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Elena Ivantsova

Thank you very much Brian , for the new update

26 days ago
Jo Mas

Dear Brian, our president.
Thank you for all you are trying to do in this crucial time of big change in EMPOWR history.

1-I see that swap of EMPR to EMPR-O was a great transition in Trade . What I noticed that users do not know how to use it?
to trade yet? it's different than the old way when we were on EMPR. My question is : Can we have a manual sent to every one by e-mail or as usual an announcement to know how to trade with the new way on DDEX ? (In My first day of trade when EMPR-O launched I spend 2.5 ETH to made the equivalent of my 99 bids to finish my daily Goal, cause was that we had no way to transfer from EMPOWR account to our wallet on DDEX)

2- When are we going to be capable to transfer our BONUS trade to our wallet on DDEX. Is that possible to make it work? We need to replenish our wallet with what we got as bonus please and make more trade?

3- I am back with my question of last week, where is the CASH ADVANCED? I am selling and since the 3rd of Jan , today we are the 25th and no cash advanced, is there also any hope to get the cash advanced at time and SOON?

4- The Mission Wheel prizes is our right to have it paid and added as Cash advanced not sent to the Coins Maturing where we have again a 30 days to wait and to be paid? Can you please rectify and fix one time for ever?
Thank you so much in advanced.
Best regards

25 days ago
Me 882

Same ,got nothing in cash adbance since 3rd Jan

25 days ago
Lakshminarayana N

Dear sir
I am Lakshminarayana.N, Since two years i am doing this work and since one year i am selling products worth 2000 usd. But till date i have not received any amounts. As per 3rd jan.2019 my balance page showing cash eligible for more than 800 millions but today showing only 0.01 usd please see the today screen shot. http://prntscr.com/mf3rid . Please advise me when can i get my old balance coins to my account. Always showing zeros in all coloums other than pre coins. awaiting for your judgement.

19 days ago
John Cringle

Hi Brian, I am still waiting for responses to my forms that were filed after the 01/03/2019 update for activities that have occurred since that. I am still being charged a daily pending bid charge every day of $5200 in addition to my coin wins just disappearing. Do you want me to start filing daily forms for all the mistakes that are still happening on a regular basis? I can do that if that is what you wish. Trying to be patient, but when my inquiries are brushed aside as if they were made by someone of lessor intelligence it becomes hard to be patient. As for the performance of our new coin I think that pretty well speaks for itself.
One thing you folks at HQ may want to consider is that noting that has an infinite supply will ever retain value. Put a hard limit on the amount of the coins that can be released and you may see a big improvement in the performance of our coin. If you do not or you go back on your word it will not improve but only get worse.

26 days ago
Valerie Le Bihan

Hi Brian,

I Won't Be Able To Watch The Empowr Hour Live..(Private Matther)... Will Watch It Tonight, When I Come Back.... My Coach Is Going To Make A New Doc...Again.

1-Why Are You Still Letting Citizens Bidding With No Shopping Balance?.. This Is Terrible For The Market Place, Only Pending&Unpaid Items.(I Bid To Hit My Goals, On Low Bids, I Will Never "Break A Sale).

2-Those Who Are Bidding Very High, And Don't Pay Are Always The Same Citizens!!... I Don't Know What To Do(Send Them Messages..But They Don't Care)... What Happend, To The Fees, For Unpaid Items.

3-When My Customers Marked Received (I Know You Need A Week, To Check If The Sales Are Legit), Where Are My Dollars, Cash Advance, To Be Able To Have Funds Again For New Sales?

4- The Same Goes For The Coins You Win, At The Wheel, They Used To Go, Directly To The Shopping Balance&Cash Advance.. Were Are They Now?

5- And Finally, I Have Customers Who Doen"t Mark Received!!.. If I Dispute.. The Mission Points Always Goes To "All Time MP" Not Into The "30 Days MP... This Is Not Fair Too Me... Because I M About To Hit My Third Month Mission Performance, And That Way.. Its Never Going To Happend... Have To Start All Over...Again.

I Have Try To Make This Message, So Clear As Possible.
Thank You For Hopefully Clear Answers.


26 days ago
Crispina Palopalo

Thank you Pres. Brian for the reminder. Really love to always know the updates/changes.
Hi everyone :)

26 days ago
Wilhelm Rothmann

Hi Brian
Can you please help me with thse question?

1.For what is the deductions from my maturing coins? I had $250, now there is $175.
I understand bidding counts as pay now $0 and I sponsor all my bids with free shipping, so can you please explain for what is it?
Please note I don't have a mission role

2.Eth is being deducted of my wallet and I can't get a mission role
I want to buy a mission role, but I am scared to deposit more eth for the mission role and then it is not there when empowr wants to deduct the eth for the mission role,so can empowr please change it so we can pay it manually? Or with coins or stop the deductions?

