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Trading volume: Plan, goals and new features launch

Dear empowrians,

Last week, we discussed what’s been happening with the value of the empowr coin, specifically that:

empowr coin holders love their empowr coins...

... so much so, that virtually no one is selling any...

... which means we have near-zero trading volume on the exchange....

... which scares away new coin buyers...

... which depresses the coin’s price into a downward spiral...

... and makes the coin further vulnerable to a small handful of coin buyers that are eager to depress EMPR holders so they can buy a lot of it at a near-zero price.


For details on any and all of the above, take a moment to re-read the last post.

We then discussed what we could do about it as a community, and suggested that there were two (2) options:

1.   Ride it out:  Do nothing about it out and put 100% of our focus into building up our product & service marketplace, local merchant, app and transport ecosystems

2.   Take matters into our own hands:  Get to work as a community to help the coin marketplace (trading on the exchange) come alive


The result of the vote

·      -- Option 1 (ride it out) received approximately zero (0) votes

·      -- Virtually everyone voted for Option 2 (building up the trading volume)


Based on the community’s overwhelming response...

... our president-elect Carlos, along with our president Brian and the leader of the success coach team May Ram her cabinet, plus empowr engineers got busy...

... working on your best ideas and turning them into features and algorithms.


Today, we’ll discuss:

The experiment
Strength in numbers
Commitments and rewards
Trading earns lots of coins
Fully automated
Trading can substitute for bidding
Trading grows cash advances
Additional currency exchanges
Community goals
Trading volume goals
Coin value goals
A quick word to cheaters
Next step
A request
Are you ready?


We’ll get into all of that, in just a moment.

But first:

Within just a few minutes of that last post, some of you seem to have gotten busy too, with a little experiment of your own...

The experiment

Only minutes after the last post was published, a handful of you apparently decided to take matters in your own hands, and experiment with what would happen to the coin’s value, if you got busy increasing the trading volume.

Here’s what happened:

A.  In the first 24 hours after the post, the coin’s true trading volume grew by 2,500% (it increased by 25 times).

B.  The price of the coin on the exchange shot up by 450% (it increased by 4.5 times).

(Do you need evidence of either of these 2 statistics? Just ask in the comments and I’ll provide details)


Those are some incredible results, achieved by what appears to be just a few people in a short period of time.

The small experiment conducted by these few citizens made it easy for everyone to visualize...

... if, instead of just a few people helping with the trading volume...

... what might happen if thousands of us got busy doing so.

Lesson learned:  As a community, we have the power to make the coin trading volume and value explode


Strength in numbers

We’ve learned time and time again that this community has the overwhelm any challenge, obstacle, or will of any single individual or group of individuals.

Together, we can accomplish any goal, when we decide to.

                 Trading volume: Plan, goals and new feature launch



Based on our last discussion, it’s clear that we have the numbers, and we have the will power.

What we have been missing, up to now, has been the knowledge and experience as a community...

... about coin trading volume and its relationship with value...

... especially in the incredibly unique situation we have found ourselves in: 

Our coin holders are 40 times more likely to hold onto their coins than holders of Bitcoin...

... and over 100 times more likely to hold onto them than other coins such as Ethereum.


Those numbers are simply unbelievably amazing...

... complete unseen and unheard of in the short history of cryptocurrency.


That fact...

... which took us and our advisors by surprise...

... and took a few (4 to be precise) weeks to fully quantify and prove, understand and digest...

...  that fact completely changes the calculus and variables that go into our strategy.


We simply did not know that ...

... if we all sit on the sidelines and hug our coins tight (not trading any)...

... the result would be that together we would be killing the trading volume...

... and that the consequences of that would mean a free-fall in our coin price.


But now, together, we have that first-hand knowledge and experience of what happens...

... when we lock our coins in a dark vault and keep them from getting air or sunlight.


In addition, thanks to your experiment, we can more easily see that...

... by coming together as individual drops...

... together we can create an ocean...

.... even a tsunami ...

... that can easily overwhelm any trading volume and pricing challenge...

... exactly like we’ve overcome ALL other challenges that came our way, in our 18 year journey.


Now, thanks to the folks that stepped up with the experiment and made the coin’s price rise by 450% in a single day...

... it is now much easier to imagine what will happen when...

        ... we ALL step up.


Armed with the knowledge of what went wrong...

