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Hello empowr citizens,

empowr is launching a new coin, and it’s called the ‘empowr orange coin’  – or EMPRO.

Everyone will be able to swap their current (EMPR coins) for the new EMPRO coin.

Today, I will explain HOW the process will work – meaning how you will be able to easily swap your old EMPR coins for new EMPRO coins.

But first, as always, I will explain WHY it’s important to do this.

(Oh, our newest citizens and/or coin owners: To understand the empowr coin strategy and approach, I strongly suggest you read this blog post).



Why launch the new EMPRO coin?

As you may know, everyone has been working to ensure 2019 is an explosive year for the empowr community. 

 At the center of our expansion will be growing our economy and marketplace at an exponential rate month over month during 2019 and 2020.


One of the many, many steps towards making this happen was the coin stabilization process, which now allows marketplace sellers (and everyone else) to retain the full monetary value from their earnings regardless of the empowr coin’s price on the exchange.

The next step, that’s currently underway, is the massive engineering project to cut the cost of our computer servers and infrastructure.

That project is expected to complete around the end of this month – only 2 weeks from now.

When complete, this will enable us to grow significantly without growing the cost of our computer infrastructure as much, which means our citizens will not be burdened by extra costs resulting from the growth. I’ll keep you posted on that effort in the days to come.


Another cost our citizens are currently facing, is the $1 (USD) cost for cashing outs. While $1 by itself isn’t a very large cost, it adds up to a much bigger number if you’re cashing out many times every day.

Wait. Why would anyone cash out many times every day? 

 A major reason is that there is a limit to how many coins a citizen can cash out at once. (That limit is 1 billion coins per cash out).

For example, if you wish to cash out 15 billion coins today, you’ll need to cash out 15 times, so it will cost you $15 USD (in addition to a lot of your time).


And yet another cost that is emerging for citizens, relates to the ‘spread’ on the currency exchange. The spread is the % difference between the lowest price they can buy coins, and the highest price they can sell at.

Coin swap:  The new empowr orange (EMPRO) coin

As you can see in the above image, the lowest price that someone is selling the coin, ends with 291.  And the highest price someone is willing to pay to buy coins, ends with a 290.  The difference between those two numbers is 1 which is called the ‘spread’. 

Since the difference between those two numbers (1) is nearly half of one percent of the coin price ( = 1/250), it means that if you were to buy X coins and then sell X coins, you would lose approximately half of one percent (0.5%) of the value of X coins.


The solution? A coin swap

As a solution to those last 2 issues (cash out costs and the spread %) we are launching a new coin and swapping everyone’s old coins for new coins.

When everyone can cash out as much as they want (and not need to pay many $1 fees), and when they are not facing a 0.5% loss from the spread, this will help make cashing out and trading cost less for everyone.


In addition to earning up to 7% bonuses on all of the coins they trade, the launch of the new empowr coin will help make trading more cost-effective and/or profitable for everyone.


Introducing empowr orange

The new coin will be called empowr orange (EMPRO).

Current EMPR coins will be swapped for new EMPRO coins.

At the time of the swap, each 1 trillion EMPR coins will be worth 1 EMPRO coin.

That means that, since there are now approximately 12 trillion EMPR coins...

... after the swap there will be 12 EMPRO coins:  https://etherscan.io/token/0x029606e5ec44cad1346d6a1273a53b971fa93ad6

Since the 12 trillion EMPR coins are currently worth about $35,000 USD, the final 12 EMPRO coins will also be worth around $35,000 USD.

That means that, immediately after the swap, one (1) EMPRO coin will be worth around $3,500 USD.

Below, we will discuss how you can easily swap your EMPR coins in your empowr balance and Ether wallet to the empowr orange (EMPRO) coin.

For now, just remember that for every 1 trillion EMPR coins in circulation, 1 empowr orange EMPRO coin will be distributed.


