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 The game plan for the big win

My dear empowrians, 

Many of us have been working very hard for a very long time, and we’re ready for the big win for empowr...

 ... for ourselves and our families, for our fellow empowr citizens and for the people of the world that will benefit from our mission and product.


Today, let’s discuss where we are at, and the game plan for the win.  

 But first:

 A.  We are making incredible progress

 Comparing ourselves to other crypto-focused companies, you can see below that empowr appears to be the only crypto company that has made the turn after the crypto peak that happened in the beginning of this year (2018):

The game plan for the big win    


By the way, with all crypto sites losing traffic as shown above, is crypto doomed? 

Not at all. Cryptocurrency is simply traversing along the technology hype cycle that all new technologies travel, as JC mentioned it would in this earlier post: The technology hype cycle

In the above image, compare the engagement statistics of empowr against other crypto sites. For example, the majority of visitors to all other crypto sites ‘bounce’ at the moment they visit their products, meaning that most visitors instantly find little-to-no value from those products:

The game plan for the big win    

 In comparison, only 15% of visitors to empowr.com bounce. 

Most importantly, below you will notice that, on average, visitors to empowr will stay for 27 page views and 27 minutes per day.  As you can see, empowr is between 7 to 12 times more engaging than other crypto products:

 The game plan for the big win

 A big congratulations is due to everyone that’s been working on empowr for years – success coaches, citizens and employees. 

 It took years of hard work, sacrifice and innovation to achieve these engagement numbers. I am very proud of what you have accomplished here.



B. We are ready to get big – very big – and become the largest social network in the world

 If you compare empowr’s bounce, page views and daily time to that of Facebook, you will find that empowr is also now, finally, beating Facebook in user engagement:

 The game plan for the big win

 Source: Alexa.com


empowr citizens are about 3 times more engaged than Facebook users.

  How did we accomplish this?

 Of course, empowr has spent many years innovating in the area of how to reward citizens for all their activities, from simple posting and sharing, to providing products, services and coaching to fellow citizens.

 However, unlike Facebook, empowr also uniquely: 

1) Does not use customer data illegally to make money

2) Has taken no money from Wall Street, venture capital or ANY profit-seeking investors – as the profits belong to empowr citizens, and 

3) Has its management elected by and reporting to its citizens not its shareholders

With the above numbers as our guide, it's clear that the time is now for us to scale up and become very big, very fast. 


As your newly elected president, it will be my honor to lead that process now.

So, what’s the game plan for the win?

 A big secret to our success lately has been our move to ‘on-demand education’, where Success Coaches have been conducting presentations to thousands of new empowr citizens each day, teaching them how (and why) to hit daily goals.

These educational chats are the reason behind empowr’s growth these last few months:

The game plan for the big win

What's behind this success? 

 Thanks to the hard work from our most effective success coaches, presenting and teaching students one-at-a-time, the result has been that the number of daily goal hitters is growing rapidly. 

Very specifically, Daily Goals Hit by all citizens has grown a staggering 500% in only 60 days:

 The game plan for the big win    

 Now, we will build on that success by taking our educational sessions to the next level...

... teaching our citizens how to trade coins...

... then how to become successful in the empowr marketplace...

... and then how to become success coaches themselves.


 As a result, each month we will be adding thousands of new, highly-effective success coaches to the team, beginning in the coming days.


 Here’s the 5-step process:

 1.  When a new citizen joins empowr, a success coach teaches them how to hit daily goals and experience cashing out.  As discussed, this is already happening with great success.

 2.  Then, as soon as new citizens are hitting daily goals, they will be taught (also using live success coach presentations) how to trade coins on the exchange.

 3.  Once the citizen is both hitting daily goals and trading coins successfully, they will then be taught how to become successful in the marketplace.

 4.  And finally, beginning next week, citizens that are hitting daily goals, trading coins daily and enjoying success in the marketplace will be taught how, and why, to become success coaches quickly.

