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Life Is Everything (faith) helps environmental conservation.

Gemstones #1

by Life Is Everything (faith) on December 13, 2016



Brown Diamonds

Also known as chocolate, champagne and cognac diamonds


brown diamonds

Beautiful Brown Diamonds:Three champagne-colored diamonds from Rio Tinto's Argyle mine in Western Australia clearly demonstrate the beauty of brown diamonds. Image Copyright © 2016Rio Tinto.

What Are Brown Diamonds?

Although most people think ofdiamondsas colorlessgems, most natural diamonds are brown. De Beers, the company that nearly controlled the diamond industry for almost 100 years, did not want brown diamonds in the gem diamond market. All of the brown diamonds that they mined and acquired were crushed for use as abrasive granules. Because of this brown diamonds had very little value.

Then, in the 1980s, Australian miners shipped millions of tiny brown diamonds to India, where low-cost workers cut them into melee-sizegems. The tiny brown stones then entered the market in popular-priced jewelry. Those tiny brown gems opened a new and attractive niche of diamond jewelry. They made diamond jewelry more affordable.

Today, brown diamonds are sold under trade names such as "chocolate diamonds," "champagne diamonds," and "cognac diamonds." Clever marketing, fresh designs, and low prices made brown diamonds into marketable products.

A Bit of Diamond History

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, enormousdiamonddiscoveries in South Africa created a problem. So many diamonds were suddenly available that their free entry into the market would depress prices. De Beers gained nearly complete control of the global diamond supply and released diamonds into the market at a rate that maintained prices.

De Beers then stimulated demand through their "A Diamond Is Forever" marketing campaign. Many advertising experts believe that De Beers ran "the most successful ad campaign in the history of marketing." Growing demand and a tight control over supply made a lot of money for De Beers.

At that time - and continuing today - many people believe that the standard of diamond beauty and value is a clear, colorless stone. De Beers considered brown diamonds unsuitable for jewelry - but was that really true?

Argyle diamond jewelry

Argyle Diamond Jewelry:These pieces from the "Australian Colours" jewelry


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