To be clear, this is merely a coin swap:

Everyone will end up with the same exact share (% of the overall supply) of EMPRO coins...

... equal to the same share (%) they owned of all the EMPR coins.


How will empowr change as a result of this new coin?

Almost nothing will change in empowr.

Here are the only items you need to be aware of:

1) Transitioning the orange EMPRO coin into the empowr platform:

Also at approximately 2PM PST (10PM UTC) on Friday, January 18th, the new EMPRO coin will integrated into the empowr platform.

The transition time will take a few (4 to 6) hours.

During the transition time, your Coin Savings Vault will be locked down.

That means that, during that 4 to 6 hour transition period:

·         The EMPR coins in your Coin Savings Vault will be automatically converted to the new orange EMPRO coin.

o   The conversion rate is 1 trillion EMPR to 1 EMPRO.

o   Example: If you have 1.23 billion EMPR coins, you’ll have 0.00123 EMPRO coins after the conversion

·         During the 4-6 hour transition, you’ll be unable to shop with any coins in your Coin Savings Vault

·         During the 4-6 hour transition, you’ll be unable to transfer coins in or out of your Coin Savings Vault (meaning cash out, cash advance or transfer out)

Once the integration is complete, we will add an update to the bottom of this post, so you know that the process is complete.


2) Everything else in empowr:

After the transition process, any time you choose to view the value of something in empowr coins, it will be the value based on the empowr orange coin (EMPRO) and not the old (EMPR) coins.


3) Lower fees for transferring out:

Given the 1 billion coin transfer out limit and the increased price of the new EMPRO coin, the amount of coins that citizens can cash out will now be virtually limitless, which means the $1 USD gas fees will be a much smaller percentage of the amount transferred out, and you won’t need to do many transfer outs to complete a large cash out.


This will make transferring out much easier and more affordable for all empowr citizens moving forward.


4) empowr orange (EMPRO) coin trading on DDEX:

Within the next 24 hours you can expect the new orange (EMPRO) coin to begin trading on our currency exchange DDEX.io

 For the first several days after the new EMPRO coin launches, you’ll be able to continue trading the original EMPR coin on the exchange.

However, effective approximately 2PM PST (10PM UTC) on Friday, January 18th, you’ll only receive trading bonuses for trades of the new orange EMPRO coin.

Then, sometime next week, the trading of EMPR will be halted on DDEX entirely, in order to reduce confusion for everyone.



5) The spread on the exchange: As a result, the minimum difference between the lowest seller and highest buyer, will now go from 0.5% to something much, much smaller – almost zero -- something like 0.0000000001%. 

That means that you will no longer lose 0.5% every time you buy and sell coins.


How to get the new empowr coin?

With the automatic conversion of your EMPR coins in your Coin Savings Vault to the new orange EMPRO coin, within the next 24 hours many of you should have the new orange EMPRO coin available to transfer to your Ether wallet and even begin trading with it on the exchange.



But what about the EMPR coins you have outside of empowr (in your external wallets)?

Within the next 24 hours, you’ll also have the ability to transfer your EMPR coins from your external wallets to your Coin Savings Vault.

When you do that, your inbound EMPR coins will be automatically converted into EMPRO coins and saved in your Coin Savings Vault.


Wait! That’s what we’ve been asking / waiting for!

Along with this automatic conversion of EMPR to EMPRO, the ability to transfer coins back to your Coin Savings Vault from your Ether wallet has been a feature that has been requested by many citizens for a long time, so we’re excited to finally get that feature to you.

To be clear, that means that you’ll now be able to transfer EMPR, EMPRO and ETH from your external wallet into your Coin Savings Vault!

Keep in mind that your Coin Savings Vault will only hold EMPRO, so any EMPR or ETH you send will be automatically converted to EMPRO and saved in your Coin Savings Vault:

·         When you transfer EMPR in, the conversion will be 1 trillion EMPR to 1 EMPRO.

