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Lack of employee productivity is an employer’s biggest problem. But surprisingly, even self-employed entrepreneurs can sink into the trap of low productivity, just because they haven’t developed the discipline and habits to avoid or minimize distractions. Here are the world’s biggest productivity killers and what you can do about them right now:

1. Cell phones and texting (personal calls)

 Shockingly (or not?) one fourth of employees confess to spending at least one hour per day on personal calls and texts and non-work related Internet use. If you’re an employee, and you’re bored, it’s tempting to take care of personal business on the clock. But what if you turned your energies toward being proactive and ultimately making life easier on yourself by taking time to organize your workspace, get ahead on work and even take on project that you’re not required to do? Your boss will notice!

Turn the ringtone off when you’re working unless you have kids who need to reach you at work. Make it a point to tell friends and family that you’re super busy at work and you would appreciate connecting with them in the evenings.You can always check voice mail at lunch.

2. Noisy and/or overly social coworkers…