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Claire Pagano

Thankyou Brian,

I asked a couple of weeks ago about how the Legacy Coins payouts where calculated and you said the amount released each month was determined by the 13 factors. But this month's Legacy Coin amount released was the exact same as last month even though I had massive improvements in the 13 factors. And everyone I have asked has received that same ($250). Is this an over-site in the system? Maybe the technicians haven't activated the algorithms that calculate our Legacy Coin release amount yet? Can you get this activated please so we can start getting our coins?

Thankyou very much

8 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

5Happy to watch the live stream tomorrow.
Thank you so much Pres. Brian for letting us know.
Excited to hear the Q&A and some updates.

8 months ago
Wilhelm Rothmann

Hi Brian
Can you please explain this, Say a seller sold an item on 1 January and shipped it, the item is received on 1 February, on 1 March has the product's funds matured then for 30 days or 60 days?

Or when will a seller(with 90 days maturation) have all the product\s funds fully matured to withdraw in that situation?If he/she does not get a cash advance

Have a nice weekend

Kind regards

8 months ago
Wilhelm Rothmann

Can you also please tell me what will happen with the Legacy coins currently vesting on 5 August?

Mine will take more then a couple 100 years to release,is there maybe a solution to this problem?Or can empowr increase the limit to more then $250 a month ?

8 months ago

I buy hare http://prntscr.com/myd0kd your coinbut iy was not give me cashout it was panding http://prntscr.com/mufp3k



8 months ago
Marie Osborne

Hello Brian, I understand that there are no emails or messages from the empowr team at this time. No bought or sold listings are also not presented on the "I've Sold" and "I've bought" pages. Could you advise what will happen to our bought or sold items and how this situation impacts on our recorded community reputations?

8 months ago
Sergey Yashukov

Hi Brian!
1. To date, only 3 people have completed the mission goal for this month. The number of points for this is several hundred millions. Putting in goods and selling them today is impossible to achieve such results. And this item (mission objective) is one of the decisive for obtaining a cash advance for withdrawal.
How will this issue be resolved?
2. Information about the goods that were sold at auction is not displayed anywhere.
Will this issue be resolved?

8 months ago
Nahid Hasan

HI Don't know why Brian wasted half of the video telling ppl how to fix there account when the SCs have all the answers, Brian, just tell them to go to ask their SC

My account completed 3 times but my ether wallet account balance automatic cut, my marketplace setting is a change. pls, help me now?

8 months ago
Valentin Beşliu

Ce facem noi astia multi care sunt "paraleli" cu engleza.?
Aceste live stream nu ne ajuta cu nimic !
Normal ar fi sa vad , nu sa aud raspunsurile la comentarii !!!
What do we many do that are "parallel" to English?
These live streams do not help us!
It would be normal to see, I can not hear answers to comments !!!

8 months ago
Jenni Barley

Thanks for the reminder Brian. Good luck with all the questions. Have a great weekend!

8 months ago
Manoharan D

Hello brain
I ask some question to you
1.I sell sale more product but not get cash advance
I ask my coach, he say sell more product and trading
to get cash advance
2. I trade on ddex I am not get any trading bonus I loss more money in trading
3. empwor orange coin day to day fall down.
4. If I buy morning 15 $ it's fall down 1.5 $ in evening
5. How can we get cash advance
6. Tell me how to not loss on trading
Thank you

8 months ago
CharlesYan BitcoinTravel.world

Please explain to the citizens why the EMPR coin and the EMPRO coin

values are so low and declining in value.

Thank you.

8 months ago
Wendy Chen

I've just request for cashout and its went in to pending :)
empowr hard work will never fix those issues ?

8 months ago
Shevv Sm

ppls check my account

8 months ago
Shevv Sm

Thanks for update

8 months ago
Branko Skarja

Zanima me do kdaj bom še blokiran? Kdaj bomo lahko normalno delali

8 months ago
Svetlana Ledovskaia

Much to the unfortunate, but Russian-speaking us in the empowr team, we have little access to your information in the form of videos. Since everything goes in English and not everyone owns simultaneous translation. We grieve from inaction and lack of income.

8 months ago
Alex Emeka

Thanks a lot for update

8 months ago
Gennadiy Beloglazov

Good post

8 months ago
Lourens Geldenhuys

Hi Brian,
The troops are getting edgy...
What is your plan of action, if any?

8 months ago
Ernest H

Hi Brian,
Can you please clarify shopping money?

Shopping money is taking from maturing/matured coins?
Some friends think if shopping money is spent, we can also use maturing/matured coins. Is that so?

Account dormancy, is it still related with shopping money or is available shopping money only based on cash advance from item received sales.

In what order are coins spent for shopping if we have coins in vault, in cash advances, in shopping money, Ether wallet? Or can coins in vault, cash advance not be used for purchasing on empowr money?

Thank you,

8 months ago
Ernest H

Sorry I meant Marketplace http://prntscr.com/my90bm

8 months ago
Md. Mahabubur Rahman

Thanks you for the update.

8 months ago
Mendy's Soul

Hello. Back in January 2019 Ethereum was taken from my account to this one ( 0x0Bc91705c15418CD9AB7F0Be8310339823a868F8 ) . As a result my account became incomplete, I lost access to it and I had to stop doing my daily business in the platform after almost 3 years here. My account was set to spend my coin first, I had coins in it and also in the vault. I can not put more Ethereum in my account to activate it again until I get a clear explanation of what happened. I reported it to my SC. It also took me time to submitt to Empowr a form with screenshots and a detail description of the issue. As of today March 15, 2019 I have not received any answer. I understand all the challenges the team is facing, but it is not different for us. Thank you.

8 months ago
Nicholas Bean

I want to clear something with empowr team.

1: Transfer out"Cashout" is not unlimited" not Limit Less" " only can cashout 1 billion per transaction. 1 billion coins price is just $10 for now, so if we want to cashout 2 billion then we have to request cashout 2 times and each time have to pay $1 for each TRX.

2: if we request for cashout now then we have to wait for next 15-20 minutes for next CASHOUT REQUEST which is really not good.

3: If we was able to cashout then cashout went in to pending but still $1 charged from our ETH Balance. " there is no GUARANTEE we will receive CASHOUT.

4: every day empro coin value is going down and down only, when you guys will focus on coin value ?

5: Coin launch time you guys was said only 12EMPRO supply but now at this time Supply is 10,000,000,000,000 EMPRO

i've many more question but that's all i want to ask for now.


8 months ago
Md. Ariful Islam

Thanks a lot for update site.

8 months ago