... PLUS the knowledge of what to do about it ...

... let’s not waste any more time.


Let’s get our coin back to where it belongs in both trading and value.


Commitments and rewards

As we all read in the comments from the last post, 600 of you made public commitments to begin trading daily – when all systems and empowr engineering are ready:

·      Some of you committed to trading $100/day

·      Others committed to trading $1,000/day

·      And others committed to trading $10,000/day



Of course everyone is automatically rewarded when the coin’s value rises.

However, given that it naturally takes more effort to trade $10,000/day than it does to trade $100/day....

Does it make sense to offer additional rewards to the empowr citizens that trade the most?

We think it absolutely makes sense to do that, given the importance in what these results will bring to everyone ...

... plus the big difference in effort between the lower and higher levels of commitment.


Therefore, we suggest the following three (3) rewards for coin traders: 

A.   Trading earns lots of coins

Starting today, when you trade (buy or sell) coins...

... you’ll earn more coins, as follows:

Trade up to $100 USD worth of coins each day:  Earn 1% of your trades (buys and sells)

However, trade more than $100 in any day, we suggest that your bonus increase as follows:

$0 to $99:  1%

$100 to $499:  2%

$500 to $999:  3%

$1,000 to $4,999:  4%

$5,000 to $9,999: 5%

Above $10,000:  7%


Check this out:

Using just $100, if Sam trades (sells and buys) $100 in EMPR coins – back and forth – fifty times in a day...

...  he will have traded $5,000 in coins that day (using just his original $100 in coins).


Those trades will earn him $250 (5% of $5,000) in empowr coins.

If he does that every day all month, in 30 days he’ll earn about $7,500 (= $250 times 30).


Now, instead, if Sam trades $500 – back and forth -- twenty times per day...

... he will have traded $10,000 that day.

He’ll get paid $700 in coins that same day (which is 7% of $10,000).


If he keeps that up all month...

... he earns $21,000 (= $700 times 30).


To be clear, all earnings are in empowr coins... not pre-coins.

As you can see, this community -- and it’s new and old leadership -- are very serious about ensuring the success of our trading volume and coin value...

... and rewarding our amazing citizens that step up the most to do so.


Fully automated

empowr’s engineers have been working on fully automating the tracking, reporting and rewards from your trading.

Simply make sure you are trading with the Ether wallet address that’s in your account settings, and your empowr balance will be automatically credited with coins as you trade:
                         Trading volume: Plan, goals and new feature launch

To see all your trades, starting on Monday you'll be able to click “Details” in the above balance row:

                                         Trading volume: Plan, goals and new feature launch

Status:  These features are officially launching in 48 hours from now (Monday).

However, we are now told that your trades are now being tracked and your bonus is LIVE and working RIGHT NOW...

... so you should be seeing your bonuses in your balance for your trades right now!


B.  Trading can substitute for marketplace bidding

Your coin trades can substitute for marketplace bids (for hitting your daily goals)

Thanks for this idea goes to Liaquat Ali Mirani...

... as well as to president-elect Carlos for ensuring your idea was discussed by everyone at empowr... and then decided and executed on.


This is democracy at its finest...

... and a sign of what’s to come...

... soon after your new and fearless leader starts his term in exactly 16 days from today.

As you trade coins, you should notice that the remaining number of bids to do (below, to the right of the highlighted orange box - '57' in this example) is decreasing, until your bid goal is hit:

                        Trading volume: Plan, goals and new feature launch

Each $10 USD worth of coin trades you do, removes 1 bid from your daily goal.


Status:  This is officially launching in 48 hours from now (Monday)...

... however, we are being told that it is actually working RIGHT NOW! Try it and let us know!


C.   Trading grows your cash advances

Your cash advances will grow substantially (up to 1,000%) based on your recent (last few days) trading level.  

The more you trade each day, the larger your cash advances will grow...

... and the more of your coins (that are not matured) will be available to cash out and convert into your local currency (such as USD) -- or however you wish:                          Trading volume: Plan, goals and new feature launch

Status:  This feature is expected to be launched next week


D.  Additional currency exchanges

The exchange we’re on has some issues.

Our president Brian is working on getting our coin onto more exchanges. Stay tuned for information as we have it.

Status:  We expect to live on more exchanges within 1-3 weeks



Community Goals

Our history as a community has shown time and again that...

