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Tune in this Friday, September 21st, 2018 | 8am PDT (3pm UTC) for your last chance to hear from our Presidential Candidates live.



This week’s live-stream will be held by current President Brian with special guests being the final two candidates Carlos and Catherine. Be sure to comment below to get your final questions answered during Friday’s live-stream!


Reminder the final round of the empowr presidential election voting ends Friday September 21st.    


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Jo Mas

Brian our president,
Can you please lower in half our bidding in the Daily Goal please for the founders?

Thank you in advance.


14 months ago
Patric De Nooijer

In the past 7 years I've been here, i have seen people grow in understanding this New Internet economy, it is so out of time and New that all of us has to adapt to it, many are waiting but willing to start, but remember one thin, the People, who are in NOW and at the Front of this Brand New idea, what has been developed out of All People thoughts that have and still are here to reach the Finish line to get the Big Profits. Even now when the Coin is at the Lowest point we profit by doing What we need to do, Our Daily Goal, Sell Ship an Deliver, it results in big coin payments on the wheel and Happy Buyers. All that promote not to do that didn't understand What Empowr is all about in the first place. We need to get the coin get's fire, this only happens when We all Work together, As soon it get's fire, then the Marketplace will grow with excellent products and Merchants will be interested to List their Products in the marketplace. Now the People are getting the coins in their Ether Wallets, (thank you Brian and JC) this gives All the People the Financial Guarantee and security that what they have earned Really belongs to them.
Now we need to show that honesty is Guaranteed so all what has been before is forgotten and we can build this platform to a gigantic FUTURE for all.

Can both candidates give a positive reaction on was is written above?

14 months ago
Sabina De Jonge De Nooijer

A question for Carlos: you stated in the last debate that if it was up to you that you would not release the COIN to the people yet but keep it longer in Empowr . Because only when people have coins in their wallet they can talk to others about it and share their positive experience .What did you mean by that?

14 months ago
Valerie Le Bihan

Hi Dear Brian, I want To Thank You For Your Real Hard Work With The Team Lately!!... I wish Both Candidate Good Luck, But My Hart Goes To Our Catherine.. The Only One For Me, The Most Questions Has Been Ased Already... Thank You Very Much__Val.

14 months ago

The question for both candidates: since the price of a coin is very low, does this mean that the previous leadership could not cope with this work? Are you sure that you will be able to cope with this, and we do not need to do this for free for many more years?

14 months ago
Wollf Tergus

Good Morning Y'all and thank you for the opportunity to ask questions.
The following is addressed to both Catherine and Carlos.
How did you choose the members of your team? What are their qualifications and which departments will they be in charge of to bring about the change that the Citizens and Success Coaches need?

14 months ago
Annet Hoogenboom

When I think about the day I activated my empowr account (2 years ago) and my overall experience on empowr since then, I am truly grateful and happy I am part of the empowr community. I've learned so much, developed myself in many ways, have made a lot of friends, got knowledge about cryptocurrency and how to trade, have stepped outside of my comfort zone many times and also have received cash and now coins. I know money is important but all the other benefits have given me so much more pleasure and I thank empowr for this. Thank you Brian, JC and the empowr team, to have given me the opportunity to be part of this. 💞💕 And good luck to Carlos and Catherine in these final hours of the election

14 months ago
Happily Married Couple (Fan Us)

Hi Brian,
It would be great if you can give us some insight on the power of the President so we can know what we can expect once the new President takes over. Can you please tell us the power you have and give 3 examples of what you have done to help the hard working CITIZENS here. You can exclude the last thing that was done with giving all the people help who weren't able to keep up their power level. We ask that you exclude that for 2 reasons. 1- It didn't help everyone as some people didn't need the help and 2- We believe it cost all of Empowr citizens not involved in the interim. Is that correct?

15 months ago
Dmitriy Nesterov

Hello, Brian!
I, like many citizens, are very concerned about the value of coins on the exchange. Everyone understands that now there is a huge offer of coins and very little demand for it. To ensure the price growth of the coin, it is necessary that citizens want to buy them. However, many, including me, now want to sell their coins to get at least a little money. Therefore, the price falls and will fall.
Now I will tell you an idea, because of which many accusations will be showered on me. Although I do not like this idea very much, but it is necessary to do something, so I will say.
In my opinion, in order to revive the demand for a coin, it is necessary to return to the monthly payment for the platform and, but ONLY the COINS. but not dollars and crypto currency. Let it be a small fee, but then there will be a demand for a coin. Those who have earned it with daily goals and sales will be able to pay out of their coins, but those who do not have enough coins can buy them to the exchange. Then there will be a demand for a coin, and its price will increase.
What do you think about this?
And if you have another plan, share it. How are you going to raise the price of a coin?

15 months ago

What do you think about the idea of paying us monthly for money won on the mission wheel - it wouldn't be very much but I believe every time you give people money the belief in Empowr being a real business grows even more. And something this small could have a big positive effect on the coin price. Also when the people are happy they will bring in more new people too. Thank you!

