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The Gold Rush of 2019

by Johnny Cash on January 01, 2019

The Gold Rush of 2019


Happy New Year my fellow empowr citizens! 

Usually at this time of the year, I publish a much longer post...

... summarizing some of our accomplishments and victories, progress, mistakes and learning experiences from the year that just ended.

However, this year, knowing that today – January 1st -- we would have a topic of critical importance to discuss,

something that would require us to look to the future as opposed to the past,

I’ll admit that we sneakily used the month of December to get the longer (building-block) topics out of the way.


As a result, today, we can quickly summarize what was discussed earlier this month...

... and then turn our attention to the future.


Our first discussion was on December 7th. 

Topics included a software rollout targeting cheaters, a discussion of the technology hype cycle, and the Network Effect.  


Our next discussion was on December 23rd.

That was one of the longer discussions. Topics included a new approach to stabilizing the value of everyone’s coins in their empowr balance, while leaving the price of the coin instable on the blockchain. We also discussed the upcoming ‘Buy’ listings


Next, President Carlos reached out on December 27th.

Topics included additional details on the stabilizing process for everyone’s coins, including how marketplace items currently in progress would be handled during the switch to the new model.


And finally, on December 28th we published a coin strategy summary.

Given all the moves in 2018 in regards to the coin, we created this single post that summarizes the coin strategy and all the reasons behind it. We answered questions such as why the coin’s price has had downward pressure on it, and why some people are buying up so many coins despite the recent downward trend.

By the way, I recently overheard a discussion by empowr employees that, these same people that are buying up and accumulating so many coins today, will one day be called by some as ‘simply lucky’.

We should all take a moment to notice the overall coin-buying mood during this period of time in which these citizens are accumulating so many coins: The value of all cryptocurrencies are down, as we’re in the ‘trough of disillusionment’ phase of the tech hype cycle. Therefore, we should agree now that we’ll never accuse them of just being lucky; it actually took courage and confidence in their own intelligence as opposed to ‘simple luck’.


Let’s move forward

Thank you for investing the time in reading those posts,

so you are current with the moves being made and the reasons behind them,

and adding your thoughts and feedback to the mix.


Now, with those prerequisite discussions behind us,

we can focus on what will likely be the most important topic of 2019.

We will need your thoughts and ideas before we can proceed.


First, together, we must face this fact:

Over the years, together we’ve had a large number of inventions and ‘firsts’.

Today, empowr is the only social network that has a transactions-based marketplace...

... as well as other critical elements such as our crowdsourced educational platform.



We are not alone in this world. 

Our ‘first-mover advantage’ will not last forever.

Being first does not mean that we will automatically be the first to exploit the Network Effect.


We believe that, in the next 12 to 24 months, empowr will become the dominant platform in social networking – or it will very likely fail.

It is only a matter of time until another company is finally able to piece together everything required.


Therefore, this year (2019) we must grow very rapidly,

so that we can successfully exploit the Network Effect to protect our position

or else we will soon risk being overrun by competitors.


What exactly does that mean?

Exactly how do we quantify ‘become the dominant platform’ and ‘grow very rapidly’?


1.  In less than a year from now --  by this December (2019) – we believe the empowr economy must be completing billions (USD) in annualized marketplaces sales.

2.  In less than 2 years from now -- in December 2020 – we believe the empowr economy must be completing a minimum of tens of billions in annualized marketplaces sales.

After the empowr community accomplishes those two (2) goals, we believe that it will be virtually impossible for others to compete with empowr...

... as our economy will already be rivaling that of many countries...

... and yet empowr will still be growing faster than any country on the planet...

... because new citizens can ‘migrate to our country’ for free...

... in less than 5 minutes from the moment they first hear about empowr.


By accomplishing those 2 goals, we will have virtually secured the accomplishment of our mission and overarching goal.

So, what does it take to achieve those numbers and become uncatchable?

empowr’s marketplace sales must grow at the following monthly rates:

                                           The Gold Rush of 2019


Notice that the first few months require the fastest growth.

After this coming summer (after August 2019) the required growth rate slows down significantly.


Question: Are these growth rates possible – especially the first few months?

Answer: Absolutely, YES.

Why? How can we be so sure?

We know this because, together, the empowr community has already achieved that monthly growth rate – as any empowr citizen that’s been here for 2 years will tell you:

Two years ago, the empowr marketplace was growing at a consistent 200% per month for a few months...

... before we needed to stop everything -- and even shut off all cash outs...

... because of some big obstacles that appeared in our path.


The good news is that, over the last 2 years,

the empowr community has arrived at solutions to virtually ALL of the major challenges it faced back then...

