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Hello everyone!

Yesterday, we shared with you a major software update that will help eliminate fraud that has plagued our community over the past few months.

In that same post, we also suggested several options as to how we might help the coin regain momentum and asked each of you to vote on the option that made the most sense to you.

After reviewing your votes in the comments, it’s clear that the vast majority of the community is in support of Option 3, which I wholeheartedly agree is the best choice for the long-term success of our economy, coin and community.

I must say, I am so incredibly proud to be your president.

In the years that I’ve been involved as a citizen in empowr, each time that we’ve been given the opportunity to make a major decision that affects us personally as well as the community as a whole, we always chose the path that was best for the long-term future of the community despite any personal sacrifices that needed to be made.


Now that we’ve heard your voice, the empowr engineers are rapidly moving forward on making the needed changes to execute on Option 3.

empowr’s engineers will continue rolling out the series of features discussed yesterday and the items required for Option 3.


To be clear, almost all of the major software update is not visible to the eye. It is all very secret because of its objective of fighting fraud.

So I cannot discuss most of what is rolling live.

However, I can discuss a number of the items that are readily apparent for everyone to notice with their own eyes.

As you’ll see, almost all of these items are intended to further block fraud and help the future of your coins.


In this post, I’ll explain what some of these features and upgrades are, including:


1.          1. Completing your account

2.          2. Founder Coin balance

3.          3. Larger cash advances

4.          4. 7 day review period

5.          5. Shopping also based on results

6.          6. Enhanced trading bonus

7.          7. Next, keeping my promise

8.           8. Timing

9.           9. What to expect

10     10. Yet another giant leap forward


Let’s get started.


1.  Completing your account

As many of you have noticed, one way that we’ve upgraded our fraud detection is through adding additional steps in order to “complete your account”.

empowr citizens without a completed account cannot transfer out coins, or shop in the marketplace, so this feature is just one of many new ways that we will be making life more difficult for those intending to steal from you.

To complete your account, simply:

A.      A. Verify your mobile number

·   Starting today, VOIP or Landlines are no longer allowed.


A.     B. Add an Ether wallet to your account

·   We’re only allowing citizens to create accounts, not import accounts


B.     C. Activate your wallet by adding some Ether to it

·    This step also helps to block fraudsters


To do that, simply click “Complete account” at the top of any profile:

Update on software rollout


2.  Founder Coin balance

Based on your votes (Option 3) each of you will soon notice that the coins in your Coin Savings Vault are being moved into your Founder Coin balance.

However, after that discussion, we have concluded that your maturing coin balance should remain intact as it currently is (as in, not transferred to your Founder Coin balance).


So that buyers will be able to buy from you immediately. As we’ll be discussing below and often, this next chapter of empowr will be all about getting back to the basics: 

Building our economy – focusing and rewarding everyone even more for their marketplace sales

Each month, you can release a portion of your Founder Coins based on your marketplace activity. The more you sell, the more of your Founder Coins you’ll be able to release every month.

In that manner, productive members getting faster access to their Founder Coins.

And fraudsters that had previously received a lot of coins, and have no interest in empowr’s mission or becoming productive members of the economy, will have little to no access to their Founder Coins – significantly boosting the value of your coins.


3.  Larger cash advances for sellers

In addition to increasing Founder Coin releases, your marketplace sales will now even more substantially increase your cash advances.


As a reminder, the amount you can cash advance is dependent on how well you are doing in each of the 13 progress bars displayed at the bottom of your balance details:  

Update on software rollout

By far, your sales in the marketplace (progress bar #1) is the most important factor of all.

As your sales volume increases, the % of your sales available to cash advance will also increase, now growing to even higher than 100% as we move to reward sellers incredibly well.

After this rollout is complete, you’ll notice much larger cash advances from each sale, as your sales volume increases.

We want to ensure you have more money after each sale, so you can replenish your inventory more easily...

... and use your profits in any way you like, as soon as possible. 


4.  Seven (7) day review period

After your product or service is marked as “Item Received”, you will notice your cash advance grow seven (7) days later.

That review period will allow the empowr team to review each and every sale and block fraud.

This review period is part of what enables us to increase the size of your cash advances as discussed in the last section.

Over time, we will be working to decrease the 7 day period.


5.  Shopping also based on seller results

Now, similar to cash advances, the amount everyone can spend in the marketplace will also be based on how well they are doing in their 13 activity progress bars...

... with sales, of course, the most important factor of all.

