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Next challenge: The price of the empowr coin

Hello empowrians,

In the last few weeks, we:

1.  Moved from a ‘stable coin price’ strategy, to a strategy of achieving wider and quicker adoption of the coin

2.  Opened up cash outs (now called ‘Transfer Outs”)

3.   Launched a new feature called 'Cash Advance' so citizens can transfer out coins that are not yet fully matured

4.  Witnessed the price of our coin drop from $2 (and as high as $8 for a few days) to now below 1 cent USD. 


Today we’ll discuss:

A.  What’s going on – why has the price of the coin dropped so much?

B.  What can we do about it?


Let’s get started.

A.  Why has the price of the coin dropped so much?

The price of EMPR coins has dropped to a ridiculously low level.

The reason behind this can be summarized in 3 words:   Low trading volume

There are almost no empowr coins being traded on the currency exchange.

Why is that?

The reason is something that’s truly unique and amazing about the empowr coin and the empowr community: 

You love your empowr coins

empowr citizens love their coins so much, that virtually no one is willing to sell any.

(In a moment, I’ll show you some quantifiable evidence of that fact)

If almost no one is willing to sell any coins, then trading volume falls to near-zero – because in every single trade, someone must be willing to sell some coins (and someone must be willing buy coins).

If you don’t have BOTH (a willing buyer AND a willing seller) there’s no trade.

To make matters worse, having few willing sellers creates the situation where there are few interested buyers.


When sellers are unwilling to sell, new buyers become reluctant to buy, because of low trading volume (= which they call ‘low liquidity’). 

In other words, if there’s not much trading happening, outsiders (potential new buyers) will take that to mean that there is low interest and belief in the coin...

... which, as discussed, is exactly the opposite of what’s really happening with our coins (EMPR holders love their coins).


Remember, we want and need new coin buyers – because that represents new demand for our coins...

... that is what makes the price of coins go up.

But with no one willing to sell, new buyers are discouraged.

And finally -- to make matters EVEN worse -- low trading volume makes it very easy for people to ‘manipulate’ the price downwards, in order to, little by little, get their hands on more coins...

... as more coin owners get depressed and desperate, and are forced to sell some coins.


A few people are happily placing lower and lower offers to buy coins, in the hopes that someone – anyone – will sell them coins for less and less.

Indeed, a couple of such buyers are acting as both the seller and buyer in transactions, using 2 different accounts on the exchange that they own, to create the impression that the price of the coin is falling, in the hopes of depressing EMPR holder in order to encourage more and more coin holders to sell. 

The evidence for this is public information, because everything on the blockchain is transparent.


Before we move to discussing potential solutions, let me provide you with evidence of the two (2) assumptions I’ve made above:

1.  empowr citizens love their coins

The evidence of this is simple to understand.

Ever since we opened up the ability to transfer out coins, and also launched the new cash advance feature, empowr citizens are transferring out millions of coins to their external wallets each day.

We are now approaching 100M coins that belong to empowr citizens and that are out on the open blockchain; free and clear to trade.

But each day, only about 100,000 coins are actually traded. That means that only 1/10th of 1% of the circulating supply of empowr coins are traded daily.

Compared to other coins, empowr citizens BY FAR sell the least % of their coins.

Using information publicly available on the CoinMarketCap website, let’s compare EMPR trading to that of other coins:

All Ethereum coins together are worth $21B. Each day, $2B Ethereum coins are traded. That means 10% of all Ethereum coins are traded daily.

That’s 100 times the % of empowr coins that are being traded daily.

The same number for Bitcoin is 4%.   Clearly people love (and hold onto) their Bitcoin much more than they do Ethereum (only 4% for Bitcoin vs. 10% for Ethereum). 

But still, empowr citizens are 40 times more likely to love and hold onto their empowr coins than Bitcoin holders (4% for Bitcoin vs. 0.1% for EMPR).

What about some other top coins?

XRP owners trade 11% of their coins daily; EOS owners trade 17% of their coins daily; Litecoin 10%. 