·         When you transfer ETH in, the conversion will be based on the current exchange rate (of ETH to EMPRO) on the currency exchange.

·         And of course when your transfer EMPRO coins in, the ‘conversion’ will be 1:1.


Once they are in your Coin Savings Vault, your coins can be utilized to shop in the marketplace,

or transferred back out to your Ether wallet whenever you want,

including when you want to trade them for local currency.


How to transfer coins back into empowr

So, exactly how do you transfer EMPR, EMPRO and ETH coins from your external wallet to your Coin Savings Vault?

Simply visit your transfer out page...

... and in the ‘Transfer from’ pull-down, scroll down to select your desired wallet...

Coin swap:  The new empowr orange (EMPRO) coin

 ... choose the type of coin you wish to transfer in (EMPR, EMPRO or ETH)...


 ... enter the amount of coins you wish to transfer...

... then click “Continue” to import your coins to your Coin Savings Vault.


As always, you’ll also be able to purchase EMPRO coins directly on empowr and receive the buy 1, get 1 free founder coin deal.

Bonus: When you transfer ETH into your Coin Savings Vault (and you automatically get EMPRO saved in your Coin Savings Vault) you’ll also automatically get the 1:1 free founder coins deal!

Example: If you receive 0.5 EMPRO coins from transferring in ETH, you’ll also get 0.5 EMPRO founder coins added to your founder coin wallet.



What’s next?

With the coin stabilization process now in place, after the launch of the new EMPRO coin tomorrow:


·         marketplace sellers will now feel even more financially secure with every sale they make

·         everyone won’t need to do (or pay for) a lot of transfer outs in order to complete one large cash out

·         citizens won’t face a large spread % on the exchange.

As a result, we’re one more step closer to the launch of the new ‘Buy’ listings which will be rolled out within days after the completion of the server infrastructure project.

If you haven’t studied the upcoming ‘Buy’ listings, take a moment to do that now...

... as you’ll very likely agree that it just might change EVERYTHING you know about empowr, social media and online commerce.


And, after you give it more thought, you’ll see how it will help the empowr community (you!) complete the mission and reduce inequality on the planet.

Combined with -- and powered by -- everything else we have built together, one brick after another, it really is that big a deal.


In the meantime, as we get closer to the launch of the ‘Buy’ listings, this is a great time to think about what you want from the empowr marketplace.


Simply visit your favorite e-commerce sites and browse the things for sale there, and create a wish list and/or bookmark some items that you’ll want to create ‘Buy’ listings for.


Those looking to make profits with their money, start thinking about how much profit (and/or profit %) you wish to make with your money, so that when the new ‘Buy’ listings are live, you’ll already know exactly how much profit you want, and therefore can be first to grab the best (most profitable) listings.



Until next time – if there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know.


UPDATE (January 24,2018):  You can now transfer in your EMPR coins to swap for EMPRO.

Additionally, we have now placed a limit on the number of bonus coins that can be earned from trading each day. Starting today, once you have reached the 7% bonus level for the day, you will have reached the maximum number of coins you can earn for the day.




Elena Ivantsova

Thanks you so much Brian, for this very great update .

11 months ago
Yahjindu .B . Nwaokeabia

Good update Jc

11 months ago
Adegbola Tanimose

Thanks for the update, Brian!

10 months ago
Abdul Shakoor Bhatti

Great Brain...! Empowrd Brain with Empowr orange Great.....Really Great....Empowr Community Need that Brain to be success...Brain Best of Luck and Empowr Community is looking for the success of the Empowr through Brain.