Every time you sell a product or service and it is marked as “Item received” by the customer, 7 days later  you’ll notice increases in both your cash advance balance, as well as your ‘available to shop balance’.

        The more products and services you sell….

        The more citizens you serve…

                    The higher will be your cash advances and shopping


Needless to say, this too will also have a dramatic impact on the coin’s price, as it will be much harder for fraudsters to utilize coins in any way.


6.  Enhanced trading bonus

Notice that:

  A) the immediate supply of coins are now dramatically reduced (Option 3: Coin Savings Vault to Founder coins)

    B) many new fraud blocking features are rolling out (most of which are not discussed here)

    C) the marketplace is available to buyers to the same degree that they are productive in the economy...


As you can see, as a result of these and other items, the empowr community is now dramatically improving our coin’s ‘supply and demand’ equation and dynamics.


Increasing trading volume

The next thing we can do together, to help the coin, is further increase our coin trading volume.

Let’s reward our community members for their trading activity even more.

As you remember, when you trade coins on the exchange with a wallet that’s connected to your empowr account, you receive up to 7% in bonus coins for all your trades (buying or selling).

Now, as many of you have suggested to me, in the next few days you’ll notice that the coins you’re earning for your coin purchases will be automatically accelerated to your Coins Savings Vault.

NOTE: You’ll still receive bonuses for your coin sales but that bonus will not be accelerated to your Coin Savings Vault.

For example, for every 1M coins you buy on the exchange, you’ll earn up to 70,000 coins and have 100% of them accelerated straight to your Coin Savings Vault available for immediate cash out to your Ether wallet.

The amount of your bonus ranges from 1% to 7% based on your trading volume that day. Details


7.  Next, keeping my promise

It should be clear that, together, we are now getting better – a lot better – at protecting and boosting the value of our coins.

While the above items are sure to help create stability for our coin, our work does not stop there.

As we see the results of this rollout over the coming days, we will be working to further safeguard our economy from fraudsters and also further reward those citizens that are the most productive.


Keeping my promise:

As I promised when I was a presidential candidate, most of my focus will now be going into the marketplace.

I want to make sure that almost all of the rewards from empowr are flowing to only 2 groups:

A) Marketplace sellers, and

B) Those assisting marketplace sellers to learn, grow and succeed (IE: Success Coaches).

With all of the above items rolling soon, especially the cash advances that will now grow to above 100% of your sales with your volume...

... now is the very best time in empowr’s history to become even more serious about marketplace sales.

I look forward to our next conversations, as they will mostly focus on the marketplace to ensure we’re very focused on your needs as you look to ramp up your revenues and success.


8.  Timing

Final testing could take as long as 48 - 72 hours from this moment, and as long as 72 hours from now. The engineers are working around the clock and will not give the green light until they are 100% confident.

When we are live, I will let you know in this space – right here in this yellow section: 



We’re Live!

The final testing has concluded and all features are now live.

As of a few minutes ago, everyone’s empowr balances were updated as follows:

  • All coins in the Coin Savings Vault have been transferred to your Founder Coin balance
  • All currently maturing coins in excess of 1 Billion EMPR were also transferred to your Founder Coin balance
  • Any coins purchased on empowr that have not already been transferred out remain available in your Coin Savings Vault


Remember, with this update, your marketplace sales now play a much larger role in increasing your cash advances and how much of your balance you can shop with in the marketplace.

If you are not a seller yet, now is the time to start building your reputation in the marketplace to ensure you are maximizing your potential on empowr.


In the coming weeks I will be revealing many additional features to improve your marketplace experience as both a buyer and a seller.



9.  What to expect

A.  When we are live (or even before) you’ll notice little to no coins in your Coin Savings Vault, as they will all have been transferred to your Founder Coins.

B. The fastest path to cashing out will be your sales. Pay close attention to your 13 progress bars to see how else can increase your cash advances.

C.  After each sale is “Item Received” you’ll wait 7 days for your cash advance to reflect the sale.

D.  As your sales volume increases, the % of each sale that shows up in your cash advance will keep growing, all the way up to 100% and even higher.


10.  Yet another giant leap forward

Now, together, we will boldly go into the new year as still the first and only social network that comes:

...  with integrated cryptocurrency transaction-based marketplace, educational and democratic political platform...

... owned and operated by its citizens, as opposed to profit-seeking investors...

... without echo chambers, fake news, arrogant billionaires or illegal selling of your private data.


And now -- as we prepare to go into 2019 -- without criminals stealing from you.


