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Tune in this Friday, September 13th, 2019 | 9:30am PDT (


Crispina Palopalo

Thank you Pres. Brian for the heads up. It's great to have a weekly live stream.
Must be some good news with awesome updates. Looking forward to know the changes.
Good luck everyone :)

1 month ago
Cristea Grigorie Daniel

multumim , ca santem prosti!
cotizam, cotizam , ei ne fura!
pentru ce multumiti?

1 month ago
William Turner

brian is the market place in trouble again ,all sales i get go pink unpaid or yellow waiting buyers address ,buyers should not be allowed to bid if they have not recorded their shipping details

1 month ago
Raja Kumar

Hi Brain

Welcome back another one live

I have lot of questions

1. When release beta version please give accurate date

2. If new coin release how to stable ?

3. If new coin price is low , you introduce again orange ,green , blue etc


1 month ago
Dirgham Amous

Hi Brian ,
New Citizen comers need trust , Old timers Citizens / coaches Need re-assurance on the mission and how we are approaching it now.
@ your sight How confident are you with our Progress phase and where the Platform is heading ??
The message & Perception across is to Hold off investments , Trading until BETA launch ??
Is this the true situation that you recommend as well ??

Thanks ,

1 month ago
Valentin Beşliu

On September 11th I was in the balance;
1). 90.11 $ - for shopping
2). 97.18 $ - matured
Since yesterday I have nothing left !!!
I sent to a citizen empowered 6 products purchased in May (marked as received) this month, also on red are at item 5 (I mention that I have never bought anything from him).
   - The answers received from the two guides I asked are different:
1. How didn't you send them yet?
2. Do not send that you will not receive money for these sent products!
What else can I believe?
I bet Santa Gerila will find us all in alpha.
- live stream from September 6:
29 ', 55 live citizens, 18 comments !!! Many did not receive an answer.
Do we just deserve it?

1 month ago
Cristea Grigorie Daniel

multumim, ca santem prosti!
cotizam, cotizam, ei ne fura!
pentru ce multumiti?

1 month ago
Valentin Beşliu

...acele multumiri erau valabile in cazul unor raspunsuri la care ma asteptam.
Observ insa ca se arunca pisica in curtea altuia,ma trimite la :"scrie-ne la moneda EMPIRE comm !".Multi au procedat asa,raspunsurile sunt asteptate inca !!!

1 month ago
Patric De Nooijer

Thank you, for this Fantastic News, we are listed on a new Exchange, the second one in a short time, good work, Brian

1 month ago
Utha Singam

Hi sir
Amazon India ship only amazon transactions service shipping details courier Amazon transactions service not available
I complete last order Amazon India
No mission point no cashout my account block cashout why I'm TRUE

1 month ago
Bobbyr19 / Ruth Malanowski

Brian, Since Aug 5 when Empowr stopped allowing us all to us our coins, whether matured or maturing to purchase items in the marketplace, all my sales have been cancelled because buyers do not have coins to pay with. I was buying vigorously to keep the market active for the first 7 months of the year, now I can't buy anything. Please allow the use of all our coins in the marketplace at the very least, otherwise it is going to DIE. Ruth

1 month ago
James B,

Thanks Brian for another update! I had been hearing some friends, and family confusing me about the buy listing with inaccurate information. Now to shed light on that matter when I confirm and pay for a buy listing item with the combination payment method of my available to shop , saving vault and ethereum balance after I confirm a buy listing purchase how long will I have to wait before empowr team go to the buy listing link and make a purchase on our behalf and share our delivery details to the seller on the buy listing link for the website that the seller is selling on so that we can have a idea on how long to expect delivery of our products or services.

And my final question is about the buy listing blog showing exactly the buy listing will works because people who is trying to break my conference is slowing up my interest here please help me understand it all properly. Have a joyfull day 🆗🌅🌈🌺🐝💞💕💗💖💟💝💜💛💚👐👍✌👐

1 month ago

Thanks for update

1 month ago
Robin Saikia

Hi, There must be a stable coin. I also think once an item has been marked as received, the seller should received the complete 85% instantly. Then he can shipped other pending items. I each time someone does not get money or if they received some, coin price will goes down to almost zero price. So that type of earning is =0. Closed the mission wheel. End the maturation time. Everything must be instant. Mission roll must be one and price will be minimum so that everyone can afford.

1 month ago
Nitish Kumar

Hii Brian !

I am facing issue with empowr external wallet.there is deduction in external wallet which is unreonable. please took look on my document. can you please do that for me. i already forward the issue to my guide.

1 i already mention eterscan mail SS with the link in to document please took look
2 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WjT0cfTO4IN8zKhvmWqhkW_pqcKI-bSIcpmIBeebFA0/edit?usp=sharing
con you please do that for me.

Nitish Kumar

1 month ago
Gennadiy Beloglazov

Good post

1 month ago
Sergey Yashukov

Hi Brian!
1.When will the pre-coins be removed?
2. When will the daily earnings be credited in coins?
3. Why is the power level purchased for coins and earnings for publications accrued in pre-coins?
4. Why has the system acquired the same power level as before for several months?

I'd like to receive answers in the new blog. A very small number of people watch live.

1 month ago
Chad Guevara

I used to be able to purchase in the Marketplace even I have zero available funds to shop and the system used to pay won bids after 24-hours more specifically the avalanche of won Bids about a month ago during the last update and they are a lot. All those transactions are being deducted from my Coins Maturing.. My Question: Why am I denied lately to pay orders placed in the Marketplace and won bids supposed to be paid by the system after 24-hours turns pink(Unpaid Item), yet they are entered as "Funds reserved for purchase (Pending)" in my Balance details? How do I get back my purchasing privileges? I have already submitted report form about a month ago and consistently followed up my Guide but no resolution to-date.

1 month ago

Ripened should be removed, but not burned.
And then people have worked here for years, but there’s nothing to withdraw — no coins.
Think of people! There must be conditions that are not found anywhere.
And people will reach here for the money.
Labor must be paid !!

1 month ago
Cristea Grigorie Daniel

vraji, minciuni, amagiri!.....multumiti...
parole , parole.....
chiar ne credeti prosti, fraieri, redusi....
cat va mai imbogatim?

1 month ago
Carlos Burgos

Why don't I have a balance for marketplace?

1 month ago

And I want to add - reduce the ripening of coins.
Only stable payouts can attract people to the platform. People come - EARN.

1 month ago

Hi Brian!
I suggested working with a unique international debit card for Payoneer Mastercard remote workers - many companies do it - http://prntscr.com/p5hnmx

1 month ago
Dudley Hirata

Thank you for the update column here. I have no question for now but want to experiment writing in this are. I hope I can read more from you people out there. Thank you.

1 month ago