... and we’re just about ready to ramp up again.


Of course one big solution, was our move to cryptocurrency,

and we were lucky that an entire ecosystem emerged around cryptocurrency, bringing us things like crypto exchanges,

which of course helps our citizens to do things such as cash out and convert empowr coins into their local currency.

To learn more about our learnings from 2 years ago, and why a new currency made a big difference, read this story.


So, as we just discussed, in the past we have already experienced the required level of growth,

and, in addition, our marketplace tools, success coach program and other elements of our ecosystem have continued to improve since that time.


Perhaps as importantly, as discussed a few days ago, empowr citizens will soon able to create ‘Buy’ listings - as opposed to only ‘Sell’ listings.

That means that Shoppers will, by definition, soon get exactly what they want from the empowr marketplace.


In addition, using those same ‘Buy’ listings, Sellers will be able to see the exact bonus (profit) they will gain,

before investing even a single click of their mouse...

... and without the need to ever create a listing themselves or even deal with ‘Unpaid items’.


Of course, that means that, just like Shoppers, Sellers will also get exactly what they want from the empowr marketplace.

And so, it appears like, soon it might get as much as 100 times easier for both Shoppers and Sellers to achieve their desired results.


As a result of these and many other improvements to virtually all parts of our ecosystem that were made in the last two years...

... we have confidence that the marketplace can experience growth at rates even faster than it did two years ago. 


But there’s a lot at stake here.

It is simply not enough to ‘have confidence’ that the marketplace can grow, or proceed with best intentions and best efforts.

Together, we must come up with a plan that almost guarantees that those growth rates WILL be achieved.


What else can we do to ensure the required growth rates are achieved?

Perhaps a recent comment from empowr citizen Le Thanh Kong best summarizes what else might need to happen:

                The Gold Rush of 2019


I want to focus on three (3) important points Le made:

1.  We must build trust

2.  Sellers must get their investment back quickly to reinvest in their business

3.  We must ‘motivate the marketplace’


1.  We must build trust

He’s right.

In order for both Shoppers and Sellers to invest their valuable time, energy and money in empowr, they must trust the overall platform and the other community members.

Trust in the platform will be built over time, as together we keep improving and evolving the product...

... removing glitches and adding missing features...

... and removing bad actors and cheaters.

I am optimistic that, given the mandate you have given President Carlos when you voted him into office recently...

... and how focused he is on ensuring the marketplace becomes the top priority for the company...

... that trust in the platform will be continuously growing.


I am also optimistic that a growing number of ‘world-class empowr citizens’ will emerge in each geographic region around the world,

as measured by their Buyer and Seller ratings,

and everyone will be able to trust them to always do the right thing.


2.  Sellers must get their investment back quickly to reinvest in their business

This is easy for everyone to understand:

If Sellers cannot get their money back quickly, including their bonus (their profit) they will not be able to increase their sales.

Therefore, it goes without saying that we must get Sellers their money faster.

A big part of what enables that, is making sure we’re constantly improving the blocking of fraudsters.

Towards that, you can expect a few new features to go live soon,

including a requirement to maintain your receipt if you purchased the item you are selling,

or a photo of the item if you didn’t recently purchase it,

along with a new online process to confirm your identification,

and live calls with our risk assessment team.

The better we get at blocking cheaters, the faster we can get Sellers’ funds to them.


3.  We need to ‘motivate the marketplace’

Many empowr citizens have been working hard for this mission; some for a very long time.

Some of the years have been more tiring and taxing than others. I personally think this last year was among the most difficult.

Therefore, we should be looking for opportunities to drive extra rewards to the empowr citizens that,

despite the difficulties we have all faced,

are still here, still believing and still working hard.


As empowr citizen Le Thanh Kong suggests, we could hit two birds with a single stone...

... and take care of our citizens while also ensuring growth...

... if we ‘motivate the marketplace’ by applying a very nice cash advance bonus for Sellers.


In other words, imagine that we apply a multiple to the cash advances that Sellers will receive -- based partially on their trading progress bar.


Sally sells an item for $100 USD.

Of course, the % of her sales that are available to her to “Cash Advance” is based on the factors shown at the bottom of her balance page.

The largest (#1) factor, of course, is how much she sells: As her overall sales increase, the % of her sales available for cash advance also increases.

The idea here is, to further motivate and reward our Sellers, let’s increase their cash advance amount, by applying a multiple (= a marketplace stimulus).


Marketplace stimulus

In order to ignite marketplace sales, we’ll multiply up Sally’s final cash advance amount...

... by as much as it takes...

... to ensure the overall marketplace sales grow to our target range.