... together, when we make a decision ...

... to put our minds and effort towards a clear and meaningful goal...

... we cannot be stopped.


Indeed, all great accomplishments begin by deciding on a goal.

It’s time for us decide exactly what we want to accomplish.


Towards that, we suggest the following two (2) goals:


A. Trading volume goals

We believe that the minimal starting point for our trading volume should be $500,000 USD / day.

That’s a good place to start...

... but as Carlos has so clearly articulated to us...

... we must also ensure that our trading volume is growing month after month, in order to attract the attention of new coin buyers.


Therefore, we recommend the following daily trading goals for:

October:  $500,000

November:  $1,000,000

December:  $1,500,000

Keep in mind that of thousands of new citizens that are joining empowr daily...

.... and the success coaches will now be educating them on how to trade...

... so they can personally benefit from the same three (3) bonuses described above.


In addition, the empowr marketing team will be reaching out to new crypto coin buyers...

... to educate them about the empowr coin, community, mission and opportunity.


Once they learn about our story, and notice that our trading volume is growing consistently, we expect that many will become interested in buying, selling and owning empowr coins.


We will surely find out at some point, however, as we execute together over the coming days and weeks...

... that outsiders will take the trading volume to new heights, diminishing or eventually eliminating the need for empowr citizens to help with trading...

... as trading gets a life of its own.


And, to be clear, given the enormous bonuses being provided, clearly we cannot keep these bonuses going forever.

Along with trading volume goals, let’s set another goal.


B.  Coin value goals

Are we ready to get back on track with targets (goals) for our coin’s value?

As a reminder, before we switched from a strategy of ‘Stable coin price growthto a strategy for ‘wide adoption of our coin...

... our goals for the coin price were as follows:

$10 by the end of 2018

$100 by August of 2019

$1,000 by April 2020

... and we were very much exactly on target before modifying the strategy towards rapid adoption.


By switching to a strategy of wide adoption, we were all-of-a-sudden free to:

·       -- Open up cash outs again

·       -- Take it even further by launching cash advances (accelerating coins for cash out)

·       -- Restart our focus on building the app, local merchant and transport platforms


As a reminder for our newest citizens, before switching strategies, we didn’t do those things, because we feared that by opening up the supply of coins on the blockchain...

... EMPR coin holders would rush to sell their coins...

... and, in the process, the coin’s price would become depressed.


What happened was quite the opposite. 

We massively underestimated how much empowr coin holders believe in their coins...

... and wouldn’t sell many at all...

... not at 1 cent, not at 2 dollars, not at 8 dollars per coin.


This new knowledge informs us that empowr can succeed with a combined strategy of wide adoption AND stable price growth...

... as long as we’re consistently managing the trading volume issue.


So, as we start building up the trading volume...

... let’s do it with an eye on also getting the coin’s value back up to where it belongs...

... $4 as of today...

... and $10 by end of this year...

...  back onto its old trajectory:

                       Trading volume: Plan, goals and new feature launch


We are using our strength in numbers to get our coin trading volume and value back on track.

                 Trading volume: Plan, goals and new feature launch


Can we succeed at getting back to the original trajectory?



Will we do it overnight?

No. It's a process. 


Will it take time and effort?



Can we definitely succeed at this?

Yes. We can and we most definitely will. We quite literally have everything it takes.


This community simply cannot be stopped when it decides to move forward.

We will focus, and work with disclipine and consistency until we succeed.

Of course there will be setbacks and obstacles that temporarily create frustration.

But as we always have, we'll stick to it until we prevail.

Or as my mom likes to say: "We shall overcome".
(Let's see if she mentions this to me... a good way to test if she really reads empowr posts). Laughing


Remember, we are enormously powerful when we work together. 

Those that go against the will of this community will be out-numbered, out-smarted, out-passioned and out-powered.


A quick word to cheaters


What have other coins done to get their trading volume up?


One word:  bots

Every single exchange we have spoken with, has admitted that virtually the top coins are using bots (automated software that conducts trades with itself)...

... to create the impression of high trading volume so they can attract coin buyers.


Why isn’t empowr considering using bots?

Because we feel like it is lying. 

If new coin buyers are lead to believe that the trading is real...

... in other words, that the trading is happening with real human beings doing real trades...

... then they are being attracted based on false pretenses. 

