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by Лина on February 24, 2017


Thanks - this is not just some empty words, a person can say to someone who has done him good. Ability to thank - is a special style of life of happy people. Because happy people realize that all they have - this is the great gift of the universe, and the more we are sincerely grateful to her, the more she fulfills our desires and pure intentions. This practice will teach you not just because of the word, but also completely change you from the inside, fill your heart with love and lead you to true happiness.

Thanks - this is love. Be thankful - it means to give a place in your heart to someone you are grateful.

This practice is desirable to pass a person to gain integrity and inner harmony.

Thanks to constantly live in your heart, you need regular practice. The path has several conditional steps towards true gratitude. And in order to pass them, you need to make twelve simple, but at the same time, the difficult steps.

Some of these steps will be given you particularly difficult, some easier, and perhaps all. You can take them consistently. First master one, then move on to another. And you can "skip" all at once. Do not hurry. Do it not for someone. Do it for yourself. Feel!

Each stage - this is one step to itself, to its true essence. Each level - it is revelation itself, an extension of your interior space. When you say the words of gratitude, feel how your inner space starts to expand. Feel your true inner universe.

In the words of thanks have no verbal formulas. Talk like feel. It is possible to silence can be loud. Thank heartily. It does not need someone, it only needs you.


Thank the Universe, God, Life, the Creator of all that they have given you. All that you have, all that you have, there is only thanks to the universe.

I thank the universe for life has given me and my parents, and my child. I thank life for what I can breathe and see all the colors around. I thank the universe for her gifts for her care, because it fills every day with something of my life: emotions, gifts, things, events, colors, people, work. I thank the universe for the fact that I'm not alone. Around me there are a lot of great people who sent me to study it, for support, for pain, without which there will be growth, to be happy.

2. Because of his parents, his mother and a father

Your mother and your father gave you life. And most importantly, what you should thank them. Yes, they may not give you something more: health, education, happy childhood, prosperity. You may be offended by them and live in this constant insult. But do not blame them. Take responsibility for their own destiny in their own hands. A simple thank parents for the most important thing is that they gave you - for life!

If you are adoptive parents, thank them, too. Thank them for what they lead you through this life, accompany, teach, watch over and take care of you.

I thank my mother and father for the life they gave me. They have long been dead, but the life they gave me - continues.

For my parents always have a worthy place in my heart.


Thank your kind. Your race is for you invisible support your resource in matters of your health, wealth, relationships, success.

I thank my family, my grandparents and their grandparents for the invisible support that they provide to me. For safety, for health, for the welfare for success.

4. Thanks CHILDREN

Thank the children and their, and others'. Children - the best teachers. And the most important thing is that they give you - it is an opportunity to feel like parents and creators. You should be grateful to the children and the universe for what you have participated in the creation and the birth of new life.

Thank the children for their spontaneity and love of life, their inner freedom and lack of boundaries. All this they teach adults. Children - are small teacher. Children - this is your mirror. Learn to just look at him.

I thank my daughter for what she has given me the opportunity to feel like a father and for the fact that it has helped me to better understand their parents. I thank my daughter for what she has given me the opportunity to experience what a complete family that is caring and loving. Thank you for the lessons of patience, that I'm going through.

5. Thanks STARIKOV

Due to old age, a person begins to see and understand that there is time. Old age is often embodied with wisdom. Elderly people often try to show us something that we normally do not want to watch. They are our mirror. Perhaps


Elena Firsanova

Thank You for your interesting blog! Good day, my friend!

33 months ago
Aksenova Natalya

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33 months ago
Олег Коровин

Very good post) good mood and good luck) Thank you)

32 months ago
Leonid Yarosevich

Very interesting post!
I am glad that you shared information with us.
Thank you.

31 months ago
Valentina Vjatkina

Excellent post! Thank you for sharing. I wait for you on my page.

31 months ago