 Through this educational path, we expect to add thousands of new success coaches each month.

 5.  After becoming success coaches, the most effective ones will then be invited to join the local merchant program.

 Here’s how the local merchant program will work:

 Success coaches will sign up the local merchants in their geographical area, enabling empowr citizens to receive discounts from the merchants when they use their empowr coins to shop with the merchant.

 The upside to the merchant is that they will receive customers from empowr, without spending or risking a penny on advertising. In addition, they will earn $20 for each new empowr citizen they introduce to empowr.

 The success coach that signed up the merchant will receive 10% of all the sales those merchants receive from empowr citizens.

 As you can see, local merchants will not only provide empowr citizens with valuable products and services but will also help rapidly grow the number of new empowr citizens signing up daily.

 As those new citizens sign up, they too will all be quickly taught how to hit daily goals and cash out, trade coins daily, become successful in the marketplace and become effective success coaches...

 ... at which point they too will get busy showing new citizens and local merchants how to benefit from the empowr platform.

 And the process starts all over again, leading to exponential growth in all our key success metrics...

 ... including empowr’s revenues -- which will allow us to spend a lot more on engineering, so we can rapidly improve our platform, tools and features for all citizens.


 Effect of the above game plan on the empowr coin

 Using the above 5 step process, beginning tomorrow (Tuesday, November 6, 2018) we will begin ramping up our growth, adding hundreds of thousands of new citizens and merchants to empowr in the coming months...

 ... with everyone using empowr coins, of course, to earn and spend.

 In that manner, the empowr coin will soon stand out as the only coin with real and rapidly growing usage (= adoption) for real-world transactions.

 The empowr coin will, as a side-effect, become the most widely adopted cryptocurrency in the world, eventually becoming the most-utilized currency in the world, ahead of the U.S. Dollar, Euro and Chinese RMB.

Clearly, NOW is your time to enjoy the incredibly-low prices of the empowr coin, before the world figures out that the empowr coin is the only one with a growing and succeeding platform and community behind it.

 Remember, the lower the price of the coin, the more coins you automatically earn from all your daily activities on empowr including posting and sharing, selling products and services, and coaching. 

So, make the most of the coin’s low price immediately by earning and buying as much of it as you can, while it lasts.


  Next steps

A.  In the coming days, we will be thanking our least engaged and less effective success coaches, and asking them to step down as coaches.

This is so we can make room for new, highly motivated coaches. It is critical that we solidify the coaching foundation before adding many more SCs to the program.

B.  Beginning today, all empowr citizens will have the opportunity to see their cash advances instantly grow up to 10x larger, simply by trading coins on the exchange.

 C.  Within the next few hours, our coaches will begin training thousands of citizens daily on how to grow their cash advances by 10x by trading coins. 

         If you are not yet trading coins, expect to receive an invitation to attend a quick educational chat on this topic.

D.  As soon as you are successfully increasing your cash advances by hitting daily goals and trading coins...

... beginning later this week you will be invited to the next educational chats, which will focus on marketplace, success coaching and local merchant opportunities.

Those of you that are already ahead of the game, will be able to bypass any steps you’re already mastering. The platform will automatically recognize your level of progress as a citizen and advance you to the next opportunity for you.


Exciting times ahead

We have all worked very hard and the success is beginning to show. 

We will now build on that success and accelerate our growth.


Any questions?

I am here for you.

Your president,



Naushad Siddique

Thank you so much,, Mr. President for this great update and excellent earning opportunity.

13 months ago
Yolanda Marcos

Hello Carlos, I am very happy to congratulate you for your position as president, until now I could not do it because I always do my likes and when I want to write here in the Empowr post I can not, this should be removed and not be counted as a link. I also wanted to tell you that if you can send someone from the technical team to see this https://prntscr.com/li1y1b, in my long journey in the community since I started in fanbox until now I have had 3 disputes and here it comes to me as I have I had hundreds I suppose, maybe that's why I do not receive coin in advance, it took two months for me not to receive a single advance payment, I also go as I live in Romania and when I put my ads for sale I get Romania, I change it again and again and come back out, I beg you to see if you can mediate and someone can do something. Thank you and please also convey to Brian my thanks for these years of dedication to the community.


