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How Hackers Attack

Despite the many products and services on the market designed to protect computers from getting hacked, many businesses—small firms in particular—are still suffering at the hands of cyberthieves.

Just ask Lloyd Keilson, the co-founder of Lifestyle Forms & Displays Inc., a mannequin maker and importer that had $1.2 million wiped out of its bank account in just hours through online transactions in May. His story was described in a Wall Street Journal article July 5th Thursday.

So how did the company get hacked?

25 "Worst Passwords" of 2011 Revealed

By David Coursey | Forbes 

If you see your password below, STOP!

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The 25 Worst Passwords on the Internet

If you’re trying to protect your email or your bank account online, the dumbest password you can use is … “password.” This is according to SplashData, a California software firm that happens, among other things, to sell an app that helps you manage your passwords.