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Crispina Palopalo

Another important live stream to watch for the update/changes.
Thank you so much Pres. Brian.

9 months ago
Valerie Le Bihan

One More Thing Brian, Please Note That I Always Have Paid From , When I Started As Basic Orange, The Highest Mission Role (At That Time, It Was Platinium&Diamont)... And Until 2/3 Months Ago The Founder Role... Must Count For Something?

And I Wanted To Ask You As Wel, When The Empowr Hour Doesn't Have To Many Questions(Like Last Week>>The Live Stream Ended In I Think 2O Minutes?)... Why Don't You Take The Time, To Tell Us More About Everything, The Whole Team Is Working So Hard About?.. Just A Tip.
Thank You So Much.
I Really Hope Empowr Will Get His Act Together, Because I Used To Love It Here......

9 months ago
Valerie Le Bihan

Hi Brian,

1-This Is The Link To My Profile:


Please Check It, Because My Coach, Never Received Any Feedback About All My Issues.

2-This Is My Balance, With My 13 Barres...Can't Be All True(Except For Trading&No Mission Role=Can't Pay For It Anymore).


3-This Is My "I Have Sold Page>> Please Note, This Out Of Her Mind Citizen "Agnes".


4- The Spammer Are Massale Back!!... What About (What Is Left Of Us), The Great Hard Working Citizens?... We Don't Get Paid, The Great Sellers Should Be Rewarded(In Dollars), For There Sellings, The Systeme Still Doesn't Mark Pending Items Unpaid...

5- If I Understand Correctly, You Need To Have All 13 Barres Green For Cash Advance?... Even If You Are A Good Seller Like Me, With Honest Earned MP?.. This Would Explain Why I Have Less Than 50 Dollars Cent Cash Advance Since Your Update 03-01-2019 ?
The EMPR Has A Higher Value Than The EMPRO (I Don't Bother To Trade Lately), Can't Offer Mission Role Anymore... Meaning I Have Been Wasting My Time&Money For The Last 27 Months...Working Arround The Clock 7/24?

Really Like To Know Brian, Because I M So Upsaid For Monts Here, It Is Affecting, My Already Bad Health Big Time.
And I m Not The Only One.


9 months ago
Valerie Le Bihan

Dear Brian,
Thank You For Answering Most Of My Questions... But My Coach Made Already Few Docs To You... Never Got A Feedback,
And Question 3-... Is About The Citizens Especially One Who Keeps Buying, And The Items Stays Pending.


8 months ago
Ibrahim Karofi

Hi Brian. I won 4 grand prizes of winning from the mission wheel (2 grand prizes of coins and 2 for precoins), within the last week of December and my SC told me he has written a document of complaints and forwarded same but till now i haven't received them. Should i write to complain again? Have a lovely weekend

9 months ago
Wilhelm Rothmann

Hi Brian
1.My buyers is complaining that they do have enough funds to pay for my items,but when they try to pay for it, it goes to unpaid, Can empowr please check it?
Please note that there settings is set on Spend my coins before using my Ether wallets

2.Can you please explain to me where does the funds come if we get money available to shop,Is this from my previous sales or from my coins won on the mission wheel

3.Can founder citizens withdraw all there mission wheel winnings after +- 60 days? Even if there 13 bars is not full/green, or does the 13 bars impact the 30 days maturation?

Have a nice weekend and thank you for always helping is Brian

8 months ago
Andrea McEwan-Tuller

Hi Wilhelm, your funds are taken from your "currently maturing coins" whenever you buy an item in the markerplace.

8 months ago
Claire Pagano

Hello Brian,
Can you please tell us if ALL out balances are now established against the US $ or is it only coins earned through sales that are protected? Ie are the coins in our Saving Vault and our Legacy Coins protected from fluctuations also?

8 months ago
Andrea McEwan-Tuller

It doesn't seems so, that our coins are protected from fluctuations.

8 months ago
David Bruyland

Thanks for the update, Brian. I'll make sure to watch the live-stream.

9 months ago

I am unable to access the update

8 months ago
Sergey Yashukov

Hi Brian!
To date, the distribution of coins occurs through the mission wheel at random. The person who recently came to the project - may receive several maximum wins for 1 month and a person who has been in the project for several years - within a few months may not receive a single maximum win on the wheel.
I propose to consider the introduction of such a function:
16 completed tasks - the account remains active
20 completed tasks - X coins bonus
25 completed tasks - 2X coins bonus
30 completed tasks - 3X coins bonus

60 completed tasks (in a row) - Z coins bonus
90 completed tasks (in a row) - 2 Z coins bonus
And so on. This would provide an incentive to complete daily tasks.
There are a lot of questions about the site’s work, but I hope that after updating them there will be less.

8 months ago
Teri Sologoub

Hello Brian,
You have mentioned many times that the focus currently is on the development and growth of the Marketplace and not the Coin. My question is, How can this strategy work?
In order for a developing economy to succeed, it must have a stable currency. The value of EMPRO have declined significantly and heading towards another EMPR.
Here’s my problem. When I sell my goods at real market value, I would like to return the funds, (hopefully with a little profit), to my local currency in order to replenish my stock. At the moment, that is not possible.
For example, when cashing out $100 worth of sales we’ve made, we should expect $100 worth of coins we can trade and convert to our local currency. What we’re getting currently is $100 worth of coins significantly reduced in value at the point of transferring out. By the time iit gets onto the blockchain, the $100 worth of goods we’ve sold is worth next to nothing. As a result, we don’t get our funds back to replenish our stock and have to invest more of our own money if we want to keep supporting the Empowr economy. This situation is 109% due to the instability of our coin.
I guess, the point I’m trying to make here is that a “Marketplace first”option must run in parallel with a “stable coin”. You can’t work on one and ignore the other. Our focus must be on both if we want to succeed.
Just my thoughts

9 months ago
Andrea McEwan-Tuller

That is what i have been saying too Teri.

