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The Best Croissants in Paris and Baking at Le Petit Mitron

The Best Croissants in Paris and Baking at Le Peti

After my breakfast with Guy Savoy, I made my way to the 14th arrondissement to meet Didier Lavry at Le Petit Mitron, a baker who had just been awarded the second prize in le Meilleur Croissant au Beurre d’Isigny AOP. That would be the best croissant competition in France, Paris section, then. Don’t you just love France for that?

We have spoken about croissants before. The importance of craft, technique and detail. Real butter (and the best of that), time, and freshness. A straight croissant not a curved one, curved croissants are made with margarine and are not the real deal. Dare I say they are joyless and a waste