We will start the stimulus at 2X (200%).

That means that (back to the above example) if Sally was due to receive, say, $75 in cash advances from her sale,

she’ll now receive 2X (= $150) because the stimulus doubled her cash advance.


In that manner, Sally gets her money more quickly so she can sell again.

Note: Sally will receive as much as ALL of the extra (stimulus) amount

... or as little as NONE of the extra amount,

... based on how full (or empty) her coin trading progress bar is.


Does this make sense?

In order to ensure Sellers can cash out more, we must also ensure our trading volume is increasing.

As the next few months pass and the empowr economy keeps growing and word keeps spreading,

the coin trading volume will take care of itself,

and the marketplace stimulus (and the focus on trading volume) will no longer be necessary.

But in the short-term, let’s make sure our coin trading volume increases as fast as our marketplace sales.


Does Sally also earn the other (currently active) trading bonus?

As a reminder, all empowr citizens earn a (between 1% and 7%) bonus on all their coin trades (buys and sells).  

The answer is: Yes, in addition to the above stimulus, Sally will also still earn coins from all her coin trades,

and she will continue to have her ‘Buy’ bonuses accelerated to her Coin Savings Vault so she can cash them out immediately.


Automating the marketplace stimulus

We discussed starting the stimulus at 2X (200%).

Could the stimulus multiple go ever higher (or lower)?

How will the stimulus be decided and by whom?

The answer is that the stimulus will be totally automated.

And it can go as high or as low as required to ensure we hit our desired targets.

As a reminder, we want to hit these target growth rates:

                                   The Gold Rush of 2019 


When we need more growth than what we are seeing, the stimulus will keep moving up,

causing Sellers to potentially earn massive cash advances on their sales.

When the growth rate has gone too far above the target rate, the stimulus will be gradually lowered.

Once the stimulus is turned on, we will start it at 2X and then it will automatically go up or down based on how fast the marketplace ramps up.


When will the stimulus start?

Before we get started, the empowr community needs some time to prepare:


Shoppers need time to prepare

Shoppers: Start thinking of all the things you need and/or want.

Visit your favorite e-commerce websites, such as Amazon, Alibaba, Miinthebox, Aliexpress, Gearbest, Walmart.com, Target.com, Flipkart and Taobao among many others.

Then, in a document or spreadsheet, save the URL for each of the items you want.

Also note the final price for each item including tax and shipping cost.

Note: It is important that you arrive at the final price accurately, otherwise your listing will be rejected by the marketplace moderators and/or the Seller will give you a poor rating.


Shoppers, only create listings for the things that you really want

empowr currently spends a lot compensating our mighty marketplace moderators. With these new ‘Buy’ listings, their workload will increase, as they will need to validate each item’s source and final price.

Therefore, Shoppers should not create listings for anything they are not confident that they want to purchase.

To help ensure this happens, Shoppers will pay a small fee for each ‘Buy’ listing, whether or not the listing is rejected or approved,

as both (approvals and rejections) create work and cost for the moderation team members.

We want Shoppers to think carefully before creating tons of listings for things they may not really want to purchase.

Along with not creating unnecessary work for the marketplace moderators, listings will also create extra work for the Sellers if the Shopper is not ‘real’.

We want the Sellers to know that, if they decide to complete a sale,

that the offer and Shopper are ‘real’,

especially since the Shopper will have spent between $1 and $2 for each listing depending on their mission role.

I think we should allow the empowr community 2 weeks to prepare their shopping list.


Sellers need time to prepare

We also want to give Sellers a chance to think and prepare themselves.

How much total profit do you want to earn monthly?

What will be your criteria for choosing which listings to go for, and which to avoid?

What is the minimum bonus (profit) amount and/or profit margin (%) -- you will require before committing to a sale?

Is there a minimum ‘Buyer rating’ and/or Power Level you wish to see from Shoppers before you will work with them?

Sellers must also think about where they will get the original funds from, in order to procure the items for Shoppers. 

We think it would also be a good idea to give Sellers about 2 weeks to think about their approach and logistics.

And to stop ‘fake sellers’ from taking sales that they do not intend to deliver,

Sellers will also be required to pay between $1 to $2 depending on their mission roles,

before they’re provided with a guaranteed sale (meaning the Shopper has already paid for the item).

Sellers will get this fee back – added back into their cash advance after the sale is marked as ‘Item Received’ by the buyer.

Proceeds from ‘Buy’ listings will pay for marketplace moderators and the rapidly growing fraud-fighting systems and risk-assessment team.


Success Coaches, moderators, engineering and risk assessment need time to prepare

In addition, Success Coaches and marketplace moderators will need time to update their processes in order to meet the demand.

