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Tune in this Friday, October 26th, 2018 | 8am PDT (3pm UTC) for your first chance to speak to our new empowr President!



This week’s live-stream will be held by our new President Carlos! Be sure to comment below to get your questions answered during Friday’s live-stream!




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Jo Mas

Jo Mas
I wish to Welcome Carlos our new president!
I am so sorry not to be present to listen to you directly because I have already a business day scheduled.
I have questions to ask But I will be in a hidden state.!
Thank you .
Good luck Carlos.

13 months ago
Anton Soin

I loved too to watch live stream. Welcome to you, Carlos!

12 months ago
Giota Kosma

hello mr carlos i wish you good luck.. i want to tell that you have to do something with the orders when the citizens bought items..it is impossible to pay for continuity our own money..shipping is more expensive than a product..we are not paid at all for a year now and we try to hit everyday goals ..The bids are very difficult to complete from each profile and we wereted a lot of time

they had promised us that the coin would be 10 dollars in Christmas and I see that this almost impossible to do..give faster coin transfers...it is unacceptable to work every day for a year I'm here and other citizens more than a year ago..and not get money
and require citizens to sell products..with our money ckeck it because it is very serious

12 months ago

The value of the empowr coin is directly related to the value of empowr - the value of empowr is directly related to the successfulness of it's people - make the people happy and the empowr coin value will rise. How do we make the people happy/successful? release our funds - release all founder coins - release our matured coins - let us make a profit. We keep putting real money into empowr month after month for years with nothing to show for it. We reach our goals everyday for over 500 days and we still are not making any money. When we can make money - when we can make a profit then we will be successful and the empowr coin will rise. Thank you Duane

13 months ago
Hamid Saffari

I think that time you mean is in the future , when a hundered thousand of people will come to here and try to spend coins in this economy , not now .
Releasing the funds was done before and every one saw the result....
Making profit ?!
I think every one who ask this question is ignoring the main reseon of the empowr platform.....
Helping the other people who have less than 2 dollars income is a main purpose ....the population in the Earth is increase ing and this platform is tring to build an economy for solving the big issue that will happen in the next 10-30 years , jobs will be gone and replacing by robbot..........................................................................................................

12 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Hi Brian, still you are Pres. For me:)
Can't wait to hear the new technology our new PRESIDENT Carlos can bring. Though I can only watch the replay but will zurely watch. 
. Pres. Carlos please give more tips on how to do successful trading. Most of us I think are new to it. Knowing how to trade wuthin the range I think isn't enough to know. What I do is buy within the trade and there's just no available price to sell considering that we have to follow the rate wirhin the range. But others are so knowledgeable that they are able to trade big amount if empowr coins and I want to do the same. For sure others want to understand more too. May thank you so much for your kind support as always and will try to fit in my schedule for the chat. We all can do it.

13 months ago
M Usama Khan

Thanks Mr. Brian for sharing this nice update and welcome Carlos to live stream.

12 months ago
Ken Spence

Trading within the target range is proving to be a challenge, not least because there seem to be many traders intent on trading at the low end. What do you have in mind as a solution to this?

13 months ago
Teri Sologoub

Agreed! I always trade at the high end. If everyone will do that, our progress forward will significantly improve..

12 months ago
Rotimi Adalumo

This is the main reason why the coins value is not rising. I have observed this for a long time now. We need a reliable strategy for a break out from trading the coins at the same price range day in and out.

12 months ago
Farooq Jan

Hello, Brian And Carlos
Welcome, Carlos.
Why the empowr add the ad of the other site can this is good for the empowr community.
See in the screenshot. http://prntscr.com/laprfn

12 months ago
William Turner

,Hi Carlos ,i see you are working hard on the external matters which is great but i think someone should be assigned to the internal matters in particular the Auctions and buy and sell fixed price ( 1) our coin should be the same value as DDEX (2) At present i have over 400,000 E in pending orders and most of those orders i know the sellers wont send some are over six weeks old i dont think its right for these traders to tie up my coins this way they should send or cancel the orders,i have sent messages to ask them to do exactly that but dont get any replies (perhaps a non appliance charge should be put on them if they dont ship or cancel the order within 7 days.i have reported this matter to my coach but he tells me i have to wait, up to six weeks should be enough time to wait ,is there any one i can get to look at my account and contact the sellers that are doing nil to get the products or have the funds returned thx Bill

12 months ago
Joke Van Campenhout

Welcome to you, Carlos. I'm curious about what will be the short- and long-term changes/ things that stay the same.