Got questions? I am here to help, as is your Success Coach


Your president,





Adegbola Tanimose

Thank you for the great update.

11 months ago
Edita Cardeiro

I forgot to comment on Trading.
The measures previously taken and the ones announced will not increase Trading.
Suggestion: Reward long standing workers giving them a bonus of some thousand coins for each day they have hit their daily goals and make that money go to trading. Make each amount released (in batches) trade serveral times before it is released.
Each trade to increment a tiny portion the price. In no time the price of the coin will be what it should be.

11 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Hello Edita. Thank you for your comment. However, the updates we are rolling out are intended to decrease the offer. We understand this can't be done without some amount of pain citizens. We respect and thank the community for that effort. On the other hand, citizens that trading will continue to earn bonus coins, including to their vaults everytime they buy coins on the exchange.

11 months ago
Haroon Rauf

Hello Dear Carlos Andrade, Sir I am new in this filed and I not understand your technical software updates and many other things about software upgrade, I only say that please work good for Empowr Citizens and increase the value of Empowr Coin. Thanks you very much Mr. Carlos Andrade President and all team of Empowr.

11 months ago
Elena Ivantsova

Great update and motivating features, thank you Carlos & empowr team

11 months ago
Patric De Nooijer

Very disappointed, i was trading 10 Billion a day, selling in the market place delivered all my products with item received and proof of delivery and now you putting all of it in the founder coins vault, 8 years i am here and this is the 3th time that you put honest and hard work in a vault and on hold, i will stop immediately all trading and selling in the marketplace, No money out no money in, Have a Nice Christmas time, and i know you will hide my comments every time so i decided to publish them out there so do your thing, i am Angry.

11 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Hello Patric. You get the honour of my first reply here. Naturally, you don't know me. I am not the person to hide from negative comments. I understand your disappointment. But I also know how to differentiate those who are really interested in empowr's mission from those who are just seeking their own benefit. That's what divides us. But you are welcome on empowr like any other citizen. I hope the Christmas spirit can make you change your position.
Merry Christmas to you and all your Family. Sincerely!

11 months ago
Patric De Nooijer

What divides us is 6 years of experience here, you cannot share with others what you don't have yourself, we shared in the last eight ears that we are here working and investing a lot of money,from our own pocket and then you give me an answer that i am here only for the money, sorry that is to much credit, we invested more in here in fees and products and we really sold and delivered not for the profit but for the mission JC wants to accomplish.
Instead of pushing us away, maybe it time to inform us better, so we can help and get this mission on the road, we were always at the top, because we know what we do and i know success is not appreciated here, at least it feels like that and we feel Sad that successful people are pushed away instead of embraced and ask how they do it.
So i am going to retread and think it over what to do here and i hope that you will have a fantastic Christmas and make a lot of people happy with a rising Coin.

11 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Hello Patric. Success is very much appreciated. and I respect your experience and work. I will not debate the investment part. I suggest that you read the Blog post and you will see that success in the marketplace (where you have undoubtedly success) will be rewarded even more.

11 months ago
Muddasir Raza

Thanks JC for this Great Update and detailed Post, I wish this step will support and enhance the coin's Value.
I like Option 3, bcoz it is much supportive for citizen that have spent their precious time and money working with empowr,
Grateful again for this great Loyal update
Muddasir Raza

11 months ago
Anthony Onyia

Thank you Carlos,
Then plan is a lot better than i expected, kudos for that.

I know some citizens might not be happy because most of the cheaters already have most of the stolen coins on outside empowr wallets, ( That is Blockchain ) and there own are been moved to Vault.

I use this opportunity to appeal to everyone that might be Sad/Angry over this including myself, please lets us forget the past and move forward for the betterment of our empowr community as a whole.
I can see a bright future already.
Once again,
Thank you Carlos & J.C for this well designed plan.

11 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Hello Anthony. Thank for sharing your thoughts. We are not insensitive to the pain this move causes on citizens. But, on the other hand, no one loses their coins. we just put them into a different section of your balance from where you can release them if you are a performer in the marketplace. Our expectation is that this will reflect also in the coin price and ultimately everyone will win.

11 months ago
Valerie Le Bihan

Hi Dear Carlos!!!
I Was To Late, With Reading The Other Blog, When This One Came Out, Like A Half Hour Ago!!... But I Did Read It Anyway, And Went For Solution 3 As Wel..."")... I M So Amazingly Happy, That The Great Honest Seller, I M Proud To Say, I M One Of Them, Are Finally Going To Be Rewarded, Like It Should Be!!...I M Not Doing Wel With Trading...Yet!!... But Marijke(My Great Coach), Is Learning Me... I M So Grateful To You, Annet, Bob... And The Entire Team... THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!... Sincerely. Val.

