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Crispina Palopalo

Thank you Pres. Brian for the the heads up. Must be a good news for the upcoming features. 
Will be very glad to know the updates.

5 months ago
Chad Guevara

Glad to have you Back Mr President, Just wanted to ask why lately the wheel is inconsistently appearing after completing the Daily Goals? Is it only me or is it a problem with the system.

5 months ago
James B,

Thanks Brian am waiting for it all✨💞💟💗💝💜💛💚👐💯👍😇😀

5 months ago
zvia ben ami

Hello Brian
I keep comment but with no success of solving problems at my page in which my coach May Ram and I trying to solve with thecoin team.
1- I cannot communicate with other citizens, they don't see my comments, messages or posts
2- missing funds
3-item received marks have not received to my account what lower the mission points and therefore lower the wheel and the cashouts
4- I bought empowr coins but my account shows zero
Please your help sir, i know your team works hard but its been 6 months that am trying to solve thus problems
Thank you.

5 months ago
Valerie Le Bihan

Hi Brian,
I Really Hope To Get Some Concret Answers Today, About Past Questions, Really Hope You Did "Your Home Work"...Like You Promise To Me Several Times.

1-I Also Like To Know, Why Empowr Took Back 50$, From My 54,29 $ Cash Advance, Earned By Sellings On First Of June?

2- The Marketplace, Is A Complete Disaster, In Every Single Ways Possible>> Please Explain.

3- And I Still Don't Agree With You, When You Say That The 13 Barres Are Working, Properly..Why Should They?.. Since The Rest Of The Platform Isn't?

Please, Don't Say That "You Don't Know What I Am Talking About", And Tell Us All How Can We Do A Proper Job, On A Dysfunctional Site?

If You Want Citizens To Buy A Mission Role Again, We Need To Be More Rewarded & Motivated Again...Don't You Think Brian?

Thank You In Advance.

5 months ago
James B,

Hi again Pres. Brian I really need to know if the hard working citizens who had been hitting all their daily goals at their highest power level for the past few days will get a portion of their pre-coins which of course let every citizens feel half way rich in the virtual way especially for those who had been staying at their highest power level after each time when we should be powering up and the system remove our power level at that stage where us citizens should be powering up to a higher level can you please convert some portion/percentage of our pre- coins to our maturing balance as small bonus for our hard working efforts because am sure your team are still getting profits from our mass interactions and actions that I know your team is generating some of empowr revenue from before permanent removing of our pre-coins and fix the power up bug please.

5 months ago
Marie Osborne

Hello Brian
I just wanted to ask if there was any updates on listings added to the "I've Sold" page. There is no way of getting 13 green bars without this. I have had many sales since February but there is no way to complete these transactions unless the sold listings are moved to my "I've Sold" page.

5 months ago
Usman Ali

if you send all this ways and for to make a list in a blog.it will be best.please share it in blogs.

5 months ago
Usman Ali

what is this? my transfer out is not working.

5 months ago
Joshua VoVillia

Hi Brian, thank you for the update.

I have a question, will there be any changes to how we reach our daily goals with bidding and listing when the buy listings feature goes live?

5 months ago

Thanks for update.

5 months ago
Vasant Saptarshi

The EMPRB coin is launched. However the balance of EMPRB is not shown on Buy and sell page widget.

How we bring by Swap or something.? What is the conversion ratio of new coin


5 months ago
Giuseppe Beati

Hi Brian, thank you for the update.