11 months ago
Dinesh Yadav

Good job love you Empowr

11 months ago
Uyo-obong Okon

Thank you Brian for this wonderful idea. With the lunching of EMPERO coin it indicate that 2019 will be a great success to the community

11 months ago
Jo Mas

Good morning Pres.Brian,
First of all. I really see a great work done in Changing the currency from the EMPR to EMPRO.
My question (2 in1) that I have today is:
Why our "payroll" when spinning the Mission Wheel and getting COINS, goes these days somewhere? I guess to the matured coins instead as "advanced coins" like before? Is there any review for that issue or changes? And what is the matured coins delay for founders? 3/060/90 days or Zero?
Please accept my best regards to you and all the work that Empowr Team is doing
Waiting for your answer?
Thank you in advance.

11 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Hi Jo,
Nothing has changed with the mission wheel - when you win coins, those are added to your currently maturing balance. Since you are a mission founder, any coins earned will mature in 30 days after the month they are earned in. Hope that answers your question!

10 months ago
Jo Mas

Well yes pres. Brian .
Thank you so much, But when Carlos was a president I was so sure that the mission wheel Coins were added to our Coins Vault.
Why? I guess we need to replunish our marketplace with these coins will help so much, in the past (Lost month) I was lucky and the wheel gave me 10 billion of coins but never been added to my balance , we send a DOC. and today I heard you very well no more retroactive adjustment.So We hope having that 30 days delay accurate and been adjusted to be sent to the COINS Vault ! I have below the benefits of buying the founder, let's talk frankly about:
As a Mission Founder, you'll enjoy the following benefits:
1- Earn the most from posting and sharing >>>>>>(Pre-Coins)
2- Earn the most from hitting your Daily Goals and the Mission Wheel ((Coins/Pre-coins) I am so often at 2K max on the mission wheel instead of 3 k BIG PRIZE like other founders)
3- Transfer out the most coins, (I notice that even the non founders are having this option) enjoy the most shopping and the largest cash advance>>>>>>30 day coin maturation<<<<<<
4- 10 times larger bonus actions and visitors( Well I doubt it a bit, cause these days , I am having 11 orders as pale green orders that I am going to send you proof ,these orders been made 10 days ago and taking place instead of the real buyers, reason may be is : 1- Either made to stop the sellers to benefit from them orders 2- Or only to try ? These new people that I notice are a majority of new non well known how to buy? New=Orange or max green PU))
5- Free mission points: 1,000 monthly or 12,000 yearly(This option is no more interesting to be honest!)
Because we had in the past $500/600/700 per month as PL bonus and for the 12 non stop month I will be also green and nothing as Bonus for? (This option also for me and others is non valid !)
Please , pres, Brian I urge you to review these when you have time, because many of users are thinking as I will, next month will stop buying the founder.
I am asking : When we pay to be founder I guess these 30 days is not a great privilege/benefits ! Any hope reconsidering as that was in the election promises to make that at ZERO delay?
My best regards.

10 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Hi Jo,
Apologies as it's very difficult to read all of that when you don't include spacing.

I believe you are questioning the value of being a founder, which is shocking considering how much value it provides. To address your specific points:

1) The prizes on the mission wheel are many times larger as a mission founder (they automatically are more than double what lower mission roles get).

2) The cash advance and available to shop in the marketplace balance are also increased many times based on your mission founder status, compared to lower mission roles.

3) As you earn your months in a row bonus, you do earn up to $500 in larger cash advances and available to shop in the marketplace balance - so earning mission points definitely does matter.

I think perhaps you are so used to being a founder, that you may just think the amount you are earning, cash advancing, etc is normal for everyone, but I can assure you it's not. Hope that helps.

10 months ago
Berthollet Cachon

Thank you for this update, wishing a re-evaluation for the new coins.

11 months ago
Nadezda Jevstafjeva

Thank you Brian & team for the wonderful update.