11 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Hello Valerie. Thank you for your comment and I am glad you share our vision. I am sure that you will see results from your work in the marketplace.

11 months ago
Valerie Le Bihan

Thank You Carlos!!.. Means A Lot To Me...

11 months ago
Paul Sushobhan

Thanks Carlos for the great update. We're eagerly waiting to see the software rollout Live! "Yet another giant leap forward"
I'm proud to be a part of empowr - the giant experimental project with a noble mission!

11 months ago
Wilhelm Rothmann

Hi Carlos
Thank you for your reply,do you know when the transfer out process will be working again?
Thanks in advance

11 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Hello Wilhelm. The transfer outs are now live.

11 months ago
Valentin Beşliu

We are waiting for "yellow light"!
... some ideas are shaking their heads, but I hope they will be auspicious.
I can not make a sales plan, it depends only on the buyer, the purchase price being often symbolic.
I do not understand many of those who buy ... deviate from some essential rules that should be respected.
All we have to do is work, sell, trade!
"Cloned accounts" think they will disappear before entering the New Year!
Good luck!

11 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Hello Valentin, Thank you for your comment. As you might have noticed our coin price is much more stable and increasing, which means that sellers can be much more confident on the results of their sales.

11 months ago
Valentin Beşliu

I hope the engineers, technicians in charge of maintaining this site, solve the problems that have arisen along the way and do not work as they were thinking:
- closing circles
- the ability to post photos at blogging
- video posted as statuses
- if there is a lot of emphasis on confirming your account with your mobile ... it also updates on mobile - this site.
I hope we will be seen by others that their own currency is on the right track.
Thank you

11 months ago
Valentin Beşliu

Almost forgot:
I see too often that: Use e͈5.88 on different products put up for sale!
It does not have any logic ... how could one use a soap, lipstick, cream, ointment etc. without eating it :)

11 months ago
Wilhelm Rothmann

Hi Carlos
Since the price of the coin will probably always decrease as soon as citizens is allowed to withdraw,maybe it is better to only allow withdraw say weekends and then the coin can recover for 4 days,Or maybe Empowr can add a requirement(the 13 requirement on our balance sheet) Buying(a certain amount/value of purchases per month), if everyone will invest in the marketplace, the price should keep on increasing and we all will earn more, Only a suggestion

11 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Hello Wilhelm.Thank you for sharing your ideas. Our algorithms were built to calculate cash advances based on your marketplace activity. The marketplace related progress bars are the ones that will influence more your ability to receive cash advances. Of course, you must also work to have all other bars as much filled as possible.

11 months ago
Olena Rudenko

Thank you Carlos m to the whole team for the great update.

11 months ago
Wilhelm Rothmann

Hi Carlos
Nice price increase
empowr Coin (EMPR)
$0.00000124 +105.7% in 24 hours
Good job on the price Empowr

11 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Hello Wilhelm. Thank you for your optimism. I share the same optimism, however, it takes more than simple wishful thinking. All of us need to continue working to produce the best-desired results. I know you will be with us!

11 months ago
Wilhelm Rothmann

Hi Carlos
I notice the coin's price has increased 400% in the last 48 hours, great ideas, thanks for keeping us updated and on the coin's price,

11 months ago
Berthollet Cachon

Thank you for this update. Very ingenious, Congratulations to all your team.

