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To the Community….

by Carlos Andrade on January 08, 2019

Dear empowr citizens,

A few months ago, I engaged in the biggest adventure of my professional life so far.

That was the corollary of my work on empowr as a citizen and a Success Coach and I am glad I took that step and thankful for all the support I received.

I can say that I am a successful person… unlike others to whom success comes naturally, my achievements in life always came with a lot of extra effort.

And from all the teachings I have gathered through my 48 years of life the one I always make sure to point to my son is that:

“You can achieve anything, if you put enough effort and will into it”



One part of the teachings I’ve collected help me understand when to back off. And this is one of those times!



The Facts

On December 29th, 2018, upon my return to the United States to resume my role as your president at empowr’s offices, I was stopped by the United States Customs.

After a long time waiting, I was informed that my entry was refused due to problems related with my Visa.

I will spare you with all the details. In summary, I was granted a mandatory parole to leave the United States by January 2nd, to which I complied.

As a result, I am writing you these words from my home in Portugal.


The decision

During my short stay in San Diego (after Christmas), I discussed with the team there the options and consequences of my situation and how we should proceed.

Although I received all the support I could have imagined from them, including to continue my work from Portugal, after much soul-searching I have concluded is that it’s simply not possible to effectively manage all the work, updates, meetings specifications being out the office.


The speed at which everything moves at empowr, and being able to keep up to date and manage all the twists and turns that developing a single feature requires is not compatible with the president being away from the office and reachable only through e-mail or skype.

And a new visa would require thousands of dollars in legal fees from empowr, which is money I am opposed to having the empowr community spend at this moment.

For that reason and after in-depth discussion, it is with a heavy heart that I am presenting my official resignation from the role of empowr’s president.

As I’ve stated clearly during the campaign, being empowr’s president was never about power, but always about the work.

And the fact is, that I don’t have a way to 100% ensure that I can produce the work that empowr and all of you – citizens – require, deserve and expect from me.

I have asked Brian Woosley to assume the role of President, and he has agreed to do that, between now and when the next election can take place.


Thank You

Approaching the end of this message, I must leave some well-deserved thank you notes…

To Annet and Bob for accepting the challenge of working with me side-by-side in San Diego, along with all the team there, to build a stronger platform that will be closer to accomplish empowr’s mission. I wish you the continuance of your productive work there!

To Alex, Lina and Edwin, for your help and support in leading the Success Coach program. I am sorry if sometimes my words were harsh! Leading by example requires an extra amount of effort. I chose you and I am proud of my choice! I cherish your friendship and you can always find a friend in me!

To all the Success Coaches: You have a very important responsibility in helping empowr accomplish its mission. Make sure you understand the purpose of being a Success Coach. empowr needs you and expect results from your work. I thank you for having stepped forward and I wish you can continue to deliver knowledge and help to all other citizens.

To all the citizens that approached me in so many ways. Thank you for your suggestions, comments and work.

To Brian Woosley, I know the president role is a stressful one, and you and your family were finally given a little relief from these pressures. I cannot thank you enough for always stepping up, each time you have been asked to, even without monetary compensation.

Finally, the empowr staff at the California office including Brian and JC: I came to know you and understand all the struggles and incredible effort you put daily to deliver every single feature. I am confident that 2019 will be a great year for the empowr community, which you have all selflessly given most of your adult years to! Thank you for all the wise words and for welcoming me to be part of the mission!



It’s time to finish.

I apologize in advance but I won’t be answering any comments and I will keep a deep silence in all my communication channels, including on empowr inbox. I mean no disrespect, but for the first time in years I must take some space and time for myself.

I believe in you, the empowr community of citizens, success coaches and employees, and have zero doubts about the success of the mission, even more so now with the incredible coin stabilization engineering work behind us and the new ‘Buy’ listings about to change the game.

Thank you for being empowr citizens and Goodbye!