8 months ago
Tatyana Okuneva

Thanks, Brian for the update.

9 months ago
Sankar Pore

Noted ... Thanks for the information...

9 months ago
Andrea McEwan-Tuller

Hello Brian, would it be prudent to go back to using paypal. The crypotocurrency is definately not working out. I am losing money every time, whenever i put ethereum in my wallets.

8 months ago
Parvu Chivuta

Hi Brian, ALL my transfer out bars are green, except the 10th (it is yellow) - which means that empowr citizens were complaining about my behavior in the community and/or marketplace (that is so NOT TRUE!),
However, what should I do in order to be a greater citizen of the empowr community (so that the 10th bar turns to green)?

9 months ago

Hi Brian,

What about pending transfer out coins that i not received yet to my wallet??? Please check this issue. It is showing still in yellow color. Here is my wallet= 0x16a9B92B431C5eeb2175c365cF93C6058671f490
So please sent my pending transfer out coins.


8 months ago
Ken Spence

Seeing that 1 trillion emprs is worth $3500 and rising and 1 empro is worth only a few cents and falling, why would anyone want to swap their coins?

9 months ago
Muhammad Fayyaz

Thanks, Brian for the Update.

9 months ago
Jenni Barley

Thanks for the reminder Brian. I have so many issues with my account that I will have to write a newsletter.
1. My transfer bar is yellow, (was red) yet I have never said or done anything to harm empowr or any citizens.
Screenshot:==> https://prntscr.com/mlgq77
2. See also how my buyers and sellers rate me:==> https://prntscr.com/mlgupa
I have approached my SC with this and he said that he has not received any complaints against me.
I would appreciate it if you could look into this matter.
Thank you Brian.

8 months ago
CharlesYan BitcoinTravel.world

I am confused about the coins. Please explain:
Aren't all of the EMPR Coins supposed to be swapped for EMPRO Coins?
There are still EMPR Coins in circulation, along with EMPRO Coins.
Will all EMPR Coins be swapped out for EMPRO Coins, so only EMPRO Coins remain?
If so, when will the Swap be finalized?
Please explain the plans for both coins.

9 months ago
Juergen Klein

Hi Brian. Since start of this year I have counted in my " I´ve sold" page, 5 sold products, 6 unpayed products, and 25 pending products. Is that the the sense of the marketplace ? And why I have here no actions menue, where I can start a dispute, like I have it in the " I`ve bought " page ?

8 months ago
Agha Nnamdi

Noted. Thank you.

9 months ago
Logan Viper

i am not getting my trading bonus properly, some are getting and some are not. when will this trading bonus issue will get resolved?

8 months ago

Thanks Brain for the updates

9 months ago
Shevv Sm

Helloo, my etherium from my wallet has automatically sent to empowr wallet

8 months ago
Md Hoshain

Why we do like and post how this like and post help EmpoWr to earn money?
Why EMPRO still now not listed in Coinmarket cap?
What benefit Empowr get by doing force trade ?We saw when we do trade for get bonus coin that time EMPR coin rate down and now we facing same issue with EMPRO
Empowr said for swap EMPR to EMPRO we did it now we saw that Empr rate stable and empro going down day by day why?
Why still now EMPR coin in market if u keep EMPR alive so why u said for swap?
Whats your planing to bring more investor in EMPRO when coin rate going down day by day.
Empowr gave a coin prediction some day ago for EMPR how/why you gave this prediction when u going to bring EMPRO ?
We are confused which one your main coin EMPRO OR EMPR ?

8 months ago
Sodabeh Badri

Thanks for the update, Brian. I'll make sure to watch the live-stream.

8 months ago
Сергей Назаренко

Ok. Thank You

8 months ago
Mahadeb Das

cash advance not appear after buyer item received mark sinces 15 days gone

8 months ago

Why there is no option to cancel auto upgrade for Power lever or to cancel the auto buying feaure of any Power level?? Maybe we want to conserve precoins when we can't be active for a long period of time ...

And also why there are no fun and easy methods to transform precoins into coins??

8 months ago
Gennadiy Beloglazov

Good post

8 months ago

I have brought EMPRO when it was 20ETH . Please give my money back. Is it your main business to create and sell coin only ?

8 months ago
Vikas Kurrey

We getting EMPR coin or EMPRO coin through mission wheel?

9 months ago
Anitnelav 2013

Thanks, Brian for the update.

9 months ago
Bobbyr19 / Ruth Malanowski

Brian, I transferred $250 or 23.53 Empro coins to my Savings Vault a little over a week ago. Today my SV still shows 23.53 Empro but in USD they are now valued at $2.60. I thought with the new system the $ value would remain the same, the # of coins would fluctuate. Please explain why the opposite is happening? Ruth

9 months ago
Md. Ariful Islam

Thanks a lot Brian for the update.

9 months ago