And empowr’s engineering and risk assessment (fraud) teams are also spending time preparing for the rapid growth.


What you can expect

You can expect to see the ‘Buy’ listing functionality launched in the next week or so.

After that, we will wait for the Success Coach and marketplace moderation teams to give their thumbs up, which will likely take 1-2 weeks after the features are launched.

Then, after citizens (Shoppers and Sellers) all report that they are satisfied with the new features, and all major bugs and issues are corrected,

in order to ensure a fair and level playing field for everyone,

we will give a few days advance notice to the community before the start of the stimulus. 

Adding up those weeks and days, you should expect the stimulus to start during the 3rd week of January.


Rapid growth means massive opportunity

As discussed, the cash advance algorithms will automatically increase or decrease the stimulus, as needed, to ensure the target growth rates are achieved.

That means that Sellers that get involved the soonest, will likely receive the biggest rewards.

Any of you that have been involved in fast growing economies - such as China, Nigeria and other fast growing countries in recent years,

understand that ‘all tides rise’...

... meaning the players in the game  -- when the game is rapidly expanding...

... quite often tend to do very well.


And that’s why I titled this post “The Gold Rush of 2019”:

Using this marketplace stimulus as a tool,

it is our objective to BOTH grow the empowr economy quickly

 as well as reward our faithful and optimistic citizens,

that have given this mission everything and remained focused and positive.


Rapid growth also means growing pains

I also feel the need to remind everyone that, despite our need to move and grow super-fast,

empowr continues to be in its Alpha phase. 


With break-neck speed, you also get growing pains, sonic boom and whiplash.

In tech companies, this level of growth means difficulties that are usually quite difficult to predict ahead of time.

In reality, most of the upcoming difficulties due to growth have been predicted, and have been accounted and planned for, which is why you are less likely to ever see those issues.

It’s the few issues that were not predicted ahead of time, that’ll become the problems that will need to be dealt with in real-time when they show their ugly heads.

Add to that the low resource level of an uncapitalized, no-investor approach, and everyone should expect serious bumps in the road.


But as always, together, we won’t let obstacles stand in our way for long.

We may get knocked down,

but what doesn’t kill us will only make us stronger,

and we will apply each ounce of additional strength to obliterating the obstacle,

 and further advancing and accelerating our progress.


OK, I am aiming for this post to be shorter, so let’s start wrapping it up here.

In summary

Together, we’ve done a lot of innovating, and this last year was no exception, as we worked to integrate a totally new currency, and strike a balance between stability and mass adoption.

It’s now or never for empowr to grow rapidly,

and deliver an economy to the world capable of helping every man and woman...

... that can at least find their way to an Internet café or cheap mobile phone...

... a chance to quickly improve their life.


Given the existence of the Network Effect,

which informs us that the first company (empowr or any of its competitors) to experience rapid marketplace growth,

will become near-impossible to catch,

the empowr community MUST now exploit its first-mover advantage,

and do everything in its power to grow rapidly,

or else sit back and watch quietly,

as one or more competitors harness the Network Effect before we do,

ultimately locking empowr out of the race,

essentially causing empowr to fail.


If we fail

If we fail to stop a competitor from getting there first,

that most certainly will mean that, in the end,

most of humanity will work for networked companies (like Uber, Amazon, Google)...

... all of which will undoubtedly be funded by Wall Street and Silicon Valley investors that demand quarterly profit growth.

Why that’s a problem for humanity

Each and every one of those Wall Street and Silicon Valley funded companies...

... after they have monopolized their industries...

MUST eventually keep lowering pay for their workers,

slowly turning them into economic slaves ...

in order to keep their Wall Street and Silicon Valley investors happy

and their profits and stock value going up,

and their management teams employed.


The resulting inequality,

which has already started...

          The Gold Rush of 2019                          Source: World Inequality Report


... without a doubt will cause the masses to tear down the system that is enslaving them.

Don’t believe me?  

Do you think I am exaggerating?

If you feel that way, I am pleading with you, please -- open up your eyes: 

Take a quick look at what has already been happening in the U.K (Brexit), USA (Donald Trump), Brazil (Jair Bolsonaro), Hungary (Viktor Orban), Poland (The Law & Justice Party), the Philippines (Rodrigo Duterte), France (yellow vests) and Italy (the League and the Five Star Movement)...

... just to mention a few of the more troubling areas.

It is clear that the unraveling of democracy has not only started, but is now getting serious momentum.


So what?

Again, simply answer this single question:

What happens in place of democracy?

The smartest, brightest political scientists in the world all HAVE NO GOOD ANSWER.

