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Update September 20th: Hello everyone - my apologies as there were technical difficulties getting the live stream up this morning. I will be responding to your comments below over the next few days and see you next Friday.

Thank you and my apologies for the inconvenience and late notice!





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Tune in this Friday, September 20th, 2019 | 10:00am PDT (


Crispina Palopalo

Thank you President Brian for the unending dedication and heads up for the weekly live stream. Always looking forward for the best!!! Good luck to all :)

1 month ago
Dirgham Amous

Thanks Brian for making the time for us.
Not much Questions : Just Waiting for teh Update !
How do you see the strategy working towards Trading and our Coins advancement ? Is it 100% Dependent on BETA ?
At the moment, No one is trading ? Coin's Value degrading

Thank U

1 month ago
Brian C Woosley

Hi Dirgham,
Actually the coin's value has stayed exactly the same for weeks now - so this is a great time for the community to trade on the exchange since they can essentially buy and sell at the same price without the risk of the price going any lower because the exchange won't allow it due to technical specs on their end.

Are there fees when you trade on the exchange? Yes - so if you buy and sell at the same price just to create volume, you will lose a few percent of your value, but I would argue that's a small price to pay for liquidity especially when you can earn bonuses for trading that far exceed the fees the exchange charges. So you basically can earn guaranteed money just by trading right now.

Of course there needs to be enough other people trading to make this work, which is why I've advocated for weeks now that the community has everything they need to take this into their own hands. It just needs some people to gather the troops and get going.

29 days ago
Brian C Woosley

To be clear, if 10-20 people in the community joined together to make a coordinated effort to buy and sell on the exchange, the price is not going to go any lower than it is now (it might actually go up). The results of that effort would be that (1) those people trading would earn bonuses of up to 7% of the amount they traded (which more than covers their fees) and (2) those people’s cash advances and amount they can buy in the marketplace would go up dramatically, which means they would have even more cash for themselves.

I’m actually shocked that no one has tried to organize such a movement within the community, considering it’s a no risk way to make more money and it will help jumpstart the economy while we focus on the things needed for the Beta launch, which will even further bolster the economy.”

29 days ago
Claire Pagano

People have tried this Brian. But I believe that there are now safeguards in place to stop them doing this aren't there? They wont get any trade bonuses if they trade back and forth between account. They will just loose all their money to fees. Or have you now lifted these?

I'm in if anyone wants to do this. Hit me up and we can set a time to all get on the exchange at the same time.

28 days ago
Raja Kumar

Hi Brain

welcome Back

Today any updated news for beta version

i have no questions , but i wait for your speech ... thanks to spend time for your busy time ..

Please release beta and mobile application ASAP..


1 month ago
Godgift Nkeonye

Hi Brian! I need to know what is happening why we can not see earrings in coins yet for our day to day posting here and why is it taking so long for the beta level to get completed and another thing is about our power level upgrade why can't everyone who is active enough earning be leave alone in stead of removing it and making maturation start all over and over again how will citizens who can't afford a mission role anymore get to fully maturation?

29 days ago
Valentin Beşliu

I would also start with thanks - it remains to be seen after I get the answer to the question.
From the other video streams I understood that there is a great emphasis on the products sold.
I asked the same question to 2 guides and to TheCoin, the answers received are not the same.
1.How to proceed with the products sold to the same buyer, specifically that I have never bought even one product from him.
2.With the 6 products sent, marked as received, are red in point 5.
What is the rule, the strategy?

1 month ago
Valentin Beşliu

I waited 45 minutes, I will look for the answer to the questions asked, I will add a few more.

1 month ago
Jenni Barley

Thank you Brian and team for another great update. Looking forward to hearing your answers to questions.
That's one way of learning new points! Have a great weekend!!

1 month ago
Valerie Le Bihan

Hi Brian...
1-Are You Finally Going To Tell All Of Us About *COLLEGE POWER*..???

2-And Please Fix The Big Issue With Pending Cashout (For Myself And Many Others), My Coach Marijke Van Giffen Reported It Many Times To Annet Hoogenboom, And To You Too....


1 month ago
Brian C Woosley

Hi Val,
I'm sorry, but no one here (including myself) is aware of any pending cash out issues - could you please send details of such issue to TheCoin@empowr.com?

29 days ago

Не правда! Вывода денег с с этого сайта нет вообще! Вся заморочка с монетами чистое мошенничество!