10 months ago
Patric De Nooijer

Hello Brian,

Interesting move, introducing a Coin Swap
Just a few questions, which gives us a more CLEAR thoughts on the way Empowr moves.
1. Is this coin also unlimited, or only 12 available? This answer will give you a boom or a die on the exchange.
2. is it still a token or a coin?
3. What happens with the Coins currently maturing: e͈̎2,520,361,314,382.21 is this transferred automatically to 2.520 Empro?
4. Is the 30, 60, 90 day maturation still in place?
5. Are all transfer out restrictions/limits lifted so what goes into your saving vault , can be transferred out and in without limitations?
6.Can you make an Blog why people want to join Empowr, what Extra give it to their live, What can Empowr give them in the social way to contact and talk to other people. So what can Empowr mean for the world, instead of a promise.

Please see this not as an attack but as to create a balance and prosperity and clear thoughts for the People so they can keep up with all chances and Grow and pain, they had to go true in the last years.
Thank You Patric

11 months ago
Brian C Woosley

1) The initial supply is 12 EMPRO. In accordance with our mass adoption strategy, that supply will grow as needed over time.
2) Not sure what the difference is - it is the same as it always has been, just a new smart contract
3) Correct - everything in your empowr balance will be converted to EMPRO
4) Yes - everything is still in place
5) Yes
6) Not sure what this post is for? We have written at length and created many videos answering all of those questions. Please clarify.

10 months ago
Patric De Nooijer

Let's forget the 6th question.
A more interesting question is, if the Founder mission-role fee of $99, finally can be paid from our maturated coins or Coin savings vault, this would be a great relieve for many people and Empowr shows that they accept the EMPRO as a part of the mass adoption.

10 months ago
Ola Olawumi

Thanks for the update.

10 months ago
Vasil'ev Sergey

Thanks for the update, Brian.

11 months ago
Ammad Khan

hi brain
since Jan 3 i`m not getting a single coin or cent to transfer out nor getting any coins to shop ..when i asked my coach she replied that she is also getting nothing...also in live chat two more coaches said that they are getting nothing...
then i want to ask how the .... is getting cash advance..supply was around 30T then and now it is 60T...
please answer my question

10 months ago
Ammad Khan

hi brain
now i`m even unable to open my balance page...what`s going on

10 months ago
Rajesh Kumar

Thanks Brian,We hope you will do the best for the community!

10 months ago
Ovi Rahman

Hope so.

10 months ago
Kr Hunt

Welcome back Brian and thanks for the update.

I believe creating artificial scarcity can raise the value of the empowr coin and I definitely support stabilization of the empowr coin. However, going from 12 TRILLION EMPOWR coins to ONLY 12 EMPRO coins I believe is somewhat extreme and could be a costly mistake. I suggest somewhere in the middle say 10 BILLION EMPR to 1 EMPRO coin to 1 as that would make each coin worth about $3.16 each cents each. That would also mean the top 500 holders of the nearly 42,500 EMPR holders would receive at least 1 EMPRO COIN. Keep in mind when Bitcoin first came out that the inventor Nakamoto maximum supply would eventually be no more than 21 Million. In my opinion if Bitcoin had only 12 coins they never would have had much value let alone reach $19,300 their all time highest value reached in 2018. I would also support a ratio that would approximate the number of Bitcoins. A ratio of 20,000,000 EMPR to 1 EMPRO would result in 600,000 EMPRO and about 1400 (3%) of the 42,500 EMPR holders would have at least 1 full value EMPRO coin.

Lets look at the facts. empowr caused the inflation by creating 12 Trillion EMPR coins. The top 100 holders of EMPR control about 85% of the 12 TRILLION EMPR and the top 2 holds 46% of that 85%. Most likely the 2 top holders are empowr itself or people like Johnny Cash. Only the top 2 would receive full value EMPRO coins as none of the other 98 holders come close to 1 TRILLION EMPOWR coins. As this greatly affects all citizens I believe a drastic change such as this should have been first discussed as often through the discussions better decisions and choices are forthcoming. Democracy is what empowr claims they are about but often they simple made decisions receiving no input from its citizens until after the fact. That is not democracy to me.

