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Epiphany water.

by Лина on March 24, 2017

Epiphany water - heals the body and soul

          Крещенская вода – исцеляет тело и душу

Every year on January 19, many people rush to the church to pick up consecrated water, and thousands of sufferers to get health rush to swim in the ice hole, despite the Epiphany frosts ...

History of Epiphany Water

Baptism is celebrated by Orthodox Christians on January 19 and is considered one of the great church holidays established in memory of the day when Jesus Christ came to the Jordan River to John the Forerunner to be baptized from him. Feature of the holiday are two great waterbodies. One is performed on Christmas Eve (the evening before the Epiphany) in the temple.

Another is held on the day of the


Leonid Yarosevich

Very interesting post!
I am glad that you shared information with us.
Thank you.

31 months ago
Valentina Zarya

Exselent post. Thank you

31 months ago