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Crispina Palopalo

Thank you so much for the update Pres. Brian.
First of all I am so happy about the new bidding goals that can change our daily life and have more focus in selling.
President Brian I have a follow up question
Can't wait for some change in maturing coins to get a percentage of it to mature for replenishment while waiting for maturing amount to mature. Then sellers can get rolling. 
I can really feel a great result will be happening. Happy citizens/sellers/buyers means happy results. 
Can't thank you enough Empowr. Love you all.

5 months ago
Valerie Le Bihan

Hi Brian&Team!!

At First Thank You So Much For The New Rules&Features!!... Can't Wait To Trade Again!... And The Reducing Of The Daily Goals, Is Really Awesome!!
1- Is The Bug At The Marketplace Fixed, About The Won Auctions?(Not Showing In I'Ve Bought/Sold Page)

2- Can You Please Take A Look At The LEADERBOARD, WORLDWIDE?...Since Yesterday They Are Several Number "1"... They Have All Between 16,000,000,000,00 -20,000,000,000,00 Mission Points Out Of Nowhere , All From The Same Country/Similar Accounts/ Selling Items For $1,176,470,588.24 ,For Noodles!!(That Is Just One Example)... I Wonder Witch Guides Allowed Such A Listing?... And They Have No Rating/No Feedback... 3 Of Them Are Communities... Please Take A Look, This MUST BE SPAM&SCAM, Affecting All Of Us, The Genuine Citizens.

Thank You Very Much Brian,

5 months ago
Marie Osborne

Hello Brian
The Mission Wheel has just popped up, as I've finished my daily goal, and I have won pre-coins!

5 months ago
Marie Osborne

Hello Brian
Thank you for your updates. Last week you said the issue of moving of sold listings to the "I've Sold" page was fixed. I still have the problem. I wrote to the coin but have not had a reply. I have been unable to act on my sales since February. Please advise as this is preventing my progress. I also cannot transfer my EMPRG to EMPRB.

5 months ago
Gene Aasen

Hello Brian and all the empowr Team,
My question is will empowr consider being a Video Host for the Community? With the Censorship epidemic and disregard of the 1st Amendment, it would seem to be an attractive membership benefit to those people whose Videos are being Banned based on the video creators political, religious or social justice leanings.

In my opinion, it would also be a powerful marketing message offering a truly Democratic safe haven for those individuals that appreciate freedom and independence.

5 months ago
Jo Mas

Hi to you Brian and all the Team on EMPOWR,
First of all, Thank you for the nice changes that we were waiting to be accompined with the New PL Sapphire. It was after we asked for,! Many Thanks in any way.
I send you an e-mail about the launch that A Consortium combining Facebook, Visa, Mastercard and Paypal who are launching Facebook LIBRA at the latest next year with an investment of 10 millions US.
1- What is your reaction with the team about this annoucement? Any good strategy that could help us to be safe of them "Tsunami" on the Market?
2-Can you tell us if this again another BIG concurent for our EMPOWR coming to destroy us? Or there's no danger,?
3- I, like you , like EMPOWR , like anyone on EMPOWR is a member actively on facebook putting articles and posting and so on. Do you think that if there (On Facebook) we do trade the LIBRA coins , and be paid the next day after, with the 2 other credit cards and Paypal,in your opinion I believe WE/ I , will prefer to trade there? Right?
So is there again, the time to ask us to pay as I suggested when I was N0 1 worldwide, to make the BETA (Not the open Beta) Aided with our contribution of $100.00 paid by each citizen who is / was founder/ Veteran to finish that BETA version in lesser time.? Instead of asking to pay for his founder fee?
Take my usual example: $100US X 5000 Veterans = Half a million US. That amount will make our program completed and ending to be published with a good trail and be cleaned of our BUGS if you chose the programmers a PROFFESSIONALS in the FIELD ?
4- talking about BUGS:(My answer of my suggestion of the bid Page and the seller/Bidder one).
I wrote you in the past announcement not the one you annouce the reducing of Bidding/sharing counts) that the BID listing page and the bidder page, items do not have the same prices in many cases , also are not a BID items. I wrote you an elaboration , hope you , you red it there? In case of not having time to read: here is my description of the incompleted operation and the solution solution:
I said: In pushing the BID LIST then going to BID(Example : Lower price as choice) and find on the User page nonupdated prices all the time? Or non existing items no more?
Is this the good way to be proud in working with a BETA Program later on? I guess there is a BIG work to end with a good result , refreshing prices as soon as the BID comes on/made on an Item, on the BID pages. (Opinion of an old Programmer).
Your answer was:
I don't understand your point here - could you please elaborate?
I answered it as below:
Yes sure I will send you if you wish on TheCoin with screenshots because , I guess in here is not allowed and not convenient. the way that the BID prices on the list page for bidding and the prices on the seller/bidder's page, are not the same, (Not instantly Synchronized).
My solution/Suggestion:
What is missing as I know is the "Refreshing/Making them as copy of" synchronized , you ask our programmers to make a "Mirror" (as we call it in the programing language) on every user's page of bidding ITEMS ONLY, of both pages with the good/right price. (Instant refresh of both pages/or only an Instant up to date of the listing page every operation made by a user). I know it's a big work, but it worth doing it , in that case we do not waste our time going on a page of a seller/bidder and find out a bigger price/ non existant item in many cases. There's many users who change mind and leave EMPOWR and them Item to bid is still on line. Do not forget that buy and BID are to be divided also.

