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Jo Mas

Dear pres. Brian,
Welcome back,
The other day and today, I wish to ask you why the bonus trade is not accurate? What I meant in my message yesterday, was that in trading , the count of trading and the bonus of the trade, on the trade history page & on the user balance "stops counting" even you continue trading, and what I have to finish my daily goal, is to leave the trade completely or going to end that daily goal in bidding. My question is, why it stops ?
Thank you in advance for the answer.

10 months ago
Parvu Chivuta

Welcome back Brian 💝
Could you please explain:
1. How works the bidding system. I mean, from where are taken the amounts to bid, and where returns the amount if I am outbid. Am I able to bid, if my Shopping balance is zero?
2. How many mission points will I get after a sale is complete (the buyer marks it as Item Received)? For example, if I sell a product at the price 10$ (1M coins), I will receive how many mission points?

10 months ago
Valerie Le Bihan

Hi Brian,
Looking Forward To This Live Stream!!...Dear Carlos, I Know You Are Watching!!... I Hope, You Can Get Your Whole Life Back, Including your job, After This Big Fiasco""(.
Brian""): Please Don't Skip My Questions(All The Report Marijke, Send To Her Suppervisor, Are Not Helping)
1- I Heard From My Coach, Every Marked Received Items BEFORE 03-01-2019 won't Be Count In MP&CASH Advance> TRUE?.
2-Yesteday I Had 116,595,695 MP, Two Items Has Been Marked Received> Meaning I Should Have 220,105,695 MP, Insteed, I Have Left: Today:113,680,805. I M A Very Active 5 Stars Seller, Spend Real Big Deal Of Euros, Where Are They?
3-Are The MP, after The Update Based On The Dollars Value Of The Sell Item?... Or On The Empr Coin Value?
4-All My Listing, AFTER 03-01-2019, Until Now Still Not Showing At My "I M Selling Page,
5-Back To The Market Place: I Have 9 Orders Waiting To Be Marked Received(Millions Of MP)BEFORE 03-01-2019, 24 Orders AFTER 03-01-2019, Who Are Still Pending&Became Unpaid, Except For One...And Finally,I Have 12 Oders, Still To Be Send BEFORE The 03-01-2019, I Have Been Told To Dispute Them As Seller, Because They Won't Count With The New Empowr System, And Ask The Buyer, After They Get A Refund To Order Again???>>TRUE?
6-I Started To Trade About A Week Ago, BY LOW, SELL HIGH Right?... Is It Still Worth It To Do?..Because I Never Reach Above The 2%...
RESUME: Please Answer Those Questions, Because I Know..So Many Other Citizens Have The Same Issues!!.. Sorry For The Long Message!>> A Lot Of Issues!!

10 months ago
Valerie Le Bihan

One More Thing, I Have Been FOUNDER For 13 Months On A Row, Can t Offer It Anymore For TWO MONTH NOW>>I have to choose Between My Customers/Trading/Of Founder.. Of Course I Choose For Trading/My Customers> So This Barre Of The Thirdteen Is Not Green.

10 months ago
Valerie Le Bihan

Hi Again Brian...

I Re-Phrase:"1- I Heard From My Coach, Every Marked Received Items BEFORE 03-01-2019 won't Be Count In MP&CASH Advance> TRUE?."..."I HAVE HEARD FROM MY COACH=NOT CORRECT,My Apologizes, But My Question Remanes. Thanks.

10 months ago
Valerie Le Bihan

""One More Thing, I Have Been FOUNDER For 13 Months On A Row, Can t Offer It Anymore For TWO MONTH NOW>>I have to choose Between My Customers/Trading/Of Founder.. Of Course I Choose For Trading/My Customers> So This Barre Of The Thirdteen Is Not Green."

....First, Thanks For Responding.... What I Meent With This Question Was, About The 13 Goals Barres, everything is Green, Except For The Trading One, Still Blue... And The Mission Role, I M Back To Volunteer(After Beiing 13 Months Founder)...Because, I Have A Very Limited Budget: For My Sales&Trading> Means Buying ETH To Grow.. I Have To Choose Between Founder, And Those Other Important Things.

