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Elena Ivantsova

Thanks for the update, Brian.

10 months ago
Jo Mas

Hi pres. Brian and all The Team,
I am here today only to hear you and see if there's any changes coming up.
Thank you for what you are trying to do as the best you can in this crucial period of time.
I've sent you yesterday an e-mail concerning the trade and bonus earned of EMPR-O that when we need to transfer them to wallet it won't arrive at all?
Why? Either a red message received on Etherscan.io form referring us to ask the sender about? Or not arrive at all and stays in yellow color (PENDING) on our balance record and when you check it back in many hour you see the amount is is already taken from your Coins Vault and nothing arrived to that DDEX wallet?
Please , is there any way to review my situation.
Thank you so much in advance.

10 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

Hello Brian, hope you will have a nice weekend.
Just to ask, are we still following the equivalent of 1 trillion empr = 1 empro?
I ask because the value of the EMPRO is also moving downward.

10 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Thank you Pres. Brian for the update. Glad I will be able to watch live today. Can't wait to hear the new updates/changes and the questions and answers.

10 months ago
Valentina Troitskaya

Thanks for the update, Brian

10 months ago
David Bruyland

Thanks for the update, Brian.

10 months ago
Ken Spence

Hi Brian
I don't want this post to be taken negatively but I have some concerns and hope that you can address them

1 Almost every item I purchase ends up in dispute as the seller does not send it
2 Almost every item I sell ends up unpaid by the buyer
3 Almost every trade I make has no bonus paid

Will the new update address these issues?

Secondly, I want to ask Empowr again about the situation regarding the coin price freeze.

We were actively encouraged to sell our items with an eye on the future value of the coin but once the price was frozen, this value was locked at a very low point meaning that we can never recover the sales value even if the price goes back up. I still have 3 items to be marked received and their current value is around 1 million empr (the current value is not even going to register in my account when they are received

Even the small amount of coin that was transferred out into the external wallets became worthless overnight due to the new coin crashing within 2 days

I appreciate that the future value is protected on new sales but we have never received an explanation from Empowr as to why we have to swallow these losses. All we hear is that this is an alpha project and that is fair enough but it would be nice to hear from the company that they value our past efforts and even offer an apology to those of us who have been actively supplying the marketplace for years and now find ourselves in debt to the tune of thousands of dollars

I am finding motivation very hard and this month I have had to cancel my founder fees as I can no longer sustain the losses. I hope that you can appreciate my concerns, I am sure that I am not the only one in this situation

10 months ago
Neal Walters

Yes, seems like penalties should be huge for not shipping a sold item, and not paying for a won item. Those are the people that "ruin" the system. People are bidding prices up wayto high for worthless trinkets, then not paying for them. I see no problem selling a piece of cheap costume jewelry for $2 to $10, but people are bidding $40 to $300.

10 months ago
Neal Walters

Las weak Brian reminded us of the option to limit people with unpaid purchases. I uses that on every auction, but new first-time offernders are slipping through on almost all my auction items. Facebook sometimes puts people in "Facebook jail", maybe they could loose their ability to share and post for a day, or don't show their profile to other users for a day, or some such punishment.

10 months ago
Siv Hemmer (NL Citizen)

Please Brian, don't continue with the dormant accounts in Empowr. Its too harsh and people will struggle to keep up their motivation.

10 months ago
Muhammad Sarwar

Hello Brain ! I want updates on bidding. as in one of the previous announcements ,it told that bidding will be no longer compulsory for daily goal hitting or it may be decreased in numbers. So please have any update on it. I am unable to T.O as all balance is refreshed daily due to completion of 100 bids. And it seems it never become matured. If I does not T.O how I will be able to trade.
Hope you will comment on my concern as usual.

10 months ago
Raj Kumar

Hello dear sir I don't want to buy empro . I only stay with empr old coin. Many people want stay with this coin. What do you say about old coin. Thanks Raj Kumar

10 months ago
Sankar Pore

Thanks Brian, for the information.. I will be present during the live telecast..