The true liquidity those coin buyers are seeking may not really exist, because the bots are only trading with themselves.


But what about the above empowr community trading approach we’ve been discussing. Is that lying?

If we increase our trading volume using the strength of our community...

...  using real people conducting real trades – as opposed to employing bots that are simply trading with themselves...

... then our trading volume is real.


If a new buyer decides to sell or buy empowr coins, she’ll be trading with real people.  None of our trading volume will be because an empowr citizen is trading with herself  – fake trades.

To be clear, this means that if an empowr citizen trades with herself, by creating multiple accounts and trading back and forth between those accounts that she controls...

... she will have gone against the spirit in which all of this is happening.

That is cheating.

We will not be attracting new coin buyers by cheating and/or under false pretenses.


We don’t need to cheat.

Unlike other coins, we have a real community -- with strength in numbers...

... a community that’s full of honest, hard-working people that have given everything to this mission...

... all for a chance to make a better world for everyone.


This community is a lot better than that...

... and it has little tolerance for cheaters.


Zero-tolerance for cheaters

We will be carefully monitoring all trades and searching for such activities, and will delete the empowr accounts of all cheaters.

Everyone has been warned.

There will be no other warnings before your account is removed.


Simply no benefits to cheating

Simply trade with other people, and you’ll be living up to the spirit of why we’re doing this...

... and you won’t risk permanently losing your empowr account and everything in it including all the coins you have earned.


Cheating provides no benefits to you -- or for the empowr community.

However, cheating is fraught with risk for you.

If you cheat, I am confident that you will be caught and your account will be permanently deleted without any notice whatsoever.

Just don’t do it.


Next step

Thousands of new citizens join empowr every day...

... and of course some of them don’t yet know how to trade coins.


Not to worry!  

It’s easy – and we’ve created a starter document to guide you.


It contains all the steps needed to get busy trading...

... including links to other short documents for various actions.


Also, your success coach can answer all sorts of questions....

... questions such as:

·      -- How do I trade (buy or sell) my EMPR coins on the exchange?

·      -- How do I get an external (Ethereum) wallet

·      -- How do I deposit (or withdraw) coins into (or from) the exchange?

·      -- How do I get Ether using cash (or my credit card, debit card or bank account)?

·      -- How do I increase my cash advances, so I can trade more EMPR coins?


If I were you, I would start by simply reviewing this short blog post: 

How to trade your empowr coins


A request

As we get trading, keep in mind that empowr does not have the human resources to be able to handle your personal emails to us, each time you trade and feel, for example, that you didn’t receive the appropriate bonus.

Remember, you are pioneers in this emerging field of cryptocurrency; and the blockchain can be a little finnicky.

My suggestion: 

Do some trading; then check your empowr balance a few minutes later to see if you’ve been rewarded.

If so, do more trading. 

And if not, and if the bonus is the only reason you’re trading, then check your balance a bit later...

... or try trading a couple hours later when the blockchain network is behaving better.


We don’t think it’s helpful to our overall goals, if employees drop everything else they’re doing for you...

...  to answer such emails on a full-time basis.


Therefore, we must respectfully ask that you refrain from sending us such emails...

...  but for those of you that must...

...  we ask that you accept our apologies in advance for not responding...

...  so that we can better serve you by staying focused on our other work.


Are you ready?

Are you ready to get the value of your coins back to where they belong?

I know you are.

The success of this mission...

... millions of hungry people around the world that your platform will soon touch, feed and change the lives of....

... and even your personal success and that of your family...

.... demand that we get to work.


How to prepare yourself

In preparation for Monday, the first thing you'll want to do, is ensure that you have some Ether.

You'll need a little Ether to do everything from transferring funds around, to paying for 'gas costs' for your trading.

Also, depending on how much you want to earn from trading, you'll want to have more Ether at your disposal - maybe a lot more.

The more Ether you have, the more you can trade back & forth in each transaction.

With everything launching in the next 48 hours (and your trading bonus and bidding credit already working right now)...

... NOW is the time to ensure you 1) have Ether and 2) know how to trade and have practiced trading at least a few times back & forth.

Read the starter guide and follow (as in, do!) the simple steps so you're feeling really great before Monday when everything officially launches.


Any questions?

We’re here for you.