Next Live Stream, I Will Ask Questions, With Leaving Space, Sorry About The Inconvenient.

10 months ago
Riad EZ

Dear Brian
You announced yesterday the empowr system has now been corrected, and all ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ trades and being awarded the trading bonuses.
Please note all the coins I traded today for over 99 billion coins were not listed in the Trade history page and no bonuses being awarded as well.
I noticed this bug still going on for a while with me and maybe for a month now with the same limit level and still is not properly corrected.
Did empowr implement a cap for certain accounts to control and limit coin earnings!! i.e my account as an example. please clarify.


Best regards

10 months ago
Vinod Garg

I am also facing this issue from many days.

10 months ago
Riad EZ

Brian, the issue still there, I have just did many tradings after your presentation and the bounces list is completely freeze, not accepting any entry after 99 b coins, so it is not all tradings will be awarded bounces as you announced yesterday, it seems empowr implement a cap to control and limit coin earnings for high active accounts. I have this feeling it is true as you did not object to this question in my above query during your presentation. I have no problem with that, but please let us know if there is such a hidden control cap implemented.
Thank you

10 months ago

I do not understand why Brian is lying? The bonus trading system on the exchange does not work. Errors in the accounting of the realized trade orders and bonuses are not added to the balance.

10 months ago
Jenni Barley

Welcome back Brian. Thank you for the reminder of the Empowr Hour. I am so hard at work I did not even realize it was Friday!
Hope you have an awesome weekend!

10 months ago
Balool Dewana

Thank you Mr Brain .
Thigs are not working in fair way unfortunately there lot errors if we win jack pot that not created in our shop balance and also my shop balance is zero i transfer out 1 billion coin after 1 hour empowr pull back even they did explain why empowr took my ether from my wallet now i dont ether i cant reseacge and empowr will take why these errors are they doing delebratly you are trubuting to carlos but is this carlos give ghuge harm to empowr in short time of period signs are on kindly check screen shots when write c no satisfactory.
Mr Tahir
create dacoment amount send you the deyail what are you asking just now i win the Jack post aexpert in that you is my sc so report you and
Thank you yes facing the problem because empowr create problem these issue are serious in any site in business the who will as ask i have more 3 Billion coins and that is not possible my coins not used and they take my ether they need ether so that is why deliberately they did this is serious issue w have concerns.
Just now i win the jack pot is added in my coins but added in my shop balance are it is possible empowr put coins in pre coins kindly look in tto matter and slove the my issue below is screen shots.
These screen check and solve my issue if any these empowr is creating problem doing dishonesty whichich is fron then might empowr wil not sustain my because every where have only cry so kindly slobe thank you
kind regatds

10 months ago
Wilhelm Rothmann

Hi Brian
Can you please tell when the pending transfer outs from December will be send?
I was told +- 10/12/2018 I will receive it soon,I did not receive anything
Then we was told in the last live stream +- 2 weeks ago it will be paid in 2 days, but I have not received it
It seems no one have an answer for me I have asked thecoin and my sc multiple times and filled in the from.
I will not ask again, so if you can please tell us what is happening with it, it would be appreciated very much.

Thank you for our president again, hope you have a awesome weekend
Kind regards

10 months ago
Wilhelm Rothmann

1 more thing. Can you also please update your I've bought, it is saying Status: Paid & Awaiting Buyer's Address
, thank you for your purchase Brian, I will ship your item as soon as it is updated.

Is it possible for Empowr to change it so that if the buyer click on pay for item, it is mandatory to fill in there address? Or some other solution to prevent the sale from being pending.

10 months ago

Hey Brian,
If empowr have not enough revenue to manage Visa for Democratic elected president
Why not stop the cash Advance features ?

10 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Hi Pres. Brian can't wait to hear some new updates and will check it out when am home.
Empowr has wonderful people with great minds. Thank you for the update.