Nothing good is the right answer.


Together, we can turn that around...

... by delivering a robust, democratic economy to the people of the world.

We do that, very simply, like this:

                                  The Gold Rush of 2019


We have the power to do this

With what we have already accomplished together,

which was not without major sacrifices from many or most everyone involved,

we now appear to have everything we need to become an economy measured in billions (USD) later this year (2019)...

then tens of billions next year (2020),

then hundreds of billions in the year following that.


With an economy of that size and strength,

 and the incredibly unique position we have achieved together,

where Wall Street and Silicon Valley don’t own or control us...

we will never be pushed to increase profits quarter-after-quarter,

and turn anyone into slaves of our economic machine.


The good news -- actually, quite amazing news -- is that,

by using whatever amount of marketplace stimulus level is required,

we have the power to ensure the necessary targets are met.


Specifically, I am saying that we have no venture capitalists or profit-seeking investors that can stop us

from providing any amount of profits (via marketplace stimulus)

to our hard-working citizens that,

because of their work and sacrifices over the months and years,

deserve every penny of any and all gains,

that might materialize for them from this big push.


We need your thoughts

We need your constructive thoughts or ideas, so we can use our collective intelligence to optimize the approach:

What are we missing?

Do you see any big potholes that must be fixed now, before we get started with the stimulus...

meaning things that cannot wait even a few weeks before being addressed?


Lastly, I am happy to announce that empowr is rapidly enlarging its engineering team in order to handle the upcoming rapid growth of course,

but also to accelerate the other items being worked on in parallel,

such as new and improved mobile apps, local merchant and app platforms, and localization of the platform to support 100 languages (as opposed to just English).

This means that, in the coming weeks and months you should also start seeing more and more of the things you’ve been wanting and/or waiting to be fixed,

finally coming your way more quickly.


We are looking forward to your thoughts and ideas.

(And we will delete all comments with unrelated or personal topics:
                         Personal issues should be sent to your success coach).


Your truly,


Elena Ivantsova

Great plan, great ideas. Together we will all move forward. Thanks president Carlos.

11 months ago
Dinesh Yadav

Good work thank you

11 months ago
Ola Olawumi

Thanks for the great update.

11 months ago
Valentin Beşliu

Surprise start of the year, I bet that we will face problems after implementing these features ... it's already proven.
We have to, we do, we're dreaming, we're waiting ... a lot of things to do.
Also in alpha ... beta cam while.
Long, endlessly these blogs ... they rarely dare to read, but mostly to translate them.
Happy Birthday !

11 months ago
Omowumi Jebe

Great plan, Thank for update

11 months ago
Zhanna Beloshapko

Great plan. Thank you, JC!

11 months ago
Adenike Ekundayo

Good work, JC

11 months ago
Adegbola Tanimose

Great plan, great post. Thanks for the updates

11 months ago
Wilhelm Rothmann

Lol Happy new years everyone,Thanks for the updates Johnny Cash.I will be selling hard,thanks also for all the improvements in the marketplace,it is appreciated :) Hope you all have great success this year

11 months ago
Johnny Cash

Thanks Wilhelm - for your continued hard work, ability to maintain a positive mindset and pushing forward, despite all the challenges you have faced. Happy new year!

11 months ago
Wilhelm Rothmann


11 months ago
Eva Kiss

Thank you Johnny Cash for the wonderful update "Gold Rush 2019"!
We have the power ensure the necessary targets are met.
Happy New Year to JС, Carlos, Bryan and the empowr team!
Good luck to everyone in the new 2019 year. This year really should be great for all of us.

11 months ago
Md Alauddin MIa

Great plan, great ideas. Thanks for the encouraging updates

11 months ago
Nadezda Jevstafjeva

Thank you Johnny Cash for the wonderful update "Gold Rush 2019"!
We have the power ensure the necessary targets are met.
Happy New Year!

11 months ago
Valerie Le Bihan

Hi JC, Carlos, Everyone, and Team!!... Happy nwe year!!!
I Couldn't reply earlier, due to very bad health issues, I don't see Empowr Fall, because, we are enough great citizen left, who are here for a very long time, and doesn't give up.. like me.... Checking all the sales, is an awesome idea, because i m so fed up of cheaters, I don't mind how you get it done, because, i personnely can proof every single one, i do have a few questions:
_1: Some of my buyers, especially the new ones, are sometimes, marking items received BEFORE they get it!!... I don't know why!!!... What can i do about this?
__2: If i read the blog right, did it few times, the rewards to great sellers, will only apply, we , in my case Trade?... and become founder again?... because, of my heath issues, i can t concentred, that why i m not trading...yet.... and i have a monthly not to big budget for my buyers, thats why i stopped to be founder few months ago, because i simply can t offer it after 13 monts!!... i have to make a choice, beiing a founder, of selling products, witch i do a lot... So how , those 2 factors will affect my bonuses?