28 days ago
Md. Ariful Islam

Thanks Brain

1 month ago


29 days ago
Jo Mas

Hello Brian,
If I decided to ask , is because I will read your answers instead of listening to you on live of YouTube. In my Opinion & for many reasons it's too much better for many Citizens who do not understand the US English and they could translate it to their maternal languages.
1-What's going on with the trade situation? It seems to me that ETHER is our principal factor managing EMPR currency. Are we going to deal in the future without It because if Ether is UP EMPR currency is also, and when it is down , Empr is too.
2-Empowr in Economy strategy/policy, seems to me too much weak than 6 months or more ago. Am I right ? If yes , can you tell me what are you with the management going to do to remedy this issue? Economy is equal to Sell and Buy.(My own Opinion).
3-We as I already wrote you and I saw some other of Empowrians having the same problem of the buyer who order an ITEM from the Marketplace and , I notice that the majority of the orders cames from the newbies who joined lately, and for some reason, either they cancel their order or in 24 hours the system (Empowr Server as I heard) is programmed to make a PINK (Cancel) order in our "I SOLD page">>> http://prntscr.com/p934wi .
I again will give a solution and this time is public:
The reason that the economy is weak, is because many of the Veterans(Old Founders) who were paying them founder's fee each month(99 USD), stopped doing it and they are Volunteers, then the result we have these days is:
They are only paid a small (Maximum of $2 USD for them Daily Goal if made each day) No more Cash down, neither Matured coins ) and the amount of their capacity of buying is "negligible" if we make an addition is about $60/per month.
I continue in saying, that without these OLD FOUNDERS , Empowr unfortunately can't count only on the Newbie who is selling in putting Bids to complete his daily goal and at 90 % these new Empowrians do not send their items ordered.>>> http://prntscr.com/p93i9q
That's why I asked you to solve in writing to you and take "our part" as a good citizens in "Rewarding us" a bit in giving the Founder fee, paid from our Legacy Account instead of making us unsatisfied, sending $250/month, from this account to be matured again and again.
Sorry to say, what I've been had as an answer that this account is words as answered to me from :
"If you remember, These legacy coins where for what we earned a couple years ago. We discussed it as being a nest egg for the future. These legacy coins can also be handed down to the next generation.").
If I understand this phrase as an answer ,
That we are to lose this Legacy USD account and give it to others: THE NEW GENERATION?
Need an answer.Please.
Thank you.

29 days ago
Billy Brandon

Also just noticed the Empowr app was removed from the App Store. Does this mean anything? I can’t find your developers account either

1 month ago
Billy Brandon

I just wanted to let you know last night I had a dream the new app was out. It looked amazing. Hopefully a good sign for all of you lol.

1 month ago
Brian C Woosley

Hi Billy - great, hope the actual app live up to the dream. The current apps are extremely out of date, so we didn't renew them in the app store. Once the new apps are ready, they will be republished.

29 days ago
Lyudmila Sukhanova

Odni voprosi

27 days ago
Svetlana Ledovskaia

Hi Brian. Well, what I want to tell you besides my disappointment from your work and our earnings, which are still not there. How much longer will you fool us with your beta version and other nonsense. The site is absolutely barren and unpromising for development. It’s a shame to invite new people here, they have nothing to say and promise. In addition, most Russian-speaking people do not understand anything in your video stories, and you stopped blogging at all, so we at least understood the news and what was happening. And now complete darkness. Try to make a difference. People are simply tired of waiting for at least some minimum income, and we have already spent money uncontrollably.

28 days ago
Vijaya Damam

Hello I have doubt that recently i wanted purchase product from empower when iam going pay it is saying you don't have enough funds actully before i buy product i check wether there is balance in shopping cart or not ,well it shows shopping balance as 75 dollors but doesn't pay ,same problem with my friends for whom I suggested to join please clarify me

28 days ago
Joshua VoVillia

Hi Brian,

Was wondering if you had any news to share with us this week?

Thank you in advance and I hope you and the team have a great weekend!

29 days ago
Gennadiy Beloglazov

Good post

1 month ago
Madame Chapeau


Can you please tell us about the pre-coins' spin of life? I thought we would had abandoned them by now.


1 month ago
Dudley Hirata

No comment.

1 month ago
Chad Guevara

Hello Brian, looking forward to new updates, no further questions for the meantime. May I just request that report forms submitted be acted upon immediately so as not to accumulate so many pending issues or let us know to whom/where to follow up these report forms as our Guides are helpless to follow them up.. Thank you, more power and more Blessings to us all..

1 month ago
Sergey Yashukov

Hi Brian! Recently, an advertisement has appeared on the in box page, which makes it impossible to read messages. Can this be resolved?

1 month ago
Brian C Woosley

Hi Sergey - we don't have any ads on any pages. It sounds like you might have a virus on your machine.

29 days ago