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Crispina Palopalo

For sure this is a big day for the huge platform/marketplace change. Here we go our economy dream.
Thank you so much for the heads up Pres Brian. Can't wait to hear the buy listing feature.
A quick question please :)
Is there any update about the maturity date for the items received after 7 days? Would love to list more and more if there's a fast replenishment for a back up. Really excited for this and for some great platfoem updates.
Thanks to all our amazing engineers and to all for the hardwork. Empowr reallt rocks!

8 months ago
Ken Spence


Can we have more transparency in the marketplace. It is too hard to restock items when we have no idea how much if anything will be cash advanced. I have $500 of sales marked received on 21st March and have yet to see anything released. Also again today my account says it is not complete when I have more than enough in my wallet

8 months ago
Olga Schultz

Thank you!

8 months ago
Wilhelm Rothmann

Hi Brian
Couple months ago, when we sold something we got almost most of the sale's money as a cash advance,Is it possible empowr can change it back like it were.
I sold +- 40 items this year and seems because of maturation it is very difficult to ship more and more products without any matured coins/cash advances.
I think also if more citizens can get paid,there will be an increase of citizens instead of the monthly decrease of citizens,I am sure empowr will also make more then in subscriptions
Or can empowr decrease the maturation for top sellers,some citizens rather get a founder mission role and can withdraw, but when you ship items and don't have funds for a founder mission role,it is almost impossible to mature your funds on 90 days maturation,I think this will be a big problem if it is not changed before 5 August

Please note I know about the 13 bars that impact our advances,but if you hit your daily goals often and sell a lot,I think then maturation should be adjusted,most sellers don't have money to trade,so the trade bar is almost always blue

Only a suggestion
Have a nice weekend

8 months ago
Teri Sologoub

Hello Wilhelm and Brian,
Wilhelm, you are not alone.
I've had 31 "Item Received" for the month of March alone and have received;
No Shopping funds
One small cash advance at the beginning of the month. I had hoped to use those funds to replenish my stock but it sat in "Pending" for 2 weeks and by the time it got to the exchange, it was worth a few cents.
And of course, no matured coins even though I have been a Mission Founder for months. My Mission Founder role just expired and I won't be renewing it for April.
My "Tracking Numbers" bar have been red all month even though all my deliveries since joining Empowr have valid tracking numbers and I have written to Thecoin twice about the problem.
Apparently, I am a bad citizen and many people are complaining about my behavior. That bar is permanently red.
I am currently asked to complete my account and add a little Ether even though my Ether balance is $24.00 as we speak. This problem happens all the time.
My account is a mess and it makes no sense for me to pay $100 Founder Mission Role at this time when it doesn't help produce some positive results.
Please Brian, we need some guidance and reassurance.

8 months ago
Valentin Beşliu

...vreau sa vad (cam de multa vreme )ce merge bine pe aici :)
Cele 13 caracteristici dupa care trebuie sa ne ghidam nu reflecta realitatea,consider ca la cel putin 3 dintre ele ar trebui sa renuntam ,nu de alta dar se bat cap in cap !
La aceste live stream ar trebui sa regasesc raspunsuri la intrebarile puse de cetateni,multi dintre noi suntem paraleli cu engleza !!!
Observ ca se lucreaza intens,rezultatele nu se vad ...insa ?
Vorbim singuri si asta nu e de bun augur.
Afacerile se fac cu oameni ...meritam sa fim luati in calcul,in seama...suntem satui de "ceata" si interminabila "abureala " !

... I want to see (for a long time) what goes well here :)
The 13 features we need to guide do not reflect the reality, I think that at least 3 of them should give up, not the other, but fight in the head!
These live streams should find answers to the questions asked by citizens, many of us are parallel to English !!!
I notice that work is intense, the results can not be seen ... but?
We talk alone and that's not a good thing.
Business is done with people ... we deserve to be taken into consideration, we are ... we are sitting in a "fog" and endless "steam"!

