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Your Minimalist Life Cleanse

by Jon Platt on December 12, 2017
The Minimalist Life Cleanse: Revisiting your journ

The Minimalist Life Cleanse: Revisiting your journey to a simpler life

Many months ago I shared my interest in minimalism, via a series of 3 posts, giving advice on how to simplify different aspects of your life to achieve a more minimalist life.

What Does Minimalist Mean?

The term has been associated with interior design, and the idea of having simple furnishings, only a few decorative details and a paired-back palette of colour. It was style that was focused on achieving peace, simplicity and functionality within the home.

These days, the word has become synonymous with a movement and a lifestyle choice, not simply a style of decoration.

Legions of people are retraining their thought patterns, steering themselves away from their consumerist nature, and just generally learning to live with less possessions. Some people go as far to apply minimalism to all areas of their life, simplifying everything from their social circle to their career choice.

The minimalism life cleanse focuses on this idea somewhat because you can't really achieve long-lasting minimalism in just one area of your life without giving attention to the others.

The series was launched a fair few months ago so I thought it might be time to encourage anyone who followed it back then, or has only recently found it, to revisit the core message of the series.

So lets take stock of where you're at on your minimalist journey and revisit the steps from Stage 1, 2 and 3.

The Home

  • How tidy is your personal space? Does it feel a joy to be in?

  • Consider your wardrobe. How many items of the clothing have you worn more than once in the last 6 months? How many items in there have you not even touched in that time?

  • When did you last empty out your pantry or fridge? How many items do you have stockpiled which keep getting pushed to the back of the cupboards and never used?

  • How