13 months ago
Elena Mazepina

Thank you, President Carlos for great features!

13 months ago
Sal's Divine Intentions'-)

Hi Carlos!, Thank you & The Empowr Team, Great! Update!. Please check with your team as to why Im not able to PU My Pearl Star ?, I have hit my daily targets for 3 month in a row and looking forward to achieve 4 months in row. Should I Power Down ? Awaiting Update Please.... Many Thanks To Everyone's Support.

13 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Hi Sal - we are looking into this and should have a resolution in the next 24 hours. Thank you!

13 months ago
Giuseppe Beati

Dear Carlos,
we SC how can we introduce ourselves to the shopping centers of our area? we will be provided with an identification card, we will have documentation proving our strategy or we will simply be the one to explain to the owners or the managers of the shopping centers how the use and receipt of our currency works.
Will it be received by the Shopping Centers through a credit card loaded with our coins or an app on the cellure?
Thank you

13 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Hi Giuseppe. Thank you for your pertinent question. Every Merchant coach will have a road map on how to enroll merchants. How to invite... how to explain the features and compensation plan and how coaches will help them set up the store. In due time, we will deliver to you the scripts for that matter. Thank you for your interest.

13 months ago
Giuseppe Beati

Great strategy for our serious and constructive commitment
thank you Carlos

13 months ago
Jo Mas

Thank you Carlos for what you are acheiving as new approach and accomplishment,,
I am trading since I knew how and when the DDEX is on line , synchro with the BONUS coins that I earn. It's great.

I may invite you to see on my page , there is a screenshot to show others that the trade is an important way to get more and more coins earned.
That I am trading on DDEX as Annet told us to do in her Video on youtube, and also my own way. So, now the problem is , That the coins earned as bonus are not sent / can't be sent to help / make a bigger trades because I am trying to transfer from my Vault coins to my wallet and it won't work. Can you :
1- Help me to know what to do to transfer our Coins in Vault to Wallet on DDEX/MetaMax?
2- Since some days I discover the Pearl star that I had since many months, it desappear. Is there any way to fix that? I bought tempereraly another , to have my 1 % on founder account, but it won't help me at all. Is this something to be fixed soon too. I got only 1 US dollar instead of 1 % of the total. Any hope to fix that too..
Thank you so much.

13 months ago
Andrea McEwan-Tuller

Hi Mr. President, just a question. Apart from new exchange, can i still trade on token store?

13 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Hi Andrea - you can trade on Token Store, but you will not get credit for any trading bonuses so I recommend you focus on DDex instead.

13 months ago
Andrea McEwan-Tuller

Thank you!!

13 months ago
Adegbola Tanimose

Thanks for the updates and we'll do our best to improve the coin value.

13 months ago
Nadezda Jevstafjeva

♥ Thank you Carlos and the empowr team. Wonderful update! Game plan for a big win.
I wish everyone inspiration and huge profits from our wonderful coin.

13 months ago
Hasan Syed

Hi Mr, Carlos
Thanks for giving all the details, and explaining all minutes, our team will work on lines to make it.
Hasan Syed

13 months ago
Jenni Barley

Thank you for the exciting updates Carlos. Thank you also to your team who are working to make empowr what it should be.

13 months ago
Zhanna Beloshapko

Thanks to Carlos and the empowr team for the great features.

13 months ago
Patric De Nooijer

Thank you Carlos for this great News, we cannot wait to start trading again, I have seen several very help full video's on trading on DDEX on YouTube, this can be used as guiding for people that just start trading, if i can help in anything Let Me Know?

