’s willing and able to learn and work -- should go hungry any longer.


Today is another one of those days that we should all remember

With this launch today, finally, people EVERYWHERE...

... in any city, town or country...

... and from ANY walk of life....

... that can at least get themselves to an Internet café or cheap mobile phone....

... can now get a free account on empowr...

... and start earning immediately...

... gaining access to products and services -- and soon even food....

... and even start receiving money within 24 hours of registering.


It has been a long and difficult road

On long and difficult journeys, as we focus on short-term potholes and challenges, it’s quite easy to take our eyes off the destination that we’re trying to get to.

We must remember that our mission is exactly why we have all been working so hard and for so long.


THIS (our mission) is precisely why everyone has sacrificed so much to be on empowr...

... despite all the hardships that have come our way, partially as a side-effect of the community’s decision to never take a penny from investors...

... ultimately ensuring the platform could remain true to its mission.


We welcome your questions.

And we are more than delighted to announce that the new transfer out and cash advance features are now, officially, live!

Go try them out for yourself

Would you like more money faster?

Instructions are provided on how to do that – simply click your balance at the top of any page...

... and then scroll down to learn how to increase your ability to transfer out and obtain larger cash advances.


And lastly, I’m happy to report, the two presidential candidates just completed their presidential debate. 

We feel very lucky to have met them, and to have had the opportunity to personally hear their vision and ideas, and feel their incredible passion for the job and the mission.

The presidential debate has been recorded. It will be cleaned up and edited by the external film crew on Monday, and presented to you immediately after their work is complete.

And then, the voting will open, and you will choose the next president of empowr.


Given the importance of the new Transfer Out and Cash Advance features, we have asked our 2 presidential candidates, along with our current president, to together press the button that officially launches these long-awaited features...

... what our citizens have been asking for -- for a very long time...

... and what we believe, begins the next chapter for empowr:

Another big step forward


Yours truly,



May Ram

Good morning, JC.☀️
Thank you for all the amazing updates and features.
We (SCs) are 100% with you as always : ➡️ Our (short-term) coin strategy should favor adoption of our coins rather than stable coin price growth. ⬅️ .
Thank you for educating us in the most simplified way for such complex topics.
It is so good to see our president Brian, and 2 Candidates (C&C) together. 🤗

15 months ago
Jo Mas

Hello JC, Brian , All the Empowr Team and also both candidates C & C that I wish you both working together one of these days for EMPOWR and this GREAT Community.
JC, I've welcomed with a "great pleasure & statisfaction" all what I red in this GREAT announcement . This is the kind of what I & we were waiting for!!!
Thank you all .
Today is the biggest step I've seen in my 2 years on EMPOWR.
EMPR COIN >>>>GO>>>>>>>>>>

15 months ago
Mohi P

Thank you, JC for the great information and amazing news.

15 months ago
Angel Rodriguez Ortega

Great update, thank you J.C.

15 months ago
Alex Aurora

Thank you JC, this is amazing!!!

15 months ago
Patrick Ogbogbo

Great news JC. Good Omen for our coin. Thanks to all empowrians, thanks to empowr team.

15 months ago
Sabina De Jonge De Nooijer

Such a Big Step Forward ,i am so impressived with all there already is, and what is yet to come.Here we come world.Thanks to everybody that worked so very hard to achieve all this

15 months ago
Sudeshna Dasgupta

Thanks JC for the update and for introducing brilliant features.

15 months ago
Umair Siddique

Thanks JC! You explained it really well as always. I'd like to say special thanks to all the engineering team and everyone in the office to pull this off. We are on the right track -- adoption and utility of the currency are one of the first few steps to be focused on in my opinion too.
P.S Great to see Brian, Carlos, and Catherine pressing the button to launch this officially -- such a great and memorable moment!

15 months ago
Sonia Madubuko

Great Features, Thanks a lot, JC, Brian, engineering team and Our presidential candidates C&C ..We do our best to ensure that everything works smoothly to enable the growth of our dear community😍😍😍😍😍😍

15 months ago
Marijke Van Giffen

Thank you again, JC, and so much for verbalizing a for me difficult concept in such words that it becomes crystal clear to me. At the same time, these sparkling like crystal words built up my confidence and the happy realization that the intuitive drive I have been following from my start in empowr is in many ways such a personal growing experience in many aspects that finally brought me home to me. On the subject of cryptocurrencies, my knowledge is growing, but more importantly, I am getting really interested in it, adding another exciting branch on my tree of personal interests. My life is more beautiful because of empowr, its mission, and its goal. Thank you.

15 months ago
Annet Hoogenboom

WOW, I am really impressed by what the empowr team has made of the transfer-out feature. That you can see at a glance where you can improve is really nice. This will inspire everyone to focus on improvement, because it leads to immediate results. Thank you, JC, Brian and the empowr team, a really great job!

15 months ago
Elena Ivantsova

Great news ! Thanks for the info. I thank the team for the work done!

15 months ago
Nadezda Jevstafjeva

♥ Thanks, Johnny Cash, for a wonderful update! I'm sure that the empowr coin will be number 1 in the world.
I wish all citizens success and inspiration!

15 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Hi Dear JC thank you so much for this great post. So many exciting news. So many things are going on. Let's all join together the journey of our coin. Empower rocks and the BEST!!!

15 months ago
Deborah Rolon

Great job JC, Brian and the entire team! Thank you for updating us with this very important information.

15 months ago
Susan O.

Thanks for the post, I pray empowr Coin becomes number one worldwide.

15 months ago
Tatyana Okuneva

Very interesting update! Thank you, JC and the team!