I would like to know who cam up with the 1 trillion to one ratio and what the rational is based on? I have never seen such extremes in any business that wishes to be taken seriously. It seems one could start out with a lower ratio and raise that ratio much easier than drop it with far less harm to the coin value and a far less emotional roller coaster to its holders and citizens of empowr.


11 months ago
Daniel Amechi

Hello Kr Hunt,
I totally agree to what you said. The ration is detrimental to majority of the empowr citizens and many of us do not have 1 billion coin in our possession let alone 1 trillion. I think this ration between EMPR & EMPRO needs to be re-examined. I want to say that is this decision stands, a lot of citizens may loose interest. Please empowr, this ration between the 2 coins is out-numbered.

11 months ago
Dr. Rafiq

Hello Every One
Dont worry about the EMPRO Supply it is not a Maximum Supply it is initial supply, With the passage of time it will increase as shown in first empowr coin..So please don t be panic,,Empowr Management have to implement constant strategy, but they have implied strategy about the empowr, day by day i will see twists and turns in the strategy, this platform is treated as a fun not for any serious purpose.

11 months ago
Gunjan Kushwaha

Dear sir Brain , I won mission wheel prize $ 1300 ( 66,045,332,500.15 Empowr coin ). But my coin is not received. Please help me & click this link -- https://prnt.sc/m1ng9z

10 months ago
Omowumi Jebe

Thank you Brian for the great update

10 months ago
Anna Sveshnikova

Thanks for update. We are already waiting for changes

11 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Hello Brian! Glad to see that the path is being implemented as designed and scheduled. I truly believe that now is the time for all citizens to think what is the point of transferring out all their coin. With the preparation of the "wanted" listings, there's no better moment to wait and use our coins mainly inside our economy.

With this coins Swap citizens are given a new opportunity to help stabilize our coin price and value it. But that is only possible if we refrain from massive transfer outs and start using the new coin in the marketplace.

Think now or don't complain later.

Long Live empowr!

11 months ago
Alexvs Ruiz

Oh Carlos! You have missed a great opportunity to remain silent.

11 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Jeremia... Yes.. Trade is very important.... but... do you need to transfer out ALL your coins to trade? Or can you keep most of your coins inside to use in the marketplace and use some part (only) to trade?

Be smart!

11 months ago
Valerie Le Bihan

Hi Brian,

I Didn't Realised When I Delete My Comment From Few Days Ago, That I Also Deleted My New One, Your Response, And Sabina"s.. But Oke, I Start Again.
I m Still Here, Only I m Slowing Down... I Apolgize To You, And The Community...(My Green Barre From Beiing A Great Citizen, Is Yellow Now), If I Offended Anyone, Also Me, Have A Breaking Point... My Coach Has Send You Few Differente Documents, About My Issues.. Never Got Any Answer.Not That I Know(I Have A Very Great Contact With My Coach).

They Are Not Only My Issues Anymore... This All Thing Is Going Beyong Bugs&Internet Issues.... I Will Ask My Coach To Send You A New One, My Balance Is Decreasing, Since 03-01-2019... I M An Active 5 Stars Seller=No Cash advance, Even That I Also Used To Hit My Goals Every Single Day, And All My Sales Are Pending&Unpaid... Ecetera..

I Really Still Hope , We All Will Succeed...

10 months ago
Eva Kiss

Thanks for this update. A conversion can absolutly contribute to the stabilization of the coins and their value rising.

10 months ago
Anthony Onyia

Job weldone Brian.and J.C
1) And i strongly advise you to stop the trading bonus immediately for both buy/sell since the new system is working on the spread. That alone will guarantee traders profits.

But if you still wish to continue the bonuses, then you need to set selling trading range, buy can earn bonus all time but sell should only earn bonus when sell within the selling bonus range and the sell bonus range will be changing time to time. Otherwise history will repeat itself, if we keep giving bonuses to those selling coins at ridiculous prices, it means we are encouraging them to carry on.

