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In India, such a recipe .

by Лина on March 19, 2017

In India, such a recipe is called the elixir of immortality.

How to prepare an elixir of youth?

In the good old days, monks, alchemists, healers and healers tried to invent recipes of immortality. What only substances they did not add to their drugs, were not afraid even to use the poison, but they did not get the desired result.

True to our days have come recipes that have a rejuvenating effect. Let us not live to 150 years old, but we will meet our old age in a beautiful state of mind and body.


Zaur Dzeukozhev

Excellent blog!!! Bravo!!!

33 months ago
Сергей Назаренко

Very good and informative post

31 months ago
Leonid Yarosevich

Very interesting blog!
I am glad that you shared information with us.
Thank you.

31 months ago
Miroslav Hlavac

Excellent work. Thank for sharing.

30 months ago