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Love Lock Bridge

by Ashok Ahelleya on June 02, 2015

Bye-bye Love Locks? Paris Workmen Cleaning-up Bridge, Spark Twitter Outcry



Images published late Thursday showing municipal workers removing panels of love locks from the overloaded Pont des Arts lovers bridge in Paris provoked a Twitter storm over fears the locks may soon be gone forever.

Bye-bye Love Locks? Paris Workmen Cleaning-up Brid


The sheer number of locks now on the bridge has raised aesthetic objections from those opposed to them. (Credit: Lisa Anselmo of No to Love Locks)

The   picture on April 10 showing one of the wire mesh balustrades on the famous bridge, free of locks, amid signs that a team of workmen might be about to remove the thousands of locks clustered on the bridge.

The fad of padlocking their love to the bridge and hurling the key into the Seine below has gripped the imagination of tens of thousands of young lovers visiting Paris but also infuriated a growing number of residents and less romantic visitors.

As French News Online first reported in an exclusive here, two Americans with close ties to Paris, have launched a campaign to encourage the municipality to remove locks which they say are spoiling some of the best views of the city. However love lock supporters say the practice underlines the image of Paris as the city of love. In addition the vast amounts of free publicity the locks have generated  has certainly not displeased the local tourism authority.  As the Pont des Artes has filled up since the fashion began some four years ago, the heavy-metal invasion has spread to a number of other bridges in Paris.

This Tweet by Jean-Bapt — retweeted more than 1000 times — shows the picture that has prompted the storm:

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