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Ashok Ahelleya helps marine life preservation.

WIRKSWORTH - Deep in the English countryside, there's a bizarre sight: rows of trees being grown into upside-down chairs, slowly taking shape over years of careful nurturing.


Around 150 armchairs, 100 lampshades and other items including mirror frames are being grown out of the ground in a highly unusual adventure in furniture design.

The brainchild of Gavin Munro, his Full Grown company has produced some early prototypes, with each item one solid, joinless piece of wood.

"It's a bit like a vineyard. You've got a few years to get everything up and growing," he told AFP.

And it is not simply a case of planting the trees and leaving them to it. There's plenty of give and take between Munro and his plantation.

"They don't grow into chairs on their own. At the same time, you can't force them to do anything they don't want to do otherwise they die back," he said.

The 2.5-acre (one hectare) plot of rented farmland is situated in the rolling grassy fields outside the market town of Wirksworth in rural Derbyshire, central England.

On a farm also containing a micro-brewery, a smokery, flower cultivation and plenty of sheep, the rows of trees are growing around blue corrugated plastic frames.

Munro, 40, nurtures them and coaxes them into shape, through years of pruning, coppicing and grafting.

Willow can take four to five years to grow into a chair, whereas oak can take up to nine years.

Munro also works with ash, hazel, crab apple and sycamore.

'Eureka!' moment


Ashok Ahelleya

Thanks Waseem Tahir for your likes and comments

55 months ago
Ashok Ahelleya

Thanks Trang Huynh for your likes and comments

55 months ago