8 months ago
James B,

Hello Brian when will empowr launch the buy listings and can you please remind me if we can list items from any local website that is verify buy empowr as a fully safe and highly rated website so that our listing cloud get approved 👍👍💚💚💚💚💚💛💛💛💛💛💜💜💜💜💜💓💓💓💓💓💕💕💕💕💕💖💖💖💖💖💗💗💗💞💞💞💞💝✌

8 months ago
Sergey Yashukov

Hi Brian!
1. What is the maximum amount of coins can be transferred to an external wallet at a time?
2. When performing daily tasks, pages of citizens who are several thousand kilometers away are provided. Pages of citizens of the region are not provided. Because of this, sales are declining - because citizens from the region in which the goods are being delivered do not see this product.
3. If in February it was earned on the wheel of X coins, they become ripe on March 1.
Therefore, with a ripening period of 90 days, they will be available for withdrawal on June 1.
Previously, it was possible to control the ripening of coins by blue and green candles. This feature is currently unavailable. Will the candle control function be restored?

8 months ago
Nahid Hasan

Thanks for update!

8 months ago
Bobbyr19 / Ruth Malanowski

Brian, When can we pay our Mission roles with our coins or pre-coins?

8 months ago
Bobbyr19 / Ruth Malanowski

If the buyer has only 24 hours to decide to purchase items won at auction or Buy purchase, why then are 90% of all my sales still waiting for that decision from mid January? In Limbo are about 50+ sales. Secondly, what happened with the Action button on finished listings so that we can re-post without redoing the ad all over again?

8 months ago
Manoharan D

I am unable to find Amazon Transportation Services (ATS) under Add shipping details / "Select your shipping company" in the I've sold page. Can you please guide me how to add amazon shipping details???
If it is not available, can you please add the Amazon Transportation Services in the list??? (because i am prime member of amazon and i get free shipping for every delivery).

8 months ago
Shevv Sm

Hello wht happen to my account

8 months ago
Divyesh Sheth

Hi Brian,
Hope doing good !!!

I have a complain regarding the working of the site.... its been for over 3 months & still the site is not stable too many glitches every now & then.... can you tell us whats new development is been going on as I can't see or feel any improvement from last year... there is this broken link with the Dog pic, uploading of photos not happening, listing not happening... why so much disturbance.... this is pissing off the citizens & demotivating them, bcoz of which hitting daily goals is affected.... when can we have a steady fully working site, any deadline have you kept.


8 months ago
Gennadiy Beloglazov

Good post

8 months ago
Lyudmila Sukhanova

Thanks for update!

8 months ago
M. Durgaprasad

Hello Brain my all earnings diducted reserve funds issue without any bidding when will come my earnings return,
If our empowr will go to beta stage we will get dollors or coins please answer me?

8 months ago
Rajkamal Manoharan

Trading bonus is not at all counting in the trading history page and empowr balance. Are you still giving trading bonus or stopped?
I had bought 20 billion coins but received no bonus, please click this: http://prntscr.com/n4oce5
Why are you not giving trading bonus properly?

8 months ago
Vikas Kurrey

Hello Brian,

Think about that, I'm not a beginner

1. Can you tell me the primary use of empowr coins?
when I completing the daily goal every day but shopping allow me $0-$3.

2. Everyone here to sell products on commission, the buyer has an available fund on the empowr account but can't purchase & cashout
what empowr allow to only SC & mission role purchaser?.

Mission wheel earning is the main part for beginners. but they can't able to their use coins.
therefore you're losing your potential users.

With Regards
Vivek Kumar

8 months ago
Siv Hemmer (NL Citizen)

Will Empowr change from Empro to a new cryptocurrency soon? How will Empowr stabilize the current or new coin? Have Empowr thoughts about going back to dollars instead of cryptocurrency?

8 months ago
Jenni Barley

Thank you Brian.

8 months ago
Anitnelav 2013

Thanks for update!

8 months ago
Md. Ariful Islam


8 months ago
Farooq Jan

Hello Brian.
Hope you will be fine.
Dear, I have a few questions.
1: How to import existing ether wallet into empowr account. not to make a new ether wallet?
2: Why the value of the EMPRO is going down?
3: Now, Can the value of EMPRO is increased? Did EMRO end?
4: When Site updating is fully complete?

8 months ago