11 months ago
Alik Sazonov

От мер, которые администрация предпринимает, торговый рынок не заработает, он еще больше "упадет". Дневные колебания курса доллар-монета очень большие. Товары привязываются к их стоимости в долларах, а доллар не фиксируется в цене на сайте. Кто будет продавать себе в убыток товар , который необходимо прежде оплатить интернет-магазину. Будут придуманы новые схемы по продаже, ведь от этого результата много зависит. Надо убрать этот показатель со шкалы итогов или сделать рынок реально работающим, а не заниматься "ловлей блох". В отношении Монеты. Мне кажется первым делом необходимо заморозить все операции с Монетой. Остановить любые торги на бирже. Вернуть с Кошельков Эфириума Монеты в Хранилище и затем делать "чистку". Объявить что сайт намерен вернуться к прежней форме расчетов, а все операции с Монетой заморозить на неопределенный срок. Это даст возможность проверить каждый аккаунт досконально, заблокировать все мошеннические аккаунты с последующим удалением. Привязать к каждому аккаунту банковскую карту (при получении карты мы проходим проверку в банке, там идентифицируют нашу личность и только после подтверждения - выпускается карта). Создать профессиональный трейдерский отдел на сайте, который будет торговать монетой и регулировать её цену и котировки. Монета должна быть новой формы и с кодом. Пользователь будет заказывать трейдерам сколько Монет он хочет продать - выручка от продажи монет зачислялась бы на банковскую карту. То же самое и с покупкой монет. С банковской карты оплата и зачисление Монет на баланс пользователя (или в хранилище) Если у Вас на Кошельке Монеты, и Вы не использовали мошеннические схемы с воровством Монет с сайта через торги , то вернуть в хранилище такие Монеты не составляет проблем. Проверку на идентичность личности Вы пройдете. Если пользователь использовал сайт для воровства Монет и выводил их в кошелек для дальнейшей продажи - то эти Монеты уже не вернуть. Но их можно обесценить, превратив в воздух. С уважением, Алик

11 months ago
Personlab Yb

Привет Alik, у Вас как то все сложно. Для того чтобы выровнять ситуацию с монетой, для начала нужно определиться, сколько этих монет будет вообще в обороте, этого к сожалению мы пока не знаем. После, нужно провести работу на самой торговой площадке с товарами здесь на сайте. Карты и банковские услуги это 19 век, мы же за децентрализацию, а банковские услуги нам в этом не помощники. Да и эти карты вообще не решат эту проблему, до тех пор, пока люди не поймут концепцию сети #empowr. Все гениальное, просто.

11 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Привет. Спасибо за ваш комментарий. empowr - полностью преобразованная криптосоциальная экономика, и мы не собираемся это менять. Мы не будем играть с нашей монетой как с товаром, который можно обменять только на спекулятивную прибыль. Наша монета - это валюта, используемая нашей экономикой для создания стоимости. С другой стороны, невозможно извлечь монеты из кошельков. Это против того, во что мы верим, даже для тех, кто обманул нас. Рынок может быть прибыльным и серьезным, если мы умны в том, как мы выставляем наши продукты на продажу. И в ближайшем будущем, с улучшениями, мы будем внедрять все, будет еще проще. Я понимаю вашу заботу и будущее не освобождается от рисков. Но мы здесь, чтобы встретиться с ними и принять решение, которое необходимо принять в нужный момент.

11 months ago
Peter Friesen

Thank you for the update and clarification of what some of the new features are. It is also nice to see that you are working hard to upgrade the marketplace....I am looking forward to seeing it get better and better!

11 months ago
Bushra Khan

Thank you JC for great updated!

11 months ago
Anna Sveshnikova

Very good updates. I'm sure they help us to improve our market. But what about users who live near and can give the sold product from hand to hand? May be we need to make a function of adding photo for them + geolocation. Or something else.

I'm very great full to empowr team for it's work. I think that empowr is really best side in the world.

11 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Hello Anna. Thank you for your comment. What you+re suggestion is called KYC, that is what other sites like Coinbase do to verify and validate users identity. We have plans about that too.

11 months ago
Abdul Quddus Salman

I simply thumbs-up 👍 for latest updates and waiting for 100% green signal and hopping best for community as well as mission.

11 months ago
Lesley Sean De Nooijer

Hello Carlos,

I bought 2x 5 million Coins by 1+1, i got 7million they put my coins in the vault in the first place, missing 3 million coins, i send several emails to the Coin, no reaction, Now you put the coins which were put in my vault in the founder coins, and i did not receive any 10 million coins that should be put in my founder coins, i can understand that you busy, but mistakes like this should not be happening, i paid the first time for 5,000,000 coins minus cost and the second time too, so that should be placed in my vault and not with my founder coins, then the same amount should be placed in my founder coins as the 1+1 bonus.

as you explained here: Any coins purchased on empowr that have not already been transferred out remain available in your Coin Savings Vault.

This is NOT done and if a President have stated it, it should be executed.

Lesley Sean de Nooijer

11 months ago
Lesley Sean De Nooijer

I just bought two times 5 million coins with the 1+1, they just arrived in my vault, are you saying that i cannot use them because you put them in my founder coins, or will they stay there for transfer out ?

11 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Hello Lesley. Great question. We are working to see if coins bought on the site can have a separate treatment than coins in the vault from Cash advances. Stay tuned as more information will be released soon on this.

