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by Лина on March 06, 2017


Doors, windows, locks and keys have long attracted the imagination of magicians and mystics. The protection of home magic these things have unique properties, designed to protect the house because of the penetration of all impurities.


Door - entry symbol in the other dimensions. Many protective rites connected with doors and door sills. The most popular protective door decoration: onion and garlic braids, floral wreaths, bags of herbs and salt, bells and salt sprinkled on the doorstep, under the carpet, which drives away evil.

There are other methods to protect the house from evil forces: planted under the rug two crossed needles, mustard seeds, a knife under the threshold. Magical barrier properties have three nails driven into the top of the door in the form of a triangle, the apex facing upwards.

The door - can both avert and to attract certain energies. Five position under the threshold of coins attracts money.

To get rid of enacted brownie or enforcement, there was such a ritual: you need to stand on the threshold of the inner side of the house and repeatedly slam the door. Then the essence gets trapped between the door and the jamb, and then immediately leave. Conversely, if the owners do not want to


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