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Biomethane Gas Bio transporting fuel

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What is biomethane

Biomethane is a naturally occurring gas which is produced by the so-called anaerobic digestion of organic matter such as dead animal and plant material, manure, sewage, organic waste, etc. Chemically, it is identical to natural gas which is stored deep in the ground and is also produced from dead animal and plant material. However, there are several important differences between biomethane and fossil fuel derived methane despite the fact that both are produced from organic matter.

Natural gas is classified as fossil fuel, whereas biomethane is defined as a green source of energy. Like its name suggests, fossil fuel derived methane is produced from thousands or millions of years old fossil remains of organic matter that lies buried deep in the ground. Production of fossil fuel derived methane, however, depends exclusively on its natural reserves which vary greatly from one country to another and are not available in limitless amounts. Biomethane, on the other hand, is produced from “fresh” organic matter which makes it a renewable source of energy that can be produced worldwide.

New biomethane-fuelled vehicles

In 2004 a group of VW engineers set out with a vision for a large car that could be fuelled by natural gas (fossil or renewable) delivering high performance, a long range, low CO2 per kilometre and no loss of boot space. That vehicle is about to come off the production line in Germany as the VW Passat TSI EcoFuel. The combination of twin superchargers and a turbocharger provide exceptional performance, with 150 bhp and 0 to 60 mph in 9.7 seconds. Its range on biomethane is 420km with a further 400km on petrol. Whilst it is carbon-neutral on biomethane, even on fossil natural gas it has class-leading low CO2 of 129 g/km.


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