5 months ago
Valentin Beşliu

Nu e prea ortodox ca sa fiu taxat la punctul 9( rosu) pentru simplu fapt ca un alt cetatean ( Agbedo Stephen C. Nigeria) nu deschide bine ochii si cumpara un produs de la mine desi e specificat ca vand numai in Romania,produs care putea fi sponsorizat pentru o zi facand inutila disputa.
Referitor la punctul 10(rosu) ar fi ok sa vad si eu pe acei cetateni nemultumiti .
Cum se explica atunci faptul ca:
Customer reviews:
Valentin Beşliu
5.0★ (282)
It is not too orthodox to be charged at point 9 (red) for the simple fact that another citizen (Agbedo Stephen C. Nigeria) does not open his eyes and buy a product from me although it is specified that they sell only in Romania, could be sponsored for a day making the dispute useless.
Regarding point 10 (red) it would be good to see those dissatisfied citizens.
How do we explain then that:
Customer reviews:
Valentin Beşliu
5.0 ★ (282)
Thank you.

5 months ago
Valentin Beşliu

Multe de pe acest site nu merg asa cum au fost gandite,implementate.
Astept de 1 an si ceva rezolvarea acestei situatii,SC-ul meu a spus ca se lucreaza !
1.Produs trimis cumparatorului, sponsarizat de alt cetatean,primit deja de cumparator,nu poate fi marct ca produs primit.
2.O alta situatie,4 produse trimise,marcate ca primite in data de 13 mai ,nu sunt prinse ca numar,inainte de a le trimite aveam 282 produse vandute,ar trebui sa am 286.
Daca ne incurcam si la asemenea chichite,cum le vom rezolva pe celelalte ce vin ?
3.Valentin Beşliu spun the Mission Wheel and won $1,200.00 in empowr coin! - 142 days ago
Care o fi soarta acestui castig cu 142 de zile in urma?
Astept acel 5 august,cu noutati benefice si pentru noi,succes,multumesc.

Many of this site does not go as they were thought, implemented.
I have been waiting for a year and a while to solve this situation, my SC said it is working!
1. Product sent to the buyer, sponsored by another citizen, already received by the buyer, can not be marketed as a product received.
2. Another situation, 4 sent products, marked as received on May 13, are not caught as a number, before sending them we had 282 products sold, I should have 286.
If we get stuck with such chickpeas, how do we solve the other ones?
3.Valentin Beşliu says the Mission Wheel and won $ 1,200.00 in empowr coin! - 142 days ago
What was the fate of this winning 142 days ago?
I'm waiting for that August 5, with good news for us, too, thank you.

5 months ago
Valentin Beşliu

...cum de nu intelege la ce ma refer ? min 36:04 !!!
Atunci cand am comentat la un alt live stream cum ca : asta cu lansarea monedelor se aseamana cu vremurile in care Al Capone spala bani a sters comentariul !!!
Sper sa apara si un blog referitor la aceste noutati din acest live stream...am fost singurul roman care a comentat,restul ,multi dintre ei au citit si nu au avut nimic de spus.
Multi nu inteleg mai nimic din ceea ce zice Brian,multi nici macar nu sunt prezenti pe durata acelui video.
Tot timpul imi zici ca se lucreaza( ghidul meu)...da ce naiba facem cu problemele ivite in urma cu 1 an,cine si cand le rezolva ?
Am vazut ca cineva a primit un raspuns : cum ca ar fi bine sa vanda cate 1 produs in fiecare zi ...!!!
Vad ca se lanseaza o alta moneda - albastra...
Astept acel blog referitor la ultimile noutati !

5 months ago
Md. Ariful Islam


5 months ago
Francisco Silva

boa norte amigos estou achando maita dificuldade em jala com COM MIRTO PRELCACAO PRELCASIÇAO PARA FAVAR COM VOCÊ EU PRESICO PRISISO MUITA DA AJUDA DE COCÕES ESTO DOENTE ISTO PRESICONE DE VOCôs estou me esquecendo do façe me ajuda por pra é mento valioso ( Francisco Silva )

4 months ago
ADS Darks

Dear citizens !!! It is time to understand that Empowr is a dead horse.
No one here hears us or wants to hear. One gets the impression that we are being milked for money before finally closing down.
There is an old Indian saying: “The horse is dead, the tears down.” It would seem that everything is clear, but ...

