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This is my latest Splash Page: http://splashwizard.com/magic/splash.php?ss=0&id=28106


In order for to use a page like the ones I made you need to create an account and either pay $5.99 for each page that you  create or subscribe for a $10 monthly fee. If you create a page from scratch you will have 7 days before you have to pay for it. If you use a “clone” it needs to be paid for in 24 hours  We are going to be inviting new citizens until 2025 so $10 to create as many pages as you like may be worth it.

You can join for free and clone my  New Personal Splash” page and it will work for 24 hours  then automatically disappear unless you pay for it or upgrade to a pro membership.

Okay so this is the link to sign up as referred by me. http://bit.ly/2GpG4kG

Once you have your account I recommend that you take a few minutes and get familiar with the site. Take a moment and click all the tabs. It will come together and make sense pretty quickly.

This is my latest Splash Page: http://splashwizard

When you are ready to begin, You can start with the clone