11 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Hello Valerie. Happy New year and thank you for sharing your concerns. Sorry to hear about you health issues and I hope they get sorted out soon.
As for your buyers that mark the products as received even before you deliver them, you have two choices: Deliver the product and make sure you have a delivery receipt to show the moderation team when they reach out to you or , if you can't deliver it for any reason, make sure you report to us before you get contacted by the moderation team. That way, we will be aware of the fact and the system will not act against you.
About how sellers will be rewarded...
The basic principle is that all sellers will receive the amount of their confirmed sales as cash advances.
If you sell and deliver $100 worth of products/services you will get the same amount of your coins accelerated.
But... if you are a Founder and/or you are trading on DDEX, you will see your cash advances grow based on a multiplier applied to your confirmed sales.
I understand your struggle to get a budge to subscribe to a higher mission role and also be an active seller. What I can suggest is for you to continue selling and delivering your products and as your profit grow and you receive cash advances, use your profit to subscribe to a higher mission role and also trade.
Step-by-step you will be able to be on top!.

11 months ago
Valerie Le Bihan

Thanks Dear Carlos!!

For Your Best Wishes/Great Explanation&Tips!!

11 months ago
Ludmila Alexandrova

Great plan, great idea. I believe that this will bring our economy to a new high level! Thank you, JC!

11 months ago
Johnny Cash

Thank you Ludmila -- happy new year!

11 months ago
Jenni Barley

Thank you for this interesting update JC. I am already selling a lot and will determine to increase my sales throughout
this year, 2019. Happy New Year to all and wishing you great success.

11 months ago
Irena V.Dragan

Thanks for this upgrade!

11 months ago
Catharina Claessens

Thank you JC, Carlos and empowr for this great update.
I will do everything I can ,to make empowr the dominant platform in social networking. Happy New Year!

11 months ago
Ibrahim Karofi

Hi JC. Really nice idea but i want to draw your attention most especially on the market place stimulus. If trading is going to take a center stage then all efforts must be made that the bonuses flow in unfailingly. As things stand now, one trades severally in a day and yet the bonuses don't come in, you don't even see the trade in the trade history or balance page. May be you are aware and doing something about it? But it will help a ton if this issue can be laid to rest.

11 months ago
Johnny Cash

Hi Ibrahim, you bring up a very good point. We are aware of the issue. As you may know, our exchange (DDEX) has been going through an upgrade of their software, and they way their platform communicates has changed, causing the issue you bring up. This will definitely be corrected in the next 24-72 hours. I'll let President Carlos or Brian Woosley chime in with more details when they have it. Happy New Year!

11 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Hello Ibrahim. Following up on JC's reply, as far as we know the bonuses are now being added correctly after updating the system to connect with the upgraded version of DDex platform. If you have any report that contradicts this from today forward, please document it to your Success coach so we can get the feedback. Thank you for your patience ad cooperation.

11 months ago
Sergey Yashukov

Happy New Year to JС, Carlos, Bryan and the empowr team!
A good gift for empowr citizens. Improving conditions for bona fide sellers and buyers is a big step forward for the economy to win an empowr. When ONLY valid sales and purchases remain on the market, the market will explode and our coin will light up.
Good luck to everyone in the new 2019 year. This year really should be great for all of us.

11 months ago
Johnny Cash

I agree Sergey... will be nice to see the legit buyers and sellers comprise almost all of the sales. Happy new year!

11 months ago
Anna Sveshnikova

Thank you for good news.
We must to help our economy. And we already know how it will work.
These are amazing ideas and they'll help our market become better and seriously As so many users now makes listing only for Daily goals

11 months ago
Amit Kumar Srivastava

Great plan,Great work, Thanks JC!

11 months ago
Marijke Van Giffen

Happy New Year to all and thank you, JC, for yet an exciting update. Sounds very good to me.

11 months ago
Claire Pagano

With the new strategy of adjusting of coin balances as the coin value changes:
1) When will this be happening? The announcement said before New Year.we are ecpecting our balances to be adjusted for a'll sales ever made since we joined. Is that right? This could be a frightening shift in balance for people that have been involved for many years. We will definitely notice when it happens.
2) My concern about this innovative idea is about what happens when the coin price starts to rise? Obviously the balance will be adjusted the other way and coins will have to be taken out of our accpunts? So what if the coins ha've already betransformed transfers out? We then have a debt?
Thanks for your time.

