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Crispina Palopalo

Thank you Pres. Brian for another brainstorming and great updates.
First of all I am so happy about the new bidding goals that can change our daily life and have more focus in selling and bidding.
President Brian I have a follow up and additioal question
Can't wait for some change in maturing coins to get a percentage of it to mature for replenishment while waiting for maturing amount to mature. Then sellers can get rolling. 
I can really feel a great result will be happening. Happy citizens/sellers/buyers means happy results. 
Can't thank you enough Empowr. 
I have a comment on PU auto subscription based on hitting goals for the upcoming month of Jul..
Should remain or still qualify the Sapphire/ highest subscription 
with following points to consider:

Month of May should have at least 16 as the.minimum target which is a requirement to remain active
Hit goals daily from the the date new feature launched

This is also because the change was in the mid of month that comprises the old and new bidding goals which should be considered.

Then thereafter from month of Aug (which comprises only the new bidding goals) should be hitting the full month daily goals as a requirement for highest subscription update.
Thank you so.much again Pres. Brian and Empowr Team. Love ypu Empowr!!!

4 months ago

Hello Brian,
Thank you and the team for great progress. Really looking forward to the months ahead.
However stil on major probelm for me. Like many others, for my goal I have to bid on items per day yet for the last FOUR months I have been unable to buy any winning bids because I am not notified and therefore can’t pay. The same applies to anyone winning my listings and therefore I cannot sell anything by auction. I have sent the problem to TheCoin and through my SC I have submitted a form with the details. This has been over 4 months since I have been able to sell or buy by auction and has cost me dearly.
I know I can and I do sell by direct order but that doesn't count towards my daily goal.
There are just too many citizens with this problem to say it has been fixed.

4 months ago
Marie Osborne

Hello Brian
Have you any update on the problem myself and others have on the "Ive Sold Page". Page can be viewed but hasn't been up- dated for months. No notifications for sales, although I can see that I have sold products by looking at the auction end listings.

4 months ago
Gene Aasen

Hello Brian and the empowr Team,
When our Earnings History Bar Graph becomes operational, how far back will we be able to see?
Thanks for everyone's efforts on the Mission.

4 months ago
William Turner

BRIAN I would like to draw your attention to the 13 bars no 5 in particular how can this be green if none of the auction sales are being converted

4 months ago
Nikolay Tarbaev

спасибо большо. яяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяавоз и нынек там

2 months ago
Wollf Tergus

Howdy Brian

Can you please explain why 90% of my MarketPlace listings were deleted?

Another problem is that there is no option for Buyers to Mark Items Received on disputed transactions.

When can we expect the desperately needed transaction numbers on Marketplace items to be visible? This should be a relatively easy fix since they are already registered, but unfortunately only become apparent to Citizens after a dispute is filed.

Looking forward to your kind reply,

Wollf Tergus

4 months ago
Wollf Tergus

Howdy Brian,
I wish to thank you and the rest of the empowr Team for listening to the constructive feedback from the Citizens of our community and your quick actions to resolve the sharing and bidding requirements.
I also wish to thank all of our great Citizens who voiced their objections to the excessive levels of bidding requirements imposed on the community.
This is a great sign that the dedicated Citizenship of the Community and the empowr offices in San Diego can work together.
We all look forward to continued improvements of the platform and the successful beta launch in August.
Much Continued Success to All of Us,
Wollf Tergus

4 months ago

Thank you for update.

4 months ago
Joshua VoVillia

Hi Brian, thank you for the update!

I have a question about the daily earnings, are there going to be selling, promoting, recruiting, and guiding bonuses or will it be based on mission points?

Thank you in advance and I hope you and the team have a great weekend!

