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Result of trading experiment and updates


Hello everyone!

Last time, we discussed the merits of focusing on BOTH trading volume and stable price for our coin...

... and asked for your thoughts and votes on whether we should limit rewards for trading to trades that happen within the specific target price range.

It seems like just about everyone mentioned that they approved of that approach.

If you’re just joining the conversation, you can start with Part 1 of this conversation to get caught up.


In addition, in parallel, together we conducted a little experiment to see -- if we awarded citizens for conducting trades within the target range -- if we could move the coin’s price.


The experiment had 2 phases:

In phase 1:  We shot for a sudden 30% increase in the price.

The results were that about half of the trades happened at the target price, and the other half at the lower price. Notice how choppy the price line was during Phase 1 of the experiment:

                 Trading experiment and updates

Overall, we were pleased with the results. 

The lesson learned was that, if we shoot for too high a jump all at once, it’s too easy for a person or two to take advantage of that price difference, especially when everyone is not aware of the huge rewards in place for trading with the range.


In phase 2: We shot for a smaller increase in price: 10%.

As you see in this image, it was much easier to succeed in Phase 2. Notice how little choppiness the line has in Phase 2:

                                     Trading experiment and updates



As a result of your thoughts, ideas, efforts and votes, we’ll be permanently adding rewards for trading that happens within a target range.

The good news is that, to reach our goals, during our growth phase our target price range will never need to reach 30%...

... or even get close to 10%...

... so we can be much more confident that it will be easier to trade within the range.


In addition, as everyone gets more comfortable with trading...

... and the thousands of new citizens that are joining empowr every single day...

...  begin to be taught to trade by their Success Coach...

...  with the Success Coach team now preparing to do an amazing job at training everyone to trade...

... the volume of trading will be much greater and it will be much easier to trade with the range.


So, on that note, we’ll now end the experiment.  Thank you everybody!

Everyone that participated has earned bonuses for their trading...

... and you earned double bonuses for all your trades that within the target range. 


NOTE: The ‘double’ part of your bonus will be deposited in your balance in the next 24 hours.


What’s next?

empowr engineering is on track to roll out the trading history page tomorrow, which will include the target range and more:

                  Trading experiment and updates


We will give you a full update, and reminder on everything you need to know, when it is live.


Thanks again to everyone for all your assistance this last week with the trading volume, as well as the experiment! 

(Thanks to your efforts and the resulting increase in trading volume, the coin’s price has risen by over 50% in the last 4 days):

                         Trading experiment and updates


I am extremely proud of how the community came together to achieve these many learnings, results and now permanent solutions that will be serving us for a long time to come.


Remember, to continue growing the trading volume and value of our coin...

...  we must all get in the habit of trading daily. 


As a reminder, everything from bidding credit in Daily Goals...  

... to the size of your (up to 10 times larger!) cash advances...

... to substantial bonuses for trading...

... are all tied to trading.

             (The cash advance part is not yet live but will be in a few days).


So, if you haven’t yet learned how much fun it is to trade coins...

... now is the perfect time to ensure you’re not falling behind and are ready to go.

                                      This starter guide is great place to start   


Yours truly,





11 months ago
Naushad Siddique

Thank you, Sir, for this update

13 months ago
M.Ahmed Ghaznavi

Thanks for update , i am excited to see the results :)

13 months ago
Jo Mas

Dear JC,
I've trade yesterday night and made the coins worth 1.03 cents. (On Etherscan.io)
I noticed that if there's someone is trading at 0,000047 and he wasn't in the Range (Range was 0.000048), even I made the the coin for a certain time trade 0.000051 ETH , when I leave , the coin will get back to it's old value that had before I started trading(Means the 0.000047 that someone put as a limit and his stock is for more than 20000. )
My first suggestion is to keep the TOP value that the coin got (Value in ETH) and I am asking myself how could I do it? Keeping a bunch of EMPOWRIANS working full time in pushing and buying /selling like we've made last night and the night before?
Well , Why not ? I would like to be charged to do that . who else will put his time in doing it? But can we talk about the ETH spend in these operation?
2- My second idea is to put a TRADING /STARTING BASE ONLY .Not to stop someone who wanted to trade higher than the maximum in the range . My idea is to leave it OPEN not define when stops.Is this good ?

