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Henry Pimentel helps scholarships for underprivileged children.

Five Secrets of Wealth

by Henry Pimentel on February 02, 2013

The Five Secrets

I am extremely excited for you! Why? Because I know that by the end of this course, you will be one of the few people in this country that is awake. As the rest of the population bumbles through life aimlessly, you will be free of the grindstone and happy. You will become fearless and free to a point you could never have imagined.

Through this journey, you will discover the best kept secrets of all time. That's no small claim is it? However, I have no qualms in making it because these secrets have been deliberately kept from you and are stopping you from leading a life of freedom.

Don't you think it's strange how most people have only just enough money to live from month to month? This is no accident.

It's like driving down a tunnel with no sign of light at the other end. The only thing that keeps people going is the fact that one day they hope to retire with a pension to support them through the remaining years of their lives. Depressing or what!

I've always had an inquisitive mind. Throughout my school years I was constantly in trouble for daring to question why to everything, and fortunately, it didn't matter how often teachers told me to just accept things, I didn't stop asking questions later on life.

This is how I discovered the fact five secrets have been kept from the population to deliberately ensure that they stay at the grindstone forever. A bold statement, but it is the truth. The revealing of this truth is the key to your financial survival in the coming years.

By the way, 'The Five Secrets' is just a name I have given this concealed information. To different bodies of people, they will have different names for it, or maybe no name at all. The point I'm making is that there is not a secret document hidden in the vaults of The White House marked 'The Five Secrets'! But they exist all the same.

Incidentally, I am a published author accredited with international book sales from Iceland to Singapore (No, this isn't how I made all my money) but