4 months ago
Francisco Silva


3 months ago
Ibrahim Karofi

H Brian. Excellent upgrade in the daily goals, at least we now have time for other things in our lives. However, it is difficult now closing loops with all our fans and the people i trust not to talk of making new fans/friends, because u have reduced the number of sharing significantly. My suggestion,
1/ please increase the number of shares in all the power levels
2/ reduce the listing bar by 50% from what it is now and
3/ maintain the posting and bidding as they are now

4 months ago
Helen Dellomes

The number of shares is enough. For those who want more, I think the bonus is more than enough. Now that it had helped us hit our daily goals, please retain it that way.

4 months ago
James B,

And another thing when will the buy listing feature will be out on the site exactly Sir President I heard you speak about it last week thanks a have a good day ⛅🐝🌺💞💝💗💟💖💛💜💚🌼👐💯👍

4 months ago
James B,

Thanks again Brian I am confused about my maturing page that should show how old my maturing coins is really I think an feature in the balance should show total amount of 20-30 days amount that is matured total amount in our currency and 30-60 days maturing amount because it is really not accurate in my maturing page with the green bars for me to fully understand how much of my balance is near fully maturation and how much longer I should stick it out with empowr and am sure
This is not just confusing to me alone but I have friends too here who say they have to check it from the day the had made a sale in the marketplace

4 months ago
Mariyam Kazakova

Тут никто и никогда не заработает, а мы дураки что работаем на них

3 months ago
Mariyam Kazakova

Что-до старости тут нужно работать, чтоб заработать!?

3 months ago
Jenni Barley

A great big thank you to Brian and his team for resolving many problems for the community!
You Rock!!

4 months ago
Agha Nnamdi

Thank you for the live stream.

4 months ago
Prince Razzaque Baloch


1 month ago
Lyudmila Sukhanova

Daite lyudyam zarabativat? f ne tratit vremya zrya/

4 months ago
Patric De Nooijer

Hello Brian,

As you see, the people are completely confused, so my question is, Please provide clarity and transparency of how everything is working, it is just to difficult for people?

And Lose the 13 Bars, it is holding back peoples earning, in a way that it becomes un real to earn and get Paid!!!!

4 months ago
Olga Puchkova

Hello Brian!
The problem of the “I have sold” market page has not been solved - it has not been working since March. I have reported this several times.
Three days ago, I transferred EMPRG coins from a stock exchange to exchange them for a new EMPRB. Now there are no coins on the balance sheet.

4 months ago
Ernest H

Hello Brian, I understood we never lose power level again. What happens if I do not have sufficient coins to pay renewal in 30 days?

4 months ago
Sergey Yashukov

Hi, Brian!
Thank you for the update information provided.

As usual, we are waiting for new changes and detailed explanations in empowr's work, because today there are more questions than answers.
We all came here to earn extra income and are ready to work for this. But to continue our work, you need to understand why we work.

To date, the main criterion of earnings depends entirely on 13 factors.
Detailed information about how EVERY factor works - no. Not enough brief information on the balance page. No one knows for sure what to do to increase some of the green bars of a particular factor.
And how the funds available for cash withdrawals are credited is also unclear.

I will show it in my account:
At the beginning of the month I had COMPLETELY ripe coins worth more than $ 5,000. And the withdrawal is 1 cent.

Are these technical failures in my account or insufficient value of 13 factors?
There is no exact answer to this question.

And this is not only my problem - so I am writing here.
The lack of this knowledge turns work in empowr into useless pastime at the computer.

Once again I draw your attention to the factor number 11 - the goal of the mission.
 This factor does not work correctly for 99.9% of citizens.

1. You need to create a table that shows how the funds are derived, depending on the 13 factors.

2. There should be a blog with a DETAILED explanation of the work of EACH of 13 factors.

3. The situation with the achievement of the goal of the Mission should be corrected.

Unfortunately, after the system acquired a power level, all fully matured coins went to the beginning of maturation. (although in balance green candles start in January)
I hope you will listen above. And I hope that your team will succeed.
Good luck!

4 months ago
Md. Ariful Islam

Thanks a lot for the update !

4 months ago
Andrea McEwan-Tuller

Thank you Sir Brian.

4 months ago
Anitnelav 2013

Thank you for update!

4 months ago