Clearly, EMPR holders value their coins at least 100 times more than each of the holders of those coins.

As you can see, the data shows that the belief in empowr coins by its coin holders is astronomically higher than that of other coins.

Which makes sense, right? Unlike other coins, empowr has a long history. Everyone has worked hard for their coins. Why would they want to sell them for near-nothing?

And most EMPR holders have grown to understand that empowr and its coin are incredibly well-positioned to gain rapid adoption...

... given how far we’ve come together in building the entire ecosystem required for a currency to become utilized and successful (social / community, marketplace / economy, educational and political systems).

The numbers speak for themselves: EMPR holders love their coins.

Indeed, in the last few weeks, as thousands of new people joined empowr each day, many of which have already transferred out coins using the new cash advance feature...

 ... we thought at least they (the newest citizens) would start selling some of their coins...

... increasing the trading volume.


However, we were wrong.

As the days and weeks go by, we’re simply not seeing that.  EMPR coin holders simply love and believe in their coins, even those citizens that just joined empowr recently.


2.  EMPR coins are massively underpriced at this moment

Some of you don’t need convincing that the price of empowr coins is massively below where they should be right now.

But I’ll provide evidence of that here.

If you take the total number of empowr coins (about 750M) and multiply it by the current price (0.1 USD cents) you get $750,000 USD.

That means that the ‘market cap’ – or value of all empowr coins added up together -- is less than one (1) million USD.

empowr’s patents alone have been valued at thousands of times more than that by many independent experts.

Among many similar offers, the #1 tech venture capitalist in the world once valued (= made an offer to invest in) empowr at 240 times that number, and that was before any of empowr’s patents were approved and made official by the U.S. patent office...

... and before empowr had most of its current product feature set including cryptocurrency, or even its community, and it certainly didn’t even have revenues.

Since the time of his offer, the value of empowr has gone up by leaps and bounds – given the progress we’ve made...

... and the tech industry has moved towards empowr’s vision in every conceivable way.

In other words, empowr is now ‘in the right place at the right time’ – as blockchain/cryptocurrency + social media are all the rage right now.  That perfect timing means that empowr’s market cap should be at an all-time high right now.

So, clearly, empowr’s coin is massively undervalued at this moment. Which of course is one key reason why virtually all EMPR citizens are so reluctant to trade any of their coins.


And so here we are

We find ourselves in a situation where almost no one wants to sell any of their coins.

Only the most desperate and pessimistic...

...  or just a few new citizens that have little idea about empowr, it’s strategies, assets and market position...

... seem to be willing to sell just a few of their coins...

... along with a couple other people that are focused on transacting with themselves to create the impression that the coin’s true value is falling.


As a result, we have near-zero trading volume ( = near-zero liquidity).

Consequently, we have few new coin buyers ( = new demand for our coins).

And therefore, the price of the coin keeps dropping.

(And the more it drops, the more our coin holders are even less motivated to sell coins – which hurts trading volume even more).

We’re in a downward spiral.  


Can anything be done?

Well, does anyone remember the empowr core value that’s pronounced ‘ W – taw  - taw’?

You may have heard it repeated by recent presidential candidate Bob Poster in his candidacy and other videos. :)


WTAWTAW stands for “Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way”.

It’s one of only 4 core values that have guided the empowr community of citizens, success coaches and employees through all sorts of challenges over the years...

... many of which are significantly more complicated and difficult than this coin price issue.


The concept basically says that there is ALWAYS a way through any challenge.

To the same degree that the will power exists (or does not exist), the odds of finding that way are increased (or decreased).


As a reminder, the purpose of this blog post is to identify the issue and the reasons behind it...

... which is the price of the coin dropping due to low trading volume...

... and then to put all our heads together to discover the way(s) we can solve the issue.


In a moment, we’ll discuss a couple of options...

... and then we’ll open up the discussion to hear your thoughts and ideas.


Summary of the issue:

The empowr community has worked hard for their coins, believe in the long-term value of the coins, and don’t want to sell them.

The result is low trading volume, which scares new coin buyers away, further depressing the coin price and trading volume.

