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STARTING AT A NEW TIME: 8:30am PDT (3:30pm UTC) 

Please note the time change (30 MINS LATER than usual) so that our president Carlos can first finish his daily early morning meeting with empowr's engineers



Tune in this Friday, October 26th, 2018 | 8:30am PDT (3:30pm UTC) to speak with President Carlos!





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Ibrahim Karofi

We will be there Mr President. May i ask if it is possible to give us Videos on step by step how to set up the DDEX on mobile? Thank you

6 months ago
Wollf Tergus

Ibrahim, Here is a video that Annet has produced.

6 months ago
Alexander Antonyuk

Carlos hello. Glad to see you as the new president. I have a problem. for more than a week, I have not received any coins for withdrawal. although I already had more than three products that my buyers confirmed to me. I also no longer added mission points for confirmed items. Therefore, they diminish every other day ((Explain why I have such a problem? I don’t want to trade anymore and close my goals when I get nothing for it !!!

6 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Thank you dear Brian for the update. I can feel our Pres. Carlos taking his utmost effort for the great features.
I may not be able to attend but for sure will watch this live stream. See you there and let's keep the ball rolling for our coin journey. :) Always excited for the unending changes/awesome features. Thank you all empowr team!

6 months ago
Wollf Tergus

Howdy Carlos

First, congratulations on your Presidential election win and welcome to the United States. I trust that you are not having too difficult a time traversing and stepping over the homeless on your walk to the office.

The following is an issue, which I’m sure is confusing many. As of this writing, the current spot price of The Coin is 846.17 equaling $1.00 USD. However while entering starting bids for a MarketPlace listing, it shows that 846.17 Coins is equivalent to $9.31 USD.

Given this discrepancy in valuations, which one of the two is currently being used on the platform to credit the Seller with a successful sale?

Looking forward to your reply, so that I and other sellers can once again confidently enter fair Starting Bids for the items we list.


Wollf Tergus

6 months ago
Wollf Tergus

One more question. When can we expect to be able to Add Shipping Details again.

6 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Hello Wolf. sorry for having missed answering to this question. This is a known issue and we will be solving it as soon as possible. Thank you for enduring some patience.

6 months ago
Udofia Ernest Archibong

Thank you for the update

6 months ago
Gajanand Soni

Nice to see that we have new exchange for trading May now our coin more stable and grow

6 months ago
Zakariya Ibrahim

Thanks so much

3 months ago
Cornelia Frentescu

As dori sa stiu; 1- cit costa o ora de munca in USA? 2. cit costa 3 mii de ore de munca , timp de 2 ani, pe aceasta platforma? Intrucit am nevoie de bani am acceptat (datorita multor promisiuni facute ) sa lucrez aici(ca sa pot cistiga). Acum , observ ca mereu se degradeaza valoarea acelei monede. Ce sa inteleg? Cind pot si eu sa primesc bani , pentru munca depusa? Dar pentru obiectele trimise (cu cheltuiala suplimentara), la unele persoane aici?, Cind pot beneficia de banii de cost al acelor obiecte? As mai avea multe intrebari de pus , dar cred ca este suficient. Multumesc pentru intelegere.
P.S. Sper ca in urma acestu mesaj , sa nu primesc iar mesaje surprinzatoare de la diversi (sefi) de pe platforma , care sa ma anunte ca m-au facut cistigatoarea unui premiu de milioane de dolari. Va doresc numai de bine.

6 months ago

Very good and interesting president enjoy the God giving day

6 months ago

Very good and interesting president enjoy the God giving day

6 months ago


6 months ago
Pete Daily

Is there a way to use our existing ether wallet in the new platform? If not, I guess we have to change the wallet address in our settings.

6 months ago
Aura Gabriela Militaru

Hello Mr. President,

Thank you Mr. President. I'm happy to be on this new exchange, but how to trade in profit, because we have a big fee?
I attach these screenshots: https://prnt.sc/ldle65, https://prnt.sc/ldleru

6 months ago
Abidoye Sunday

Despite all efforts, empowr coin depreciate in value more than rises what are your plans and empowr team to change this anomaly? Be aware that there are big investors monitoring the performance of this coin right from the lunching day, the more it falls in value than rises, the less the interest of these investors, the earlier the coins is given the good atmosphere for growth the faster the manifestation of the initial growth schedule of empowr coin growth in value. Congratulations President, Carlos, wishing you success in your new appointment.

6 months ago
Alex Alexandru

My only opinion as an expert trader..... for the Empowr Coin to grow you must list it on all popular Exchanges! In the moment you will introduce the coin into 3 of the top 10 exchanges ...the coin will get more and more volume ! Beside that it needs to go on Reddit community ! Once this happends ... the coin will start the bull run and pump up some value :D !
Congrats Carlos and good luck on your president journey!

6 months ago