13 months ago
Regina Talamor

Thank you Pres. Carlos for this amazing update, a great features the game plan for the big win to empowr, Let's us all work for the success of all.

13 months ago
Ola Yinka

Interesting analysis about empowr progress. Thank you for the update Carlos

13 months ago
Liudmyla Vasylieva

Thanks for the great update! This is a big step to success!

13 months ago
Maria Hrabovszki

Hi Carlos
I agree with Emilia, I do not have any transfer to the outside wallet.
I try to pass it for 3 days, but it does not let me, please look at it.
I wish you great success in your work!

13 months ago
Sabina De Jonge De Nooijer

Very exiting news all,i hope that the transfer out is working soon ,for some people i see that it works but not for me yet ,so that i can start trading again as i did before.

13 months ago
Irena V.Dragan

Thank you President Carlos for an updating. This is a great opportunity for all of us. We will succeed together !!

13 months ago
Rabia Sajid

Hi Carlos I will told you that you will be lucky president for empowr .

13 months ago
Lyudmila Bogomolova

Thank you, Carlos and empowr team, for the update. We will work hard to implement the game plan for a big win.

13 months ago
Imran Ayaz

Thanks Mr Carlos!
Its inspiring us to involved in this game plan, great updates.

13 months ago
Rajesh Kumar

Thank you President & The Empowr Team, Great! Update!.It inspire us to understand the game plan....

13 months ago
Surya Gaire

It's really great to see progress, thanks to our new president.

13 months ago
Chinwe Obaji

Cash advance without being able to transfer out is useless for trading volume

13 months ago
Adenike Ekundayo

Thanks for the great update.

13 months ago
Marijke Van Giffen

Thank you, Carlos, for your explanations, information, encouragement, and motivation. Hit fertile soil here although it wasn't poor soil, to begin with. Lots of success for you and your team.

13 months ago
Asif Khan

Thank you Mr. President Carlos & Empowr Team. Great update. It inspire us to understand the game plan.

13 months ago
R Sita Rama Chandra Maruthi

Thanks for giving us all the details and great explanations, we work very hard in all possible ways to get the desired results.

13 months ago
Eva Kiss

Thank you, Carlos and empowr team, for the update. We will work hard to implement the game plan for a big win.

13 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Simply fantastic empowr coin feedback and amazung features coming up with the help of oyr dear amazing mighty SC's and all those behind tbe scrne. This is really exciting Pres. Carlos showing your enthusiasm and true commitment indeed. We can now see the transparency of success which is just the beginning. Wooohooo empowr rocks!!! Thank you Pres. Carlos for your leadership. Let's get rockin in trading. Can't wait for the upcoming great news again. Thank you so much for recognizing our hard work :) Love you empowr! andvall :)

13 months ago
Anton Soin

Thanks, Carlos! For update the game plan for the win ,yes we will win surely!

13 months ago
George Oliveira

Carlos, Marvelous !! Our success is already guaranteed with certainty. We see clearly the commitment of all who identify with hard work. We need coaches with positive ideas, I totally agree that if there is no commitment there is nothing to do here. Congratulations and success.

13 months ago
Animesh Garai

Thank you, Carlos and Team, for this wonderful update. Waiting for the merchant programme to add with empowr

13 months ago
Sergej Kalinin

I trade on the stock exchange, but the received bonuses are not transferred to the wallet from the balance. What is the point of trading, if the withdrawal does not work, only works in reserve? Help translate into a wallet for trading on the exchange.

13 months ago
Shreyashi Chaudhuri

Thanks Carlos! for update the game plan for the win ,yes we will win surely .

13 months ago
Olga Ivanova

Thanks for the updates and earning opportunities!

13 months ago
Alex Aurora

Thank you Carlos, our hard work shows!
The game plan is amazing!

13 months ago

Thank you for sharing

13 months ago
Olena Rudenko

My congratulations to Carlos! I am sure that all updates will be successful. Thanks to the whole team for the hard work.

13 months ago