A few coin buyers are happily placing lower and lower offers to buy coins, in the hopes that someone – anyone – will sell them coins cheap.

They are even acting as both seller and buyer in transactions, in order to depress and convince empowr coins holders to sell.

The good news is that almost no one is falling for that, the proof being the (incredibly low) current trading volume.



If the empowr community wants the price of the coin to revert to its true market potential...

... it must figure out how to significantly increase the coin’s daily trading volume.



B. What can we do about it?

So far, 2 different options come to mind, which I’ll detail below.

There may also be other options, which we’ll attempt to identify using our collective intelligence.

Option 1:  Do nothing

We can just keep doing what we’re doing, ignoring the coin price while doing our work, day after day. 

The idea with this approach is that, eventually, people will start to take notice of the EMPR coin, and everything we’re accomplishing as we set out to have the most citizens, merchants and apps all working and transacting with (adopting) our coins.

When they finally do start to notice, EMPR coins will start rising like a rocket ship...

... much like how the price of a Bitcoin started to move from 5 cents to over $6,000.

In the short term, however, our coins will be worth very little – likely even dropping lower – because of the reasons described above (low trading volume).

And, with the price so low, we’re vulnerable to a few people that understand the story, and are looking for opportunities to buy up a lot of it.

As some of our citizens get more desperate for cash, they’ll be forced to sell – with the more fortunate gobbling up their coins for next-to-nothing.

In the end, the worst case (and likely) scenario is that a small number of people will end up with much if not most of the empowr coins.

We already see proof of those people out there, patiently working to drive the coin price lower and lower so that more people lose hope and sell their coins to them.

Not a good situation to find ourselves in, since we have all worked very hard to NOT be a platform owned by a few rich people.

Indeed, that situation very much goes against every ounce of our blood, and why this community -- painfully -- continues to build empowr without a penny from investors – despite significant interest from venture capitalists and investors.

Thankfully, there’s at least one other option, and possibly more.


Option 2:  Work as a community to get our trading volume up

Besides its patented inventions, products and first-mover advantage, empowr has another incredible asset:

The empowr community

Together have overcome massive obstacles (including a total lack of capital) because of our community.

Our best ideas (that became our patented inventions and products) have all come from our community.

Because we couldn’t afford to hire educators, moderators and auditors, our success coach program was born – rising directly from our community – to take on those and many other tasks.

Indeed, even our leaders were sourced from our community, including our current president Brian and our president-elect Carlos.

Every time we hit obstacles, it has been our community that has made the difference...

... coming together to find or create solutions and overcome all issues.


This challenge is no different

This solution (option 2) is about taking matters into our own hands and selling some coins.

“Wait,” you say. “You want me to sell some of my coins (for near-nothing)? Are you kidding? I worked very hard for my coins!

Understood. You are correct to feel that way.

You have worked hard for your coins and are not wrong to believe in the future of empowr and the EMPR coin.

You are not wrong to be saving your hard-earned coins for your and your family’s future.


If you love something...

Have you ever heard the saying: “If you love something, set it free...”?

Well, if we want our coins to succeed...

... if we want our coins to have the opportunity to become what they can become -- and gain the respect and interest of lots of new coin buyers everywhere...

... then will need to come together, as a community, to fix this issue that’s simply a side-effect of something quite amazing and unique about our coins (that we all love and believe in them).


The good news

The good news is that there seems to be a solution that just might work – where you DO NOT need to part with your coins.

It will take a little effort from each of us – a few minutes each day -- but you won’t have to say ‘Goodbye’ to your coins.

Are you willing to spend just a few minutes each day, to continue to help your coins and the empowr mission to become successful?

I think most of us will say Yes.  

After all, most everyone has worked a lot harder and longer than a few minutes each day, for this mission and to earn their coins, and to overcome many, MANY other challenges that have appeared along our path.


So, here’s the suggestion:

Let’s set a community goal to increase our trading volume to $500,000 (USD) per day – from its current rate of near-zero each day.

What would that take?