10 months ago
Anitnelav 2013

Thanks for the update, Brian.

10 months ago
Prabhakar Kanumuri

Hi, When will the buy listings start.

10 months ago
Md. Shakil hossain

Hello Sir,
Trading Empowr orange coin now really too risky. Same addoption like EMPR.
I Already losses ...... Now I'm no more interested for buying again.
And it's also dissapointed that No cash advance getting. I know about 13 factor like Sales,advance mission role,Trading etc.
Everyday I'm trading but why no cash advance.
How we rocover losses?
I can't purchese any product , After won the bid it's Auto unpaid. Even I have shopping Balance & Eth also.

It's really dissapointed that Empowr give too many benefit their Success Coach.
Please provide much more Shopping Balance.
Thanks for update

10 months ago
Nahid Hasan

Thank you very much Brian , for the new update

10 months ago

I have sold 454 things in 2 years. I've spent about $ 5,000 for this. I haven't got that money back from Empowr. I've got $ 139 on my balance (coin fully matured), and I'll never get that money out of Empow...
The question for you Brian- why?

10 months ago
Rene Zich

Thanks for the update.

10 months ago
Otmane Souraj

Hello to mention we in Morocco can not buy the ether of the sites known only buy in crooked ways, which is costing us only a little time to activate thanks.

10 months ago
Sergey Yashukov

Hi Brian! Due to the fact that this month a lot of changes were introduced in the work of the site - many profiles of empowr citizens work with errors. Mission points for sold and confirmed goods are not awarded, many citizens are not able to make a purchase - the product instantly becomes red (unpaid), and much more. This is quite understandable technical works and I am sure that everything will be corrected and will work well. But because of these flaws, most citizens were deprived of the opportunity to fulfill the mission goal this month.I think it would be fair to leave the goals of the mission of citizens unchanged in February. (Of all the empowr citizens in the world ranking, about 70 people have a mission goal this month). I hope that you make the right decision. Thank

10 months ago
Otmane Souraj

Hi Bryan
Jamil What you are doing to the community and you will enter history from the wide door and you and all the workers here I have a request if there are many citizens could not switch to the new currency not because they do not want but go beyond the etherium and please extend the time limit to avoid loss It hurts the reputation of the site because the people of the people are trying to get a lot of effort to get the old currency and we are afraid of losing it. I hope you understand and thank you and all employees of Al-Bawwar without exception

10 months ago
Ibrahim Karofi

Same issue. I transferred all my available coins from external wallet to Empowr so that they can be swapped, instead of going to coins saving vault for immediate swap, they went to maturing coins and have remained there since the introduction of EMPRO. One other thing, why is it difficult to activate one's wallet despite having more than $2 ETH in it?

10 months ago
Sylvie Atisse

Same for me. I have swap all EMPR coins to EMPRO but they do not appear in my balance till now. They are marked as successful transaction in my wallet but my wallet shows no more EMPR and no EMPRO. I don't know where they're gone.

10 months ago

I don't want to abuse you but you are the killer of my dreams and emotions. I bought 200000000 empr coins now the total price is 0.25 dollars and I don't have enough ether to exchange or buy empro. shame on you if you are no eligible to handle this then leave it. and this is your perormance with empro https://neironix.io/cryptocurrency/empowr_orange

10 months ago
Mojam Ali

Hello Brain!
At fast I want to give you many many thanks for your new version Empro coin.
I want to ask you? As in one of the previous announcements, it told you stable coin price but it was not stable now a days. So please take it stable.
Also I want to ask you? About coin trading? please try to understand that many man not came in trading platform came hare only few person and they take high risk and those few person try to incise coin price so please not take any hard decision about them .

10 months ago
James B,

Hello Brian I had fill out some of my issues in a Google form and submit it cloud you please check the responses to help me out

10 months ago
Md. Ariful Islam

Thanks a lot for the update, Brian ! ! !

10 months ago
Lưu Thi Uyên

Tuyệt vời cảm ơn mình sẽ cố gắng thôi

9 months ago
Сергей Назаренко

Let's hope that the project will please us.

