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Honest advice to children moms

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If the child asks you where the children are coming from, tell him the truth. Say that they come from the stars (Nassim Haramein)

In the private school "Merry Moppets" (Merry Moppets) a tiny coastal town near San Francisco (USA) to the spiritual well-being of the students are taken seriously. Every Friday, children can bring their favorite toy with them, and favorite books - every day. Every week the school offers students to do something fun, say, announces Day of crazy hairstyle or even Day of Pajamas. And those preparers who do not want to sleep during the day, teachers are allowed to sit with flashlights with tightly curtained curtains and tell each other favorite fairy tales.

In this school every child in the class has a small box. Teacher can leave in it materials for homework, a plan of classes for a month or notes to parents. It was there that Olga found this letter. There are 21 rules for the education of happy children, recorded from the words of the child.

1. Do not spoil me, because I know that you are not obliged to fulfill my every desire.

2. Do not be afraid to be straightforward with me.

3. Do not let me get used to bad


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