                 Trading volume: Plan, goals and new feature launch


Nirmesh Kumar Tarar

Thanks for New Updates

14 months ago
Abu Bakar

it's Realy a great Step To Move Forward I Realy Appreciate empower team For This Great Idea I will Perform Daily Trading And Contribute My Work For Community

14 months ago
M.Ahmed Ghaznavi

Thanks JC for for the update. This is a good idea to get back our EMPR ,Long live Empowr long live EMPR :

14 months ago
Floyd Foulks

Hi JC, Brian, and Carlos. You guys never fail to surprise. .This is a revolutionary step that we are taking. This will attract the envy of the rest of the crypto world.
I have absolutely no doubt that empowr will succeed with this initiative.
I run the risk of being a laughing stock but I don't care.
I boldly say that God or Allah or whatever you may call our creator, has given me the gift of precognition. I have seen the success that I and all of us hard working members will attain from being a citizen here.
MARK MY WORD.!!!!!!!

14 months ago
Johnny Cash

First they ignore you...
then they laugh at you...
then they fight you...
then you win.
-Mahatma Gandhi
Hopefully they laugh at you (us) Floyd, it just means we're ready for stage 3 and 4.

14 months ago
Patric De Nooijer

How can you see, what is in my tokenstore Exchange wallet, that is the wallet we use to trade, we do not use the Etherium wallet. That is my security wallet, so can you explain that Tokenstore give you access in their Exchange Wallets?

14 months ago
Johnny Cash

Patric, our engineers have been successfully able to figure out how to do that. So give it a try and see for yourself! :)

14 months ago
Patric De Nooijer

I will study it and act, as usual, but first i will wait till they solve out my missing fully maturated coins, in the meantime i am busy talking to the Big Exchange, and waiting on a respons from Brian.

14 months ago
Jeff - Please Fan Me

JC we REALLY need a support department that can handle issues. When I ask my Success Coach to help me with anything she always says "It's a known issue and they are working on it". The problem is my issue doesn't get fixed. I have a small "Transfer Out" request in but have not received the fund yet. into my MEW wallet.. It's been 48 hours since the request. I also have over 40,000 coins tied up in "Marketplace Purchase (pending)" and I'm running out of coins to bid with. There are a few other problems but I won't get into it here. How do I get help to resolve these issues???

14 months ago
David Bauer

Dropped you a message

14 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Hi Jeff,
I'm sorry to hear of your concerns - as you are aware, we do have a very small team that fields coin related issues at TheCoin@empowr.com

Unfortunately, the 2 issues you are bringing up take further investigation from an engineer - which is why the issues are not always able to be fixed quickly.

Please reply back to the email thread you have on these issues and I'll see what I can do to get things expedited for you. Thank you for your patience.

14 months ago
Andrea McEwan-Tuller

Hello empowr team, i have started trading since the second to last announcement was posted. What i have experienced during the trading that i have lost coins. I have traded 1000coins sold, and only saw 700 coins sold, the remaining 300coins was subtracted from my balance and i wasn't paid for it. And following up i did another transaction for 100 coins sold and still the same thing happens.

14 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Hi Andrea, if you could please document everything that you are doing and experiencing, your success coach should be able to help. If there is indeed an issue, then you will want to report that to Token Store as well so that they can try and fix it.

14 months ago
Andrea McEwan-Tuller

ok Brian, thank you.

14 months ago
Willemien Smith

Thanks for a great update!

14 months ago
Giuseppe Beati

Thanks JC and Brian, i am ready to follow your passionate and correct comment seriously.
Thank You

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Peter Friesen

Thank you for a very enlightening update on how we can make the coin explode! I look forward to the future and what we can do with our coin!.

14 months ago
Angel Rodriguez Ortega

thank you so much for this new update, I think all of you had made good job, congratulations to Carlos and his team. And tank you J.C. and Brian.

14 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

Hello JC, I haven´t done reading it all but it looks like a very positive outcome. I write a comment at once because after many times done trading. It seems like my transaction is kept failing at the moment. Either I buy or sell coins in the TT (token store) Any help or guide how to troubleshoot? I did try the fastest gas price but it didn´t work.

14 months ago
Johnny Cash

Greetings Katherine! We have noticed the same thing, it quite often tells you the transaction has failed even though it’s succeeded. This is why we need to move to another exchange, and the good news is that Brian is very close to securing our next exchange. For now, ignore the fail message and see for yourself if it has actually succeeded or not. If it has succeeded (even if token.store says it has failed) our software can ascertain that and you should get credit from it in your empowr balance within a few minutes.