Thank Brian.
Today you made my day

5 months ago
Sylvie Atisse

Hello Brian, Thanks for keeping updating us about the changes on empowr!
I have noticed this morning that as a Basic Saphire PU, I have only 18 bids instead of 99 to complete my daily goals.
The bars for the daily goals have significantly decreased, which is a good thing for most of us.
Does this form part of the changes?

5 months ago

Thank you for update

5 months ago
Vasant Saptarshi

Hi Brian, thanks for update.
Congratulations.I am sure with new updates,EMPOWR is heading towards big fortune for all of us.
I could trade on the new Buy and sale widget.Further i thing it shall be fast with automatic trading like buy and sale.settings.
The balance coin is in minus.How do i get this positive...
I wonder what is going to happen with EMPRO coin balance.Will be converted to Blue?
Congrats once again

vasant saptarshi

5 months ago
Giuseppe Beati

Thank you Brian

5 months ago
Ibrahim Karofi

Hi Brian. You know, i have been among those always asking for reduction in the activities for hitting daily goals i.e. bidding, listing, posting and sharing however, i woke up today and despite been on Sapphire basic, the amount of shares to make is just not enough. I always strive to complete my daily goals and to hit a significant numbers of bonuses so that i can have a roll over the next day but with just about 700 shares, i don't know. If it is possible, reduce further the bidding target and increase the amount of shares (likes and comments). Let the shares in Sapphire basic be 750+, those of us who have been here for over a decade have a lot of people we trust and the least we can do to keep connected is by sharing their posts. I love my fans;

One other thing, can you bring back the breakdown of activities on the 'get more power'? The daily goals used to be a part of the power user/ power level breakdown but now we don't know what is expected for each of the power levels or create another page indicating the activities for each of the power level.

Thanks. Lovely weekend to u

5 months ago
Nicky Williams

We love you too

5 months ago
K. Rai

Bidding is high for higher powers that can't be completed daily basis.

5 months ago
Nahid Hasan

Thank you for the update, brian

5 months ago
Jenni Barley

Thank you Brian for all the awesome changes made; especially the bidding bar! I still can not complete my account as MetaMask will not free my ETH and I have enough in there. I am still waiting for The Coin. But I am not a quitter!!

5 months ago
Ashok Bagaria

Hello Mr. Brian,
Thanks for reducing daily goals requirements. Hope sellers will also receive their invested money and profit as soon as possible after the delivery of the product. Good luck to the empowr.

5 months ago
Patric De Nooijer

One more question,
can you adjust my shop balance it is now $109 see screenshot http://prntscr.com/o1w0vm and i have Coins currently maturing: $11,138.10 (USD) so i cannot buy something or i be charged at my Ether wallet.

5 months ago
Patric De Nooijer

Hello Brian,

Thank you for listening to the People and make our lives much more comfortable, with a more realistic Daily Goal.

I think i will be one of the last that will see the chance of Bids see screenshot http://prntscr.com/o1vrne

And why did i earn + $10,694.10 in Pre-Coins for my Sapphire see screenshot http://prntscr.com/o1voye , Please adjust this, because the Pre-coins are going to be deleted and then i have got no earning at that day.

5 months ago
Francisco Silva

eu estou doete de agarde este fenal de més sei que é propema mais estou ficindo aque obrigedo o meu povo não que saber se eu estou bom ou não o eo eu quero eles sabem o que quero espare por mim até o final do mês eu gosto muito de fazer este trabalho, agum erro me perdao por favor eu estou doete estou fazerdo o que pousso me pardoa sei estou errado mais estou pededindo perdao. (francisco de Assis felipe da silva)

5 months ago
Wollf Tergus

Howdy Brian,
I wish to thank you and the rest of the empowr Team for listening to the constructive feedback from the Citizens of our community and your quick actions to resolve the sharing and bidding requirements.
I also wish to thank all of our great Citizens who voiced their objections to the excessive levels of bidding requirements imposed on the community.
This is a great sign that the dedicated Citizenship of the Community and the empowr offices in San Diego can work together.
We all look forward to continued improvements of the platform and the successful beta launch in August.
Much Continued Success to All of Us,
Wollf Tergus

5 months ago

Hi, Brian!
Thank you for the update information provided. We are all very grateful for the fact that you heard us and reduced the number of daily rates. It's great !

