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Elena Ivantsova

Thanks Brian, for this information.

10 months ago
Chad Guevara

Greetings President Brian, I would like to make my questions brief & short..
1. At the initiation of the Coin stabilization update of Jan. 3, most if not all our Shop Balance became zero up to this time. Those are proceeds from sales and winnings from the Mission Wheel. Where did they go and are they still going to be returned to us?
2. From the same period up to the present, we are continuously charged with "Funds Reserved for Purchases" everyday, and at times even twice a day for about about $6-7K. even during the update when we are not bidding or buying anything. Can you clarify this issue? I have already submitted an issue report on this but no response to date.
3. Grand price winnings from the mission wheel are recorded in the Balance Details and posted in the Profile page. However, they are not added in the PU Balance. kindly clarify this. An issue report has also been submitted but no response to-date..
Thank you, more success and more power for all of us...

10 months ago
Ammad Khan

hi brain
since Jan 3 i`m not getting a single coin or cent to transfer out nor getting any coins to shop ..when i asked my coach she replied that she is also getting nothing...also in live chat two more coaches said that they are getting nothing...
then i want to ask how the .... is getting cash advance..supply was around 30T then and now it is 60T...
please answer my question

10 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Thank you Pres. Brian for the reminder. Am glad I.can watch. It's PA day and no wirk :)
Excited to hear the questions/answers and update.

10 months ago
Frank Joseph Okonkwo

Thanks Brian for the update. However, I want to know what has happened to over 49 million empowr coins in my saving vault, $4. something dollars in my ether balance, over 150 million coins from goods that I sold and supplied, and 17 billion coins I won from the mission wheel spinning and to which I have complained to my success coach, Madam Susan O, which uptill now has not reflected in my balance nor ether wallet.

secondly, I sincerely suggest that the we should place a limit to the amount of coins the community should mint after the initial withdrawal of all the empowr coins (12 trillion +) currently in circulation and of course place a more realistic cost of the coin . The idea of $3,500 per coin is seriously too high. Unless, the idea is to ensure a fast withdrawal of the trillions of coins currently in circulation.

I remember vividly your emphasis on how to ensure a steady growth on the empowr coin when it was initially launched, the theory of more people using the coins to ensure a steady increase on the price.

10 months ago
Sergey Yashukov

New coin - a step forward in the economy empowr. But what about those coins that were won on the mission wheel and are not counted on the balance? Will these coins be added and in what proportion? How to deal with those transfers to the external wallet that have not passed and are waiting? For the period of withdrawal - it was a good amount and now it is almost nothing. Will these issues be resolved?
Successes to all with a new coin!

10 months ago
Ken Spence

Hi again

Regarding marketplace sales - I now have a page full of unpaid items. Only one item that I have sold since the upgrade has been paid for, the rest are either still waiting for buyer decision or already marked unpaid. Do you have a solution for this?

10 months ago
Ken Spence

Hi Brian

Any chance the withdrawal limit can be increased. $1 to withdraw $5 is not worth it at the moment

10 months ago
Daniel Amechi

Hello Acting President Brian,
1. Kindly update me regarding my suggestion to bring back President Carlos when empowr has gathered enough resources and not venture into a new election.
2. Coin value is still a problem. I suggest empowr to reduce transfer out to the barest minimal, then buy up most of the coins in the market and let it become scares again - This may help the growth of the coin. Too much supply in the market makes an item valueless. My opinion.
Thank you and well done.

10 months ago
Kr Hunt

I asked Carlos how long it would take to get his Visa and he stated 9 to 12 months. Effectively his term would be over. Unless this changes future presidents may have to already had a visa in place or are a citizen of the USA. For what it matters I think I will be running for President.

10 months ago
Tatyana Okuneva

Thanks Brian, for this information.

10 months ago
Sankar Pore

Thanks Brian, for this information. I will see the live update.

10 months ago
Priya Goyal

Hi Brain,
On 16 Jan i am trading on ddex. At between of my trading i see that my CSV balance showing negative figure. I have more than 33.85 billions coins in my CSV and all are gone. This is the screenshot of balance in CSV that are shown to me now in negative figure http://prntscr.com/m8yv87 . It seems like that all my efforts on empowr are waste now. Now you announce the new coin but all my old coins are gone. Please solve this issue.

10 months ago

Provision for the swapping of the coins (Empr to Empro) is only provided for citizens with Empowr Accounts. What provision do you have for investors that not have empowr accounts? ". This is exactly a question I want to ask. becos , many of my friends invested money to purchase only coins. I have purchased coins for them also. so what happens to that as they invested much amount to purchase empowr coins and waiting till now.

10 months ago
Hes Forest

Sounds good,. Kinda Confusing but It will all work out.
Get Negative people to calm down and stop freaking out.

10 months ago

Que tengan feliz noche comunidad empowrian

9 months ago
Asim Kg

Thanks Brian

10 months ago