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Henry Pimentel helps scholarships for underprivileged children.

Annie's Song

by Henry Pimentel on April 16, 2015

Annie's Song

by John Denver

You fill up my senses

Like a night in a forest

Like the mountains in springtime

Like a walk in the rain


Jun Z

This is a beautiful song. Love it . Thank you for sharing!

52 months ago

so lovely lyrics.. nice love song.

52 months ago
Henry Pimentel

Thank you very much for your support my dear friends.

52 months ago
Prashant Dimri

SUper Song.Great composition..Thanks for the video.

52 months ago
Abdul Ali

interesting post thanks for sharing

52 months ago
Aura Gabriela Militaru

Lovely song, thanks for sharing my dear Henray!

52 months ago