12 months ago
Linley Main

I would really like to know why in the last few days we are being bombarded with moving and popping up ads on everyone's profiles. Hacking services and get rich fast schemes etc. Today there are huge ads at the bottom of the profiles. They do not look like citizens ads and they take up a lot of space on each profile page, space which citizens need to advertise their products. My guess is that they are being paid for by non citizens, to advertise on our platform, if that is the case it does not fit well with EMPOWRS stated values and undermines our trust that we are selling and buying from each other.

13 months ago
Valentin Beşliu

...sper sa fie de bun augur,revin...maine !

13 months ago
Valentin Beşliu

I usually read the comments of others to see the problems they are facing.
I rarely find one answer.
Every day many things do not go as planned, planned.
Circles do not close, products sold are not taken into consideration, newer details about the products sold and sent can not be specified.
I await solving these problems, I do not think I'm the only one.
Thank you.

12 months ago
Kamal Khanduja

Hello President Carlos,
Heartiest congratulations on your first presidential speach. I found it very passionate, focused and motivational. The team you have picked to support you for Empowr to move on and suceed is impressive.You touched on vaious points. The one I loved most was that Empowr should be teated as a'Business Platform'.
You and your team have my full support.
Kind Regards.

12 months ago
Edidiong Ituh

Thanks President Carlos

12 months ago
Sunil Kumar

Welcome to you, Carlos.I loved too to watch live stream.

12 months ago
Anthony Chete

Welcome Mr. Carlos, we hope for a new era.

12 months ago
M. ErZfahmi

Good post..love to be part of this

12 months ago

Season of new trend

12 months ago
Tanmon Hasan

Welcome Carlos Sir. My question is, after December, the price of coins will increase or no more money will increase

12 months ago

You are well come. The Lord will grant to you divine wisdom to handle the responsibilities to be carried out by you in Jesus' Name!
Note that one of the aims is to help the poor. Then the technicalities should be made easier and simpler.
I have spent about 2 years without any withdrawal, simply because I don't know the nitty-gritty of the technicalities behind the operating systems of empowr.
May the Lord help you Sir.

12 months ago
Abhimnuy Panchl

hello mr haelp

12 months ago
Tatsiana Komarova


12 months ago
Alexey Levushkin

Welcome to you, Carlos.

12 months ago
Gennadiy Beloglazov

Good post

12 months ago
Shailendra Singh

Thanks Mr. Brian for sharing this nice update.

12 months ago
Lyudmila Sukhanova

Hello, Brian And Carlos

12 months ago
Kazi Asfiqur Rahman Asfi

akhanei ki sell dea jabe

12 months ago
Rotimi Adalumo

Holding a higher power level is no longer an advantage because of the time required to hit daily goals because it affects other commitments. The empowr mission will be defeated if we lose our jobs to face empowr. I and several others have complained about this but the out going president is not pay attention to us. Hitting daily goals is no longer fun because of this challenge.

12 months ago
Rotimi Adalumo

Congratulations to our new president.W e need a reliable strategy for a break out from trading the coins at the same price range day in and out. I think we need the help of some financial experts on the way forward because the idea of encouraging trading cannot increase the value significantly as previously envisaged. I believe this is so because of two factors,1. The reward for trading cannot cover for any loss of whoever agrees to trade his coins on the exchange 2. Some traders are taking advantage of the predictability to increase their own coins. I have observed that the prices are within the same range consistently for close to one month now.

I want to suggest the admin resume using the same strategy adopted to grow the coins prices consistently before the policy was changed to focus on coins adoption.

12 months ago
Mayka Sebastian

Hola Carlos,
Bienvenido. Espero que introduzcas algunos cambios que son muy necesarios.
*Necesitamos una persona con nombre y cara a quien dirigir las reclamaciones y que se encargue de resolverlas.
En mi caso, reclamé los Founder Coins en su momento. Cerca de finalizar el plazo mi coach me dijo que no estaban reclamados. Lo hice varias veces, diciendo a mi coach que me indicase que hacía mal para que no surtiese efecto la reclamación a lo que no obtuve respuesta.
Ninguna reclamación que hice ha recibido respuesta, ni siquiera una comunicación con el anterior presidente.

No podemos estar indefensos ante cualquier problema que surja.

Espero una buena labor de tu mandato y que se introduzca la democracia en la elección de los puestos de responsabilidad

Mayka Sebastián

12 months ago
Rahayu Eka Sari

Also having an issue still with transferring coins into wallet. It's been going for a week

12 months ago
Malik Dany's

Hello Mr. Carlos,
Hope u will be fine. I want to know that currently the old members are justing doing lot of work but not getting as much reward as the new member is getting. Even the mission wheel is same same for all. How long will have top power users to wait for?

13 months ago