Well, I already know that asking you to say Goodbye to some coins is a non-starter. I wouldn’t ask you to do that.

My suggestion involves simply selling some coins, and then immediately buying the same number of coins back every day.

For, example, would you be willing to sell, say, $100 USD worth of your coins at the market price on the exchange... and then immediately buy back $100 worth of coins?

If you did that, you’d end up with the approximate same number of coins – so you wouldn’t be parting with any coins.

Does this make sense?


So, why would this help?

Let’s do some math:

If just 5,000 of our community members, are each willing to buy and sell an average of $100 worth of coins each day, we’d have $500,000 in daily trading volume.

When that is happening consistently, new coin buyers will become more interested to buy coins, because they would now find a liquid market for empowr coins -- where enough buying and selling is happening, as judged by the daily trading volume.

As new buyers become interested, trading volume will grow further, making it so that our community can begin to back off, and let the market take it from there.


Many new buyers will want to buy thousands, even hundreds of thousands or millions of coins..

... just like they’re doing with other coins every day...

... and as that happens, their buying and selling will eventually dwarf our own trading volume.

When that happens, our job in helping our coins have trading volume will be complete.


Now, let’s say that, instead of 5,000 people, only 500 of our community members would buy and sell $100 worth of coins – and did that 10 times per day. That also gets us to $500,000 In daily volume.

Or, if only 50 of our community members traded $1,000 worth of coins ten times per day. That also gets us to $500,000 per day.

As you can see, we can get to $500,000 in daily trading volume in a number of ways, all of which require our community members to step up and conduct some trading.


If you love something, set it free.

At least for a few minutes.


The concept is about flow.

We need our coins flowing in and out of our currency exchange, in order to come alive.


Coin exchanges are marketplaces; they are like living, breathing organisms.

Imagine if our body’s hearts and cells loved our blood so much, that they would just grab the blood and not let them go.

Very quickly, blood flow would stop, and the whole body (including the heart and cells) would die.


Electricity is similar.  

Your appliances come alive when you plug them in, so electricity can flow in from the positive connector, and out from the negative connector. 

Your appliances require a loop (called a circuit) in order to operate.

Electricity only works to power your appliances when it is flowing in (and allowed to flow out). If you don’t allow the electricity to flow out, electricity and your appliances stop working.


Do you have kids?

If not, you have certainly been a kid at some point.

What would happen to your kids if you love them so much...

... that you refuse to let them go outside, have friends or even go to school?

Soon, your kids would become depressed, ill and damaged.


We have learned from our own experiences from when we were children ourselves...

... and some of us have learned as parents...

... that if we love them, we must set them free.

If we do that, they will make us proud. 

And they will more gladly come back to see us often.


But if we do not set them free, they will become damaged.

They will lose their sense of self and their confidence.

They will become useless to themselves, to us and to the world.

And they will likely hate us, and find every reason in the world to hardly visit us.


If we love them, we must set them free.


The story of our coins is quite similar

If we love our coins, we must set them free.

We need to allow them to flow

We must let outsiders touch and smell them for just a bit.

We must let outsiders feel what it feels like to own a few coins, if we ever want them to value the coins.

If we don’t allow the world to experience our coins, they will not value our coins.


As we all take a deep breath – and let some of our coins breath for just a few minutes...

... and allow them to enjoy circulation (flow)...

... so much so that others (new buyers) can get a taste of them for a bit...

... the result will be that we’re building a healthy ecosystem for our currency, which is a must, if we want our coins to succeed and have value.


What would doing some trading cost me?

The cost of trading on the currency exchange and the Ethereum network are negligible (next to nothing).  Full details on trading coins on the exchange

Some days, you might end up with just a few more EMPR coins from your trading, and some days you’ll end up with a few less coins.

In the end (as the days go by) you should end up at around the same number of coins.

If you want to be 100% sure that you end up with more coins than when you started, simply make it a point to sell, say, $100 worth of coins, and buy, say, $101 or $103 or even $125 worth of coins.

In that manner, you’ll nearly always end up with more coins...