11 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Hello Claire. We expect to roll out the balance adjustment feature until the end of the week. Sometimes we are so eager to get features implemented that we become too optimistic. But, instead of launching something that is not working properly, we prefer to delay a little bit to make sure everything is nearly perfect.
As announced, your coins value will be protected as long as they remain in your balance (matured or maturing coins balance). Of course, all the coins you have transferred out can be traded at the price on the exchange depening on offer and demand. empowr has no control over the coins in your wallet.

11 months ago
Ken Spence

Looks like a good plane - I would like to suggest that as a way of lowering the moderation overload that any seller with over 50 completed sales be only moderated by their own SC. This would save the moderators hundreds of hours duplicating work when the seller has already proven themselves as reliable.
Also, do we have any estimate of when the coin stabilisation and recalculation will be completed. This will have a big impact on the amount of shopping dollars available?

11 months ago
Johnny Cash

Hello ken, good suggestion. Best estimate is 48 to 72 hours from now.

11 months ago
Vasil'ev Sergey

Thanks for the New Year update, JC.

11 months ago
Lyudmila Bogomolova

Thanks for the JC updates. Great plan and great ideas.We must help our economy..Happy New year Everyone!

11 months ago
Radhika Purohit

Great plan for the coming years -2019-20 i wish we all together can accomplish it. Thanks for the blog update and Happy New Year to Everyone!

11 months ago
Bushra Khan

Thank you, JC!
for great plan, great idea. I believe that this will bring our economy to a new high level!

11 months ago
Valentina Troitskaya

This will bring our economy to a new high level! Thank.

11 months ago
Teri Sologoub

Great proposals for the Marketplace and overall health of the Empowr economy, and as always, keeping in mind the negative impact of the Cheaters activities. Some have created their own virtual economy (cells), within the Empowr system. They are established players, buying and selling virtual products from each other or their fake accounts without making any physical deliveries. They call it “exchange transactions” as was proposed to me by several of these cheaters within my circle. Since the introduction of cash advance and transfer outs, they virtually came to life, earning multi millions of mission points, and suddenly became “Top Performers” at the top of the list and possibly reaping all the benefits they don’t deserve.
The new Marketplace features should also deal with this situation, or at least make it difficult for these cheaters to abuse the system in this manner.
Happy New Year to all...

11 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Hello Teri. Thank you for sharing our concern and vision. I want to assure you that one of the biggest lessons we learned in 2018 was about fraud. And we got very good at fighting it.

11 months ago
Adekunle Adejumo

Thanks JC for this great and new innovation, this of course will have a significant effect in improving Empowr economy and the value of coin

11 months ago
Animesh Garai

Happy new year JC, empowr team and all citizen. I wish all a great success this year. Activating market place more, definitely will help whole community.

11 months ago
Joshua VoVillia

Thanks for the update, JC.

Question about the requirement to maintain your receipt. Does it have to be a physical copy or can it be a digital copy. As I buy a lot of items to sell on here from Amazon and they rarely provide me with a physical receipt.

11 months ago
Johnny Cash

Hi Joshua - I am fairly sure digital will work. Full details will be provided in another post soon.

11 months ago
Anthony Obaze

This is an excellent idea with a detailed plan to achieve it. Kudos to Mr President, JC and the team for the great service

11 months ago
Olga Ivanova

Great news! The market has long demanded changes and this will happen! I hope that both sellers and buyers will be comfortable trading. Thank! Happy new year friends!

11 months ago
Valentina Vjatkina

Great plan, great idea. I believe that this will bring our economy to a new high level! thank

11 months ago
Gupta Sri

This is really awesome ! I believe that we have 100% opportunity and potential to meet all the goals & targets defined.

A small suggestion. Is it possible to show all major known issues somewhere so that all citizens are aware that something they noticed is being worked on, so that they can only report something which is not discovered yet? This can potentially reduce hundreds of comments (related to personal issues) and even support requests to SCs. Everyone can focus on productive discussions.

Happy New Year!

11 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Hello Gupta. Thank you for your comment. I don't really think that displaying publicly any known problems and glitches will help citizens or get to solutions faster. In fact, we would be growing discomfort among the community which is not positive. Do you see Facebook or Google displaying their glitches? (and believe me, they have them).
When you face a problem or something that seems not to be working as you think it should, the first step is to report it with full details to your Success coach. In most cases, they will explain what is happening and even explain why that works as you're seeing it. In those cases that your report represents a real glitch or issue, rest assured that will be reporting it. In fact, we are making it easier to report issues for them.
If everyone understands this simple principle, we will create space for positive discussions instead of using the blog comments to present personal complaints or issues.