15 months ago
Imad Nissan

Good morning,

You candidates have been at the office for enough time now, what was your impression and what has changed in your mind about empowr?

Thank you!

15 months ago
Ly Ilis

Question for the presidential candidates: Are you going to do something specifically, or are you doing the same way as the previous president and only doing promise, as has been done so far?

15 months ago
Siv Hemmer (NL Citizen)

It seems like the marketplace with bids and purchasing do not help to get the value of the empwr coin go up anymore. Why? The increasing value was so great until a certain point. I dont understand what really happened here

15 months ago
Juergen Klein

I have a question for both. At the moment the worth of this coin is ONE Cent. For my next level (Onyx 2nd) I have to pay 13,8 millions of coins, thats unimpossible for me. What will you do, that the worth of coin rise again ???????

15 months ago
Deokie Birbal

Why is Empowr coins no longer an option to pay for mission roles?

14 months ago

I have just paid for my mission role. The money has been taken out of my Etherwallet, but my mission role has not been updated. A few weeks ago, I bought five empowr coins. The money was taken from my etherwallet, but I never got the coins. I sent my SC a description of my problem repeatedly with no proper response. I still have not received my five empowr coins. Will my mission role be updated now, or have I thrown my Ether coins away again. I have taken screen shots to prove that I successfully purchased the service from empowr, but never received it. Empowr; what are you going to do about this, because I understand that I am not the only one with such a story, with proof to back it up?

15 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Hi Franz,

Please write to TheCoin@empowr.com with your purchase confirmation number as it states on the purchase page when you attempted to make your purchase.

We are responding to all inquiries within 12 hours and will apply your Mission Role as quickly as possible once receiving that information from you.

Thank you

14 months ago
Ready O Adeola

When will the Social Media (facebook, twitter. redit etc) empowr Bounty Program participants be reward or receive bounties?

15 months ago
Ready O Adeola

This is the 11th day since empowr coin is 'adopted'! Can empowr coin compete on ‘adoption’!?

15 months ago
Ready O Adeola

How can 1 EMPR coin be equal to or greater than $1 with all possibilities within 15 days?

15 months ago

Thank you very much, Brian, that gave us another opportunity to ask questions to the candidates.
After watching the video on September 7, I had some questions for Carlos.
1. In this video, on the question of how the problems arising from citizens will be solved, you said that you do not see the need to solve the problems that arise with individual citizens (200 coins were gone, as you said, no one will look for them). You intend to consider only mass problems. (Video 43 min http://prntscr.com/kwhjty ) But there are a lot of other problems that can be individual. Do you really think this is the right way that will make users on the platform happy? I'm sure that this way will bring only damage for empowr. You are openly suggesting leaving people without help, if they problem a not mass problem, but a personal one, which means that the person is doomed to stay with his problem and accept it. It is not worthy of a presidential candidate to openly state about that. This is outrageous!

2. You offer to identify real sales add tracking numbers to the delivery details. It is right. But your proposal to negotiate with transport companies on the issue of tracking numbers seems to me absurd. Therefore, could you at least sketch out how you imagine it to dispel my doubts?

3. From the beginning of the third round, you announced your "own" team. I'm sure it's just a cunning move. You are well understand that by publicly showing your team, you automatically receive a huge influx of votes for you. Everyone who voted for this candidates will vote for you. It's not fair!!! I understand that in the struggle all means are good, but the beginning of such a game indicates that in the future you will have not fair behavior. We choose the President, not the team of President - The President, who will be interested in the success of the empowr citizens, which in the end will bring the success of the empowr. Separating from the problems of citizens, you only confirm that you are playing a dishonest game. And who said that your idea is new? Is Brian been working without the team so far? As far as I know, he also has a presidential cabinet.

15 months ago

Большое спасибо, Браян, что дал еще одну возможность задать вопросы кандидатам.
После просмотра видео 7 сентября у меня возникло несколько вопросов к Карлосу.
1. В этом видео на вопрос о том, как будут решаться проблемы, возникающие у граждан, вы сказали, что не видите надобности решать проблемы, возникающие у отдельных граждан, ( пропало 200 монет, как вы сказали, их никто искать не будет). Вы намерены рассматривать только массовые проблемы. (Видео 43 мин http://prntscr.com/kwhjty ). Но есть же масса других проблем, которые могут быть индивидуальными. Вы действительно думаете, что это правильный путь, который сделает пользователей на платформе счастливыми? Я уверен, что такой путь принесет только большой ущерб для empowr. Вы открыто предлагаете оставить людей без помощи, если у них не массовая проблема, а персональная. Это означает, что человек обречен остаться со своей проблемой и смириться с этим. Это не достойно кандидата в Президенты так открыто заявлять, что вам наплевать на проблемы граждан. Это возмутительно!