15 months ago
Wilhelm Rothmann

1 more thing, When a new citizen wants to buy in the Maarketplace, but don't have coins -> it gives a pop up to buy coins, then it goed to the coin purchase screen,BUT that coins goes to there exchange wallet not there maturing balance.
So how will new citizens buy from us if they can't get coins?

15 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Hi Wilhelm - within the next 48 hours all coin purchases will be paid directly to your Coin Savings Vault. From there you can transfer them out yourself, or keep them in your empowr account to be used.

15 months ago
Adewole Rowaiye

Thanks, Brian. Will EMPR be added to the Mission Role purchase page to give everyone options for Bitcoin, Ether and EMPR?

15 months ago
Wilhelm Rothmann

Awesome thank you very much Empowr, when we can withdraw from our vault to our wallet, can empowr PLEASE add a pop up to ad the wallet that Empowr must send our coins, Countries and communities can't update the eth address on Empowr(Becasue it asks for a password). Thanks again for your hard work, Good luck to you all

15 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Hi Wilhelm - when you transfer out, you'll see the ability to add your Ether wallet if you don't have one associated to your account. This will allow you to add the wallet to your community account.

15 months ago
Yulia Baikov

Amazing news! Thank you, team for great work!

15 months ago
Lyudmila Bogomolova

Thanks to the empowr team For the Good news

15 months ago

Thanks to you and the team. Really appreciate the background. It helps understand the reason for the team's actions. Appreciate all your efforts.

15 months ago
Pete Moss

awesome JC

15 months ago
Animesh Garai

Thank you JC and Team for this platform. I believe in empowr and team. I know that the price will go up.

15 months ago
Willemien Smith

This is a great update! Thanks a lot!

15 months ago
Katy Tanase

I think is a good strategy, a power marketplace, external vendors, more items sold by citizens in empowr also the paid ads from external companies in empowr community will increase the demand for EMPR coin.
Thanks for this new strategy and go to work empowrians! :)

15 months ago
Liliya Herman

Thanks for your work.

15 months ago

Oh my God, I am so excited to read this to the end. What a wonderful team Empowr is blessed with. The empowr coin will be the most adopted in the nearest future. We are motivated to make it happen. Thanks so much JC, Brian and our amazing empowr team. Thanks also to a wonderful community full of positive people with a good heart to make the empowr mission a reality.

15 months ago
Ludmila Alexandrova

Great news JC and the empowr team! Thank you for the detailed explanation! And special thanks to all the engineering team!

15 months ago

Thank you JC for the announcement and the good opportunities available now for all citizens

15 months ago
Peter Bechtold

Wow JC and Team!! Talk about bringing it to the house!! I am fully humbled to be part of this amazing nation and yet given great hope for the future in this amazing announcement! As I continue to speak, "We just got started and adjustments will be made" and they have, my hope continues to soar. Our Team is amazing and empowr is now going to be way more "adoptable." Thanks so much!!

15 months ago
Edwin Edwards

Thanks for the update JC. Thanks for the hardwork and commitment, to the empowr team, Brian, Success Coaches who have worked patiently to have come to see the Transfer Out feature live. Great explanations there which shows that there is a greater future on empowr and it's Mission. Long live empowr!

15 months ago
Eva Kiss

Thank you JC and Team for this platform.Thank you for the detailed explanation! And special thanks to all the engineering team!

15 months ago
Muhammad Arshad Niazi

Thanks JC, these are revolutionary steps for our community and coins. Hope it will work great for adoption of our coin. Happy to see both candidates here.

15 months ago
Ludmila Voitenko

This is great news, I think that it will significantly revive the Marketplace, and accordingly the economy empowr, which in turn will raise our coin. Thank you very much JC!

15 months ago
Lyuba Kuzmina

Great news JC and the empowr team!

15 months ago
Naresh Patel

Thanks JC, Brian & people behind scene Coin savings vault is brilliant feature will help us all to keep our coin safe at empowr itself and use as per our conveinience.

15 months ago
Catherine Sandiford

As always, this is great news for the Community! Thanks to JC, Brian and empowr's great staff, we have activated the transfer out button and I have confirmation that some Citizens are getting their coins in their eWallets within 5 minutes. That is awesome!
It is experiences like this that will make Citizens more happy to share empowr and the coin with others and Success Coaches more happy to invite merchants to our Economy to transact business with our Citizens. It's a move in the right direction, and Congratulations is in order for the empowr Team and all who contributed their talent and ideas to make this happen!
The best is yet to come!

15 months ago
Dmitriy Nesterov

Great news !!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you, Brian!

15 months ago
Anton Soin

Great news JC! Good Omen for our coin! Thanks to all empowrians, thanks to empowr team!

15 months ago
Teri Sologoub

I've just tried the new "Transfer Out" feature. Absolutely brilliant! I particularly like the 10 points at the bottom of the page noting my performance on Empowr. Thanks JC and team. I have transferred to my "Coin Savings Vault" pending transter to my "External Wallet" the maximum amount of coins available to me for transfer. Woohoo...

15 months ago
Teri Sologoub

Very well articulated JC. I think a weekly update should be enforced in order to keep citizens informed, motivated and reminded as to why they are here. Happy weekend ALL...

15 months ago
Valerie Le Bihan


15 months ago
Marijke Van Giffen

So happy for you as I hear Valerie again.

15 months ago
Valerie Le Bihan

hihihi thanks my so dear friend&great coach....

15 months ago
Sebastian Dragos

Great news! I read it twice and I like what I see, the future is bright :)

15 months ago
- Betty -

Delicious news! And great opportunities! Thank you, Brian!

15 months ago
Olga Puchkova

Thank you JC, great news!

15 months ago