11 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Hello Silent Eyes. The transfer outs are now live.

11 months ago
Radhika Purohit

Thanks Carlos for the update and great news that sales will be checked then the coins will be released as it will remove the fraud sellers. We know you will fulfill all your promises great going.

11 months ago
Angela Jurmoni

Hello, Carlos
Thank you for this update. I want to believe that things will go better and better. I wish you good luck in your work!

11 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

Hello Carlos, with regards to the complete account.
Is this required for communities and countries too?
It will be a lot of separate phone numbers and ether accounts.
Just to ask for some clarification about it😄

11 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Hello Katherine. Thank you for your question. Yes. Communities and countries will also have to be activated by inserting a valid mobile phone.

11 months ago
Adekunle Adejumo

Thanks, Carlos, for this latest update, it is a good direction we should go, 100% in support of every bit word published in this post

11 months ago
Shahab Ud Din

Thank you so much, Carlos, for the update and new features.

11 months ago

Thank you for the great update.

11 months ago

Thank you

11 months ago
Amit Kumar Srivastava

Thank you for the great update, Carlos Sir

11 months ago
Nadezda Jevstafjeva

Thank you, Carlos, for good updating the software rollout.

11 months ago
Sal's Divine Intentions'-)

Dear Carlos Empowr,
Many Thanks For Your Support,
Empowr has still not currently updated my account,
1. I have not a Pearl Star anymore again ?
2. I have purchased e͈̎8,947,368.42 and have not received my free 8,947,368.42 in founder coins ?
3. I have also completed my daily task and now I have no mission wheel ?
4. Also My current Coins Balance have not been transferred as mentioned in update. ?
Could You Please check these problems ?

11 months ago
Zhanna Beloshapko

Thank you Carlos and the empowr team for the updates! Feels the wind of change!
We hope for you, Carlos, that you will restore order here! Thank you!

11 months ago
Raj Kumar

Thank you for the great update

11 months ago
Abu Bakar

Thanks, Carlos, for this latest update, it is a good direction we should go, 100% in support of every bit word published in this post

11 months ago
Egnr Asadullah

Thanks you President for the update.we did not under what are doing empowr this all 10 time empowr pull back coins usd from the wallets these will not help to coin are empowr even will saturation goes worse never empowr any one execpt cocahes and pcs this fashast action i condmn that that is not part of democracy these all will go to worse condition Mr Carlos we thoughts and keep high hopes in you but we can see this like elephant which teeths he show can not eat with them so we codmn these all you action and back door Mr. Pousti which master mind and he using Nick name JC i know account will eat but i am because when you spoke truth you pay the price thank This is mighty end of 17 years hard work.

11 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Hello Asadullah. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I regret that you don't share our vision. I just want to assure you that we are not taking any coins from wallets. And no one will lose their coins. All we are going to do is put your vault coins as Founder Coins. You can have them released on the basis of your performance in the marketplace. That's all.

11 months ago
Rajesh Kumar

Thanks you President for the great update. I am eager to see the software rollout Live!
I use this opportunity to appeal to everyone that might be Sad/Angry some of citizen, please lets us forget the past and move forward for the Best future of our empowr community as a whole. I'm proud to be a part of empowr.

11 months ago
Michael D Madsen

Sounds like you're on top of these important issues. Keep up the good work : )

11 months ago
Valentina Vjatkina

Thank you for your updates, waiting for the green signals from the empowr engineering team
I am proud to be part of empowr.

11 months ago
Mutinda Kisio

Great Job Mr. President for a tough Task. Hoping that this effort will bring our coin to at least an equivalent of $1 quickly so that the Merchant Program can start successfully. We need to be able to use Empowr in our daily lives at the places we frequent locally. Taking Empowr into the outside Economy will fully demonstrate the Great Power and Potential of our coin. Will we use debits cards or QR Codes for this?


11 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Hello Mutinda. Thank you for your comment. I share your enthusiasm. And I agree that the success of the merchant program is tightly connected with our coin price and success. Glad to share this platform with you!

11 months ago
Joshua VoVillia

Thank you for the update.

11 months ago
Nahid Hasan

Thank you, Carlos, for a good software update. Good luck to us all.

11 months ago
Olga Puchkova

Excellent updates that will help increase the price of coins, Thank you Carlos.

11 months ago
Lyudmila Bogomolova

Thank you, Carlos and the empowr team for the great update.

11 months ago