Proud to have served as your president,



Elena Ivantsova

Thank you, Carlos.
That's very sad. And we are with you. Thank you for your help

11 months ago
Vani T

Thank you , Carlos for your contribution to empowr

11 months ago
Yahjindu .B . Nwaokeabia

Welcome back Brian Woosley

11 months ago
Adegbola Tanimose

Thank you Carlos for your great efforts and contribution to the success of community. I wish you all the best

11 months ago
Berthollet Cachon

Thank you for everything. I miss you. God bless you.

11 months ago
Paul Sushobhan

It's probably the saddest news of 2019 for the empowrians! All your aggressive contribution to empowr in its moving forward in such a short period will be remembered by all of us. We'll indeed miss you Carlos!!

11 months ago
Ola Olawumi

Thank you Carlos ,for all the effort you have put in

11 months ago
Jo Mas

Thank You Carlos , and have a great time with the family.
It's so sad to hear this news, but we do respect the facts.
Good Luck,

11 months ago
Yolanda Marcos

Gracias Carlos por intentarlo, imagino que no ha sido facil , pero bueno hicistes un gran esfuerzo , eres honesto y por eso tienes mi respeto . Un saludo

11 months ago
Omowumi Jebe

Thank you Carlos for your efforts

11 months ago
Anna Sveshnikova

Thank you, Carlos.
That's very sad. And we are with you. Thank you for your help.

11 months ago
Riad EZ

Thank you Cralos , wishing you all the best!

11 months ago
Valerie Le Bihan


11 months ago
Aura Gabriela Militaru

Thank you Cralos , wishing you all the best!

11 months ago
Nadezda Jevstafjeva

Carlos, I wish you all the best. Goodbye! ♥ ♥ ♥

11 months ago
Adenike Ekundayo

Thanks for all the great work you have done.

11 months ago
Irena V.Dragan

Thank you Carlos for everything you did for us. For all your encouraging words and, of course, I wish you a great personal success to continue! The person must do the most for himself, because this is a point and it counts!

11 months ago
Wilhelm Rothmann

Hi all
Sorry to hear Carlos, it was great having you as our president, always respondingto our questions and the live streams helps a lot, I appreciate the effort and sacrifices you made, a lot changed, stay strong :) and welcome back Brian :)

11 months ago
Willemien Smith

Thank you for your hard work Carlos. We will miss you! All the very best of luck to you and your family!

11 months ago

i miss you. Good bless you Carlos.

11 months ago
Ashok Bagaria

Wish you all the best for your future life. Hope you will work for the success of the empowr behind the curtain.
Life goes on. Bye.

11 months ago
Sergey Yashukov

Thank you Carlos for all that you have done for empowr citizens. We will miss you as president. I am sure that you will not stay away from further developments in the empowr. It is a pity that everything turned out this way, but what you managed to do during this time is a tremendous contribution to the success of our community. Successes to you in all!

11 months ago
Hasan Syed

Hi President Carlos
Defintely a superb contributions!
You will be missed!

11 months ago
Rajesh Kumar

Thank you, Carlos.
That's very sad update. You did a great job for the short time but we MISS you all. God Bless you and your family for your new start, we love you'll.

11 months ago
Daryl Robinson

Carlos I am sure you gave it your best. You did a great job for the short time you had. Bless you and your family, we love you'll.

11 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Your son is definitely proud of his dad and the happiest person this time :)
Your performance Pres. Carlos was just incredible though it's just a short span of time.
The toughest decisions we make in life will give an awesome result.
Thank you so much for sharing your passion, love and technology you shared with us that will definitely help a great 2019 for us.
Good luck!

11 months ago
Kr Hunt

I indirectly received an email from Carlos who said the stringent process of getting a work visa could take up to 18 months. I know it may seem unfair but this should effectively prevent any person not a citizen of the United States from running for president of empowr in the future UNLESS they already have the necessary VISA. I supported Carlos from the beginning and his lost will be felt. Moving forward
2. Has anyone checked with Catherine, the 2nd highest vote receiver if she would like to serve out Carlos term?
3. What are the rules governing this?

11 months ago
Kr Hunt

Say it is not true. You have been doing a great job and I do not want to lose your talents, skills and most importantly passion without putting up a fight.