11 months ago
Muhammad Sarwar

In my opinion, as soon as empowr able to manage a system of local merchants,then the market place will explode 100 times more speedy.people do more trust for just go to local merchant, shop their desired item and pay them empowr coins. And more word of empowr will spread automatically.
Thank JC,Carlos and team ! Happy new year.

11 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Hello Muhammad. Happy New Year. Thank you for your comment. I agree 100% with you. But while we are working on the complex merchant platform we decided not to delay the other improvements in the marketplace.
We believe that building an economy will help citizens and our coin. Step-by.step, all the tools we need will be in place. The merchant program is beign built... "brick-by-brick".

11 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Wow, wow, wow!!! Really love this buy listing idea which makes really sense. BUYER IS THE KING in the first place as the customer and we all are customers who needs most of the time/daily to eat, look good in dressing/well groomed, home improvements and a lot more. This is just amazing to have most of these things if not all to buy in our marketplace. After all, we spend daily/weekly outside and can possiblt change this buy buying here at empowr. Am happy to hear having more moderators/engineers for quality/valid items and legit buyers/sellers. To make it more interesting, I think some negoriation for the item/price will make a great buy/sell results. Also, to complete the transaction, buyers/sellers will be verified first by confirming the code sent thru cell pbone. The marletplace indeed is the key for coin to rise. Instead of asking when the coin will rise, let's start using our marketplace the best source of our needs and wants. After all, this is our home too. Hi JC and to those who gave this idea, my big salute!!! :) Love love it so much. It will be more interesting too for option to list the merchants we need/want. Let's call it ONE SHOP have it all. Simply fantastic because I love shopping too. Wooohooo. Thank you so much JC, Pres. Carlos and to all. Indeed democracy demonstrates at empowr and still need to be in alpha stage for a gold rush and more great minds to be put together for a rapid growth. Now this makes sense for the coin to rise and please don't forget to continue trading too.
If we all become buyer of what we really really need/want, then we are already a winner having a marketplace that address customer's concern (to get what he/she wants). Empowr (with amazing people) really really rocks with unending improvements. Thank you all fellow citizens :) and our mighty SC's.

11 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

In addition to the buy listing idea, a timeframe can be included to avoid item requested being idol and other interested buyer/s (who meets the criteria) will have a chance to buy. Will add more information if something comes up. That's why I love it here.
HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL. Am sure this is our year :)
Love you empowr.

11 months ago
Jeannette Leduc

PLEASE, PLEASE do not make verifying sales with a cell phone a required element of sales.. Many people, more and more with health issues, have had to eliminate cell and smart phones from their environment, to improve their health. EMFs and Wi Fi radiation is a huge health threat, especially to those with a compromised health of which I know many Empowr citizens are already struggling with which is why they are trying to earn at Empowr since they cannot work full time.

11 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Hello Crispina. Thank you for your comment. Glad to see that you share our vision and enthusiasm.
We are buildind our economy around the marketplace activity with the complete certainty that our coin will benefit form it. I totally agree with you... instead of asking "when will the coin price increase"... we need to work to make it happen and ask ourselves.. "what should I do to help the coin price increase". As many start to answer to this challenge, the faster our economy will grow and the coin price will increase benefiting all those who believe.
Hello Jeanette. Thank you for sharing your concern. We will have several ways of verifying the marketplace transactions and will certainly take into consideration the limitations you presented.
Bu one thing is sure... every sale will need to be verified to make sure we are creating real value.

11 months ago
Aliaksandra Laurenka

Thank you JC!

11 months ago
Ola Yinka

Hi Jc thanks for this update. I am happy we are progressing in making the heartbeat of empowr (marketplace) more interesting to use. Thank you again and happy new year

11 months ago
Pete Moss

fantastic ! thank you JC , Carlos and all empowr team ! this sounds great , I have some experience as a seller on empowr, I am looking forward to this , also for my students, very happy about the enlargement of the engineering team , thanks all empowr community - also a very happy new year

11 months ago
Mona Tanneryd

I am very glad that you will introduce the stimuli for the marketplace. That will make everyone, even those that have not done it before - to start sell as much as they can. This idea will make an explosion to the markeplace - making it full of things to buy.

11 months ago
Sonia Madubuko

Thanks a lot JC , Pres Carlos, Brian And Team, Super information Looking forward to this features coming in to marketplace and other exciting features sure this Year 2019 must be bomb to our Coin gradual explode if everyone work together as community we 're...Happy New year Everyone 😍😍😍

11 months ago