1. We persuade ourselves that there is still hope.
2. We beat a dead horse stronger.
3. We say: "we always jumped like this"
4. We are organizing an event to revitalize dead horses.
5. We explain to ourselves that our dead horse is much better, faster and cheaper.
6. We sit near the horse and persuade her not to be dead
7. We buy funds that help gallop faster on dead horses
8. We change the criteria for identifying dead horses.
9. We pull off dead horses together, in the hope that together they will ride faster
10. We hire dead horse specialists.

But the essence is simple: THE HORSE OF DEAD - GO!

5 months ago
Valentin Beşliu

...are there some similarities to our profile pictures, that horse is really dead?
I'm still waiting for that much tormented August 5!

5 months ago
Shannon Dingemanse

Hello Brian,

I just saw in the News here in Europe that Facebook is coming with their New Crypto coin and earning with comments and Photo's, as a New earnings Model. Are you up to date with the competition with FB, What i understand they are not going to do an Infinity Coin?

This News is all over the Internet, what are you going to do about it?

Is there also a possibility that our Crypto Coin is going to be on a Bigger Exchange to get more Mass adoption?

Thank you for your honest Answers,


5 months ago
Pawan Gupta

thanks for update

5 months ago
Nicky Williams

Hello Briam can you please let us know if the buy listing will be available very soon in this month for we all were excepting it form
April and now is June Honorable Brian I need your feedback on thiat question please

5 months ago
Ken Spence

Where to start
I have sold at least 1 item every day for the last month but none have appeared in my sold page
I have had zero cash advances for the hundreds of dollars worth of items I sold since March
I have no way to see how matured my coins are as the graph does not work and i would have expected something to mature this month
Mission wheel is very erratic and has not appeared for the last 3 days
I have run out of funds to pay for a mission role and until some of my previous transfer outs actually sell on ddex then I can no longer afford to pay for a role
Despite selling and sending hundreds of products, I have only $20 to spend in the marketplace, surely, if you want the economy to succeed then we should at least be able to spend what we earn, that would be some consolation given the almost impossible task of transferring out

5 months ago

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5 months ago

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5 months ago

Hello to all earthlings! Health, good mood, and good peaceful weather! Friends, what can you advise, for a certain period of time, I worked and applied on Forex in cent mode, a strategy for earning and good profit without drawdowns (loss). We need $ 200 for real work and earnings. Money must be transferred to Skrill. Who, what will tell? I would be grateful for the practical advice! When providing personal financial assistance, I will be glad to share my real-life work.

5 months ago
Anitnelav 2013

Thanks for update!

5 months ago
Lyudmila Sukhanova

Hi Brian, thank you for the update.

5 months ago
Middle Earth

I have a suggestion concerning why our trading of our coins are not forthcoming ....
1. The withdrawal of our ether from our cryptocurrency wallet, to cover any outgoings in out marketplace, i.e. shopping. this method was used similar to withdrawing from our credit card which caused a huge disapproval from many empowr citizens, and many left because of it, and had vent their disapproval via the public social media, which was very damaging to us empowr citizens and empowr.
We need our ether to trade our empowr coins on the DDX exchange. To be able to do this, empowr need to cease taking ether from our cryptocurrency wallet, as this is one of the main cause, why there have been lack of trading on the cryptocurrency exchange, as citizens dont want there hard earn ether being taken this way, and in doing so, have stopped adding ether to their wallet, which myself & Im sure many others assumed was to be used for trading *only*.
empowr in their policy have indicated that you need x amount of ether to keep your account active and if you need to trade empowr coins in mass, to add an extra $100 (USD) worth of ether to trade with.
On a personal basis, I had kept my account active, and also had at least another $100 (NZD) in my crypto wallet, to trade on the exchange. Since the reset from the 3rd of January 2019, things drastically changed, and I lost all my ether to cover any shortfall in my marketplace. So since then I have been reluctant to continue adding my hard earn ether to my crypto/ether wallet.
*Thank you Brian, this will, I'm sure, improve our trading on the exchange*.

5 months ago