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qandeel baloch


Killing of Pakistani Model Qandeel Baloch

There are many things I could write about the murder of Pakistani icon Qandeel Baloch, who was mercilessly asphyxiated by her own brother after he drugged her to sleep for supposedly “dishonoring the Baloch name.”

qandeel bold pics and videos were the reason of her murder

So incensed am I at the killing of this fearless champion of individual autonomy—whose brother Waseem Azeem callously expressed pride at killing his sister by saying, “I am not ashamed. We are Baloch and as Baloch we cannot tolerate [this]”—that I waited two days before committing any words to the subject.
dead bodyKilling of Pakistani Model Qandeel Baloch
 First Information Report to the police against her murderous brother was filed by her own father, who said, “My daughter was brave and I will not forget or forgive her brutal murder.”
qandeels father