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Valentin Beşliu

Mr. President!
1.What would be if I half the number of bids, like, share from a certain PU level? (we do an experiment for a month - this one with intense trafficking does not seem to yield the long-awaited fruits)! we will have time to breathe, the results will be seen in radical changes to status posts, blogs ... I will get rid of those endless letters, numbers, squares and other basics that some post !!!
2. The Daily Goal bouncer to be fixed, not variable from day to day.
It would be the perfect gift for the end - beginning of the year, if you really keep things in good shape.
Thank you.

11 months ago

And what the minimum Empowr Coins to transfer out for a day

11 months ago

Thanks for the update, Carlos
Please help me look into my transfer out for 3 weeks now am not transfer out and I have $13 of ETH.

11 months ago
Dana I.

Same for me, please, Carlos! I have transferred out 10 days ago, twice, and the coins still haven't arrived in my ETH wallet yet :((

11 months ago
Parvu Chivuta

Hello dear Carlos,
Dana I (Danubia founder) here, please help me with this:
There are two (2) weeks now since my profile page has a BIG glitch: I post photos every day, and NOBODY sees them - therefore, I earn NOTHING from sharing. Besides, my comments on other people's pages (here too) cannot be seen (that is why I asked a friend to post it)!
My account is complete, and my phone is verified.
I've asked my SC to help, he made a doc, but without any result.
I am very very sad, could you please ask someone to check and solve my problem?
God bless you and happy New Year to you and your team!

11 months ago
Parvu Chivuta

Here it is the PROOF: http://prntscr.com/m0ns9r

11 months ago
Valerie Le Bihan

Thanks For Standing Up For Dana!!!... Yes Dear Carlos, Please Solved This, I Have Talk To Her On The Phone, Yesteday!!.. She Is A Great Citizen, And Very Hard Worker... Thank You... Wish You All An Awesome New Years Eve!!!.. Val.

11 months ago
Wilhelm Rothmann

Hi Carlos
Can you please help me with these questions?
1.Why does coin transfer outs goes to pending?
2.How do I avoid pending coin transfer outs?
3.How long does it take for a pending transfer out to get processed to our wallets?

Thanks in advance,Kind regards

11 months ago
Jenni Barley

Thank you Carlos. I have an issue that my goal hit for 26 December has been removed. Please note that
I have checked and have not had any rejections for my listings. I have created a document and sent it to
my SC and The Coin. Here is the reply from the coin:==> https://prntscr.com/m0ipfq
This is the link to the doc I created:==> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hkCP9ARAusgh1k75V1RtHIb9gjHALbWRv-9STeCkVBU/edit?usp=sharing
I know I am in the right about this matter and am asking you to please reinstate the daily goal for 26 December 2018.
Thank you dear Carlos. Happy New Year to you and your team.

11 months ago
Dana I.

Please Carlos help me with this, as there are two (2) weeks now since my profile page has a certain glitch.
I post daily photos, and NOBODY sees them - therefore, I can not earn from sharing!
My account is complete, and my phone is verified.
I've asked my SC to help, he made a doc, but without any result.
Could you please ask someone to check and solve my problem?

11 months ago
Anton Goronkov

Thank you for the update!

11 months ago
Madame Chapeau

Season's Greetings to everyone and a happy and prosperous 2019!!!

Just a quick question: I see that the current transfer out gas fee charged by empowr is 0.008 Ether with a limitation to the amount transferring out set to 1,000,000,000, if I am not mistaken. At the same time, I notice that the charges by MetaMask for an equal amount of $10-15 are set at 0.0006 Ether, which is more than 13 times less.

Can you please tell me if my understanding is correct, and if so, can you please explain this excess charge?

Thanks in advance.

11 months ago
Antonio K

Hello everybody and season's greetings!

Dear Mr. President,

I am following your lives and I keep hearing how important it is for you to continue rewarding citizens with coins for our efforts. Let me quote T.S. Eliot — 'Most of the evil in this world is done by people with good intentions.' and allow me to ask you the following two questions, hoping for an answer, as specific as sincere:

1. Do you think it was a reward for me, after two years of hard work here in empowr and all the spending of time, money and effort to see my founder coins turn into nothing?