10 months ago

С начало продали нам монеты по 0.01 $ кто и выше покупал) потом их сожгли ) молодцы! так держать! 1 трилион на 1 монету )) круто придумали и что нам делать? ещё денег вам дать? вы и этот empro обменяете потом)))))

10 months ago

У меня крадут эфир буквально сразу как только пополняешь для того что бы активировать аккаунт "Complete account" , мало того ничего не платят три года теперь и тырят) спасибо

10 months ago
Gennadiy Beloglazov

Good post

10 months ago
Lyudmila Sukhanova

Thank you Pres.
Да, с 99 бид работа бесполезна, специально что ли, чтобы дневные цели нельзя было закрыть. жаль

10 months ago
Vishal Kumar

Hi empowr team there should be option by which we can buy mission roles from our coins withot selling it to the exchange nad then paying it to the comunity

thanks and best of luck for future

10 months ago
M. Durgaprasad

Dear Brain,
I have an issue my balance deducted with out bidding http://prntscr.com/mf64pl, http://prntscr.com/mf64ya, http://prntscr.com/mf658y, total it displays and also my maturing balance+ founder http://prntscr.com/mf661k this issue somany days please salvo my issue as early as possible.

1. why did you promise empowr coins cost rise $10 in December? now you told us our EMPR coin delist coming soon this is cause to our empowr citizen + investors total all disappointed

2. also our new EMPRO is day by day down fall why? this is cause to all upset should you focus on that? i want your answer please because i upset

10 months ago
Vishal Kumar

same thing has happened witth me also i won an auction without bidding on that product
i told he mater to the seller she also cheked my earning details and she was also amaged after knowing this plzz solve the problem

10 months ago
Lady Woo

Hi Brian,

With regard to empr still held in external wallets, might I suggest that, rather than deactivate empr, it be allowed to continue to trade on exchanges for non-citizens who already trade it, and for citizens who might still wish to hold it in external wallets.

A dual currency system could exist, much like the CUP/CUC system used in Cuba. The locals/citizens of Cuba use the local Cuban peso (CUP) while tourists/visitors have a convertible version (CUC).

I envision a scenario where, with continued improvement, the empowr marketplace becomes as attractive to non citizens as, say, Amazon or eBay, and offers them the opportunity to purchase goods or services without actually having to become empowr citizens. Perhaps, rather than bidding, non-citizens could only have the buy option. This way, sellers in the empowr marketplace (who have to be citizens) would have a larger market for their goods and services.

As and when needed, the empr could be converted into empro for non citizens to make their purchases in the empowr marketplace, just like tourists to Cuba convert CUC to CUP in order to purchase most local goods and services. Citizens who still hold empr could either use the buy option to make a purchase, or they could transfer in their empr for automatic empr conversion.

I think this would be beneficial to the expansion of the empowr marketplace, as well as allow for continued utility of the empr coin to non-citizens who have no intention of becoming citizens but have an interest in the empr coin and (by extension) it's utility in a functioning economy - which set it apart from other cryptocoins. Once we enter Beta and have a more stable and established platform and economy, it may even encourage some holders to become citizens (maybe so that they too, can bid and sell in the marketplace).

All payments to citizens (i.e. bonuses, mission points, etc.) would be issued in local currency (e.g. empro). No bonuses would apply to empr trades on exchanges.

Just my thoughts on the matter.


10 months ago
Anastasiya Gatilova

У меня 2 предложения:
1. Не переводите счета в "неактивные" всего лишь за 1 "плохо" отработанный месяц! Делайте перевод по истечению 3 месяцев! В жизни бывает всякое!
2. Уменьшите же наконец количество BID хотя бы до 10. Эти 10 будут гораздо эффективнее нынешних 99!

I have 2 suggestions:
1. Do not transfer accounts to "inactive" in just 1 "bad" spent month! Make a translation after 3 months! In life there is anything!
2. Finally, reduce the number of species at least to 10. These 10 will be much more efficient than the current 99!

10 months ago