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Talking Android Apps

by John A Gregory on October 05, 2017

Talking Android Apps

Out of curiosity initially I looked into how to get Android apps to talk and found that Google do Text To Speech (TTS), others do too but I chose this one as Android is from Google and should probably work on all (popular) devices!

My first speaking app was an English/Thai phrase test and look-up with the app being capable of saying the phrase in both Thai and English:-

http://jagjag.biz/software/JAGTphENTH.apk - Test your English<=>Thai phrases with phrase lookup

I then heard my 10 year old daughter talking about the regular spelling tests she had to do at school which gave me the idea of writing apps for kids to practice:-

http://jagjag.biz/software/JAGSpellTEN.apk - Test your English Spelling

http://jagjag.biz/software/JAGSpellTTH.apk - Test your Thai Spelling

http://jagjag.biz/software/JAGSpellTNL.apk - Test your Dutch Spelling

http://jagjag.biz/software/JAGSpellTZH.apk - Test your Chinese (Simplified) Spelling

http://jagjag.biz/software/JAGSpellTDE.apk - Test your German Spelling

http://jagjag.biz/software/JAGSpellTES.apk - Test your Spanish Spelling

All these apps have a vocabulary of 11,000-15,000 words and this can be tested by selecting all, or by type