2. Do you REALLY think it is a reward for all of us, to gain thousands of dollars or billions of coins daily, seeing them turning into nothing in a few days?

Hoping for an answer,

I remain yours.


11 months ago
Yauheniya Love

Hello everybody and season's greetings!

It has been several days already, that I am trying to transfer out some coins unsuccessfully
The button "CONTINUE" seems to be inactive http://prntscr.com/lz4nlm
Yet, although I have NOT managed to transfer out so far, I was charged with gas costs http://prntscr.com/lz4oic

I submitted all the relevant data to my SC and he told me to prepare a document on his behalf! From my previous experience, SCs are preparing the documents on behalf of their students. Can you please tell me if I am obliged to prepare documents on behalf of my SC?

P.S. The obvious answer would be that one can change SC an any time, if not satisfied with the one assigned. Yet, in such transition, what will happen with all the issues outstanding with the current SC? As far as I understand, there is no mechanism forwarding outstanding issues from the previous SC to the next. Should I resubmit all issues outstanding to the new SC?

11 months ago
Parvu Chivuta

I have the SAME issue, the button "CONTINUE" is inactive when I am trying to transfer out some coins.
Although, the transfers from Additional Cash Advance to Coin Saving Vault work!
Please Carlos help, and god bless you!

11 months ago
Valentin Beşliu

...incearca din nou dupa ce-au trecut 24 de ore sau mai mult de la ultimul transfer efectuat.
Asta e secretul !!!

11 months ago
Azam Ali

Thanks for the updation. We faces lot of problems because when we win coins and pre coins from the mission wheels coins and pre coins are not added some times. Please solve this problems. Thanks.

11 months ago

On the 21st of December I won the grand prize $1400 or about 20 billion coins https://prnt.sc/ly2423
Nothing has been credited into my account. I have reported the issue to my success coach and waiting for an answer.

My questions are the following:

1) Is there any hope to receive my earnings or they should be considered lost?
2) If the answer in the previous question is positive, am I going to receive the equivalent of $1400 then, or 20 billion coins, of much less worth at that time of rectification?

11 months ago

Same problem with me, took same actions, having the same questions.

11 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Happy New Year everyone :) I am glad on winter vacation with my son and have 1 more week. Can attend today the livestream.
Thank you Pres. Carlos and eager to hear the questions/answers and any changes/updates.
I'll be there too :)

11 months ago
Sunil Kumar

Thanks for the updation

11 months ago
Nahid Hasan

Thank you so much carlos my ballance problem is solved now best of luck keep going thanks again

11 months ago
Md. Ariful Islam

Thanks a lot for update.

11 months ago
Kong Phirom

Please , empower team consider carelly the reasons why most citizens don trust on Empower any more.
Who can rescue the citizen' s loss ( Time and money ) ?

11 months ago
Shailendra Singh

Thanks Carlos for sharing this nice update.

11 months ago
Mladenka Rozic

I dalje mi je zamračena stranica ravnoteže kako prebaciti zarađen novac na račun

11 months ago
Simon Maestro Ngairo

Do I have Ether?I don't know where exactly,to track my ether balance,help

11 months ago
Simon Maestro Ngairo

Maturing coins are visible on Empower,where is the rest of our coins kept?

11 months ago
Simon Maestro Ngairo

Which crypto trade is best for trading or exchanging my empower coins

11 months ago
Eniola B. R.

Hello Carlos,

Compliments of the Season to you, all your loved ones and Our great empowr team. Great work you all are doing here on empowr; well done.

Surprisingly, my mission wheel pre-coins win of $352 on Dec. 25, 2018 which was over e͈̎23.512 Billion (EMPR) was not added to my pre-coins balance. Please, see:




My phone no. is verified and I complete my daily goal and Spun the wheel. My Success Coach was not helpful since she believes that my Mission Wheel Spin Win was not added to my balance because I did not : "Complete Account".
Thank you.


11 months ago

You should tell to your SC that if you hadn't complete your account, then you wouldn't be allowed to hit your daily goal to spun the wheel. Unfortunately, sometimes SCs add more frustration instead of helping us solve our problems!

11 months ago