Kind regards

25 days ago
Wilhelm Rothmann

Hi Brian
My country and community's profile page says unknown user(instead of the names),so I can't bid because there is no daily goals.
Do you know why it happens? And can you please ask Empowr to fix it?

1.Empowr South Africa
2.Legit sellers with 5 star ratings

Have a nice weekend
Kind regards
Wilhelm Rothmann

26 days ago

Thank you very much Brian , for the new update

26 days ago
Jenni Barley

Thank you for the reminder Brian. I will be there to hear your expert answers to all the questions.

26 days ago
Roy Mitchell

Hi Brain
Can you explain to the Empowr community that when they are buying or selling the coin on the exchange that if the add a .05 to the best bid price it will not cost that much more but if everyone do it the price of the coin will start to go up Example ( if the price is .10 then buy or sell at .15 ) and so on . It will counter who ever is bidding the coin down on purpose

26 days ago
Giuseppe Beati

Thanks a lot Brian for the new update

25 days ago
Zhanna Beloshapko

Thanks Brain for the update.

26 days ago
Tatyana Okuneva

Thank you very much Brian , for the new update

26 days ago
Sankar Pore

Brian, Thanks for the update !!

26 days ago
Semande Maria

Thanks for sharing this

26 days ago
CharlesYan BitcoinTravel.world


As of today, we have the EMPR coin and the EMPRO coin.

How long will the EMPR coin remain active?

Do you have a timeframe when the EMPR coin will become inactive?

How much notice will we have to trade or transfer the EMPR coin before it goes inactive?



25 days ago
Nagalakshmi G.v

Thanks Brain for the update.

26 days ago
Sakib Sheik

Hello Sir,
Good day..
I'm one of the empowr coin trader.
Everyday I'm trading Lot of coin Estimated value -( 50-100) Eth.
But For my Final Examination Everything Stopped( 7-10) days.
At least 2 wewks I can See I'm not getting any Cash advance.
I think other empowr user maybe Same issue.

But Why no Cash Advance. Still Coin Balance $600.
How many days later or when Cash advance live??


26 days ago
Nahid Hasan

Thank you very much Brian

26 days ago
Olusola Agboola

Thanks for the updates,there will always the need to reflect,re-strategize,re-invest new ideas before
perfection come. The snag is-we must be ethusiastic,focussed and be relentless. It is going to be

25 days ago
Sergey Yashukov

Hi Brian! Those who made confirmed sales before the introduction of the new coin received millions of mission points (recalculated in coins x 2) and a green bar of the mission goal. Who made the sale after the introduction of the coin - received few mission points (recalculated in US dollars x 2) and in order to achieve the goal of the mission this month is clearly not enough. Will this issue be resolved?
And unfortunately, mission points do not come for all confirmed purchases.

26 days ago
Andrea McEwan-Tuller

Hello Brian, i have been observing the new coin- it was quite high and now it is quite low. Why is this so?

26 days ago
ITz Lam

Two times i have submitted my issuse report .this is my 4th months .No reoly has been yet recieved . A few times i top up and the money has going to empowr ether walllet and still i have not recieved any thing . I am too much hurted and sad from empowr and hope will be continue further qork untill i dont recieved any posditive response .and fixed date to issue money to me .

23 days ago
Hamza Imran

Hi Brian, your process to recruit new coaches is very slow, I have been submitted all the details two months ago and I am getting one answer, "wait wait and wait" please do something

26 days ago
Md. Ariful Islam

Thanks a lot for the reminder Brian.

26 days ago
Cristiano Dal P

We thank you for this powerful information

7 days ago
Tamila Qurbanova

Большое спосибо Брайн

25 days ago
Gennadiy Beloglazov

Good post

25 days ago
M. Durgaprasad

Hello Brain old citizen unhappy earnings compare then new citizen can you focus that?
Why our new empro coin cost down fall too much Can you explain me?

25 days ago
Lyudmila Sukhanova

Thank you very much Brian , for the new update.

25 days ago
Lucky Okubor

Hi Brian,
I have asked JC certain questions which he technically avoided, instead he explained the reason behind the shutdown in the ability of the community to swap Empr to Empro. However, I would like you to please clarify the following to the Empowr Community who had dedicated their time and money towards this project:

1. What triggered the catastrophic fall in the price of empro from about $2,500 to less than $50 within 48 hours of it launch?

2. If the total Empro supply was 12 coins for which about 8.5 coins in the hands of investors were yet to be swapped, why did Empowr unilaterally increase the coin supply to 82 empro without the knowledge of the community, considering the fact that Empowr is a democratic platform?.

3. If the intention of Empowr is to make the coin value less than $100 per coin, why did it valued the coin at over $2,000 per coin at launch?

4. Based on all these prevailing circumstances, what do you think would be the perception of crypto community about Empowr, especially investors who bought the coin at $2,385 or above?

26 days ago
Alexvs Ruiz

Hi Lucky,
Thanks for your smart comment. You have hit the kern.

26 days ago
Сергей Назаренко

Thank you very much Brian

26 days ago