13 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Hi Jo,

Thanks for the feedback - as it sounds like you have already seen, we have now officially launched the new trading bonus that automatically detects if you are trading in the range we are using to help guide the coin forward.

You can see your trading history and what the range is here: https://secure.empowr.com/FBBank/TradeHistory.aspx

13 months ago
Rob Pyne

EMPOWR should 'burn' most of their coins. ONE BILLION is far too many for this platform. Doing this would increase the price and benefit existing coin holders.

13 months ago
Willemien Smith

Thanks for the update.

13 months ago
Peter Friesen

Thanks for the update. It is nice to see how the community can work together to achieve goals.

13 months ago
Angel Rodriguez Ortega

Great update and following for the trading we are doing, thank you Brian!.

13 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

Thanks for the great news. We keep moving forward.

13 months ago
Adegbola Tanimose

Thanks for the update

13 months ago
Liudmyla Vasylieva

Thanks for the update

13 months ago
Rajesh Kumar

Thanks for the update , i am excited to see the results :)

13 months ago
Regina Talamor

Thank you JC for the great results and updates!

13 months ago
Adenike Ekundayo

Thanks for the update.

13 months ago
Surya Gaire

This is progressive trend. Thanks for the update.

13 months ago
Dirja Nur Ilham

Thank you for update.

13 months ago
Liliya Herman

Thanks for the update!

13 months ago
Praveen Emmanuel Sakilay

Thanks for the update. I love the way we are evolving

13 months ago
M.Yaseen Khan

Thank you JC. for the update. it's a very good result first step.

13 months ago
Debanand Sahu

thanks for the update JC the trading history page will really help

13 months ago
Nahid Hasan

Thank you for update
I think it's a very good result first step.

13 months ago
Omowumi Jebe

Thanks for the update

13 months ago
R Sita Rama Chandra Maruthi

Thank you for update, I hope we definitely get positive results very soon.

13 months ago
Sonia Madubuko

Thanks a lot, JC, We always succeed when we work together as a community, we sure get our coin back on track Stable coins.

13 months ago
Annet Hoogenboom

Thank you, JC for updating us and to know the results of our trading. Trading is really fun to do and it will be no problem at all for me to keep trading every day and to talk to others about it. Would it be a good idea to include a graph on the Trading history page which shows us where we are in reaching our goal regarding the value of the coin?

13 months ago
Johnny Cash

I like that idea Annet!

13 months ago
Zhanna Beloshapko

Thanks for the update. I'm glad I got a positive result.

13 months ago
Nadezda Jevstafjeva

Thanks for the update.
And I am very happy for the positive statistics on the trading exchange.
I wish you all success.

13 months ago
Alex Aurora

Thank you JC :)
Let's keep going!

13 months ago
Jenni Barley

Hello JC. Thank you for the updates!

13 months ago
Bushra Khan

Thanks JC for the update

13 months ago
Lana Ferra

Thank you for updates, I am glad to know about positive result!

13 months ago

Thank you for update JC. We are on the right track

13 months ago
George Oliveira

Great decision. Our trading volume has certainly increased. Let's continue negotiating. The bargain price range also helps a lot. Congratulations to all for the decision.

13 months ago

Thank you JC for this update. I will continue to trade in the price range to help our coin. I appreciate the amazing spirit of the entire empowr team and the community.

13 months ago
Irfan Shaukat

Thanks JC for the update. Looking forward to new targets.

13 months ago
Ludmila Alexandrova

Thank you JC. for the update. it's a very good result first step.

13 months ago
Olena Rudenko

Thanks for the update

13 months ago
Lyudmila Bogomolova

Thanks for the update. Very pleased with the positive results.

13 months ago