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Coca Tea Health Benefits and Side Effects

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Interesting Coca Facts:

Coca grows in the form of shrub that can reach 7 to 10 feet in height. It produces numerous straight branches.

Coca develops thin, bright green, oval leaves that are spirally arranged on the branches.

Coca produces small, yellowish-white flowers arranged in small clusters on the short flowering stalks. Flowers contain both types of reproductive organs (perfect flowers).

Fruit of coca are red berries filled with numerous seed.

Coca propagates via seed and stem cuttings. Birds eat red berries and eliminate undigested seed via feces (they facilitate dispersal of seed in the wild).

Leaves of coca are rich source of vitamins A, B2 and E and minerals such as calcium (they contain more calcium than milk), iron and phosphorus. Leaves of coca are also excellent source of proteins.

Coca leaves have pleasant, pungent taste and they produce warm sensation in the mouth. They are used for the manufacture of tea, granola bars, candies and cookies in the Andean region.

Chemist Angelo Mariana created sweet wine known as Vin Mariani during the 1864 using the extract of coca leaves. This wine was very popular among celebrities such as Queen Victoria, Pope Leo XIII, Thomas Edison, Alexander Dumas and Jules Verne.

One of the most famous beverages in the world, "Coca-Cola", is made of cocaine-free coca leaves. Original recipe (created in 1886) contained a "pinch of coca leaves". Coca-Cola instantly gained popularity because of its invigorating and stimulating effects.

Coca leaves played important role in the spiritual and religious rituals of ancient Incas.

Coca leaves can be chewed, smoked (wrapped in the form of cigarettes) or consumed in the form of tea. South Americans use coca leaves to suppress altitude sickness and to reduce feeling of hunger, thirst and pain. Coca leaves also provide energy and stamina required for everyday activities. People usually consume leaves of coca between the meals and during the break in the work.

Coca leaves can prevent development of certain types of cardiovascular disorders, colon cancer and dental caries. Leaves are also useful in treatment of depression, hypertension, diabetes, obesity and bronchitis.

Coca leaves contain 14 different types of alkaloids. The best known, benzoylmethylecgonine alkaloid, is used for the manufacture of cocaine, psychoactive substance which produces euphoric effects.

Columbia is the greatest manufacturer of coca (and cocaine) in the world.

Coca is perennial plant that can survive 20 to 30 years in the wild.

Coca Tea, How it is made and some facts

Holy coca leaf infusion


Coca tea (known in Peru as mate de coca) , is an herbal tea  made from the leaves of the coca plant. The coca leaf is cut and put in a tea bag and is used as a normal tisane: by dipping a coca tea bag in hot water. Mate de coca is a very popular tisane in Peru where it is consumed as a digestive


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