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     Ten statements about caring for yourself, which do not need to be trusted unconditionally

   Manufacturers of cosmetics use advertisements for advertising, which are often not so true.

   1. Volosinki become thicker and tougher if they are removed with a razor

Ten statements about caring for yourself, which do

Myth. In fact, the shaver has no effect on the thickness, stiffness, or growth rate of the hairs. The effect of hard hair, which occurs a few days after shaving, is created because of blunt tips. The longer the hair grows, the softer it seems.

     2. Chocolate causes acne

Ten statements about caring for yourself, which do

Myth. But only partially. In fact, any sugar-containing products, including milk chocolate, cause a sharp increase in glucose in the blood, which affects the work of the sebaceous glands and can adversely affect the skin condition. Another thing is a few pieces of dark chocolate with a high content of cocoa, which does not affect the skin condition.

     3. Cucumber helps to remove the swelling of the eyes

Ten statements about caring for yourself, which do

True. Thanks to the content of vitamins A and


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Shohel Rana

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