10 months ago
Cristea Grigorie Daniel

buna ziua, nici o comunicare! vacanta?
acum 5 zile, am primit inapoi 0.039 etherum
dupa 1 ora banii i ati luat inapoi! de ce?
acum contul nu e optimizat!
cand primesc banii inapoi!

10 months ago
Cristea Grigorie Daniel

cand primesc banii luati din cont inapoi?

10 months ago
Cristea Grigorie Daniel

buna ziua!
am primit suma disparuta din portofelul meu, iar dupa cateva ore a disparut iar , fara sa cumpar nimic , si am portofel incomplet!
chiar asa mare haos este in empowr!
cred ca numai Donald , poate rezolva?
putem fi si seriosi!?

10 months ago
Lesley Sean De Nooijer

Hello Brian,
Welcome Back
Only one question, i am Onix first degree, and to qualify for my Daily goal i have to make 99 bids (same as Pearl star ???)
I tried now several days to make bids and succeed to do my daily goals in 13 hours, but bidding on things i do not need is stupid.
Please in the name of the whole Empowr community, stop this kind of qualifying or lower the bidding so people can has a normal live and come back with pleasure to do their daily goal.
Can you answer this , thank you.
Lesley Sean

10 months ago
Teri Sologoub

Hello Brian,
For the past 7 days, I am unable to complete a new listing. All seems well until I get to the “Settings” window where you enter your selling price, and the system stops, doesn’t “SAVE”. I’ve tried listing different prices to no avail. The delivery preference button, always “Worldwide” in my case also doesn’t work.
I think I have a genuine question, so please don’t delete. I submitted 2 “Forms” regarding this problem, but so far, no response. I’ve also communicated with my success coach who assures me that there should be no problems.
Please look into this as I am running out of options as to whom to ask for help.
Thank you...

10 months ago
Mladenka Rozic

I ja imam isti problem

10 months ago
Ken Spence

Hi Brian, welcome back
Can we please get a detailed explanation of how the recent upgrade was carried out. We assumed from the blog by JC that historical earnings were to be recalculated, however this was not done and many of us are now in the position where all our earnings for the last few years have been devalued and frozen. I appreciate that the future earnings are protected but this doesn't help to pay for items sent in the past. We were encouraged to sell items with an eye on future coin value and many of us have sold items at a loss with this in mind but now the future coin value will not recover these earnings. I hope you can shed some light on this for us

10 months ago
Valerie Le Bihan

Great Question Kedn!!.. Have The same...

10 months ago
Muhammad Sarwar

Hi Brian, welcome back.

10 months ago
Md. Shakil hossain

welcome Brian C Woosley
I hope you are doing best.
Trading bonus not credited correctly ,,,,check again

10 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Try again Sakib - should be working.

10 months ago
Ken Spence

They work for a while, then they stop again - frustrating when it stops you getting to the next bonus level

10 months ago
Md Azharul Islam


10 months ago
Md. Ariful Islam

Thanks a lot for remind me and welcome back Brain hope you are doing best.

10 months ago

Provision for the swapping of the coins (Empr to Empro) is only provided for citizens with Empowr Accounts. What provision do you have for investors that not have empowr accounts? ". This is exactly a question I want to ask. becos , many of my friends invested money to purchase only coins. I have purchased coins for them also. so what happens to that as they invested much amount to purchase empowr coins and waiting till now.

10 months ago
Shannon Dingemanse

Hello Brian,

If the coin is so low that it is impossible to send a product for that price + shippingcost (are with tracking 23 Dollar Nearly 2 Billion Coins) , why is the Marketplace then more important then getting the coin at a better price, Is it possible to Ask the people to stop selling their coins for low prices and hold them, and as Empowr stop bringing in new coins. If you can give us limitations to our accounts, you sure can do that, or Not?

10 months ago
Personlab Yb

it’s a bad idea to stop selling coins, because people have billions of coins in their hands, if people stop selling them, the market will never rise. Cash infusions are not enough to buy all the coins when the price rises.

10 months ago
Middle Earth

Looking forward to the live stream tomorrow morning. I'm sure everyone will have questions about the changes and the major issues that has caused malfunctions within the empower platform.