1. When you say thousands of dollars what amount are you speaking of?
2. How long would it take to clear up your visa issue?
3. Would you be allowed to come back into USA while your legal team works to solve the issue?

To cover the legal fee I would be willing to donate money and I am sure thousands of others empower citizens would as well.

Please get back with me and if you prefer email to Krhunthawaii@yahoo.com. Please put in the subject future of empowr. If not I wish you and your family the best.

P.S. Welcome back Brian but I am manifesting only until Carlos comes back.

11 months ago
Tam Dieu

Hi Kr Hunt! I understand your feeling. We should respect his choice. The decision was given out! I hope he will focus on future again very soon.

11 months ago
Middle Earth

Tam Dieu .... Carlos had no alternative, but to relinquished as empowr president, because the USA visa policy is so stringent and difficult to apply for, and the cost of obtaining a long term visa is phenomenal.

11 months ago
Lyudmila Bogomolova

Very, very sad! Carlos health to you and your family!

11 months ago
Valentina Troitskaya

Thank you Carlos! I wish you success & good luck!

11 months ago
Radhika Purohit

President Carlos i am so sad to hear this news and i pray loads of happiness for you.

11 months ago
Ferenc Balog

Thank you, Carlos.
That's very sad. And we are with you. Thank you for your help.

11 months ago
Teri Sologoub

You've done your best Carlos. We will miss you.This is sooo sad :(

11 months ago
Joya Ray

Dear Carlos,You did a great and wonderful job for the short time,i personally miss you so much i remember you was a dream for all Empowr citizens,Bless you and your family from all Empowr citizens

From Bangladesh

11 months ago
Deborah Rolon

I am very much saddened to hear this. Carlos you did an absolutely amazing job and I will miss you very much.
You did an incredible job for the community and for the success coaches you were very much an inspiring leader.
The tremendous amount of work you put in every area was phenomenal. Thank you.

11 months ago
Yasin Khan

Thank you Carlos for all that you have done for empowr citizens. We will miss you as president. I am sure that you will not stay away from further developments in the empowr. It is a pity that everything turned out this way, but what you managed to do during this time is a tremendous contribution to the success of our community. Successes to you in all!

11 months ago
Marijke Van Giffen

Oh, Carlos. I am at a total loss for words. I admire your unselfish decision which, I read between the lines, has been very painful and hard to make. I so wish things were different for you. I admired all that you have done for empowr and all of us in the relatively short time you were in office. After you have had space and time to refind yourself and your balance I so hope you will come back to use your extreme commitment, talent, and organizational skills from your home base to help achieve the empowr mission and goal again. I sincerely hope that. Your announcement made me cry and I am devastated. We all know Brian is very capable of taking over your job and we couldn't wish for anyone better to step in your shoes but it will be with a different dynamic. Chapeau et a bientot, Carlos.

11 months ago
Oxana Rogutko

I want to say one thing now: See you soon, we are waiting for you :)

11 months ago
Panagiotis Loumidis

When I read this blog my initial thought was.. "Was your Presidency too good to be true"?
I have a bitter taste in my mouth. You have been the light at the end of the tunnel. Are there replacements to carry the torch that you have so successfully lit? I sincerely hope so. Your ideas, hard work, and influence were obvious even before you took the role of empowr President.
I am really sorry and devastated to see you go. I hope that a solution can be found for you to get back to empowr's Presidency (if this is your wish too). It has been an honor for me to serve as an SPV under your command as PC.
I hope that sometime soon we will be able to work together again.
Panagiotis Loumidis GREECE. x-SPV-SC (resigned for personal reasons)

11 months ago
Olga Ivanova

Thank you, Carlos! May luck be with you!

11 months ago
Dr Petra Neisz

Carlos Thank you! I wish you the best! Thanks Brian for steppstepping up.

11 months ago
Neal Walters

Thanks for serving. For those with short memories, this is the second president to resign in the short 2 years I've been with Empowr.

11 months ago
Marie Osborne

You will be missed Carlos!

11 months ago