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William Turner

hello Brian recently i upgraded to founder from pioneer and the eth was taken from my wallet but i have not been upgraded as yet,also the balance i had in the wallet also has been taken out and my account said it needed to be reactivated ,after it was like this for 2 weeks and repeatedly reporting this fault to my SC i decided to put more eth in the wallet and that activated it ,my eth was,nt used for items i bid on, as i had ticked to use my coin first I WANT MY UPGRADE COMPLETED and the eth returned to my wallet

7 months ago
James B,

Thanks so much for another live stream Brian I am sad to say this here but I had a huge bug on my maturing balance that cause me to lose all my maturing balance even after i had sold please check my document I had submit at the link below please and write back to me when your engineers had recover my lost maturing balance I earn $1000 in sales sales on march 30 and in lest than 7 days it is all gone without any trace showing in my I've bought page please don't tell me that I have to wait until august 5 like my success coach and treat me as a top priority here you can find more accurate details and proof 👉 https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1-rgzGpog2WehhA5QpS__DsBnwARhwZXnMmxkxRNY8kg/viewform?edit_requested=true please help me recover again from this lost because I love the last blog I've seen and a mission role for me out of my sales profit would be a dream come true check my form here I had submit here only one issue👉 https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1-rgzGpog2WehhA5QpS__DsBnwARhwZXnMmxkxRNY8kg/viewform?edit_requested=true 👈

7 months ago
Valentin Beşliu

4.Ce sa intelegem din acest Live stream...noi astia paraleli cu limba engleza ?
Am castigat la roata $1200 cu 84 de zile in urma,care o fi soarta acelui castig,raspunsul primit nu ma multumeste !!!
Corect ar fi sa gasim raspunsurile aici in comentarii,multumesc.

What to understand from this Live stream ... are we parallel with English?
I won $ 1200 84 days ago, which was the fate of that win, the answer received does not thank me !!!
It would be right to find the answers here in the comments, thank you.

7 months ago
Valentin Beşliu

1.Care o fi soarta acestor bani ,raspunsul primit de la SC nu ma lamureste.
Cica nu se vor mai da,asa sa fie ?
2.Se bat cap in cap,cum vine asta?

1.What is the fate of this money, the answer received from SC does not give me.
Cica will not be, will it be?
2.It's head to head, how's that coming?
Thank you.

7 months ago
Valentin Beşliu

What do I understand? I wait a few days for the answer to the questions, thank you.

7 months ago

Hi Brian, Even I had lost all my maturing balance and ether in my wallet and my account is having all 0 in maturing balance and ether is account became inactive now . This is second time I have this problem. Last time when I lost coins when stabilised , some citizens asked and you said sry and said cannot go back . Now what happened , where is my balance what happened to my balance. why there is loss of balance even when stabilised , there is no safety for our coins , then how can I sell items now . All the amount in maturing balance came from selling items and its hard earned money I used to send items . All lost now .

Pls check this screenshot:

Screesnhot before coins lost: https://prnt.sc/n7i4l3

After coins now lost: https://prnt.sc/n7i1gi

Pls give back my coins as I did not get cash advance till now also.

7 months ago
Sergey Yashukov

Hi Brian!
Positive results of updates have already appeared on our accounts. Significantly increased the amount of withdrawal and purchase of goods on the platform. Thanks for the work you've done!
1. Unfortunately, when withdrawing money to an external wallet, they become pending. For checking. And when they get there - the amount is significantly reduced due to the rapid decrease in the value of our coin.
Is there any way to avoid such facts or reduce the period of verification to a minimum?
2. What will happen to those coins that are on maturation - after a new coin is introduced?
3. Goods that were purchased at auction are not displayed on the page (I sold). It is not visible who won the auction and there is no way to contact the buyer.
Thanks again for the work that has been done to improve empowr. Have a good weekend!

7 months ago
Nicky Williams

Hello Brian can you let me know when will empowr put back all the servers online again for sometimes I can not see anyone in my circle of trust and I would love if you don't allow the process to verify my phone number reset where will have to verify pin code again to get my account %50 complete I think that is confusing too where I have to repeat those step since my WIFI internet is extremley slow and HMA VPN appliction is what I have to use to get good internet speed to be able to load online page normally please dont block VPN access too Brian can you do all that for us?

7 months ago
Nitish Kumar

Hello Brain,

I have problem with m account its not fixed yet.please give my account information to solve the issue. last time i got feed back from the coin@.com they just told me to have patient. how much time?

thanks ..welcome to EMPRG. ////???????

7 months ago

Hi Brian , today I transferd out coins now . It went into pending . How many days will it take to get into my ether wallet . If delayed , the coin value will be decreased more and I get loss. Pls aviod such delays in transfer out so that I can get the present value when transferred.

7 months ago
Rajkamal Manoharan

Hi Brian,
You say that volunteer mission role can get coins fully matured in 90 days. But I am in empowr for almost more than 180 days, but i have never seen fully matured coins in my balance, why????????
For your information, i am hitting my daily goals for more than 25 days per month and sold more than 10 products with all 13 factors green.

7 months ago
William Turner

I think the problem is ,if say you had 1000 maturing from day 1 and you reach your daily goals ,did you know if you bid on 20 item each day at a average $5 That is $100 per day $700 per week ,$2800 in 28 days,items u bid on and didnt win are returned to your wallet but they dont start maturing until the 1st of the following month so in the first month u would have used you $1000 any coins you win on the wheel are the added to your $1000 ,so in actual fact you need to have around maybe $5000 on day one ,then you have a chance of some coins maturing in 90 days but try to bid on the low end ,its like a dog chasing its tail and i think that when you bid they use the oldest maturing coins first

7 months ago