... not a bad strategy (in fact, probably a really GREAT strategy especially now that the price of empowr coins are so low).


It’s time for your comments and votes

So, the question is – which option do you vote for:

1.  As a community, do nothing and wait it out

2.  Work together as a community to get the trading volume up


If you vote for option 2:

The first step will be to trade small amounts, until each of us begins to get comfortable with the process and outcome.

As the days go by and you get comfortable, it’ll be easy to ramp up your trading volume.


As the process settles in and you get comfortable with it, how much might you be willing to trade (sell and buy) each day?

$100 USD per day (or 10 trades of $10 each)?

$1,000 per day (Approx. 10 trades of $100 each?)

$10,000 per day (Approx. 10 trades of $1,000 each?)


The reason I ask is that if we don’t get a “I’m in” from at least 200 people,.

... or the total daily trade volume doesn’t add up to at least $500,000 per day...

...  then perhaps we don’t have enough willing participants to make this option successful.


Using the comments below, please cast your vote – and let us know your thoughts and whether you’re in or not. 

If you are in, how much in daily trades are you willing to do (after a few weeks as you become comfortable with the process)?

$100 USD per day (or 10 trades of $10 each)?

$1,000 per day (Approx. 10 trades of $100 each?)

$10,000 per day (Approx. 10 trades of $1,000 each?)

Less than these amounts? More than these amounts?


And finally, as we succeed in increasing our trading volume, the next thing we’ll need to do is raise awareness about EMPR coin in the crypto space and among crypto buyers.

We’ll need the community’s help in promoting and sharing stories about EMPR coins and empowr on social media as they come out at that time.

When new buyers learn about EMPR, and arrive to immediately see a satisfactory trading level, they’ll be many times more likely to start trading.

As that happens, the need for the community to help buy and sell will subside, as the trading volume will keep growing from there on its own.


By the way, our new president-elect Carlos has been consulted with, in regards to option 2.

Carlos is already ahead of all of us in thinking about and working on the strategy and process details for this approach, and has many ideas on how to manage the process, set goals and more.

As you may know, Carlos is working to rapidly wrap up his commitments with his current employer, and finalize his travel and family obligations so he can start his work as President at the empowr headquarters in California in just a couple of weeks from now.


The first step, Carlos agrees, is to share the thoughts in this blog post with the community, and see if we have agreement on the approach...

... or perhaps other (better) ideas arise on how to solve the issue...

... before we start talking about detailed plans and steps.


To be clear, this approach (option 2) will take effort from our community (from you).

As we each get comfortable with the process, it will take as little as a few minutes each day from each of us.

However, we will need to be consistent with this; it is not something we can do for a couple of days and then forget about it.

This process will take daily discipline, consistency and patience to create the atmosphere and trading volume required to attract and grow a base of new coin buyers.


As we succeed in doing that -- and new coin buyers learn about the empowr coin, community, mission, products and technologies...

... it follows that they too will become big fans of the EMPR coins and will be anxious to share their findings with like-minded others that are also looking for good opportunities.


So, please, before voting for option 2, think about it to ensure you’re ready to add another daily task to your to-do list.

Something like this only makes sense to do, and is much easier to do, when you feel supported by many other community members that are willing and able to do the same...

... and more importantly, ARE doing the same thing, day in and day out.


Ladies and gentlemen, if you agree that the coin’s ridiculously low price is concerning...

... with option 2 we know what to do...

... and together we have everything we need to ensure our coins (= we) achieve the success we deserve.


If you have other ideas (other than options 1 and 2) this is also the perfect time to share them.

We are looking forward to your thoughts, and your vote on these and other options.


If it turns out that the community is firmly behind option 2, we will start the process in about 7 to 10 days from now...

... after Carlos, Brian, May Ram and her team fully discuss, agree and complete the development of the process and related details based on the recommendations you provide below.


After we hear your ideas, thoughts and votes Carlos, Brian or I will be back in touch.

