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We get rid of the cuticle forever ... And why the manicure master is silent!

Get rid of the cuticle forever

This article will reveal all the secrets, which are not in a hurry to say the master of manicure. How to give the fingers a beautiful view and, most importantly, well-groomed, without cutting the cuticle.

1. The first step, oddly enough, is to perform an ordinary edging manicure. And further, everything will depend only on your efforts.

2. Move the cuticle. Starting on the second day after the trimmed look of the manicure was made (hopefully the last one), start to properly care for your nails. Hands should be steamed. Armed with a wooden stick and carefully move the cuticle. This must be done even if the cuticle itself is almost invisible. Such manipulations


Надежда Шмаренкова

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