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Slow Cooker Caramel Hot Chocolate

'Tis the season to be jolly!  And the season to host all those festive holiday get-togethers.  Whether it's an afternoon sledding party, a holiday brunch, girls' night in, a fun cookie or gift exchange, or a casual Christmas get-together with family, this Slow Cooker Caramel Hot Chocolate is the just the thing to serve up.  Thank you to REAL® Seal for sponsoring this recipe's creation and this post.

When it comes to a fun holiday get-together, nothing beats a delicious warm-your-heart-and-soul hot drink to enjoy.  Especially when that hot drink involves chocolate.

And when that delicious warm-your-heart-and-soul treat combines chocolate with caramel like with this Caramel Hot Chocolate?  Well, that's even better!
The ease and convenience of being able to make and serve this hot chocolate in the slow cooker makes it a perfect choice to serve a crowd or to serve at an event that spans over a period of time.  Keep that slow cooker going on the WARM or LOW setting, and this hot chocolate is at-the-ready to enjoy for hours.  Which makes it wonderful for an open house ... or an afternoon of sledding ... or for so many different types of gatherings with loved ones.

Truly, it couldn't be easier to make, either.

Simply grab your slow cooker and pour in milk chocolate chips and a good dose of caramel ice cream topping ...

Then add a combination of milk and rich-and-creamy half-&-half ...
Now when it comes to choosing that milk and half-and-half, be sure to choose REAL