10 months ago
Henry Hriczko

Hi Brian,
I am going to start with a well wishing to Carlos and A big thanks to your team and yourself Hard work is not recognized as much as it should be and to all who work their fingers to bone, I'll thank all EMPOWRINIANS as well. Being that the mission is so powerfully appreciated by my own aspirations..
My Writing at this time is to submit Two request proposal to initiate.
1. A coin buy back mentioned prior for the good of the coin stabilization and price.. "No matter how big a company may be every penny counts, that is a fact."
My coin balance is substantial, I want to be clear that My interest in success of the mission is supported 100% by my actions.
Therefore I would like to propose as partial buyback and gifting of my balance for the success of the mission all of my coins & pre-coins. Please consider this adoption, Details of this TBD to better all regards concerning finances of EMPOWR mission success..
I feel that their are many others who will jump on board and gift back to EMPOWR all of the same coins they have to make the mission a success.
Secondly I propose that consideration for my next Idea and ultimately a boost towards the success of EMPOWR
With all do respect, I understand and submit with all do respect to the current leaders idea s and implementations.
Here it is,
I have thought with the need for Mass exposure and adoption t see aggregation in numbers to achieve the GOLD RUSH Network effect, The fact is that we have to consider joining forces and inviting to the table a GIANT like company..
I am certain additional parties or companies are out there that without bias would consider adopting and joining forces to some extent for a massive increases in either missions goals or bottom line..A Win Win situation.
The details are lets say linking to an auction company that has an established mega client base,
Lets say a company that has an all world no one should be starving approach to philanthropic opportunity.
Improvement = equals opportunity
opportunity exists only if acted upon.
Giants like EBay and Amazon utilize this networking approach.
With the upcoming engineering improvements this is the perfect opportunity to consider what a chief IT engineer will say leave room for expansion while you are expanding .
Lets say the Ultimate goals are the same as the competitors, Lets make allies out of one of our competition and work with A GIANT to broaden on expansion and success of EMPOWR mission. I have already mentioned who I would like to approach.
Companies who want to be GIANTS don't go it alone..
I'd like to say also My appreciation for recent interaction with Mona Tanneryd A success coach with Excellent skill and True commitment. She has what it takes to grow the peoples who need help, beyond that her assistance and guidance is superior.
She gave me her undivided attention and is just wonderful.
I thank you Brian and Mona my coach for your time and considerations.
Henry Hriczko

10 months ago
Surekha Suryawanshi

Nice for learning

10 months ago
Harideepak Sagar


10 months ago
Harideepak Sagar


10 months ago

I think waste of time nothing here coin is already going to 00

10 months ago
Mukhtar Bhutta

Good post.

10 months ago
Shailendra Singh

Thanks Mr. Brian for this nice guide.

10 months ago
Gennadiy Beloglazov

Good post

10 months ago
Ernest H

Hi Brian, now that earnings in EMPR are constantly adapted I wonder what happens with pending purchase/sale amounts. Pending to me means reserved and at the time these amounts became pending they were already deducted from buyer's shopping balance. Let's say when buyer bought product it costed X number of coins. Then buyer got the product, marked as received and in coins it is now 100 times more worth. What will happen with the pending earnings when they will be released to seller's balance? Will buyer have to pay the price difference in coins? Or were pending amounts adapted every time the coin value changed, so actually the buyer does not have to worry about paying more and not having the required shopping balance at the time transaction is marked as received?

Second question, do we need shopping balance to bid on auctions?

10 months ago

My COT problems is still unsolved from the date reported November 20, 2018. I need more than 10 hrs to complete my daily goals without solving it. Its not possible to spend 10hrs a day is impossible by any one in this planet, so I am unable to complete my daily goals. I think soon my account will be dormant ? Then all my investments and efforts will become 0 right? Why my problems is not concerned and solved for past 60 days ? Here is the conversation with my SC : http://profile.empowr.com/Mail/Thread.aspx?ID=5472376380.

10 months ago