Yours truly,



Mukesh Gujjar

Thanks JC, I am in and I will trade with $100 per day

14 months ago
Claire Pagano

Option 2

14 months ago
Coin Empowr Nation

HI,JC, Thank you i vote option 2 and i think every single who active should be part of trading fix some target according to power level add in completing daily goal and remove the bidding that will i think better option.

14 months ago
Nirmesh Kumar Tarar

JC thanks for this wonderful update.
I vote for option 2 as that is the best strategy. I will trade with $10000 daily

14 months ago
M.Ahmed Ghaznavi

Thanks JC i will choose option 2 and will try my best to trade minimum 100 usd and as much as i can,Long live Empowr long EMPR :)

14 months ago
Floyd Foulks

Hi Brian. I see that you are a step ahead of me. Thanks. I have copied the link.

14 months ago
Floyd Foulks

Hi JC. This is an excellent opening salvo (Option 2). I am in but with one important proviso. Most of us dedicated empowrians are not ofay on how to transact business in this crypto environment. I, and I am sure many more of us will need a little assistance in understanding how to do these proposed daily transactions.
As soon as that hurdle is crossed, I believe you will have overwhelming support.
In my corner of the world (Jamaica) we do not have the option of using Coinbase. The onus will be on me and my Jamaican fans to find an option that will work for us.
I will do my best to light the fire in my country.

Best regards,

14 months ago
Johnny Cash

Hi Floyd, absolutely - we will be helping everyone with the education and process part. Stay tuned.

14 months ago
CharlesYan BitcoinTravel.world

First, the EMPR Coin must be moved from a Controlled Currency to a Free Market Currency. All EMPR coins in all of the citizen's accounts need to be released into full circulation, now. All coins, Founders coins, Legacy Coins and Marketplace Coins must be released, immediately. Only then, will the EMPR Coin be of any real value to all empowr citizens.

14 months ago
Ken Spence

Floyd. Try localetherium.com - it is far cheaper than coinbase and you can buy locally in a few minutes

14 months ago

We have two prices for the coin. One price is what we see on the stock exchange(0,007), the other price is on the website(0.20) What price should I take into account when selling coins on a daily basis and what price should I take into account when I receive sales bonuses?

14 months ago
Dr. Mahavir Prasad Bhambhu

Thanks, JC I shall also choose option 2 and try to trade, to bullish market and to stop volatile, also to stable our coins value. More transaction in trade of coin, more value of our Empowr coin.

14 months ago
May Ram

Good morning JC. I am for 2, already working on $1000 daily, and going for $10,000.
Thank you. 💕

14 months ago
Giuseppe Beati

I do agree to vote for option 2 and will trade $100.00 per day

14 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

I choose option 2. Anyway, I am always there trading coins. It probably needs our cooperation all together to lift the coin value up. Thanks for your blog update JC.

14 months ago
Peter Friesen

I support option 2 and am willing to trade $100/day to help get the coin price up. Thanks for this update and allowing us to choose to assist the coin.

14 months ago
Angel Rodriguez Ortega

Hello JC, thank you for the update, . I am for 2, already working on $1000 daily, and I will try make $5.000 to $10,000.

14 months ago
Nataliya Simonchik

I vote for version 2. I'm ready trade EMPR worth $100 USD per day

14 months ago
Valerie Le Bihan

Hi JC, Thank You... Finally An Annoncement , after a week!!... I don't Mind To Work More or Harder(I personnelly have time...BUT!!!... Like Rajendra Shukla, Said Above... What About The Prices Of Mission Roles?... And PU??. Npbody do nothing about this!!.. I could barely pay for my Founder In August!!... Because Indeed, The coin Is So Low.. But The ETH was As Wel... I won't be able to do it this month... Meaning for me, and i m sure a lot of other citizens, we have come so far.... So ..Yes.. I willing for Auction TWO, but first Empowr, Has To Low Down The Fouder&Other Mission Roles For That Matther.. Even , A Couple Of Month Free, For Citizens Who Has Been Paying All Those Months... If So ..Of Course I want to let my coins Free, To Help Getting The EMPR Catch Fire Again, Like Brian Says... Thank You___Val.