2. Вы предлагаете для выявления настоящих продаж добавлять тракинг номера в детали доставки. Это правильно. Но ваше предложение провести переговоры с транспортными компаниями о выдаче номеров отслеживания мне кажется абсурдной. Поэтому не могли бы вы хотя бы схематично рассказать как вы это представляете, чтобы развеять мои сомнения?

3. Вы с начала 3-го раунда объявили "свою" команду. Я уверен, что это просто хитрый ход. Вы прекрасно понимаете, что всенародно показывая свою команду, автоматически получаете огромный приток голосов за вас. Все, кто голосовал за "вашу команду", будут голосовать за вас. Это не порядочно!!! Я понимаю, что в борьбе все средства хорошо, но начало такой игры говорит о том, что и в будущем вы будете шагать по головам. Мы выбираем Президента, а не команду, Президента, который будет заинтересован в успехе граждан empowr, что в конечном итоге и будет составлять успех.empowr. Отгораживаясь от проблем граждан, вы только подтверждаете, что ведете нечестную игру. И кто сказал, что ваша идея новая? А разве до сих пор Браян работал не в команде? Насколько я знаю, у него тоже есть президентский кабинет.

15 months ago
Gajraj Yadav

No comments & questions now ..... Mr. President Brian, " Could you say that citizens are happy & well taken care by you? "

15 months ago
Shailendra Singh

Thanks for sharing this creative knowledgeable post.

14 months ago
Naveen Kumar

Hello Brian
Is the coin goal 10$ in the end of the year still the same or the team change the goal

14 months ago
Lyudmila Sukhanova

Good Morning

14 months ago
Tatsiana Komarova


14 months ago

Thank you

14 months ago
Miya Scort -Rusalii

Escuse Me ...But the Vox of the fans did not sound enough in Empowr ... The two candidates received barely 20% of the vote ... In these difficult moments of Empowr it is necessary that Empowr be managed by a team that includes all the candidates who received more than 20% ....

14 months ago
R Suganthi

Is there any possibilities to list our coin in other exchanges before December 2018 ?

14 months ago
Antonina S

Hello, thank you for the updates and for the opportunity to display coins on external wallets, but, You wrote in the blog that the transfer to the outgoing coin purses will be done within 10 minutes. September 20, 2018, I put coins on an external purse for withdrawal, and today is September 21, 2018, but there is no coin on the outer purse. Are you having a problem again? And when will they be eliminated? Thank you

14 months ago
Suan Tara

Thanks Brian giving the citizens to questions,
I have been almost 5 months as the one of empowr citizen and I still got nothing to cashing out for my empow balance, yeah it's may cause I am not maturation yet , I think, I was falling down and a littler frustation come on empowr site because I was waste the time on it without nothing ,..hummmm
I was try so hard although not maximum yet, but I was did it
So, what could you promise to the empowr citizens in the future..?
Could we cashing and transferring more easier Brian..???

Thank you very much

14 months ago
M. Durgaprasad

Hello Brain,
Our coin cost is very low. When it will increase atleast $1?

15 months ago
Jeannette Leduc

A question that I hope both candidates will respond to with what they will do to about the following.

Why are auctions repeated on fans' pages when so many of their listings are not being shown http://prntscr.com/kwjl06? This kid's shirt was shown 3 times and the green shirt twice. It is difficult to find products we want to bid on the fan's pages without having auction (or sales) repeated several times on a page and therefore bumping off other items for sale or their postings that they earn from when fans share them

15 months ago
Jeannette Leduc

I would like to hear the responses of both candidates to the following.

Since Empowr bases what we pay for power ups, etc on the USD though we pay in coins or pre-coins, please also have our marketplace listings also based on the USD to create a level playing field so buyers and sellers have an established rate to base their listings and bids on. We can still pay for purchases with the coin equivalent when we win the auction just like we pay the coin or pre-coin equivalent of the USD amount for the different subscriptions. With the huge fluctuations in the coin price in the last month, sellers are very much handicapped in setting reasonable reserves for their listing. Buyers are no better off so I strongly believe sales are way down which leads to lower revenues for Empowr to operate on a daily basis

15 months ago
Ken Spence

I totally agree with this - long term goal of going fully crypto is fine but we need time to adapt. I buy my items in dollars and am selling at a loss hoping for the coin price to rise. If we could list in dollars and have the conversion carried out like it does for power user fees, we could sell more without losing and people would know what is a good price to pay. There is too much guesswork with the system as it stands

15 months ago
Deepak Vaucheta

More people are selling than buying, even the rate is full low then too many are selling then just think as it increase more people will sell and then how our coin value is increase? if sell is more than buy then definitely coin price will decrease. state on this

15 months ago
Prakash Muthusamy

When the coin price is going to increase?
I bought 300 coins at $1.43 totally $432 and now those 300 coins are just worth $15 only?
You told that after supply, trading volume will increase and coin rate will increase but none is happening.
when are you start focusing on empr coin? What rate can you assure me by october?

15 months ago