Unfortunately I did not get an answer to my question in the previous blog. I repeat it here:

As usual, we are waiting for new changes and detailed explanations in empowr's work, because today there are more questions than answers.
We all came here to earn extra income and are ready to work for this. But to continue our work, you need to understand why we work.

5 months ago

To date, the main criterion of earnings depends entirely on 13 factors.
Detailed information about how EVERY factor works - no. Not enough brief information on the balance page. No one knows for sure what to do to increase some of the green bars of a particular factor.
And how the funds available for withdrawing cash are accrued is also unclear.

I will show it in my account:
At the beginning of the month I had COMPLETELY ripe coins worth more than $ 5,000. And the withdrawal is 1 cent.

5 months ago

And this is not only my problem - so I am writing here.
The lack of this knowledge turns work in empowr into useless pastime at the computer. Inviting new citizens is almost impossible, because the first question that potential citizens ask is: how much did you earn here? I do not have a positive response.

Once again I draw your attention to the factor number 11 - the goal of the mission.
Please open the leaderboard page - worldwide
There are only 2 people who completed the mission last month:

5 months ago

1. Sabina De Jonge de Nuyer - 2,040,000,006 - 30 days points.
2. Tejaswini Gg - 45 488 791 - 30 day points.

2 billion and 45 and a half million. The rest of the citizens did not even have a yellow band. How can an ordinary seller achieve these indicators? This situation lasted for almost half a year. And this needs to be fixed. Otherwise, this factor does not work for 99% of citizens.

3. A table should be created that shows how funds are withdrawn, depending on 13 factors.
4. There should be a blog with a DETAILED explanation of the work of EACH of 13 factors.
5. The situation with the achievement of the goal of the Mission should be corrected.

5 months ago

Unfortunately, after the system acquired a power level, all fully matured coins passed on to the beginning of maturation. (although in the balance of green candles begin in January) This also does not add optimism to the work. The founder’s role for me is over, and finding a new one is problematic, because in our country $ 99 is almost the minimum wage.
Sorry for the long letter - but these are problems of many citizens of our platform.
I hope you will listen above. And I hope that your team will succeed.
Good luck!

5 months ago

Hi Brian - this is Sergey!
I am writing from the page of my country - because now 2 live broadcasts do not reflect my questions. They are on my account and not visible on others. Apparently a technical problem with my account.
  I will duplicate my questions from the PHOENIX page.

5 months ago
MD. Wahidur Rahman

Hi Brian, thanks for update. I am a new citizen here. Want to become guide, already passed 5 modules. Today when I check my balance, my power level is gone, not only that my pre coins also which were above 1000. Now how I become at least Orange basic?

5 months ago
Andrea McEwan-Tuller

Hi Brian, I just cannot get my power level back, i tried several times and the system not allowing me to. Please assist me. Thanks

5 months ago
Shannon Dingemanse

As Promised the link that provided me the info you need to see that we are one of the first, but we need to be aware what our competition is, this link gives you also a video, please take notice of it and if people see it, just consider what the EMPOWR team has accomplished, I bet that between now and 5 August we will see the Progress the EMPOWR Team want us to Show.
Please see here the Link https://www.wsj.com/articles/facebooks-new-cryptocurrency-gets-big-backers-11560463312


5 months ago
Gennadiy Beloglazov

Good post

5 months ago
Olga Puchkova

Recently you told us about upcoming updates, it’s great, but it would not be bad if current problems were solved:
Since March 14, the "I have sold" page is not working
I filled out a form with a description of the problem several times - the problem has not been solved yet.
Currently it is not possible to exchange old coins, since this page also does not work:

5 months ago
Middle Earth

Kia Ora Brian,
If there is no coins left in our shopping balance, will empowr withdrawal our ether from our cryptocurrency wallet to cover any shortfall or pending sales.
I have personally refrained from *completing my account* , as I'm concerned that this might occur if I don't have enough shopping coins to cover my FORCED bidding.
I want to deposit $100 (NZD) worth of ether, so that I can start trading on the DDX, I won't, if empowr policy is to deduct any ether to cover any shortfall in my selling balance.
Thank you Brian for your continue assistance.

5 months ago