14 months ago
Johnny Cash

Valerie, if we make mission roles free, who will pay for our server hosting and all the many other expenses it takes for empowr to be alive? If we don't pay those expenses, empowr will be shut down, inaccessible and finished.
Let's use our brains, please.

14 months ago
Valerie Le Bihan

Its A Pity My Answer To You Was Delected!!!... Even It Was A Positive One!!.. I will Repeat, I like Transpanrency, so yes you can cout on my as wel for option two......

14 months ago
Anthony Onyia

Hi JC, thanks for your effort, am in for option 2, i will be sure to trade $50 to $100 worth of coins daily. Both buy and sell.

14 months ago
Yves Johnson

I am for option 2 and will do $1,000 daily but will aim for $10,000 or more : )

14 months ago
Tatyana Baeva

need to create your own decentralized exchange, the empower and the exchanger for this we have all the resources. I vote for option 2.

14 months ago
Liudmyla Vasylieva

JC thanks for this wonderful update.
I vote for option 2 as that is the best strategy. I will trade with $100 daily.

14 months ago
Prabhu Eswaran

Hello JC, Thanks for your effort. I’m in! vote for option 2 and $1000 per day (Approx. 10 trades of $100 each).

14 months ago
Patrick Ogbogbo

Thanks JC . I choose option 2. I will trade up to $1000 daily and more!

14 months ago
Sathya Kumar B

Hello JC, Thanks for your effort. I’m in! vote for option 2 and $1000 per day (Approx. 10 trades of $100 each).

14 months ago
Ola Yinka

Thank you Jc, I must say that option 2 is a brilliant method to give breathe to EMPR to survive. I'm in for option 2 .i will buy and sell EMPR worth of $100 daily

14 months ago
Willemien Smith

Thank you JC! Option 2 with $100 daily trade.

14 months ago
Vasant Saptarshi

Hi jc

I feel confident that this way is going to increase turnover...and then empowr coin....I notice that @1 dollars also citizens are buying coins where as the Tokene rate is much lower ,what will be combined effect of this?
I also want a help from somebody who can explain.I had balance of 51000 legacy coin three days back but now the balance is not shown.Founder coin balance is showing properly.

Will we get matured coin as the maturation of 90 days is over now..



14 months ago

While we are in this "Token Store", no one will see us. It is necessary to use a stock exchange which everyone knows. This is the only way out.

14 months ago
Vasant Saptarshi

Thank you and the suggestion about how we can help to increase price of our coin. I agree with the second option read to take this challenge and work,

Thank you,

Vasant saptarshi

14 months ago
Sudeshna Dasgupta

I do agree to vote for option 2 and will trade $100.00 per day

14 months ago
Liliya Herman

I'm for option 2! On the day of $ 100

14 months ago
Praveen Emmanuel Sakilay

Thank you JC. I vote for option 2. lets get the trading volume sky rocket

14 months ago
Sajid Zaman

Thanks JC, Option 2 is preferably best in that situation.

14 months ago
Randy Smith

JC, I am very happy that Empowr has come up with a solution to help the Coin increase in value again. I vote for Option 2 and I can trade $10,000 coins 10 times a day. the volume of trading will quickly increase and hopefully more buyers will see this and purchase on the token store exchange.

14 months ago
Parveen Kumar

Thanks JC, I am in for option 2 and will trade $100 per day (Approx. 10 trades of $10 each).

14 months ago
Said Rahman

Hi Jc Thank you for Hard work, I support option 2 and am willing to trade $100/day to help get the coin price up. Thanks for this update and allowing us to choose to assist the coin.

14 months ago
Sonia Madubuko

Thanks a lot, JC, everything is well understood we all have to work together as a community to ensure success. I go with option 2, right away to $1000 daily and going for $10,000 😍😍😍😍😍😍

14 months ago
Wilhelm Rothmann

Hi Brian I choose option 2. Thx regards

14 months ago
Randy Smith

To those that have to remember to use common sense, I meant 10,000 empowr coins with 10 trades of 1,000 and not $10,000.

14 months ago