14 months ago
May Ram

Katherine: Are you using Matemask? You can also contact Token store telegram admin. They are also helpful. But more detail of your case, will you send me an inbox message? Thanks.

14 months ago
Jo Mas

Each Token Store's transaction made start with a 3 steps: 1- "Pending" that it shows(This is the passage by the Blockchain) then comes 2- "Complete" transaction. 3- "Failed" at the end of the transaction , it may take one more minute or so to display it. All these steps so far for me , are made properly and had no cent loss in all currencies I've work with my all trades (ETH, EMPR, OTHER currencies). No worries Ignore the failed message at the end of your transaction.

14 months ago
Adegbola Tanimose

Thanks for the update! Excellent decision!

14 months ago
Yves Johnson

This is awesome! One thing I've noticed is that when there is a new community announcement about trying to increase trading volume, the community tends to step up instantly. Hopefully we can keep this going this time but I believe the trading bonus incentive will definitely help do that! Good job empowr team, this is an excellent idea! What about having a leaderboard for those who are doing the most trading? Maybe that can also help stimulate some of the trading?

14 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Hi Yves - great idea. We will look into trying to get something like that together.

14 months ago
Jeffrey Inks

If that leader-board could also act as a daily volume board of trades done within Empowr & combined with the monthly total rolling volume, citizens can take a quick glance at the chart & make the best educated decision on what they want to do that particular day & how that might tie into what they are personally try to accomplish that particular month, week or day. I know a lot of citizens here are obviously prepared to take a bullet for Empowr to get things moving in a positive direction. We've seen it by them not parting with their coins. However, on any given day when they are about to jump into Empowr and start their day with trading, bidding, listing, blogging, updating listings, answering messages, shipping items etc. they can first take a glance at where @Yves Johnson leader/trade volume board is and make highly informed decision on what they need to do on that particular day based on what the board is showing. If every citizen is armed with that kind of knowledge, I think we will be amazed at what will happen. It will dynamically change up how a lot of things throughout the platform are being used. If the board looks like the days volume is not going so well, I'd bet you 1000 coins by the end of the day you'll see some crazy bounces due to the fact our day here is a global day, so when Asia/India/Eastern Europe are waking up looking at the graph, they will react accordingly and same would apply to the other side of the globe. Then we will all at least know why things might be slow or busy in one area of the platform, a large portion of it will center around the whole Empowr team looking at the graph and making sure that it's on track to hit it's daily goal, once that happens, then all the citizens can feel good that the coin price, volume, trading goal is good, then go back to doing their regular work. I think we'd all agree that not everyone is going to become a high volume trader & that we want balanced activity throughout all areas of the platform, including inviting & welcoming the new citizens I think that's the best way assure that other areas of the platform don't experience a serious lag because the masses have now turned their laser focus to the trading of the coin. I believe that graph could literally become the heartbeat of the entire platform & if it's visually designed so someone can take a quick look at the key areas then proceed with what plan they think they need to be doing that day, it will become the first and last thing citizens look at when they enter/exit the platform. @Yves Johnson instincts were dead on, that everyone will jump on a new idea when it rolls out, we need to find a way to keep that awareness constant until the crypto gurus feel we've reached our cruising altitude & we can take our foot off the pedal.

14 months ago
Liudmyla Vasylieva

Thanks for the update! Good decision!

14 months ago
Rajesh Kumar

Thanks for the update! Good decision!

14 months ago
Ola Yinka

Thank you Jc for the wonderful idea to bring back our EMPR to the state needed

14 months ago
Vasant Saptarshi

Hi Zhanna

Thanks, we must work and that too continuously with a goal every month for trading.Do you have any issues with trading.For me Token.trade is not functioning properly.Yesterday out of 7 transactions,only 4 went through.
You may click the above link and see the error.
Anybody can suggest for removing such errors.

vasant sptarshi

14 months ago
Vili :)

Yes me too. Tokenstore is shit, lagging as hell. We need new and much faster exchange asap!

14 months ago
David Bauer

Well there are basically 2 more exchanges:


But only very few people there trading EMPR, but from time to time can get some really cheap there.

14 months ago
Vasant Saptarshi

Hi Brian,wonderful.

