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Keys awareness

by Лина on March 01, 2017

     Keys awareness

Conscious life - this is the right way by which we should go. After all, the only way we will be able to experience all the happiness that is given to us. Who knows how to appreciate every moment of his life - knows how to live. In this article you will learn about the keys of awareness.

‣ External equal to the internal.

‣ Like attracts like.

‣ Start to pay attention to what is happening around and within you.

‣ If you notice anything around and it makes you certain thoughts and emotions, therefore, it is present in you; you have to learn from this situation any lesson.

‣ If you do not like something in the other, therefore, it is present in you.

‣ If we avoid something, then it masks the pain or fear.

‣ to do something, be present at what you do.

‣ Once in any situation, be present at what is happening. If you have a desire to escape, catch, how you do it.

‣ perform an action, do not blame yourself, and analyze everything that happened before, during and after, including your thoughts, feelings and hunches, and out of the lesson situation.

‣ situation gives rise to or attracted by your thoughts and blocks.

‣ Our units - this is what we have to learn and understand about the world.

‣ If you find yourself in the same situation or permanently sick, therefore you pass a certain lesson. What you need to understand from this situation?

‣ You - the cause of what is happening to you.

‣ Do not try to change the world


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