As we move forward, we need to redesign how cash out works.
Cashing out unlimited amount is good but we need to make cash out once in 7 days.
If i cash out today, my next cash out should be in 7 days time.
We need to use this opportunity to change the things that is affecting the coin price.

3) it will be better when the cash out process is closed for this swapping, it should remain closed until every single bugs that erupted from the last system upgrades is fixed and every transfer out coins pending on blockchain and recorded as pending in balance page is fixed so that everyone can have a clean slate.

This is my opinion, but please read carefully and if possible study it with your advisers before you decide.
Thanks once again for this new change.

11 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Hi Anthony,
Thank you for the thoughts - will definitely be discussing with others here to see how we might be able to implement some of your ideas.

11 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

This is a great idea. It'll be a fresh start of empro coin that will for sure bring a great success in 2019.
Amazing feature indeed. Thank you Pres. Brian. Empowr rocks!

11 months ago
Dr Petra Neisz

Thanks for this update. A conversion can absolutly contribute to the stabilization of the coins and their value rising.

11 months ago
Ludmila Alexandrova

Thanks a lot for this update, Brian and Team!

11 months ago
Ferenc Balog

Unfortunately I can not see this option - http://prntscr.com/mbnbif

10 months ago
Zhanna Beloshapko

Thanks you so much Brian, for this very great update .

10 months ago
Animesh Garai

Thank you Brian and congratulation for this one more success towards empowr mission. Definitely swapping will be the one constructive step.

11 months ago
Irena V.Dragan

Great news, thank you Brian!

10 months ago
Enirual Dlonra

With a 96% drop in the EMPRO and 41% drop in the EMPR in the last 24 hours I would suspend any more rewarding those who sell. Reward should be only to those who buy.

10 months ago
Johnny Cash

Lucky, you have no idea what you are talking about. I suggest that you stop the paranoid accusations.

10 months ago
Saad Shakil

Hey brian
amount in the wallet and as of updated in empowr is not the same
it is not updating , i have refreshed numerous of times
kindly check it please

10 months ago

Thanks you so much Brian, for this very great update .

11 months ago
Sergey Yashukov

Thanks for the update!
I hope that the new coin will bring success to our community.

11 months ago
M Manoj Kumar

hi sir i am manoj
i have some idea, in empowr webpage give some small task work like mturk,crowdscorcing,microworker,etc., they give task work,they are image to text receipt transcription, web search they so many work are give in the website they give amount $0.10 to $0.50 ,you give some task based work they are automatic to spread in youtube to trend and more people visited our website and amount give on empowr coin to automatic increase coin value because more are in jobless.VISIT AMAZON MTURK WEBSITE GET SOME IDEA, (www.mturk.com).
why i tell them, most people are not give work on india,asia etc., they lot of people are waiting to work,you will use it thank you

10 months ago
Valentina Troitskaya

Brian thanks for the update

11 months ago
Valentina Troitskaya

Brian thanks for the update. I want to ask: what will happen to the coins that were withdrawn from Vault to Ethereum’s purse in December 2018, but were not received, what the documents were written about.

11 months ago
Marie Osborne

Thanks Brian and the team for the update.

10 months ago
Rakib Khan RK


10 months ago
Aliaksandra Laurenka

Thanks for the update

10 months ago
Lyudmila Bogomolova

Thank you, Brian and the empowr team for the update.

10 months ago

Thanks for the update. The key message is that our coin value remains the same and hopefully will remain stable wth time. The game changer will be the buy listings and a fantastic marketplace where sellers get quick returns and buyers find good quality products.

10 months ago
Ken Spence

Hoping this all works

2 questions

I have a pending transfer of 1 billion coins that is still not paid after 1 week. Will this be sorted as part of the coin transfer?
I have 3 sales waiting to be marked received - how long do we have to complete these sales?

11 months ago