I have started trading.So far traded 3000 coins and it is so fun.Only thing as the trading goes further the load on it takes time for settling trade,sale/buy,I also got mail for my trade Bonus.I reproduce it here...wov.
One thing it says it is .45 empowr coins and not dollars.Is this equivalent to dollars.?
Wonderful initiative and congrats
vasant saptarshi

14 months ago
Adenike Ekundayo

Thanks for the update. Great decision

13 months ago
Surya Gaire

Thanks for this. I am tempted to help the community

13 months ago
Hasan Syed

Thanks, JC, Brian, May, and our new President Carlos
Very good explanation and good move to achieve the target, excited to get new exchange soon, it will be a better option to us, and bonus will push all to achieve our set target and will touch more.
Thanks a lot

14 months ago
Liliya Herman

Thank you for the excellent explanations.

14 months ago
Hariga Magda Angelica

Thank you so much for this new update,, together we will succeed and the coin will again grow in value, congratulations to Carlos and his team. Thank you J.C. and Brian.

14 months ago
Patrick Ogbogbo

Thanks for the post JC. Amazing times we have here. I'm all in!

14 months ago
M.Yaseen Khan

Thank you JC or your great ideas and hard work. We will succeed.

14 months ago
Sonia Madubuko

Thanks a lot, JC, for a well-detailed explanation, we as a community we sure do all it takes to see that our economy grow.

14 months ago
Shahab Ud Din

Thank you, JC for the information.
I already started trading whether it is selling or buying to ignite the price of Empowr coin.

14 months ago
R Sita Rama Chandra Maruthi

Thank you for great update and detailed explanations , it is a time for us to learn how to trade and help our coin value reach higher value.

14 months ago
Nahid Hasan

Thanks JC, this is amazing, thank you for all you do for us!
Without any further - I am ready and already trading!

14 months ago
Marijke Van Giffen

As always, excited to read this post. Thank you, JC and all of the team. I will give it all that I can.

14 months ago
Irena V.Dragan

Thank you JC and also thank you, Brian. I'm tempted to help the community reach an agreed goal and, of course, succeed in trading with a coin.
Success depends on us all!

14 months ago
Alexander Antonyuk

Спасибо это отличные новости. Я верю что у нас всё получится и монета опять вырастет в цене!!!

14 months ago
Hesty Marsilina

Thanks JC, this is great!
Thanks for all of you do - and the team as well :)

14 months ago
Regina Talamor

Thank you JC for this amazing updates and features. Trading is the best way and We will work all together to acheived success of our coin and for all citizens success.

14 months ago
Lina Tanase

Thank you so much JC, we are here to change lives, I am fully committed. This is so exciting - already got my trading bonuses!
Once again thank you for all your hard work, love you empwr team!:)

14 months ago
Alex Aurora

Thank you JC, this is amazing, thank you for all you do for us!
Without any further ado - I am ready and already busy trading!

14 months ago
Nadezda Jevstafjeva

Thank you for the wonderful clarification and guidance.
Of course, together - we are very strong and can achieve our goal!

14 months ago
Katy Tanase

I believe these measures to increase the volume of transactions will have an effect especially for those who have enough EMPR coins in their external wallet. And those who still do not own can sell products in empowr so they can make a faster transfer. Ultimately, they can buy EMPR coins in order to have a larger volume for transactions. Thanks for the news!

14 months ago
Sandra Coetzer

Thank you for your great ideas and hard work. I will do my part to get trading up. We will succeed.

14 months ago
Lana Ferra

Thank you for great explanations , it is a time for everyone to learn how to trade and help our coin value grow!

14 months ago
Jenni Barley

Thank you for the update!

14 months ago

Thank you so much JC, Brian and the entire empowr team for coming up with such an amazing idea to boost our coin value. I had already started trading since the last post and will definitely improve on my trading volume.

14 months ago
Bushra Khan

Thanks JC for this great news! I believe that together we will succeed and the coin will again grow in value.!

14 months ago
Amit Kumar Srivastava

Great Update Thanks

14 months ago

Thanks JC for the update and great steps to raise the volume of the trades & the value of the coin

14 months ago
George Oliveira

Great updates, with the wisdom of all, will have the power to increase the value of our currency and attract more investors.
This is proof that the union makes the gallows.

14 months ago